Etsy Goes Down, Crafty People Despair

    August 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Etsy, the website dedicated to “handmade” and vintage things, has gone down. The site has posted notices about it today, but they’ve been having issues since earlier this week.

As a swiftly growing company, it may be difficult for Etsy to keep up with all the new users/sellers. An influx of new or renewed listings appears to be the culprit for the site’s search feature going down yesterday. Unfortunately, the crash doesn’t just affect shoppers; many, many sellers are seeing their business affected by the outage, and took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

The company’s blog will have updated posts as to what’s happening, as well as their Twitter page, @etsystatus.

  • http://joulesvintage.etsy.com JoulesVintage

    Not again! This is becoming a habit Etsy. Feels like the early days.

  • Jackson

    Perhaps if Etsy stopped tinkering with features that already worked, and didn’t need to be changed, this wouldn’t happen.

    Perhaps if Etsy’s server space wasn’t crammed chock full of resellers and copyright infringers, the servers would have some breathing room, and this wouldn’t happen.

    Perhaps if Etsy hired competent programmers instead of cutesy hipsters, this wouldn’t happen.

    Perhaps if they stopped jerryrigging the algorithms to give their pet shops higher placement in searches, this wouldn’t happen.

    But this is Etsy, so this stuff will always happen.