Emily Blunt On Hiding Her Bump For "Into The Woods"

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Emily Blunt will most definitely shine as the baker's wife on the new Disney movie, Into the Woods. The baker and his wife head out into the woods to collect things for the witch, who promises to lift the barren curse.

The irony wasn't lost on Emily Blunt when she became pregnant before filming began.

"That was pretty funny," Blunt's co-star Meryl Streep said to D23 of the ordeal. "They were constantly putting James Corden [the baker] in front of her belly, raising her apron higher and higher."

Wow. Movie magic these days!

Movie magic as it was, Emily Blunt did her fair share of work to hide her growing belly.

She said, "I was hiding behind every tree in that wood! Colleen Atwood, who's the most remarkable costume designer, as everybody knows, was so accommodating. I would say towards the end, every four or five days they were making some adjustments."

Co-star Chris Pine had to make some adjustments of his own in order to not throw out his back during some fancy dancing.

"When we did rehearsals, I was being kind of careful," she recalled to Disney twenty-three. "By the time we shot, it was about two months later and I said to Chris Pine, 'You need to add 15 pounds to what you felt before. When you dip me, you gotta get yourself in a deep lunge because there's more weight coming down!'"

In addition to scrambling to accomodate her bump, Emily Blunt also got some useful lessons from her baby about how the baker's wife must have felt and what sort of emotions would have been in place.

"The fact that I was pregnant actually was a rather transporting thing, and a very helpful experience in a way to understanding the urgent need that this woman has for a baby," she said. "Here I was, feeling incredibly blessed and understanding what the character maybe is missing out on."

What a great behind-the-scenes story to keep in mind when going to the theaters to see Emily Blunt in Into the Woods!

Are you excited to see it?

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