Elmo Arrested in NYC, Scheduled for Psychological Evaluation

By: WebProNews Staff - June 26, 2012

Elmo arrested: If your kids are reading this, there’s a very strong possibility they’re in tears right now. Since childhood trauma isn’t the sort of thing we want to encourage here at WPN, let me clarify a few things. First, the real Elmo is alive and well on Sesame Street, his police record clear of any nefarious wrongdoings. Second, the Elmo in-question is nothing more than a New York City impersonator, one who just so happens to hate Jews and illegal immigrants. So strong are his convictions that he often spouts his racist nonsense while wearing his furry red outfit, which, when you stop and think about it, is actually very disturbing.

This particular Elmo, whose real name has not been released to the public, was kicked out of Central Park for spouting anti-Semitic nastiness to whoever happened by. Kids, adults, fellow Elmo impersonators — it didn’t really matter. As a result, he was removed from the area and carted off to Metropolitan Hospital Center for psychological evaluation. Considering other street Elmos haven’t seen the guy in almost two weeks, his visit to the hospital might be along the lines of a temporary vacation. One can only hope so, anyway.

According to Luis, a Peruvian immigrant who also works the streets for photo opportunities dressed as the beloved character, the lunatic in question is always spouting nonsense while on the job. “He would stop and say that we were all illegal immigrants and that people shouldn’t have their photos taken with us,” the impersonator explained.

If you’re curious to see the man in action, have a look at this video:

As news of Evil Elmo’s encounter with police spread throughout the impersonator community, other Elmo wannabes were elated. Apparently the guy’s antics have tarnished their reputation, and they’re hoping the lack of racist Elmos will encourage youngsters and their parents to stop what they’re doing and pose for a picture or two.

What do the residents of Sesame Street think about the whole ordeal?

“The ‘Sesame Street’ Muppets are known the world over, and we do not condone unauthorized representations of our characters,” a representative for the Sesame Street Workshop said in a statement. I’m assuming this version of Elmo won’t make it into the upcoming motion picture.

Curious to know what folks on Twitter have to say about faux Elmo’s brush with the law? Have a look at some tweets below.

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  • http://yahoo barfly

    Was that a “pull my finger” Elmo?

  • ian

    so much for freedom of speech.

    • Amanda

      Freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequences.

      • Jill

        Yes actually it does, if you are talking about police/arrest consequences. I don’t really understand how they could arrest him. Even ugly horrible hate speech is protected by the constitution in our country.

        • james

          You can’t yell “Fire” in a movie theater

          • Jennifer

            he didn’t yell “fire” in a movie theater tho did he? nope. Nor did he mention wanting to kill the president. I don’t support his views but I don’t get why he was arrested.

        • DOODY

          hey Doody!!

      • Joe

        Then by your rationale there is a freedom to murder…you’re just not free from the consequences of murdering. And by your logic even though there is a freedom of religion in this country, you can still be arrested for practicing a religion since there might be consequences to practicing your religion if the government so chooses in impose. You really don’t understand what the phrase “freedom of” means.

  • Russ

    but it’s alright when black panthers put a bounty on a person and call us crackers, pink people, and h/o/n/k/i/e/s

    • Eloise

      The Black Panthers are not dressed as a children’s tv star. Their faces are not covered, nor or they in a panther suit. If “Elmo” wants to talk trash he should do it with his face uncovered…”Not with Hoods or Red Fur”…

      • Russ

        point is, they threaten to kill innocent whites, use hate speech, and they are not held accountable for their actions. they are no better than middle eastern terrorists.

        • james

          You should get your facts straight yes they believe in violence but they only believe in reacting, So if someone hits them they have the right to hit back. They don’t just g around just hating people

          • Russ

            two wrongs don’t make it right. it is still murder to retaliate.

          • DOODY


        • DAVE

          Ever heard of the KKK asshole! They are far worse but what do you care??

          • Russ

            do you ever here in the media about the kkk putting bounties out on people of color? where is your proof that they are far worse TODAY? yes i do care…murder of innocent people is wrong, no matter what the race is.

  • james

    Freedom of speech has it’s limits, like you can’t yell fire in a movie theater and then later on say “freedom of speech”

    • BcdErick

      But Elmo wasn’t in a movie theater. He wasn’t shouting “fire!”. He was on a public street corner shouting crazy things. So? If the cops arrest arrest everyone who does that we will have to build 1,000’s of new prisons. This is weird. It has nothing to with law and order. I don’t fear the Elmos of the world. I feel bad for them.

      • aaron

        Erick you my friend are a fukin idiot. He can say all that shit all he wants, but NOT in a costume that’s linked back to any company, otherwise that company has every right to sue the shit out of him for defacing their name and producing slander about them. Read a book dipshit, preferably one about law.

