Ellen DeGeneres Ad Offends One Million Moms

    December 6, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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One Million Moms, a Christian organization created by the American Family Association which focuses on the “exploitation of children” by the media, has taken offense to a new holiday ad from JC Penny that features openly gay talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The ad focuses on Ellen and some of Santa’s elves as she makes one faux pas after another regarding their height, and One Million Moms claims the jokes in the commercial are highly offensive.

“Since April, JC Penney’s has not aired Ellen DeGeneres in one of their commercials until now. A new JCP ad features Ellen and three elves. JCP has made their choice to offend a huge majority of their customers again. Christians must now vote with their wallets,” their statement reads.

But many think that the organization simply wants Ellen and JCP to part ways because of her sexuality and are blaming a 30-second ad for their own issues.

“This is very frustrating. One Million Moms needs to re-read their Bible. The group is upset over someone who is gay being in a family commercial…are they going to start looking into the backgrounds of all people who act in commercials. I mean, are they going to get upset over the person who is having premarital sex, participating in adultery, telling lies. Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of our sins, and he doesn’t hold grudges or keep tally marks. Move on!” wrote one YouTube commenter.

“Offended: A word synonymous with being just a whiny person. If they don’t like what they see they act like children having a tantrum in a store for not getting their way,” wrote another.

The One Million Moms website has a section devoted to “Take Action Now”, where followers can look up the latest causes. Among calls to action regarding Skittles commercials and the show “The New Normal” is a post about “Person Of Interest” which claims the show is following a trend of “normalizing homosexuality”. The post about JC Penny seems to have been taken down.

  • http://apacheadvertising.com/ Matt

    I must have missed the offensive part. I’d better watch it again. It just looks like a normal goofy Ellen commercial to me.

  • http://Yahoo Rebecca Compton

    I think if one Million Moms is this upset over something as stupid as people being different and they can’t execpt that difference (what ever it is)then they shouldn’t be calling themselves “Mom” because a Mom would never do that to a child or anyone else!! You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

    • Snoogins

      You tell it! Are there really that many Mom’s that have their panties in that big of a wad??

  • Rose

    Seems to me Moms of children today have alot more to worry about with their children than Ellen Degeneres doing a JC Penny commerical. There are plenty of scary realities for children and Ellen Degeneres is not one of them. Priorites ladies……..

  • Rob Adams

    I’m a Christian, and I don’t see what the fuss is about. I’m baffled at people’s reactions to Ellen DeGenres making a commercial. Yes, she’s a lesbian, and yes, the Bible speaks out against homosexuality, but does that mean she should live in a cave or a leper colony or something?

  • Ruth

    I find the group, One Million Moms, offensive. So Ellen DeGeneres is not allowed to work because she is a lesbian? I am a Christian but we may not agree with her lifestyle but how can you be so ignorant? She IS a human being! God does not say to turn away from your fellow man because they live a lifestyle you don’t believe in. Do not judge lest ye be judged

  • michele king

    These moms (and there are not a million of them) do not speak for us.
    I haven’t never bought a thing at JCP but I’m going to now and suggest
    everyone else do the same. BTW, I think that commercial is really
    cute, that Ellen D is a very funny and more importantly good human
    being. I am not gay, but respect all people and I wish we would keep
    religion out of all of this and live by the golden rule instead.

  • Santa Claus

    Has anyone done research on the American Family Association? Its an organization out of Tupelo, MS. Look at the group/family that runs it. They all look like imbred hicks that is too lazy to work a real job. So they sit on their fat azz and cause gay issues. These people are really sick in the head…

  • JB

    OMG.So what,if Ellen Degeneres is a lesbian thats in a JC Penney holiday commercial. Kids are not looking at this commercial saying “oh look, it’s Ellen Degeneres and she’s a lesbian. It’s the stupid grown-ups that have the issues.

  • lola

    Really??? You’re coming to the defense of fictional characters??? The fictional little people that work in Santa’s workshop. Really??? You do realize how ridiculous this make you look, right? Any credibility you had as an organization is completely gone. Well done MOMS. Well done. Seriously, how can anyone be this stupid?

  • JspencerRobertM

    To partially quote from one of my favorite movies, “9 to 5,” here’s how I describe OMM/AFA, “Sexist Egotistal..Hypocrital Bigot.” I left out the part about lying, because I am sure they believe what they say. It’s a phrase used repeatedly in the movie to describe the character F. Hart.

  • Nancy

    Did the Million Moms (AKA Stepford Wives) get permisson from their husbands before leaving the house and expressing his opinion?

    • http://yahoo cara

      Moms need to get a life

  • http://www.webdesigncapetown.co.za Mark Milligan

    I dont see the problem at all with that.

  • http://WebProNews/Life Yvette

    Its crazy how some people find such little things to bitch about come on you would have thought she said hey i am gay want a cookie. I love Ellen I watch her everyday and I love the fact that she is very open about her life. Her wife is one of the most lovely women i know so the sister wives need to get a life

    • Cookie

      Amen, sister!

      • Kimberly

        Cookie-I COMPLETELY agree with you!! I was thinking the exact same thing as I was reading this complaint!!!

  • Cookie

    One Million Moms is more like 5,000 Mom’s. The receive funding from the American Family Association, and AFA directs where the hatred is targeted. These women are frustrated, selfish, ignorant and make real Mom’s look foolish. Tony Perkins and his hate spreads should be ashamed of themsleves because they are the least Christian people in the media today.

  • K

    Really? This group is definitely a top contender should an island open up that needs inhabitation. Please find another victim, like how about pedofile pediatricians, fathers impregnating their daughters, Victoria’s Secret television shows on network tv….go away.

  • http://Yahoo DWTS

    It seems to me that there are 1 Million Moms out there that are feeling the effects of their sexual repression. Either that or they’ve replaced actual sex with a stick up their keisters…pull it out “Church Ladies” and take up a hobbie or two.

  • Angela

    I find it funny that those who claim the loudest to be Christian also hate the loudest. I am pretty sure Christianity is not suppose to be about hating people, because they do not beliving the same thing as you. Ellen seems like a great person with a very loving and giving heart.

  • Ellen

    Well i am not gay,and dont believe in being gay, however Ellens personal life has nothing to do with that silly coomerical..I thought it was cute..I also think Ellen is funny and witty…Just because i like Ellen does not make me gay or condone her life style…however she is a human and we should let God be the judge,we cannot cast judgement on Her….I really do not think she brags about her gay life..To me she is just a funny witty person and just quit hating….

  • Michelle G.

