Ellen DeGeneres Ad Offends One Million Moms

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One Million Moms, a Christian organization created by the American Family Association which focuses on the “exploitation of children” by the media, has taken offense to a new holiday ad from JC Penny that features openly gay talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The ad focuses on Ellen and some of Santa’s elves as she makes one faux pas after another regarding their height, and One Million Moms claims the jokes in the commercial are highly offensive.

“Since April, JC Penney’s has not aired Ellen DeGeneres in one of their commercials until now. A new JCP ad features Ellen and three elves. JCP has made their choice to offend a huge majority of their customers again. Christians must now vote with their wallets,” their statement reads.

But many think that the organization simply wants Ellen and JCP to part ways because of her sexuality and are blaming a 30-second ad for their own issues.

“This is very frustrating. One Million Moms needs to re-read their Bible. The group is upset over someone who is gay being in a family commercial…are they going to start looking into the backgrounds of all people who act in commercials. I mean, are they going to get upset over the person who is having premarital sex, participating in adultery, telling lies. Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of our sins, and he doesn’t hold grudges or keep tally marks. Move on!” wrote one YouTube commenter.

“Offended: A word synonymous with being just a whiny person. If they don’t like what they see they act like children having a tantrum in a store for not getting their way,” wrote another.

The One Million Moms website has a section devoted to “Take Action Now”, where followers can look up the latest causes. Among calls to action regarding Skittles commercials and the show “The New Normal” is a post about “Person Of Interest” which claims the show is following a trend of “normalizing homosexuality”. The post about JC Penny seems to have been taken down.

Ellen DeGeneres Ad Offends One Million Moms
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    Thank GOD,for 1 million moms for having the Nerve and Strength to stand up for decency against the Gay Mafia an its Propaganda Campaign. JCP committed Corporate suicide buy trying pass off a Deviant Pervert as the face of its company. This lesbian crap is a insult to any decent normal woman. Park your “you must be homophobic at the door” nobody fears gays, normal people just think they are nasty n disgusting.

  • Steve

    But it’s okay for “gay” people to boycott Chik-Fil-A. What hypocracy! That was someone standing up for their principles too. If you want to boycott a business then take it when the shoe is on the other foot! I can’t stand hypocrites!!!


      WTG Steve, well said sir. Gays become extremely In-Tolerant of anybody who doesn’t support or endorse their deviant nonsense. They are only tolerant if you buy into their perversion.

  • Ben Dover

    Ellen has offered to invite any women who is offended over to her house. She is fixing her favorite; Hairpie De La Tuna, with “Rocky Road Tonguing” for dessert

  • http://topwhitepapersandresources Dolores Aquadro

    I cannot imagine why Jc Penny chose DeGeneres to begin with. They knew that she was controversial. I think they should have chosen someone that was appealing to all people.

  • second coming

    the idea of god is delusional. these christians need to get a grip and realize there religion is no better than any other religion, including no more true than any other. just another fairytale about some invisible false power of hope.

  • Sharon Brown

    How is this ad offensive????? Please!!! So, would you rather have Angelina Jolie who is not gay but stole another woman’s husband? Either way, both women attempt to help in their own way by giving of their time and finances. Just because someone chooses a different lifestyle that you don’t agree with, that doesn’t make them a bad person. In fact, I think Ellen is a very giving person just like Jolie. These ladies aren’t going to please everyone all the time…live your life the best way YOU know how to live it. Teach your children YOUR values.

  • Madison

    all of you Christmas spirited people, go to JCP and shop. dont let ignorance stop you! Ellen is so beautiful and kind! she makes a wonderful spokesperson for JCP. These people who are offended are looking for a reason to complain… get a life and get over it! I’m sure you have better things to do with your time than attack innocent people! Good Job JCP for sticking to your guns and not stooping down to this ignorant group’s level. And good job Ellen for being amazing and for not backing down despite all the haters. <3

  • http://yahoo Carol

    If these Moms would use their energy to address some real issues such as child abuse, poverty,bullying, etc. perhaps our country would improve. Ellen is one of the kindest, most generous people ever. She works spreading love. Isn’t this the message Christ taught us? Pray for these people.


