Enrique Iglesias Talks Man Parts

    December 21, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Enrique Iglesias participated in a question and answer session with the Miami Herald this past week, and twice alluded to the size–or lack thereof–of his manhood. The meet and greet took place at The James Royal Palm.

Iglesias performed Saturday night in Sunrise, Florida, at the Jingle Ball concert, sponsored by Y100. He took time out of his busy schedule to speak with his hometown newspaper.

The question and answer session was very straightforward, and in no way lent itself to the Hero singer discussing his man parts.

The first rather uncomfortable mention came when talking about what he likes to do when home in Miami. He said he likes to go skinny dipping when there’s no paparazzi around–adding that he won’t say where because “there’s not a lot to show off.”

The second mention came when asked what his worst trait was.

“My worst defect is from my waist down,” Iglesias said, laughing.

Self-deprecating humor is fine–everyone uses it to alleviate uncomfortable situations or to garner a quick laugh. But to mention his less-than-ample genitalia not just once, but twice in the same interview, just seemed a bit peculiar. Iglesias was one of two male headliners for this year’s Jingle Ball concert series nationwide. That kind of notoriety should be plenty to help boost his self-confidence.

Is Enrique Iglesias one of those guys who isn’t happy if his manhood isn’t lauded? Was he hoping someone would disagree with his down-talking about himself?

Despite what Iglesias claims he’s lacking down below, he more than makes up for up above–in the form of his singing voice. Hopefully that’s enough for his fans, since it doesn’t sound like (at least coming straight from the horse’s mouth) he has much else to offer. His fans at the Jingle Ball this week in Sunrise, Florida, seemed thrilled with his performance there.

Do you find these comments a bit bizarre or was Enrique Iglesias just behaving like a typical guy?

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  • Really … Wow

    Kim Ripley ….. you read way too much into two very short sentences. Most guys don’t go around talking about their dicks. They say general stuff like this so they a) don’t sound conceited and b) get off the subject as soon as possible.

    Personally, I find all this stuff to be bullshit and I am actually above average in size. The average dick is between 5.5-6.5 inches. Yes, there are some bigger and some smaller, but most people fall in that range. Any person that would turn down someone who loves them because his dick was too small or her breasts were too small or any other petty physical reason is a freaking moron.

    In my life, I have been on porn sets and movie sets in Hollywood. Much of that stuff is smoke and mirrors. Lots of drugs (to get high and bigger), lots of surgery (men and women), different camera angles, and oddly, body sizes make a difference. Most porn women are freaking tiny and anything would look huge going in them. It is also amazing what you can do with different camera lenses and editing.

    At the end of the day, most physical things don’t matter. I liken it to an experience I had. I went out with a playboy model. She was amazingly beautiful, stylish, and literally had the body dimensions most women would die for. Yet, she sucked in the bedroom. Absolutely sucked. She thought her looks could carry her. I then went out with a girl who worked at freaking CVS. She was a little overweight, kind of shy, and just ordinary. Ordinary in every way. Yet, she was amazing in the bedroom and it was all about her energy and attitude. She was also an amazing person inside and I ended up marrying her.

    Find someone who loves you and who makes the bedroom interesting and exciting. Size simply does not matter much. It is attitude. I also recommend going for real love. Love is what makes sex worth it in the long run. You could be with the most hung guy in the world or the tightest sexiest woman in the world but without love, even those people will get boring very quickly.

    I love sex but life is not just about sex and sex lives can be improved. In fact, life is so tough and really the best way to go through it is with someone who loves you. Go for love. The rest will take care of itself.

  • Ellobern

    ” …he more than makes up for up above–in the form of his singing voice.” No….. his background music carries him. He really isn’t a great or even a good singer. He’s good looking, nice personality and son of a famous and truly great singer.

  • Donna

    To Really…Wow: “Any person that would turn down someone who loves them because his dick was too small or her breasts were too small or any other petty physical reason is a freaking moron.”

    Your response is from a man’s point of view. The size of a woman’s breasts may have no bearing on a couple’s sex life, but if a man’s dick is really small, it DOES matter. It isn’t a woman’s breasts that satisfy a man, but it is a man’s dick that satisfies – or doesn’t satisfy – a woman. You can love someone with all your heart, but if the sex isn’t good, it WILL affect the relationship sooner or later.

  • Whimiscal1

    I agree with the previous responder. I would think that most men would not be comfortable within themselves to mention this so in my opinion, that says alot about Enrique Iglesias, which most women don’t care anyway. Secondly, I went to one of his concerts this year. One of the things I noticed about this very handsome young man is that during his concert several times, he picked young ladies from the audience to entertain, sing to, wooo them who weren’t models, they were slightly a few pounds over weight and he romanced them and sang to them as if they were Miss America. I was so impressed by his big heart and enduring action. No, I think Miami Herald could have taken a more positive input on their interview with this young man than what they chose to focus on.

  • Miami Girl

    Anyone who has followed Enrique Iglesias at all knows he jokes all the time and very comfortably, about everything . In fact, if he has read any of the comments here, he is most likely laughing his ass off. Proud of himself that he has stirred up such a great conversation.

    Enrique has brought all of these topics up in previous interviews. Rarely do reporters ever get anything “new” out of him. He is so good at being a joker that even the interviewer doesn’t have a clue what is a joke and what is real. This is fine example of Classic Enrique. And probably laughing at the very nature of the reporter and her take away from the interview. Obviously someone who hasn’t followed him or is career.

  • Candy

    isn’t he gay?

    • Miami Girl


  • chris Dyer

    “Really Wow” , REALLY? WOW!!!,

    “You read way to much into two very short sentences. Most guys don’t go around talking about their dicks. They say things like this so they a) don’t sound conceited and b) get of the subject as soon as possible.”

    READ the article again ReallyWow. Eglasias didn’t need to change the subject., HE brought the subject up! No one asked him about the size of his dick, no one asked him if he fell short in this area (ha ha), (he also went on to describe the deficiencies of his genitalia).
    Kimberly Ripley was reporting on some very bizarre, of the wall, unrelated comments made when Eglesias was asked what he liked to do in his spare time. (Apparently beat up on his poor unfortunate genitalia.)

    Bottom line, HE brought the awkward subject up.

    Here’s my take; either 1.) There is a picture out there someone is threatening to release, so he’s getting the jump on them and owning his tiny stature, or 2.) He’s alerting the paparazzi so they can “catch” him skinnydipping, publish the “shocking” pix, and then everyone can cry “Oh no E., your dick isn’t tiny!”

    What the stars do to get attention! I guess he didn’t feel that he was getting enough already?

    If this doesn’t do it for you E., just shuck your clothes and mount the nearest wrecking ball. That should get you an additional five minutes. It doesn’t matter if its negative or positive attention, as long as everyone talking about you. Right?