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in my life. Elves are short. The joke is innocent and meant to be playful. This organization and their members need to find something better to do with their time and resources. Ellen DeGeneres is an awesome woman, and her sexuallity should have nothing to do with anything. JCP should be proud that they put her in this commercial and the members of “One Million Moms” should really find something else to fill their time with. Unreal.

  • tracy

    I’m going to make it a point to buy more at JCP.

  • regina

    I don’t care what you do anymore, someone will get offended. If the gays do something out of the ordinary, someone will get offended. If Christians stand up for their religion, someone will get offended. Hell, my comment will probably offend someone, but I don’t give a rat’s behind because no matter what we say or do in life we will offend someone. People just need to grow up and quit acting like babies and live. Oh no, I probably offended babies now. See my point? Have a nice day.

  • richard

    it appears that one million moms got what they were hoping; publicity. ellen has most likely done more humanitarian work for people that even 1/4 million moms. get a real life. search each of your conscience and move on. oh yeah! merry christmas

  • Samantha

    It’s always crazy to me how strong people of faith can hate on others. The most common cause of wars and hatred today and always has been centered around religion. For people who believe in spreading God’s love with such conviction, they have a hard time doing this themselves. Crazies

  • tim

    stop religion now!

    • Ruth Sutton

      Was a big JCP customer….no longer. Been their customer for many years both instore and catalogue. New CEO has ruined the store. Ivisited the store early this year but I have not shopped at JCP since Ellen started her ad for JCP. Their whole store has changed….no longer the JCP I used to shop in.

  • Tanya

    This is really stupid that’s the only word for it. Bigots that’s all they really are. There are bigger problems out here, here are a few worthwhile causes they can target: slave labor, child prostitution, missing girls being sold on the black market.
    Pick a real problem and do some real good

  • Tami

    As a Christian, I am offended at the stance this organization continues to take when there are matters far more horrific in this world that could use their attendtion. “One Million Moms” is making a mockery out of Christianity and doing the complete opposite of what the Bible teaches. There is nothing offensive in this commercial – they are attempting to fabricate something that doesn’t exist. Forget Ellen’s sexuality, she is a good person who does wonders to help humans (and animals) in need. Choose to put your energy towards helping others, not hurting! If someone feels so strongly about homosexuality, they would have already chosen not to shop at JCP. NOTE TO OMM: THIS IS NOT FOR YOU TO JUDGE! Ellen is in no way forcing her life style upon YOU via these ads! Quit saying you are Christians – you are embarassing those of us that are truly trying to live our lives this way!

    • Tanya


  • Tiffany

    GET OVER IT!! gezz, people have nothing better to do than pick apart commercials?? get a LIFE people…

    • Jeanette

      SOOOO…let me think about this…Elves are little imaginary people who make gifts for Santa.We are not allowed to remark about their size,or the imaginary people will be insulted. I think these imaginary “Christians “should all go to the “north pole” and do some REAL work helping the poor and homeless….time well spent instead of wasted..REAL Christian work.

  • http://web dave

    hope they make a commercial were all the homosexuals get aids and scream in pain as they die telling how they offended God and are not rotting in Hell!!

    • http://web dave

      i meant they are rotting in Hell of course

  • larry

    once again a religious group is trying to push their values on America. This world has a standard of universal ethics. This commercial did not offend any of those. What it did do, was offend divine laws set by a religious group. A groups beliefs have no place in commercial ads. How sad to live your life by a 3000 year old book written by 30 or so men in the desert over a period of 1500 years, and try and make these stories as a set of morals that society has to abide by.

  • Joy

    Seriously?! I am a Christian and I clearly do not see anything wrong with the commercial. In fact, I think it is quite hilarious. Come on people…lighten up!!

  • Crystal

    Well, in all honesty..
    no matter what religion you are..
    who likes bullying?

    Perhaps this ad had nothing to do with sexuality, nor was it meant to make real harm. But, I can see how picking on anyones physicsl looks be it in good humor or not..) could encourage or condone poking fun of people, for the wrong reasons.. thus, shouldn’t be aired.

    Remember, many places arent displaying nativity scenes for Christmas this year, because some people found it offensive.
    I personally, think bullying/teasing, is way worse than a nativity scene..

    • Jess

      Yeah… we wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of fictional fairy tale characters. That wouldn’t be very nice of us at all.

      By the way, do you have a forwarding address for Big Foot? I’d like to apologize for calling him fat and hairy.

      • holly

        So agree with you Jess!! What’s next, Moms? Changing our classic reference to Santa from a ‘Jolly Old Elf,’ to ‘Senior Citizen of Average Stature with a Cheerful Disposition?’ Somehow it’s just not the same….

      • Selma


    • tamaeo


  • DEE

    Get offended at Child neglect, child abuse, pedophiles,child hunger, gangs, murders,kidnappers, drunk drivers, hatred, racism.. I can go on and on…Jesus Help Us!!!

    MATTHEW 7:1-5:
    “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull the mote out of thine eye; and behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast the mote out of thy brother’s eye.t, kidnappers, drunk drivers, hatred, racism I can go on and on…

  • Rebekkah

    I am a mother. I am 4’10. I am married to a man. I didn’t see one thing wrong with this commercial. Was she making out with her wife? Were there all females in this commercial whom she was feeling up??? I am proud to be “fun sized” and “concentrated”. You go girl!!!

  • Carolann Quinn

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone! What One MIllion Moms is doing is pushing their beliefs down my throat. Ellen DeGeneres is not bothering me a bit nor is there anything wrong with her ad. There is also nothing wrong with “Person of Interest”. Guess what I am more upset about One Million Moms? YOU and your need to tell me how to think! Can we edit you? Maybe you should be off Facebook as a hate group!

  • manboy

    1st. Iam not for gays or gay marriage. we all sin and all are sinners…. i am for Christ, but this million mom thing went to far here….. theres nothing wrong with this ad!!!!! the lives of others should be no business of anyone….GOD is the one and only judge.

    • MJ

      A-freaking-men!!!! This is exactly how I feel! Why do people feel the need to judge!Life is too short to worry about what everyone else is doing!

    • holly

      This was a cute commercial about something we all do at times, unintentionally sticking our foot in our mouth and the lame attempts we make to brush over it! So what is the big deal?…they are elves!!! There are so many larger more pressing issues in this world. What a waste of time and energy.

  • Jesus

    There are not enough christians who will boycott JCP so we are going to see more of Ellen in the commercials. Check the statistics christianity is on the decline.