      These Moms are using their time and energy to stand-up for decency and family values, something which Elen Degenerate doesn’t have a clue about. GOD declared this Perversion to be an ABOMINATION, you don’t like it , take it up with him.

      • Christy

        My pastor cautions us from saying, man i know i have sinned in life, but i have never sinned as much as this type of person (gay, murderer, adulterer, etc) we all have sinful nature and god forgives all of us and nobody is better than anybody else because you think your sins are better sins than someone elses. just like other things addressed in the bible have evolved since biblical times. i am not so sure people are out there pretending to be gay. I dont think people would go thru what they have gone and go thru being gay just for the heck of it. I think it is something they feel and believe deep inside and have addressed with their god.

  • Panties N. Abunch

    JCp is in real trouble now those 1 Million Moms buy their panties at JCP, I guess they have to go to Wal-Mart to get the same thing cheaper… Merry Christmas MOMS



  • http://topwhitepapersandresources Dolores Aquadro

    I do not understand why JC Penny chose Degeneres ti begin with, they knew that she was controversial, with their sales down, you would have thought they would have chosen someone that appealed to all people.

    • Christy

      Everybody loves Ellen, except for ignorant people

      • SKULLTAKER01

        Wow, can we say Blatant UN-True stayement. Everybody DOES NOT love Elen Degenerate, gays like her but most normal decent people think shes a Disgusting Pervert.

      • SKULLTAKER01

        everybody does NOT love elen degenerate, gays with no morals or decency buy into her filth

  • Wanda

    I think a person who advertises for a company of traditional family values should be one whose life reflects those traditional family values.

    • JOJO

      so WANDA are you saying that people who are gay don’t have traditional family values????? !!!!! you are a very ignorant person. I have alot fo gay friends and they all have the same traditional values as I do, they walk and talk just like the rest of us. If people in genreal weren’t so obsessed about sex and sexzual orientation you would meet these people onthe streeet and not think anydifferently about them.. You need to search your soul woman.

    • Jenn

      There are thousands of commercials with actors who aren’t “famous” who probably have alternative lifestyles. Just because Ellen is in the spotlight, she is being judged unfairly. Take is for what it is. A commercial with a famous person in it so that people remember.

    • Ellen

      @Wanda.. How far back are you thinking when you talk about traditional family values?? for instance….back in the days when they wrote this awesome story book (the Bible) women were’nt allowed to speak out at all..so why not go all the way back to those “traditional family values” by not speaking unless told to.

  • Iesha

    Ok. I see a commercial of JCP trying to get more customers. How did they jump from money (what every store wants) to offensive and sin? Yeah whatever , I guess.

  • Rey Martinez

    OK everybody – take a deep breath! IT’S ONLY A COMMERCIAL! Get a life.

  • Rey Martinez

    OK everybody – take a deep breath, – IT’S ONLY A COMMERCIAL! Get a life.

    • http://yahoo mary

      I to think these people need to mind their own buisness, and wonder what they are doing wrong. Ellen is a very kind an giving person, not only to people but animals. and as lesha says its only a commercial

  • Mary L. Ballard, MD

    I am a Mom, but definitely not one of the “One Million Moms.” Ellen DeGeneres is one of the funniest and kindest comedians of her generation. I found the commercial very entertaining. Just to irritate the “One Million Moms,” I am going to go out and make a point of shopping at JCP this Holiday season and I encourage everyone else to do so!

  • Kim

    I think maybe these one million moms should look at their own lives and not worry about how anyone else lives their life.

  • Bob

    God isn’t real.

  • nina

    why do people have to find fought with everything that is done is this world anymore…Iam so glad they are perfect an live doing nothing wrong in life…give me a break…..

  • http://yahoo david jones

    get over it.

