Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi Headed For Divorce? Couple Tries To Maintain Normalcy Despite Rumors

    July 21, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s marriage has been a topic of discussion for weeks now.

The famed comedian and talk show host has been accused of cheating on the Australian actress and model with a mutual friend. Ellen’s alleged infidelity is reportedly the reason for her alcoholism.

Back in May, Portia entered rehab for her drinking problems, which sent the media into a frenzy. Shorty after, reports began circulating about a fight between the two that had been caught on tape.

According to Yahoo! Celebrity, a source close to the couple even opened up about the alleged fight, with shocking claims about their relationship.

“They got into an ugly fight,” a source close to the couple revealed to In Touch Weekly. “Portia hadn’t been happy for a while and was drinking and isolating [herself], and Ellen confronted her.”

“Portia lost it and blamed Ellen for driving her to drink because of her controlling ways and said she wasn’t in love with her anymore. Ellen was crushed and screamed at Portia to get out,” the source revealed.

Divorce rumors have also been reported by several media outlets for months, but the couple is determined not to validate any of the claims. Celeb Dirty Laundry reported the couple has sought therapy in an effort fix the problems in their marriage.

“It’s going to take a lot for Portia to trust Ellen again,” the source said.  “They kept up with the therapy after Portia got out of rehab, but they still have a long way to go. They are on their way to repairing their marriage. It won’t be easy. Portia will always be battling these demons. But they love each other,” the source explained.

Ellen DeGeneres or Portia de Rossi have yet to address any of the latest divorce rumors. However, back in February, Ellen denied that the two were having any marital problems.

Image via Ellen DeGeneres, Wikimedia Commons

  • Alan Porcella

    Here is how it seems to work. Mega successful person marries not so successful but good looking girlfriend, then the not so successful partner just has to get out of the relationship, taking 100 million or so with them as compensation for the terrible injustice done to them while they were married to this awful person who just happens to have a ton of money (Tiger Woods for example) Please, spare me.

    Divorce settlements, child support and the related life ruining for so many men today, not to mention the ridiculous $100,000,000.00 settlements are going to kill marriage, and they are going to kill it forever.

    • blueyedlorelie

      You sound bitter. Using Tiger Woods as an example doesn’t fly. He was a serial cheater who put his wife in danger of catching an STD and based on his multiple aduleries it’s safe to assume he deserted the marriage, not the other way around. I don’t believe that whatever may be happening in the DeGeneres/de Rossi marriage has anything to do with greed

  • cmx

    So, there is a right and wrong, even where God did not define it.
    Must be man made then.

    • blueyedlorelie


  • mark

    when can 2 people of the same sex marry? i thought marriage was a man and woman.. did i miss something? i am sure i will get educated on this matter..

    • blissful*thinking

      Lol Ummmmm really? Where are your from? If you’re from the USA then have you been living under a rock for the last few years as same sex marriage has been a huge controversy? I think around 20 States have legalized same-sex marriage. hope that helps ya.

    • kiyo

      men and women cant even stay together either, marriage does not mean anything. so what are you getting at? heteros can’t stay together for at least a year anymore

  • Goldie Digger

    I enjoy watching Ellen & Portia, but if Ellen did cheat on Portia.
    I hope Portia takes every $$$ from Ellen.
    I live in SoCal. all my life & know the divorce rules gay or straight

  • Here and Now

    “Tries to maintain normalcy”. If you don’t begin with something – how can you maintain it?

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  • $104381602

    Big deal..
    Calling two of the same gender “married” is a joke anyway.

    • Guest

      If calling two people of the same gender married is a joke, then calling two people of different genders married is equally as humorous

  • Mat

    The only normal thing that therapists could do here is cure these two women and get them to marry men. Ellen is a hero. Since they were never married they cannot divorce. 6 billion years of evolution, science and all religeon easily over ride this gay bullshit, meant to mislead and confuse today’s children. Gays are naturally addicts and simply emotional because they are pretty much psychological misfits who made the choice to never have a real relatonship with the other sex. They do however seek out someone like themselves to imprison their miserable time with.

    • Mitch

      Homophobes are also psychological misfits, because they’re too busy complaining about other peoples happiness because they don’t have any of there own. When will I ever be able to read anything without seeing homophobic comments anywhere? If someone is happy with the same sex then what’s the problem? Love does not target a sex. It’s all psychological but nothing wrong. I’d rather have 7 billion homosexuals then 1 of people like you.

      • Mat

        wow Mitch I guess you really told me. Let me guess, you weave a f*cked up web of self justification? No one cares wtf you would rather have. When you wake up from psychosis, you can always sue the LGBT for conning you.

  • Mat

    IS Ellen Degenerate is a hero? She does not care if she tries to indoctrinate young children into the gay cult through her behaviour. SIX billion years of evolution is the only TRUTH. TWO women cannot marry. They can however abuse other people and themselves. Gays(homosexuals) are hyper self centered people who want to f*ck themselves. THE TRUTH IS UGLY BUT STILL TRUE.

    • syd

      Mat: please marry me honey!