    • josh

      Who cares if she is gay?? Christians need to get their act together and stop judging people by what they are instead of who they are. All of you are hypocrites. You are gonna find out one day that there is no god, he is a fictional character like Zeus, Apollo, and all those other imaginary things that people have idolized over thousands of years just to give themselves hope that they are special. So what she likes women, does that affect you or me?? Can I not shop at target or eat chicken because of homosexuals? Bunch of hypocrites, live your life how you wanna, and let everyone else live theirs without pushing your fairy tales on them!!!

  • Robbin

    These so-called “moms” offend me. Take care of your kids and stop trying to mind everyone else’s business.

    • Elizabeth L.

      Amen to that!

  • Charlie

    I am offended by the One Million Moms. I am a Christian who does not feel it is necessary to judge.


      having a differring opinion isn’t judging, its called freedom of Speech, try it sometime.

  • http://Yahoo Marilyn R.

    I support One Million Moms one hundred percent. These women have gotten offensive programing taken off the air and I have been one of those moms. I think this one is stretching it a tad. Let’s stick to the bigger offenses, the ones that would affect young children and teens and familys; the material that is ungodly and unproductive. M

  • DJ

    If this group of moms is going to take this approach, then, they should strip their lives of anything that was produced by a gay person. Hmm…are you thinking what I’m thinking?

  • Elizabeth L.

    I love Ellen! People always have to be b*tching about something.. it’s getting old.

    • http://yahoo Susan

      I am a mom and I am a christian. I LIKE Ellen. Leave it alone. Its only an ad. You don’t like it? You don’t have to watch it.


      YEAH, just like all this ” In your Face 24/7 gay Crap is getting Pathetic n Old


    JCP will have to file for Bankruptcy by next year because of the Idiots running their Marketing an Ad department. Putting a Deviant Skank like Elen Degenerate as their spokesperson,is a all time dumb move. Nobody wants to buy their crap with a known dyke pushing it.

  • Mickey

    You intolerant, hypocritical “christians” give all Christians a bad name. Just because you are offended by people who are different than you, doesn’t mean it is wrong. Get off your high horses and show some compassion, compassion that your supposed Jesus offered to all who followed him. Why do you think the world should revolve around you and your beliefs? Stay away from JCP, please, then I don’t have to see you while I am shopping there!

  • Steve W. Otta

    Wow, what a load of horse hockey. These million moms are simply bigots. I’m not a big Ellen DeGeneres fan but I don’t hate her. I didn’t hear her say “Hey kids! I’m a lesbian, buy this stuff because I go with girls”. A tempest in a teapot. I can’t believe how the christian right continues to marginalize itself and make itself seem even more anachronistic.

  • robin

    Ok, I am a Christian woman who does not think there is anything wrong with this ad. I am not a huge fan of Ellen or her lifestyle. However, all in all, this is not a bad ad at all. There is nothing to get your feathers all up in a bunch over. All she is promoting is the button…..
    Million Moms, GET OVER IT…..

  • Albert

    Like Ellen or not I don’t understand why JCP being a struggling company would hire someone so controversial. Maybe this is one of the reasons why they are struggling with decisions like this being made.

  • Olde Rose

    To all who argue that those who take umbrage,at yuks about the vertically-challenged community,are too thin-skinned and need to “loosen up”–is this not a case of a fairy saying that elves come up short? Offended? Why? Sorry, gotta go watch the Redskins play the Vikings. Loosen up, people!

  • peggy

    What is wrong with the video? OMG are those women senitive.
    Stop trying to run others lives.

  • Dallas

    This is ridiculous. Besides not really being very humorous (and I do Like ELLEN) it is the Elves who take offense at ELlen’s use of adjectives “No SMALL feat” or “it’s a BIG deal” when no offense was intended. She never says “This is task for ‘little’ folks like you”. MOVE ON is all I can think. Quit trying to find a problem when none exists. I thought the offense may come with the “Folks who take up 2 places at the mall” since it seemed to imply there are FAT people shopping. That obviously doesn’t apply to the elves who are all skinny.

    This is honestly one of the most idiotic arguments I’ve heard raised in some time. If their problem is with the spokesperson’s sexuality, then just state the fact. Are they worried about alienating folks? If so, they seem to be doing that by raising these crazy issues…

    • http://Yahoo Marilyn R.

      Right. M

  • http://Yahoo Marilyn R.

    To those who critize One Million Moms for their stands against offensive programing… at least someone cares enough about children to stand up against the immoral programs that effect children’s thinking and young teens decesions. It isn’t just entertainment. Movies, music, television change young people and more often then not, for the worse not the better. Spend a afternoon watching the so called ” innocent” Disney teen sitcoms… children act like adults and adults act like children. And, the scripts are pushing the envelope with teens getting sexual. Its not innocent. Just sit back and watch young three year olds gyrating to music. Our children’s innocense is being raped and the only group that seems to care is One Million Moms. Before you critize them, ask yourself… what are you doing to protect children from anything or anyone… especially Hollywood and the music industry? M

  • Steve

    But it’s okay for “gay” people to boycott Chik-Fil-A. What hypocracy! That was someone standing up for their principles too. If you want to boycott a business then take it when the shoe is on the other foot! I can’t stand hypocrites!!!


      WTG Steve, well said sir. Gays become extremely In-Tolerant of anybody who doesn’t support or endorse their deviant nonsense. They are only tolerant if you buy into their perversion.


    Thank GOD,for 1 million moms for having the Nerve and Strength to stand up for decency against the Gay Mafia an its Propaganda Campaign. JCP committed Corporate suicide buy trying pass off a Deviant Pervert as the face of its company. This lesbian crap is a insult to any decent normal woman. Park your “you must be homophobic at the door” nobody fears gays, normal people just think they are nasty n disgusting.

  • Ben Dover

    Ellen has offered to invite any women who is offended over to her house. She is fixing her favorite; Hairpie De La Tuna, with “Rocky Road Tonguing” for dessert

  • http://topwhitepapersandresources Dolores Aquadro

    I cannot imagine why Jc Penny chose DeGeneres to begin with. They knew that she was controversial. I think they should have chosen someone that was appealing to all people.

  • second coming

    the idea of god is delusional. these christians need to get a grip and realize there religion is no better than any other religion, including no more true than any other. just another fairytale about some invisible false power of hope.

  • Sharon Brown

    How is this ad offensive????? Please!!! So, would you rather have Angelina Jolie who is not gay but stole another woman’s husband? Either way, both women attempt to help in their own way by giving of their time and finances. Just because someone chooses a different lifestyle that you don’t agree with, that doesn’t make them a bad person. In fact, I think Ellen is a very giving person just like Jolie. These ladies aren’t going to please everyone all the time…live your life the best way YOU know how to live it. Teach your children YOUR values.

