Emily Goodhand: Dean McDermott’s One-Night Stand

By: Mike Tuttle - December 27, 2013

“I love my wife. I love her so much, but she won’t sleep with me.”

Dean McDermott has recently been accused of cheating on his wife, actress Tori Spelling, with Emily Goodhand, a copywright and compliance officer.

After meeting through mutual friends early in December in Toronto, Goodhand says that she and McDermott met his room of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel and had protected sex.

“I was drinking so what he said is blurry,” Goodhand said. “But he was talking about his kids and his work. And when people open up, you feel closer to them in some way. I felt like I could trust him. And we know a lot of the same people, so we had that in common.”

Goodhand stayed with the 47-year old host of “Chopped Canada” for two nights.

β€œHe told me he and Tori had a sexless marriage,” she told Us Weekly. β€œI believed him.”

Now the 28-year old is regretful and in an interview made a public apology to Tori Spelling saying, “I’m an adult and I make my own decisions. I’m sorry.”

On her Twitter page, Goodhand has made no public comments about McDermott, only commenting on her absence from her feed around the holidays.

McDermott and Spelling have been married since 2006. They both were married to other partners before but began having an affair the first night they met during the taping of the Lifetime movie, “Mind Over Murder.” They have four children together. McDermott also has a child from his previous 12-year marriage to Mary Jo Eustace, a Canadian actress and singer.

During her last pregnancy, Spelling was hospitalized for four months prior to birth. She later had complications with her C-section, resulting in emergency hospitalization one month after giving birth.

McDermott and Spelling have made no comment pertaining to his affair with Goodhand.

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  • Women Wonder

    Women wonder why guys cheat. It is pretty simple — when the sex isn’t good or it is no existent, we want out of a relationship. Sex is a huge part of relationships but no, we try to convince ourselves that it isn’t.

    I have a lot of married friends who got divorced and the top two reasons why guys want out are this: a) the sex stopped and b) the woman puts so much pressure on the man for material things — they want more and more and more.

    I have yet to see a couple where the guy got divorced when his wife was in shape, liked having sex, and was jointly paying the bills. In fact, I have never seen a guy cheat in that circumstance. The cheating always occurs when the sex stops or the woman starts complaining about everything.

    Women are so spoiled in this nation. They think everything is about them. Just look at this spoiled brat in the article. She had everything … but wanted more, and more and more and more. The whole marriage for her was about maintaining an image. When that image started to crack, she started withholding sex and blaming her husband. Have you guys read what she said in other articles? The woman is crazy.

    • Sara

      That is not the only reason men cheat, honey. A lot men are simply pigs. I was a good girlfriend to my boyfriend, I kept a clean home, I ravaged him for sex at least once a day, I paid half, if not more than half of our bills. So please, explain to me why he cheated on me when I was 6-months-pregnant with our son? You can’t explain that.

      • Chris

        I can explain it, I think, Sara. You don’t say but my guess would be an extreme lack of attractiveness. Sometimes guys take a hit on their self-esteem and date below themselves, below what they could get. Girls like you benefit from that. At least, that iss, until their esteem comes back. But don’t despair. There will surely be another guy soon who will hate himself just enough to jump in your bed. Enjoy him until the ineveitable, then find the next one.

        • muffee

          i wonder how people like this get along in the world. angry, bitter, mean, sadistic. people who believe they they have all the answers. people who enjoy baiting others. hurting others. i really wonder. but the best part, other than wondering, is knowing how unhappy such small minded, bitter, angry, sadistic, judgmental, sexist people can be. and knowing they are unhappy makes me happy.

          • http://none Pat

            I don’t suppose it occurred to you…that your reply was, “small minded, bitter, angry, sadistic, judgmental”?

        • isakka

          wow…you’re a truly disgusting person. i actually feel sorry for your ignorant a$$..
          oh and btw don’t delude yourself honey, it’s way more common for girls to date below their standard, just because they don’t wanna get hurt or cheated on by guys who think they can get every pretty girl they come across. it has nothing to do with a girl’s looks.

      • Watcher

        Many males do NOT like the looks or the concept of ugly bulging bellys…. and unfortunately many of them never feel the same way about the woman after the belly is gone.
        …. Women are desperately trying to “glamorize” being misshapen and grotesque…. showing off the deformity, wearing tight clothing… saying “we are pregnant”… but none of that changes the aversion that exists ….

