Exorcism Leads To The Deaths Of Two Children – How?

    January 19, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Two Maryland women have been charged with the deaths of two young children. Zakieya L. Avery, 28, the mother of the children, and her friend Monifa Denise Sanford, 21, claimed that they were attempting an exorcism when they stabbed four of Avery’s young children. A 1 year old boy and 2 year old girl were killed as a result of the stabbings and the two other children were injured during the alleged exorcism.

Police have not revealed much about the incident and are likely still questioning both women to determine why they were conducting the exorcism and how it led to the children being stabbed. Exorcisms are not commonly practiced, and when they are, they are usually conducted by a priest. This is not the first time an alleged exorcism has led to a death. So what makes these rituals so deadly?

The Catholic Church recognizes demonic possession as a real thing and use exorcisms to remove demons from people. Exorcisms are not very common and the church only authorizes priests who are thoroughly trained to conduct them. During most exorcisms, a doctor, nurse or other medical personnel are present in case the victim needs medical care.

When someone believes they are possessed or shows signs of possession, they can often turn violent quickly and try to harm themselves or others. It can take several people to hold down the possessed person while the priest attempts to cast out the devil or demon that is tormenting them. Exorcisms can last for days and even weeks, and usually leave everyone involved exhausted. The violence and exhaustion of exorcisms is what makes them potentially dangerous.

So is this the case for the exorcism that took the lives of two young toddlers? Not likely. It is more likely that Avery and Sanford were either mentally ill or under the influence of drugs when they decided they needed to exorcise the demons from Avery’s children. Exorcisms do not require anyone to be stabbed, so it is likely that these women were mentally unstable when they committed the acts or are lying to cover up the real motive for the heinous crime.

Do you believe these women really thought the devil was inside the two toddlers?

  • Abbey

    I believe that the Devil is Real and so are his demons. It’s no telling what they were involved in to make her think that her children were possessed. I also believe that the Devil since “He deceiveth the Whole World” He can make things appear that are not real. So, She and her friend probably did see the kids being possessed. How Ironic it would be to find out that It was Not the Children that were possessed,It was Her and the Other Woman.Playing with Fire will get you burned.

  • cerdiwen

    i think they and the above commenter(abbey)are what happens when the criminally and mentally insane people and religion mix.like the many religious fanatics who sound insane on the facebook page called’keep jahi mcmath on life support’.

  • greg

    I also do believe demons do process people…I have a little 16 month old and there are days i bet i say to him “boy your a little devil” But i would trade that little devil for the world

  • BETH

    i think its all a lie to cover up yet another unstable human being in society. they should be put in the electric chair. AN EYE FOR AN EYE

  • BETH