  • Madison

    all of you Christmas spirited people, go to JCP and shop. dont let ignorance stop you! Ellen is so beautiful and kind! she makes a wonderful spokesperson for JCP. These people who are offended are looking for a reason to complain… get a life and get over it! I’m sure you have better things to do with your time than attack innocent people! Good Job JCP for sticking to your guns and not stooping down to this ignorant group’s level. And good job Ellen for being amazing and for not backing down despite all the haters. <3

  • http://yahoo Carol

    If these Moms would use their energy to address some real issues such as child abuse, poverty,bullying, etc. perhaps our country would improve. Ellen is one of the kindest, most generous people ever. She works spreading love. Isn’t this the message Christ taught us? Pray for these people.


      These Moms are using their time and energy to stand-up for decency and family values, something which Elen Degenerate doesn’t have a clue about. GOD declared this Perversion to be an ABOMINATION, you don’t like it , take it up with him.

      • Christy

        My pastor cautions us from saying, man i know i have sinned in life, but i have never sinned as much as this type of person (gay, murderer, adulterer, etc) we all have sinful nature and god forgives all of us and nobody is better than anybody else because you think your sins are better sins than someone elses. just like other things addressed in the bible have evolved since biblical times. i am not so sure people are out there pretending to be gay. I dont think people would go thru what they have gone and go thru being gay just for the heck of it. I think it is something they feel and believe deep inside and have addressed with their god.

  • Panties N. Abunch

    JCp is in real trouble now those 1 Million Moms buy their panties at JCP, I guess they have to go to Wal-Mart to get the same thing cheaper… Merry Christmas MOMS



  • http://topwhitepapersandresources Dolores Aquadro

    I do not understand why JC Penny chose Degeneres ti begin with, they knew that she was controversial, with their sales down, you would have thought they would have chosen someone that appealed to all people.

    • Christy

      Everybody loves Ellen, except for ignorant people

      • SKULLTAKER01

        Wow, can we say Blatant UN-True stayement. Everybody DOES NOT love Elen Degenerate, gays like her but most normal decent people think shes a Disgusting Pervert.

      • SKULLTAKER01

        everybody does NOT love elen degenerate, gays with no morals or decency buy into her filth

  • Wanda

    I think a person who advertises for a company of traditional family values should be one whose life reflects those traditional family values.

    • JOJO

      so WANDA are you saying that people who are gay don’t have traditional family values????? !!!!! you are a very ignorant person. I have alot fo gay friends and they all have the same traditional values as I do, they walk and talk just like the rest of us. If people in genreal weren’t so obsessed about sex and sexzual orientation you would meet these people onthe streeet and not think anydifferently about them.. You need to search your soul woman.

    • Jenn

      There are thousands of commercials with actors who aren’t “famous” who probably have alternative lifestyles. Just because Ellen is in the spotlight, she is being judged unfairly. Take is for what it is. A commercial with a famous person in it so that people remember.

    • Ellen

      @Wanda.. How far back are you thinking when you talk about traditional family values?? for instance….back in the days when they wrote this awesome story book (the Bible) women were’nt allowed to speak out at all..so why not go all the way back to those “traditional family values” by not speaking unless told to.

  • Iesha

    Ok. I see a commercial of JCP trying to get more customers. How did they jump from money (what every store wants) to offensive and sin? Yeah whatever , I guess.

  • Rey Martinez

    OK everybody – take a deep breath! IT’S ONLY A COMMERCIAL! Get a life.

  • Rey Martinez

    OK everybody – take a deep breath, – IT’S ONLY A COMMERCIAL! Get a life.

    • http://yahoo mary

      I to think these people need to mind their own buisness, and wonder what they are doing wrong. Ellen is a very kind an giving person, not only to people but animals. and as lesha says its only a commercial

  • Mary L. Ballard, MD

    I am a Mom, but definitely not one of the “One Million Moms.” Ellen DeGeneres is one of the funniest and kindest comedians of her generation. I found the commercial very entertaining. Just to irritate the “One Million Moms,” I am going to go out and make a point of shopping at JCP this Holiday season and I encourage everyone else to do so!

  • Kim

    I think maybe these one million moms should look at their own lives and not worry about how anyone else lives their life.

  • Bob

    God isn’t real.

  • nina

    why do people have to find fought with everything that is done is this world anymore…Iam so glad they are perfect an live doing nothing wrong in life…give me a break…..

  • http://yahoo david jones

    get over it.

  • nina

    this christian group why are u making judgement with this

  • Susan

    I am ashamed that in this day and age, an entire gender of which I belong too – White – female – straight – can still, with all going on in our world today have so much bigotry and hatred – it sickens me to see and read this of my gender –

  • RY33

    I just ordered $300 worth of clothes off JCP.com to show my support of them.

    • Carol

      Good idea. I’m shopping too.

      • http://yahoo.com jim

        jeeeze what a dumb ass

      • http://yahoo.com jim

        jeeeze what a Gay Dumb Ass you are

      • http://yahoo.com jim

        hope they rot on your Gay-Ass body

    • TP

      I bet you are one that boycotted Chick-Fil-A though.

  • SamColorado146

    I hate organizations whose sole purpose is to complain about one thing or another constantly. They say that they are offended by the commercial because of the remarks she makes about the elves height, but in reality they would most likely have no complaint at all if they did not know the sexual orientation of the person in the commercial. Also, they are ELVES, they are short, GET OVER IT. Just an FYI, elves are not real. How are they going to be offended by her making fun of something that doesn’t even exist?? Ellen does not try to force her lifestyle on anyone and truly does a lot to help others.

  • Amy

    If this is the “latest cause”, then it’s no wonder why this country’s in trouble.

    • Pat Coffey

      Just where in the hell are the offensive comments? These 1 million (minus 960,000) need to get their heads out of the politically correct mode and just enjoy life. Stop being so freckin critical…I bet they are the same ones who freaked out at the picture of the ladies at Penn state have a party.

  • Mary L. Ballard, MD

    I am a Mom, and definitely not a “One Million Mom.” Ellen DeGeneres is one of the funniest and kindest comedians of her generation. I thought the ad was original and entertaining. Just to irritate the “One Million Moms” I am going to shop at JCP this holiday season and encourage the remaining 311.8 million Americans to shop their too!