        • Jon

          Not necessarily Aaron. I actually could not find any legal documents pertaining to wearing a costume of a famous figure and controversial freedom of speech. Besides he was not “producing slander about them”. He was merely ranting in a costume, just a crazy guy no one would take seriously. I highly doubt any of the onlookers genuinely felt that Sesame Street put him up to it. The only real problem I can see is that he was doing this in a park and as we all know parks have rules. Anything from smoking to camping and everything in between which I would assume would include this type of conduct. Was this in good taste? No, children were at the park and Elmo would not be the best median to get a crazy message across. Between him scaring kids (which you can hear crying the background) to actually doing this in a park was likely the reason of his arrest. Furthermore the response from the creators of Sesame Street at the end of the article simply states that they do not condone his actions. Which is kind of an obvious response, what were we expecting them to say? No legal action is mentioned and thats that. So if you could provide a source of some sort about wearing a costume and giving a rant, I would like you to post it. Otherwise I question your credibility as a legal expert. At the very least you could recommend one of the “law books” that the rest of us should read pertaining to the issue. Since it seems safe to assume that you have read more than one at some point.

      • DOODY

        U R correct…Doody

  • Grouch

    Great throw the book at him. I heard they arrested Cookie Monster too……….for trying to eat a Brownie

  • asa

    This is mild compared to what I have been called in the city. Friendliness is not high on New Yorkers list.

    • DOODY

      how provacotive!!! u R a DOODY!!!!!

  • BcdErick

    Two things. There are other dudes in Elmo suits roaming the streets in NYC? Why? That’s nuts. And now these other Elmos are happy this guy got the boot? That’s creepy but OK. But this article is woefully inadeguate. I demand, right now, to know what the Cookie Monster thinks of this arrest.

    • james

      cookie is pleased and now if they can remove that little red pissant off sesame street for good and give airtime to more deserving monsters like cookie

  • http://yahoo.com vinnie

    FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Andy

    Anyone else think the girl in the video half way thru is hot? :)

    • http://yahoo.com vannesa


  • reubin

    Hatred and negativity in the US is not really a big deal – unless it is against Jews. then it’s a federal crime, national news, etc…

    • reubin

      Sorry (quick, before someone scream I am an anti semite!) meaning that it’s all bad – just that the other stuff rarely makes the media.

    • DOODY

      hey Rubin. from Doody

  • Tori S.

    i don’t believe it
    why would elmo hurt people?
    it doesn’t make any sense

    • DOODY

      Oh yor SO right, Doody!!

  • http://yahoo.com vannesa

    XD WHY ELMO?!??!?!/?!

    • Julia

      This is deplorable. I do not see a bit of humor using a childrens’ character for hate spewing. He should be put underneath the jail!

    • DOODY

      i dunno…wat was that u said??

    • DOODY

      Wat was yor comment Doody??

  • paul

    What next, a homophobic big bird?

    • paul

      or a sexist snuffalupagus

  • Kat

    Tune in next week to see the Cookie Monster make fun of children with autism and multiple sclerosis.

    Brought to you by the letter NO ONE GIVES A F***

  • Drake

    whoa, who’s the seemingly hot babe? I could care less about the red bastard,

  • metalisback

    Mel Gibson is at it again….

    • DOODY

      Hey Doody!!!!

  • mari

    Yahoo should be ashamed. They should have indicated from the very beginning of the piece, IT WAS AN IMPERSONATOR OF ELMO WHO WAS ARRESTED….An item is an item even if you have to mislead in order to get people to read your nonsense!!!!!!

    • Jimmy

      Wow Really? You know Elmo is a puppet right?

  • Butchboy

    I’m amazed Sesame Street allows ANY use of the Elmo character for anything. The cable company brought in the Disney Channel a few years ago and it was a BIG EFFFin’ deal that they brought in an OFFICIAL Minnie Mouse for a public appearance/promotional.

    • adam

      Elmo’s image makes more than the street does. The street is as dead as the muppets were 2 years ago (movie is being made to help that)


    U R a Doody!!

  • Lolita

    He’s talking crap about Jewish people and it’s funny? I’m not even Jewish but it makes me mad that the camera person was laughing.

  • Gurn Blanston

    Time for the president to call another beer summit for Elmo, a jew, and an undocumemted alien.

  • Kender

    what is so anti semitic about it? the so called jews of today do not have a drop of semitic blood flowing in their veins! they are khazarians, from central asia. read your history, get you facts straight.

  • jeri

    I work in the Times Square neighborhood. There are hundreds of “characters”: Elmo, Cookie Monster, Sponge Bob, Mickey, Minnie, Buzz Lightyear, etc. They are all obnoxious, it makes me embarrassed to be a New Yorker. I can’t believe people let their childran get close to them, their costumes look so dirty and disgustsing. Hey Mister Mayor, stop trying to tell us what to eat and get rid of these parasites.

  • Wse

    AAaaaahhh. I was more scared by the VVS… for those of you unaware, that’s “Vertical Video Syndrome.” Which is people who are too ‘Downs’ to use their phone the right way. Check out the Youtube video for VVS.

  • Vic Kohring

    It is NOT hate to question Jews or Israel. We should be on high alert because we are told so. Just because one questions a thing does not make it hate. The stupid woman in the video, hot or not, should go back home to FOX “News” and prepare her children for no future since dunces like her believe all of this Anti Semite horsecrap.

  • Randy Lee

    He dislikes Jews. Big deal.

  • Midnight

    Hey, he probably has children and hates the show but he’s also nasty. He’s a coward using Elmo to spread his message.

  • Rick

    this guy is actually Jewish, believe it or not