ESPN Body Issue 2012: Who Made The Cut

    July 9, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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ESPN is about to release their annual celebration of athletes in all their sinewy glory in a few days, and the issue is highly anticipated. The magazine will highlight several Olympians this year and will give us a peek at 27 nude bodies we’d kill to have.

The full list of those who stripped down includes:

• Carlos Bocanegra (soccer)
• Daniela Hantuchova (WTA)
• Rob Gronkowski (NFL)
• Abby Wambach (soccer)
• Tyson Chandler (NBA)
• Candace Parker (WNBA)
• Maurice Jones-Drew (NFL)
• Jose Bautista (MLB)
• Brad Richards (NHL)
• Maya Gabiera (surfing)
• Ronda Rousey (MMA)
• Mike Smith (jockey)
• Tim Morehouse (fencing)
• Walter Dix (track)
• Danell Leyva (gymnastics)
• Suzann Pettersen (LPGA)
• Ashton Eaton (decathlon)
• Carmelita Jeter (track)
• Anna Tunnicliffe (sailing)
• Oksana Masters (paralympic rowing)
USA Volleyball Team:
• Destinee Hooker
• Stacy Sykora
• Alisha Glass
• Cynthia Barboza
• Megan Hodge
• Nellie Spicer
• Heather Bown

ESPN is amping up the excitement for the issue–which hits the stands on July 13th–by keeping a countdown widget on their homepage.


Candace Parker of the WNBA will grace the issue’s pages once again, only this time with a major change; last time she was included, she was pregnant. She says she enjoyed the shoot and was happy to be asked back.

“I thought it would be fun and a great opportunity — especially since last time I was on the cover, I was pregnant. It’s nice to see the body transform. I hope I can send a message that if you work hard, you can come back just as good as before,” she said.

For the athletes, the issue is an opportunity to show off the results of years of training and hard work; for fans, it’s either a chance to see their favorite tennis player in the buff or to be inspired by the insane amount of dedication it takes to reach physical perfection. Whatever the reason, this year’s issue is one not to miss.

Image credit: Diana Taurasi by Sheryl Nields for ESPN

  • steven h olear

    it gives a person the right to be free with there bodies,i think there is nothing wrong with showing the human body in its natural state keep up the good work.by the way where can i get a copy of this issue.

  • http://Yahoo Rico Adonis

    A body, one that looks as good as hers does, is fine to look upon, especially when so many other Americans are grotesque to look on them. We have become the ugliest Nation in the world. This has happened because our government allows manufactures to feed us synthetic and toxic crap, and they are allowed to call it food. She shows not nipples or vagina, so what is the problem?

    • Will

      Oh shut the hell up.

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      Fortunately for her she is not “your” woman then. Really, are you that perfect yourself?

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