    • jim

      bet you enjoy kissing those Gay butts but your asbestos suit won’t protct you in Hell

    • http://yahoo Marci Morrow

      I am a strong Christian with many children and grandchildren. I really get irritated with the “holier than thou” who continually judge and criticize. There are so many mean, evil people in the world try praying for them and for this nation not one caring person doing a good job.

  • Bob Molfese

    MILLION MOMS MY REAR END. My mom doesn’t have anything to do with these idiots anymore! Christian bigots who are trying to make us conform to their will! Its bad enough with the pope telling us who we can associate with. . .Maybe the million moms would like to create another Innquisition and kill all of us who don’t believe what they preach!

  • Carol

    I think she’s hilarious and I don’t see what is so offensive.

  • john

    tell you the truth i am offended with these people that get offended with anything it sickens me that we live in a place that people just won’t get a life but wants to tell people how to live theirs idiots grow-up and get a life….

  • jen


  • Lou Williams

    Oh Please, one million moms get a life you are a bunch of busy bodies with nothing else to do, raise your children and stop watching what others d,o your children my grow up to be murderers or rapist because you don’t pay attention to them and worry about everyone else.

  • txmom

    Why does this organization always go after Ellen? First it was because she is a spokesperson for JCP and now they go after her because of the commercial. Give me a break! Better yet give Ellen a break. That organization is seems to be run by bullies. The sad thing is…they represent mothers.

    • diana

      Fortunately they do not represent all mothers!

  • Tommy

    STOP YOUR CRYING FOR Goodness sake! You “women” just want to hear your selves talk. Please just get over yourselves

  • Sharstar

    one million hateful moms!

  • Grand MOM

    There is nothing wrong with the ad. It is one that has made me laugh. We need to give our kids some backbone and teach them that every word uttered is not intended to offend someone. If you want to be offended be offended by some of the trash that is on the networks. Elves have always been little people working with Santa. But some people won’t just leave things alone. Mickey and Minnie Mouse were to fat so the had to slim down. Hughie Dewey and Louie were to fat. When I was a child we did not look at everything that way. All of this correctness has taken away any childhood fantasies and fun. Now our children just call MOM or plot to kill if they don’t like things. I grew up in the last generation where the parents and teachers were respected. When you did something wrong you would get your pants dusted. By the way were any kids upset or just some MOMs. Look around people be offended by something that makes a difference in your childs world. Like kids that go to bed hungry in the USA, kids kiliing each other. Complain about the sex toys and gel ads. We are putting a lot of this in their heads. Something is wrong here and it is not with Santas Elves

    • http://yahoo.com jim

      getting my stones ready for your Gay-Butt

  • Mark

    …I believe the quote was “Let those without sin cast the first stone.”…..have you really learned nothing?

  • Pat

    I think…I know I have seen commercials WAAAAYYY more offensive and I don’t think this one was offensive at all…

    • http://yahoo.com jim

      neener neener Gay-Butt we don’t care



  • Mike

    God gravy, grow up people! What would they have said if the elves were challenged or black or Indonesian. Typical bible thumpers. We had one of “them” ask uswe adopted our daughter ” Couldn’t you get a white one?” Never spoke to her again!

  • CC

    I am a christian…and quite frankly I think you folks that…say you are christians…but act like you…are worst than the folks you complain about.

  • CT Grandma

    Ellen is one of the nicest, most generous people on earth. Get over it, righteous religious fanatics. Everywhere you go there are gay folks, the supermarket, doctor’s office, church, library, bank, work–everywhere!
    If you are afraid of gays, you might as well stay home. Hate and discrimination will not get any of us into heaven.

  • Diana

    I am more offended that the writer cannot spell Penney correctly. Seriously, the organization raising a ruckus has its agenda and is pushing it, nothing else. Move on.

  • REAL

    OOO SHUT UP!!! I THOUGHT THE COMMERCIAL WAS FUNNY… Some People seriously need to find better sh** to do with their Time

  • http://Yahoo Buddy

    I say Million Moms, give it a break It is just a commercial !!!

  • John H. Crotts II

    “‘Offended: A word synonymous with being just a whiny person. If they don’t like what they see they act like children having a tantrum in a store for not getting their way,’ wrote another.”

    Now, wait a minute. The entire program of the “politically correct” left is based on the principle of splitting people into groups, and setting them up to claim that this or that group has been “offended” by something, which needs to be “corrected,” “normalized,” or “banned.” It’s true to form that leftists would squeak with outrage, when this tactic is employed in a way they don’t approve of.

  • Selma

    LOL….That was funny Jess….and so true

  • Brittnee

    I’m sure if Ellen made an ad for JCP that just had her saying “50% everything in the store” they would take back their words and would camp out infront of the store. Grow up, it’s not the 1920’s anymore. And furthermore, I’m sure these 1 Million Moms are ALL faithful, waited to have sex until marriage and are all married to their baby’s dad too. Team Ellen!

  • Yo daddy

    Ellen is an evil blasphemous worthless c.nt and deserves to die

    • BLynn

      Yo daddy……your bitter bigoted post will take you straight to the hell you wish for another humanbeing. What faith is that you practice anyway? Seems like the kind that comes with a smoker’s cough, beer belly and Twinkie induced diabetes. You and those woman hoping to one day actually count need to find a real church and pray hard for your own evil souls!

  • Sheila Johnson

    I see nothing offensive about this ad – really Moms – is it because she is gay?

  • Donna

    Ellen is not only one of the funniest comedians out there, but she is a truly kindhearted person. She has done so much good for so many people. These “one million” women need to get a life. Instead of being such hateful “Christians” they should go out there and do some good in the world. Ellen’s commercials are not going to destroy the planet for goodness sake! Try taking on Hamas, the, Syrians, or the radical Islams or something like that. Now those people are out there to cause hate and destruction, not Ellen. People who go out and do good and spread kindness will ahead than those who spread hate.

  • Lisa

    The group One Million Moms offends ME. Hypocrites hiding behind a Bible.

  • Scott

    1 Million Moms upset?! Really? Over that! … for the 1 milion who are upset….you do realize razor blades are sold to help you handle it.

  • Aidan

    I’m a conservative … and I see NOTHING wrong with this ad at all. Time for some brains … pick the right fight. Don’t be so stoooopid.

  • John


    It’s a commercial!


    There are SO MANY other things in this world that impact our lives that are offensicve is a MUCH more NEGATIVE way that we do NOTHING about…yet, we are offended by a COMMERCIAL!


  • Roger Rumley SR

    This is why we call Ellen, “Ellen, the “degenerate”!

    • Pete

      Two questions Rog:
      * Who is “we””
      * Why does this innocuous commercial make you call her a degenerate?

