Erin Andrews Dating Chace Crawford

    May 21, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Erin Andrews of ESPN and actor Chace Crawford are dating, according to Us Weekly. The pair have been spotted out and about in New York several times now and are sparking rumors galore about their status.

Andrews, 34, is a well-known sportscaster and co-hosts College Gameday on ESPN, although her physical attributes get her more attention than her actual reporting. In fact, “Erin Andrews body” is the first term that comes up under a Google search for her name. And although she’s worked for years as a journalist while trying to make a name for herself in the male-dominated world of sports, she continues to be looked upon as just another pretty face. In 2008 she made headlines after a stalker videotaped her in a hotel room; the video, in which she appears nude, went viral when Michael David Barrett published it online. He is currently doing prison time and Andrews brought a lawsuit against him and the hotel for invasion of privacy.

Crawford, a 26-year old actor who appears regularly on the show Gossip Girl, has been named “Summer’s Hottest Bachelor” by People magazine and is currently starring in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”, an ensemble comedy based on the book of the same name. One can only assume his fans will be upset to hear he’s off the market, although it appears Andrews has quite a fanbase of her own.

so devastated that chace crawford and erin andrews are dating. There goes any chance I had with my dream woman…err I mean my dream man…
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Chace Crawford and Erin Andrews are dating. That makes me happier than the last day of school Friday.
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Erin Andrews and Chace Crawford. A power couple if I’ve ever heard one. My favorite things #espn #gossipgirl
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  • De


    • R.A

      Erin Andrews should dress as a school girl complete with knee socks.She could really pull off that look.

  • ESPN Zone Fan

    Erin, if you split up . . I am interested :)

  • cfecf

    Cradle robber.



    • Sandy

      Looks like a guy???? Then I’m dating guys.

  • Butchboy

    Let the hating begin…

  • http://www.numerologybasics.com numerologist
  • Estaban

    Would have loved to be able to view all my potential dates nude prior to that first date;)

  • Thomas

    Who the bleep is Erin Andrews? She is on the bottom of the hottie list!!

  • quagmire


  • Sandy

    She is simply HOT! Smoking HOT!

  • Zack

    Why on earth would he want to date that bimbo? Maybe rumors are true, he is gay, she can be his (older) beard.

    • love it

      I love how gay people can spot each other miles apart. You should be proud of your ability.

  • Jeff Soriano

    weird, so many dudes have whack off to her video…

    • Bary c

      This has A ZERO chance of going more than a year~ He is far to young to keep her mentally and sexually satisfied.

  • ed

    Congratulations to Erin on finding another way to make money!

  • John M

    34? Who is she kidding? That woman’s mascara is 34 years old.

    That said, she still has a kickass bod.

  • John

    This guy should be able to do way better than freaking Erin Andrews – are you kidding me? He has his choice of women and he chooses to date this horse face. For crying out loud he has dated Carrie Underwood some years ago and now he drops down to an Erin Andrews – haha!

  • Trish

    I don’t know which is longer – her nose or her giraffe neck, lol.

  • Jim

    Hey Sandy, What the hell are you smoking if you think this girl is smoking hot? I’d hate to see your past girlfriends.

  • Trish

    Actually, as ugly as Erin Andrews is she still might be getting the shorter end of the stick. Dont forget this guy was busted two years ago in Plano, Texas for possession of drugs!

  • jank

    I know from looking at her through a hotel peep hole she loves her body especially her knockers but lord does she have a huge less than firm ass. Also her hips are some huge hocks too. In other words she is a better looker dressed than nude. Her clothes hide it well. Much more geared for the inexperienced ESPN aged viewer that whacks more than getting the real thing.

  • adam

    was Erin tired of getting passed around the NFL and MLB?

  • brady

    Am I the ONLY one who thinks she looks a little too much like his sister for this not to be considered creepy?

  • http://www.dau-fus-kie-island.com Kristine Suber Hanchar

    She looks like his sister, kinda creepy.

  • Ramona

    Amors Pfeile haben zielgenau die Mitte meines Herzens getroffen. Denn ich habe mich in Chace Crawford, den schönsten jungen Mann aller Zeiten, total verliebt.

    Ich finde Chace einmalig schön, sehr süß und total sexy. Und ich sehne mich sehr danach, seinen bezaubernd schönen Adoniskörper, vor allem sein supersüßes Bäuchlein, seine knackigen, sehr zarten, total leckeren Brüste und seinen wunderschönen Rücken ganz zärtlich zu streicheln und zu liebkosen. Ich würde unseren Chace nach allen Regeln der Kunst verführen und ihn so sehr und so lange verwöhnen, bis er einen Orgasmus bekommt und kräftig ejakuliert. Danach würde ich ihm noch viele Zärtlichkeiten schenken und ihn damit sanft in den Schlaf geleiten; denn ich habe unseren Chace von Herzen lieb.

    Ginge meine Sehnsucht doch in Erfüllung! Ich wäre sehr glücklich.


  • eireann kemp

    Erin Andrews should just stick to dating Black guys. Look at this ->http://youtu.be/dF0OURla2aw

  • Bulljacket

    If Erin had as many things sticking out of her as she has had stuck in her she’d look like a f’ing porcupine!