Ellen DeGeneres and Portia Kill Divorce Rumors

    August 9, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Divorce rumors have been swirling around Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi like vultures around a rotting carcass on an Arizona highway. Usually when there’s smoke there’s at least a little bit of fire. All this divorce rumor attention has led a lot of people to believe that there is trouble in paradise between the talk show queen and her bride.

Some of the buzz has come from a trashy tell-all book by Randy Jemigan that claims, “Ellen tries to keep Portia to herself…She’s afraid of losing her to a younger woman, so she won’t allow Portia much of a social life.”

Ellen has pretty much shown that she can’t be bothered to respond to every yellow journalist’s spew, so news from the DeGeneres-de Rossi camp has not been forthcoming.

But now a bit of insider info has leaked that should pretty much put the kibosh on all the guesswork and whispers.

According to RadarOnline, “Ellen and Portia just purchased an entire floor of a luxury building in Beverly Hills. It is very centrally located, right in the heart of everything that they do in Hollywood. They still have the land and the space they love in Santa Barbara, but this spot offers the convenience that they need.”

Buying a new condo together is hardly something you would do if divorce seemed to be looming. In fact, Ellen and Portia have become adept at flipping properties. They bought their most recent house in January for $39 million, made improvements, and flipped it for $49 million.

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  • PAAP

    Must be very difficult to have a private life when your in the public eye almost 24/7, too! Let’s hope it calms down soon for both their sakes, too!!

    • jacqueline briscoe

      True Paap. And whatever the truth is its their journey and I wish them both happiness

  • fryer01

    she needs to get rid of ellen…. what a pathetic person…she can do much better….ellen is just holding her back !!!!

    • laurie

      Ellen is not pathetic

  • QueenBeyFan

    Leave Ellen & Portia alone. They love each other to death. There’s NOTHING going on between them…. Jesus Christ.

  • Guest


  • Brian Powers

    Iike I always said….her last name is Degeneret instead.

    • Debi

      You don’t even know her BP!!! Just because she’s not attracted to dogs like you doesn’t give you any right to name call.

  • Debi

    The media can be so heartless and mean! We’ve got your back Portia and Ellen!!