    • Doug

      Ellen acts more like a Christian than all those complaining. Actors are actors. Christ forgave, One Million Moms aren’t acting Christian. Too bad she is the most popular daytime talk show host. It’s up to all you Moms..that’s your right to boycott. The Greatest of all Commandments is “Love Thy neighbor as thyself. Judge and you will be Judged.

  • http://yahoo John

    Being homosexual is a sin that won’t let you in heaven. I have stop shopping at JCP and Target

    • Pete

      And you have stop writing proper sentence.

    • BLynn

      And those of us who continue to shop at those stores are relieved you are no longer there with your self righteous bigotry. You nor non of your ilk have a direct line to God nor do any of you hateful people have an open ticket to your so called heaven!

    • TT

      So, at the time of your death, if you haven’t been forgiven for all your sins, you will not go to heaven. Heavens going to be a lonely place.

    • D

      If that’s so, then so is gossip, back biting, judgement of others (Which by the way only God can do. Are you God?), drinking (even “socially”) fits of anger, cussing (even in your head!)lust (not just sexual but of money, etc.). The bottom line is Jesus Christ came and died for ALL of us. Although I don’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle, I believe Jesus died for Ellen and all others who have chosen to live as such. There is no measure or color of sin so if that sin will send you to hell then Jesus Christ’s death was in vain because we’re all damned. Salvation says you choose to let Jesus Christ come into your heart and be the Lord of your life. Grace says although we don’t deserve to be forgiven, we are because God loves us unconditionally…ALWAYS!Even when we mess up. That includes YOU! Personally…I like Ellen. A little crude at times but cool.

    • Rodger Dodger

      Someday, perhaps many years from now science will
      discover that the change in sexual orientation will be
      found to be in the genes of each individuals DNA make-
      up, that its impossible to wish it one way or another, it
      being part of the human soul , unchangeable forever.
      Please people, live and let live. Thousands of years ago
      no one ever heard of DNA s or the make up of the genes.

  • junebug

    I don’t believe it is anybody’s place to tell another how to live their life. If you don’t believe in it don’t do it, but what gives you the right to judge others or try to project what you *believe* is right onto them? You may be able to quote god, but you are NOT god.

    It is ridiculous to boycott people, or lifestyles. All people should be accepted unless they are hurting someone.

    Referring to a gay relationship as “deviant perversion” is so lost on me. Seriously? Two people with a sincere, committed love are what you call deviant perversion? Why are you so unhappy as to worry so much about those that are in a happy relationship?

    btw…I am a straight female who is thrilled when two (any two) people find a loving connection filled with respect and support.

    • BLynn

      Well said Junebug. I a straight woman, mother, grand and great gradmother agree with you 100%

    • Sessie

      I am a Christian, and believe in right and wrong, but I believe in Love first as God’s most prevalent commandment. We-humans, more oft than not, discriminate against everything, black, white, asian, hispanic, short, tall, blue eyes, brown eyes, blond hair, black hair, straight hair, nappy hair. Hate thrives in America and the world. Impeach Obama, elect Trump, both statements are silly and opinionated. In like Ellen she is funny, I shop once in a great while at JCP. Let live and let love, nice slogan, but as long as we, are human there will be differences. God gave us free will, and choice, the only creatures He gave that to. Sadly we destroy ourselves with bad choices. Including chosing to hate because of who someone choses to love, or like, or the color of the skin one is born in. We all see it everyday, Christ would be ashamed of all of us. I shop where I get the best value for my money, don’t we all. We don’t go to the grocery store and buy everything in the store, we select what fits our needs and wallet. The same with shopping at any store or restaurant. Bigotry, hatred, chosing to believe parts of the Bible to fit our needs all get you into hell and are an offence to God. Just a thought, think about it.

  • lou



  • george teisan

    the “one million moms” really need help,sound like a bunch of sick broads.i also question the “one million” mabe couple thousand at best.

  • BLynn

    GET OVER IT, They’re JOKES Damn-it! Ellen is terrificly funny and a good person. These tight butt women need to get a life and join the rest of us living here in the 21st century! BTW: Their one million claim offends me…

  • Rapunzel

    Why do we know Ellen is a lesbian anyway

  • GiGi

    I believe Jesus had one new rule for us TO LOVE EVERYONE AS HE DID! The bible states all of God’s Creations are perfect, every last one of us, and he breathe life into each of us. These Christian moms will have to atone for their dislike, or hatered of another Human Being no matter what their reasoning maybe. You ladies are too much in the world and not in the spirit that we all are (alias “THE SOUL”) God loves even those that haven’t come to him yet, little alone wonderfully created Gays. You chrisian ladies need to do a little tongue talking with the Holy Spirit and Love Everyone In The Whole Wide Wonderful, Crazy, Mixed Up World that is if you truly believe in God, and Jesus’s sacrifice for all. Amen!

  • Amy

    I am literally sick of people using my God as a scapegoat for hate and ridicule what happened to love thy neighbor? It doesn’t say love thy neighbor as long as they are not gay…right? This commercial is in no way offensive I thought it was cute and I love Ellen! I think she is refreshingly funny and bright and she is beautiful inside and out! I think people are jealous of Ellen because she is happy! Offended Moms I am offended that you are offended! Get over it! What if their children turn out to be “gay” then what? Will they be offended by that to?

    • Deb

      Exactly! Thank you!

  • Rockabily

    Unbelievable. Leave the add up and going. There is nothing at all wrong or offensive about this add except for a few so called “christians” who have nothing better to do then point fingers and keep themselves up on a pedestal. Remember when you point your finger at someone to scold them….. you always have 3 fingers pointing back at yourself.

  • Mavis

    It’s a group og 40,000 members who are at the very least, homophobic. It’s a stupid stance anyway. Everyone knows Santa’a elves are little people. The puns were more corney than anything else.

  • Patrick

    Ellen Degeneres is a wonderfully talented woman. Look at our other well-known American comics: they use profanity, vulgarity and secually explicit material to be “funny”.
    This group of women are seriously misguided. They should concentrate on teaching the true traditions of Christianity: faithfulness, kindness, forgiveness and selflessness.
    Their threats and admonishments just prove how unhappy they are in their own lives.
    Grow up and move on to more important issues.
    Off to JCPenny to spend some money on Christmas presents!!!

  • http://www.DoriguzziPhotoArt.com Rich Duzzi

    I have to assume that this is actually the so-called leadership of this group that are about the only ones causing this commotion.
    I think that JCP should simply ignore all these hate groups and I believe that they will not see any change in their bottom line.
    I think it’s a great commercial. She’s a comedian and this is what she does – it’s hilarious.

