Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Break Record with Spider-Man

By: WebProNews Staff - July 5, 2012

Emma Stone is, quite frankly, the only reason I want to see director Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man”. The idea of sitting through yet another Peter Parker/Spider-Man origin story doesn’t sound overly appealing, though the allure of Emma Stone might be enough to separate me from the wad of money in my wallet. Call me shallow if you wish, but Stone’s limitless appeal is enough to put this guy’s butt into a well-worn theater seat.

Speaking of “The Amazing Spider-Man”, the film broke records on Tuesday, amassing nearly $35 million in ticket sales. As a result, Webb’s web-slinging cinematic adventure has the highest Tuesday gross in history, a title previously held by Michael Bay’s “Transformers”. This, of course, is pretty good news for the suits at Sony Pictures, who reportedly rushed the feature into production in order to retain the rights to the franchise. It would seem the gamble is paying off.

As for Stone, she arrived at the North American premiere dressed a bit more casually than we’re used to seeing her. In fact, everyone in the embedded photo — including her real-life boyfriend and star Andrew Garfield — dressed down for the occasion. Honestly, it’s not the most flattering of images for all involved, but at least Stone doesn’t look quite as lost as her co-stars.

Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” is currently in theaters.

Image courtesy of Hollywood Life


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  • Tim In Indy

    Frankly I don’t see what is so greatt about Emma Stone. Hey not saying she is very good actress. Just in comparison with other actreses her age. I just don’t see what the big deal is about her.

  • Michaelguerrero

    This was a really good Spiderman, especially with the 3D. Emma
    Stone is a good actress if you’ve seen her in Easy A. She’s really
    good, and has a sense of character in her movies. So that’s what
    makes her great. Andrew Garfield was great also, In my opinion, I
    think he was better then Tobey McGuire, character wise.

  • RodHollywood

    The movie was average at best. Story was weak. Great visuals but not enough Spidey for me.

  • http://webpronews bob

    her feet

  • http://webpronews bob

    her feet are fantastic

  • A

    This Spiderman reboot had more heart than the original. Andrew was great, he made it his own and better acrobatic work than Tobey, maybe because Andrew used to be a gymnast. Loved Emma also, their chemistry is unbeatable. Solid acting by everyone. Worth every penny on Imax 3-D.