  • nina

    this christian group why are u making judgement with this

  • Susan

    I am ashamed that in this day and age, an entire gender of which I belong too – White – female – straight – can still, with all going on in our world today have so much bigotry and hatred – it sickens me to see and read this of my gender -

  • RY33

    I just ordered $300 worth of clothes off JCP.com to show my support of them.

    • Carol

      Good idea. I’m shopping too.

      • http://yahoo.com jim

        jeeeze what a dumb ass

      • http://yahoo.com jim

        jeeeze what a Gay Dumb Ass you are

      • http://yahoo.com jim

        hope they rot on your Gay-Ass body

    • TP

      I bet you are one that boycotted Chick-Fil-A though.

  • SamColorado146

    I hate organizations whose sole purpose is to complain about one thing or another constantly. They say that they are offended by the commercial because of the remarks she makes about the elves height, but in reality they would most likely have no complaint at all if they did not know the sexual orientation of the person in the commercial. Also, they are ELVES, they are short, GET OVER IT. Just an FYI, elves are not real. How are they going to be offended by her making fun of something that doesn’t even exist?? Ellen does not try to force her lifestyle on anyone and truly does a lot to help others.

  • Amy

    If this is the “latest cause”, then it’s no wonder why this country’s in trouble.

    • Pat Coffey

      Just where in the hell are the offensive comments? These 1 million (minus 960,000) need to get their heads out of the politically correct mode and just enjoy life. Stop being so freckin critical…I bet they are the same ones who freaked out at the picture of the ladies at Penn state have a party.

  • Mary L. Ballard, MD

    I am a Mom, and definitely not a “One Million Mom.” Ellen DeGeneres is one of the funniest and kindest comedians of her generation. I thought the ad was original and entertaining. Just to irritate the “One Million Moms” I am going to shop at JCP this holiday season and encourage the remaining 311.8 million Americans to shop their too!

    • jim

      bet you enjoy kissing those Gay butts but your asbestos suit won’t protct you in Hell

    • http://yahoo Marci Morrow

      I am a strong Christian with many children and grandchildren. I really get irritated with the “holier than thou” who continually judge and criticize. There are so many mean, evil people in the world try praying for them and for this nation not one caring person doing a good job.

  • Bob Molfese

    MILLION MOMS MY REAR END. My mom doesn’t have anything to do with these idiots anymore! Christian bigots who are trying to make us conform to their will! Its bad enough with the pope telling us who we can associate with. . .Maybe the million moms would like to create another Innquisition and kill all of us who don’t believe what they preach!

  • Carol

    I think she’s hilarious and I don’t see what is so offensive.

  • john

    tell you the truth i am offended with these people that get offended with anything it sickens me that we live in a place that people just won’t get a life but wants to tell people how to live theirs idiots grow-up and get a life….

  • jen


  • Lou Williams

    Oh Please, one million moms get a life you are a bunch of busy bodies with nothing else to do, raise your children and stop watching what others d,o your children my grow up to be murderers or rapist because you don’t pay attention to them and worry about everyone else.

  • txmom

    Why does this organization always go after Ellen? First it was because she is a spokesperson for JCP and now they go after her because of the commercial. Give me a break! Better yet give Ellen a break. That organization is seems to be run by bullies. The sad thing is…they represent mothers.

    • diana

      Fortunately they do not represent all mothers!

  • Tommy

    STOP YOUR CRYING FOR Goodness sake! You “women” just want to hear your selves talk. Please just get over yourselves

  • Sharstar

    one million hateful moms!