  • Becca

    I am a Christian and I am offended by these mothers and their lack of Christian acceptance. Was it not Christ who taught tolerance and mingled with those who were deemed to be beneath society? These ads do no one any harm. They are not offensive. It is GOD’S position to cast judgment on humanity and God’s position alone. This lack of tolerance must stop

    • vn

      you just became my favorite person! ive been saying the same thing for years.

  • Kay Truett

    I am a devote right wing Christian….and I found nothing offensive about the commecial. If the “small people” haven’t bombarded JCP with a humpteen million “offended” complaints, then let this whole thing go.
    Wouldn’t these one Million Offended Moms do better good for the cause of Christ by sending out Christmas cards to our military, and offering a word of hope through thought, prayer, encouragement and an uplifting scripture. Maybe even a small gift from home. PRIORITIZE, MOMS, PLEASE!!! What you are speaks SO LOUD that we cannot hear what you are saying! KAY

  • April Johnson

    Well, THIS ‘one in a million’ mom absolutely loves Ellen! I don’t want that group speaking for me. JCPenny rules!

  • http://yahoo Mary

    Yes, she is offensive. As a Christian I can say that I love her as a human being but that does not require me to accept her lifestyle choice. Homosexuality is an “abomination” to God, who loves her but not her sin. I stopped shopping at JCP when Ellen was installed as their spokesperson and I will not shop there until she is no longer in that position.

  • eric

    Religious people being homophobic, what’s new.

    • Vicki

      Homophobic and not wanting to live in a world where out children go to school and think its totally NORMAL to say hmmm do I want to kiss Tommy or Kate today. I mean get real! It IS A CHOICE and the ultimate PERVERSION, some like bondage, some like it rough, some like the ULTIMATE extreme which is the same sex. IT IS WHAT IT IS, don’t call us “homophobic” because we insist on NORMALCY for our youth!

  • Alison

    I don’t see anything offensive about this commercial. I think One Million Moms is offended by a gay woman in a Christmas commercial. In which case, all those moms can f*** off!

  • Santas Elf

    Lighten up people, my goodness, it is just a commercial ..Corny but cute, lighten UP !

  • Alicia

    To: One Million Moms Members

    Get a grip… and a life.


  • A.

    Super Christians need to get laid and chill out.

  • Jean Cason

    I’m a Christian & I believe it is not our job to judge anyone. It’s God’s. I have always loved Ellen. She is a great comedian. It doesn’t matter what her lifestyle is on this commercial because she is just so funny.

  • Teresa Ballard (Chadwick)

    OH GET OVER IT!!! She’s just advertising for JC Penneys…..not pushing her sexuality on anyone!!! I still buy their clothes….because of their products….not who advertises them!!!

  • Stephanie

    I dont see abything wrong with the ad they need to stop nitpicking just because of her sexuality. There are homosexualsthat shop in JCP they sound like a group of homophobic women to me.

  • Christian

    I don’t know about anyone else, but MY Bible says, “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. While it is their Constitutional right to say whatever they want and voice their opinions, they do NOT have the right to demand the commercial be taken off because they’re offended. COME ON people, are we seriously not allowed to make funny commercials???? Before you know it, these types of people are going to have humor banned, period!!

  • Wayne

    I would bet that if God checked his/her list of non-sinners the ” 1 Million Moms ” would be a lot smaller organization. Sure Ellen is gay but she does a lot good. Have the Moms removed all Disney related books and movies from their home and stopped going to Disney theme parks? She does alot with the Disney company. Why stop with JCP?

  • j

    The only reason you are boycotting jc penney is because ellen has come out saying she is gay if all these other actors who do commercial came out saying they were gay would you be boycotting those stores too? If so, I bet you wouldn’t have many places to shop now would you. Do you boycott your grocery store or gas stations, because I bet they have gay persons working there as well. Good Luck to you. I will continue to shop JC Penney as long as there is a store.

    • http://webpronews.com CCA

      No problem with Ellen she is great! JCpenney on the other hand has been run into the ground by their new Co Ron Johnson. It is a horrible store with no customer service anymore.

  • http://yahoo lucia

    really america u need to wake up ms ellen does alot for our people everywhere. we are letting our intelligence and ignorance take over our ability to see what is really right. those that do this are pompour and stupid yea stupid we do live in america and if u dont like it go sonmewhere where there is no sin, and maybe u need to look into your closets than point finger

  • sara

    Seriously? How about we worry about some more pressing issues than who is doing a commercial for a department store, huh? This is just so far beyond ridiculous.

  • Eileen

    I thought being a TRUE christian was excepting people for who they are and being non-judgemental

    • cdenisejohn316@yahoo.com


      • tom

        …oh denise, if you can not spell prophet you should not post about profit, which is all most of the pseudoReligious persons is about anyway.

  • Heather

    How petty and ridiculous! I am a Christian and there was NOTHING offensive about that add. They claim to be Christian, but One Million Moms preach hate. How sad…

  • Me

    Those people get offended by everything. Who are they to decide what I can and cannot watch?? One Million Mom’s leave Ellen alone. Maybe if you started watching her and knowing her more you could learn some things from her, #1 being “be kind to one another”. Sorry but your page on FB is far from “kind”.

  • http://webpronews.com CCA

    Ellen is great but needs to find a new company to represent as JCP sucks!

  • Stacy Outwater

    What is wrong with people today? Ellen Degeneres is a role model for today’s society. I’m sure there a Millions of more moms who did NOT take offense to the commercial. I did not find anything offensive in any way shape or form. Just goes to show that if people are not complaining about something their just not happy and we all have to pay for their stupidity.

  • Mother with an opinion

    Christians remember Judge Ye Not! You are so busy protesting, did you not read “Render that which is Ceasars to Ceasar and that which is God to God. It means do not be part of the world.

  • Sarah Loan

    Why do these so-called Christian groups spout nothing but hate? Seems pretty frickin’ hypocritical to me…..

  • Gary

    Wow …One millions moms need to get laid and learn to relax…..That ad was not offensive not even to elfs.

  • Charity Smith


  • pattie

    One million stupid moms that have nothing else to do but be homophobic!

  • Shirley O’Neal

    People listen to yourselves. It is okay for gay’s to be offended
    because the CEO of Chick-fil-A stated what he believed but it’s not okay for Christians to be offended with the garbage out there.

