Emma Stone: W Magazine Shoot Is Confusing

    January 18, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Emma Stone’s cover shoot for W Magazine has some confused over the message the scantily-clad actress is supposed to be sending.

24-year old Stone, who is currently promoting her film “Gangster Squad”, appears on the cover in a black bra, leather jacket, and bed-head, which, despite being extremely sexy, is not what we’ve come to expect from the funnygirl.

“…Mostly, the vibe we’re getting here is “Emma Stone can be a corrupted, sexy little girl, in addition to all the roles you already like her for.” The messy hair and minimal makeup add to that post-coital look. Inside the mag, she’s wearing more clothing that follows in this punk princess theme. And none of this fits either A) the quirky comedian she normally portrays in real life, or B) the mob moll she’s playing in Gangster Squad,” wrote Sabrina Rojas Weiss for Best Week Ever.

But perhaps Stone is trying to move away from the quirky, funny, girl-next-door vibe she’s projected since winning over fans in 2010’s “Easy A”. Certainly, she’s choosing more adult roles. In “Gangster Squad”, she plays a moll to Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling’s mobsters, and her style is infinitely more sophisticated than it has been for other characters she’s chosen to play.

But, as she says, sometimes the costumes make the character.

“Those undergarments were pretty demanding,” she said. “It’s time-consuming to put on a bustier and a little corset every day.But you’re immediately more poised than you would be in modern-day clothes. And it makes it easy to get into character.”


  • your mother

    sounds like someone is upset they’re not as attractive as emma stone…

  • Papa John

    A beautiful talented woman went to trailer trash in a big hurry. Does she have Lindsay Lohan’s agent now, or what? We want the old Emma back.

  • mich

    Wth…how is that sexy? What were they THINKING? Obviously they weren’t. That photographer should not quit his day job

  • Art

    Author: Adjective selection is confusing.

    Emma Stone’s “post-coital” look.

    Did Emma’s photo depict the look of someone who just had sex? (post-coitus)

    Or did it depict the look of someone who just had the look of having sex? (post-coital)

    Just wondering.