  • Grand MOM

    There is nothing wrong with the ad. It is one that has made me laugh. We need to give our kids some backbone and teach them that every word uttered is not intended to offend someone. If you want to be offended be offended by some of the trash that is on the networks. Elves have always been little people working with Santa. But some people won’t just leave things alone. Mickey and Minnie Mouse were to fat so the had to slim down. Hughie Dewey and Louie were to fat. When I was a child we did not look at everything that way. All of this correctness has taken away any childhood fantasies and fun. Now our children just call MOM or plot to kill if they don’t like things. I grew up in the last generation where the parents and teachers were respected. When you did something wrong you would get your pants dusted. By the way were any kids upset or just some MOMs. Look around people be offended by something that makes a difference in your childs world. Like kids that go to bed hungry in the USA, kids kiliing each other. Complain about the sex toys and gel ads. We are putting a lot of this in their heads. Something is wrong here and it is not with Santas Elves

    • http://yahoo.com jim

      getting my stones ready for your Gay-Butt

  • Mark

    …I believe the quote was “Let those without sin cast the first stone.”…..have you really learned nothing?

  • Pat

    I think…I know I have seen commercials WAAAAYYY more offensive and I don’t think this one was offensive at all…

    • http://yahoo.com jim

      neener neener Gay-Butt we don’t care



  • Mike

    God gravy, grow up people! What would they have said if the elves were challenged or black or Indonesian. Typical bible thumpers. We had one of “them” ask uswe adopted our daughter ” Couldn’t you get a white one?” Never spoke to her again!

  • CC

    I am a christian…and quite frankly I think you folks that…say you are christians…but act like you…are worst than the folks you complain about.

  • CT Grandma

    Ellen is one of the nicest, most generous people on earth. Get over it, righteous religious fanatics. Everywhere you go there are gay folks, the supermarket, doctor’s office, church, library, bank, work–everywhere!
    If you are afraid of gays, you might as well stay home. Hate and discrimination will not get any of us into heaven.

  • Diana

    I am more offended that the writer cannot spell Penney correctly. Seriously, the organization raising a ruckus has its agenda and is pushing it, nothing else. Move on.

  • REAL

    OOO SHUT UP!!! I THOUGHT THE COMMERCIAL WAS FUNNY… Some People seriously need to find better sh** to do with their Time

  • http://Yahoo Buddy

    I say Million Moms, give it a break It is just a commercial !!!

  • John H. Crotts II

    “‘Offended: A word synonymous with being just a whiny person. If they don’t like what they see they act like children having a tantrum in a store for not getting their way,’ wrote another.”

    Now, wait a minute. The entire program of the “politically correct” left is based on the principle of splitting people into groups, and setting them up to claim that this or that group has been “offended” by something, which needs to be “corrected,” “normalized,” or “banned.” It’s true to form that leftists would squeak with outrage, when this tactic is employed in a way they don’t approve of.

  • Selma

    LOL….That was funny Jess….and so true

  • Brittnee

    I’m sure if Ellen made an ad for JCP that just had her saying “50% everything in the store” they would take back their words and would camp out infront of the store. Grow up, it’s not the 1920’s anymore. And furthermore, I’m sure these 1 Million Moms are ALL faithful, waited to have sex until marriage and are all married to their baby’s dad too. Team Ellen!

  • Yo daddy

    Ellen is an evil blasphemous worthless c.nt and deserves to die

    • BLynn

      Yo daddy……your bitter bigoted post will take you straight to the hell you wish for another humanbeing. What faith is that you practice anyway? Seems like the kind that comes with a smoker’s cough, beer belly and Twinkie induced diabetes. You and those woman hoping to one day actually count need to find a real church and pray hard for your own evil souls!

  • Sheila Johnson

    I see nothing offensive about this ad – really Moms – is it because she is gay?

  • Donna

    Ellen is not only one of the funniest comedians out there, but she is a truly kindhearted person. She has done so much good for so many people. These “one million” women need to get a life. Instead of being such hateful “Christians” they should go out there and do some good in the world. Ellen’s commercials are not going to destroy the planet for goodness sake! Try taking on Hamas, the, Syrians, or the radical Islams or something like that. Now those people are out there to cause hate and destruction, not Ellen. People who go out and do good and spread kindness will ahead than those who spread hate.

  • Lisa

    The group One Million Moms offends ME. Hypocrites hiding behind a Bible.

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