        Pregnancy is not the best time for sex.. sex introduces bacteria and germs into the birth canal… and I have to ask; maybe the aversion is natural??? Natures way of protecting the unborn child from infections?

        • Walt White

          Misshapen? Grotesque? That’s how you describe pregnancy? I hope like hell you aren’t anyone’s mother.

          • Walt White

            OR father.

        • MSH

          I have to comment on what “Watcher” said that pregnancy is not the best time for sex. That is so far from the truth. My husband and I had great sex all the way including into the ninth month and it doesn’t hurt the baby nor does it introduce bacteria into the birth canal. I don’t agree that men don’t like bulging bellies although being a nurse I do know some men feel differently afterwards about their spouse or girlfriend sexually if they watch the birth. Most of it is positive feelings, but there can be some who feel uncomfortable and it effects them sexually afterwards.

    • Walt White

      Looks like you need to “turn the other cheek”. Time for you to give up on women and grab your ankles.

    • Kathy

      You don’t know everybody in the world so I won’t name names of men who left their very hot wives or “in shape” as you put it, so let me bring you attention to musicians, actors, and celebrities who separate from their very hot spouses! Sorry idiot, your comment is ridiculous and not every man is as big of a pig as you are!

  • http://none Pat

    Men like to have sex with attractive, willing, females. Got it?

  • Lisa

    Tori should have figured out what a guy he was long ago when he left his wife for her. What goes around comes around.

  • Mathieas

    The tweets that this article links to are NOT for the right Emily Goodhand. The Emily you link to runs a copyright blog and lives in England, not Canada.

  • Annoyed

    Hey, jackass…you posted a link to the wrong person. She is married and lives in England. Way to check your facts, now this woman is being bullied left and right. Super responsible.

  • For reals?

    This twitter handle is not correct – this is not a Canadian actress – this is a copy right and education person. Get your facts straight. Believe it or not – sometimes there is more than one person in the world with the same name (In fact – there are two people in my family with the same first, middle & last name and someone unrelated to us that lives 20 miles away with the same first, middle & last name – and it’s not common).

  • For reals?

    This twitter handle is not correct – this is not a Canadian actress – this is a copy right and education person. Get your facts straight. Believe it or not – sometimes there is more than one person in the world with the same name (In fact – there are two people in my family with the same first, middle & last name and someone unrelated to us that lives 20 miles away with the same first, middle & last name – and it’s not common).

  • Emily

    Hi Mike,

    I would appreciate it if you would please remove the Twitter screenshot – the Emily Goodhand named in the US Weekly article is NOT me. As others have stated above, I live in England and I haven’t been to the US in some 10 years or so. I am also happily married and had never heard of Dean McDermott until last week. My professional reputation as a copyright expert is being compromised because of yours and others’ articles showing my photo, when the woman in question is not me and has clearly not wanted to release her photograph.

    Please remove the image asap – it is an unusual name, yes, but several years ago I discovered another Emily Goodhand who lives in North America. Check Facebook and you’ll see; I’ve often received emails for her in error. People jump to conclusions all too often but I can categorically say that I have had no involvement in this; my husband can vouch for that!

    Best wishes,

    Emily (UK)

    • http://batman-news.com Love Dogs

      This poor woman with the same name in the U.K. must be going through such trauma – for Pete’s sake, remmove her image PRONTO!

  • Brett

    You have linked the wrong Emily Goodhand to this story. Your failure to correct this makes you a potential target for a libel lawsuit, which she would easily win. Having such a website does not mean you have the right to sully the name of innocent people.

  • Bob

    Having not seen the canadian Emily. I will choose the UK Emily as the mother of my next child. When can we arrange your impregnation Emily?

  • Kayla

    I sure am glad I don’t have any problems on here like most! I’ve never been cheated on that I knw of. I’m 24yr and my 39yr man loves me to death! Me I’m not all about sex but he loves it so I give it up! I cook, clean and make sure I give my 100% with him and he takes care of me. We r both very happy and plan on getting married July 2014. Along with all that I have a 2ct ring on my finger! :)

    • http://batman-news.com Love Dogs

      Hope you have a good life together – but boy, your post – you cook, clean and then you boast about a 2 ct ring – Stepford wife??

  • Tab

    It’s kind of hard to feel too badly for her. They had affairs on their spouses to be together so it isn’t a shocker he cheated.

  • Shelagh

    For the record, the Emily shown above on the Twitter picture is the wrong person. You would think that the reporter would have been more careful but as it is, the one shown is a woman in the UK