    • tom

      these jerks (jerketts) spend most of their time being ‘offenced’ at something not be sold by pat Robertson, or pushed by tony Perkins. there aren’t even 1 million of ’em.

    • Mother with an opinion

      Yes you can be offended for the right reason.

  • Garry

    I’m going to start a group called 100 million guys. Then I can get an over reaction and a headline.

  • Lea

    As a Christian, I think the One Million Moms are being ridiculous. Scripture says “be slow to anger. Be quick to listen.” Maybe its time they look at Scripture and decide they themselves will embody it. Being offended so easily, does not show “holiness” or any type of standard. It simply reveals insecure, petty human beings. On behalf of Christianity, I apologize to the rest of the world. How sad.

  • Political Poop

    Ellen Degenerate… just a f***ing lizard!!!

    • tom

      …and it takes one to know one.

  • Rich

    Blow it out of your One Million a$$es

  • Jillian

    One Million Mom’s and WBC are the 2 most hateful groups I know.

    This add is not offensive. All One Million Mom’s want to do is hate on Ellen because of her sexual orientation. That’s all it is.

  • JB

    Can we please get over this already, its a holiday commercial for Christs sake! Why are we focusing on sexual orientation? So yesterday!!!!

  • http://MozillaFirefox Marilyn Conway

    To 1 million moms: you do your job, I’ll do mine, let Ellen do hers, and let JCP do what they do best. I’m suggesting that the moms put more energy into raising their children to be good citizens. They wouldn’t have time to be the nation’s busy-bodies.

  • Political Poop

    The ONLY thing offensive about this commercial is the f***ing lizard that’s in it.

  • Terry Katz

    Today I ripped up a circular that came with my newspaper from “JCP.”
    I used to be one of their biggest fans.
    Now, because of these so called “changes” by management to keep up with today’s world, I will never, ever set foot in a JCP store, even though one is located just a few miles from where I live.

    • Red John

      Are you kidding me? You really have lost your way. What exactly is offensive about this ad? She’s not advocating anything to do with her orientation. She’s talking to ELVES. Newsflash….they aren’t real!

    • Nole Rabb

      Thank God you are not going to be in JCP any longer. Hatred can be contagious. Just ask a million “mom’s.” I would rather be around people that demonstrate love and live by those words from the Bible.

    • Robert

      Good for you, Terry, that is your prerogative. Doesn’t mean that many others should be bombarded with rhetoric from an organization/movement to ban it simply on their prerogatives.

      Don’t get me wrong – I felt the same way about the gay/lesbian movement that felt the need to bash and boycott Chick-Fil-A simply because the owner’s belief in the bible. That was just as asinine. I’m sure many Christians put down that effort as seeming utterly ridiculous. So….like many were taught…treat others the way you wish to be treated. We don’t need a bible to tell us that piece of common sense moral.

  • http://Facebook Inga

    It’s funny how these mothers find JCP & Ellen’s commercial to be offensive. She’s only doing a job & not trying to convince your little girls to become a lesbian. I am a mother too but so what
    if Ellen is a lesbian? Do you ladies have too much time since the
    soap operas is gone? Ellen has the right to live her life the way
    she pleases. Mom’s find something worth your energy & time like
    clean up at the church or whatever. Ellen is happy & good for her.

  • http://www.twitter.com/the_wonderboy Jonathan

    Like one of those One Million Moms isn’t a closet lesbian.

    • Jacqueline

      I was thinking this myself! Odds are some of them are lesbians and are too afraid to admit it.

  • http://Yahoo Alfredo J. Huerta

    Non believers judged Christians incorrectly, especially when Christians speakup about homosexual lifestyles. The responses are usually mixed with profanity, quotes about modern times being different, and basically accusing the real Christian believers about not knowing their own Bible. Telling Christians about the interpretation of Scripture is like telling a doctor what the diagnosis should be when being checked out for an illness. I can understand a student of the Bible taking issue with select verses of the Bible but the true meaning of Scripture comes from knowing the whole Bible, Genesis to Revelation. If amazes me how people ignorant of Scripture select a few verses to suggest that homosexual behavior is ok because God forgives all our sins, therefore we can live a life of sin and be forgiven without ever coming to Christ and living as Christ lived and as he taught us. When you come to the Judgement Seat of God, there are no excuses.

    • Sue

      How about Christians stop judging everyone else?

      Your religion is not mine and your beliefs are not relevant to me.

      • Red John

        True Christians don’t judge others. Anyone how does is a hypocrite.

    • Robert

      I’m okay with your assessment Alfredo; however Christians frequently forget that they are not the judge – God is. And if they are comfortable with believing that in the end, the fate of the sinner is in God’s hand – then let it be. Have faith that they will be damned when their time comes. In the meantime – cease with the judgmental condemning of others. That is not a Christian’s role. Spreading the Word of peace, forgiveness, and everlasting life and guiding one towards Him is the role. Condemning, judging, and hating on others is not. That is for God to decide. Not YOU.

    • Red John

      Are you a sinner? Yes. Does everyone sin? yes. So, then you are saying no one should ever be on television or endorse any product because everyone sins.
      If you’re a Christian, then you should know that it’s not your job to judge others. That’s up to God.

    • ruth mckenney

      since some “christians” are so willing to attack others publicly, they should expect backlashes to their pitiful behaviour. ruthie



  • ld

    Why are people offended? If they don’t like it DON’T WATCH IT! whats the big deal? I don’t like watching a million toy commercials during the holidays but I’m not complaining or offended.

  • Ann

    It terrifies me that there are people like One Million Moms out there. If you don’t want your kids to be exposed to this stuff, then don’t expose them. Do not force your opinions on me and my family! I love all types of people, and I can take a joke. Political correctness (the reason they don’t like this commercial, supposedly)has gone way too far in this country.

  • edward bauer

    Bottom line its wrong. Public opinion does not override laws and the 10 commandments. Christians are soldiers and we need to stand up and defend what’s pure. this is a win for Christians.

    • Jen

      What is so “wrong” about the commercial????

    • Robert

      That’s what Cortez thought when he slaughtered south american indians in the name of Christ. Or Chris Colombus did to the West Indians. Or the Crusades did in Jerusalem. Or the Spanish Inquisition against the citizens of Spain, or the Salem Witch trials in New England. Or the KKK against fellow Americans.

      Just because it’s in YOUR 10 commandments, doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to agree. Pride goeth before the fall. Pride is one of the 7 deadly sins. The bible teaches to forgive thy neighbor, that whoever is without sin may cast the first stone, and to judge not lest ye be judged yourself.

      Funny how many of the self-righteous bible-thumping christ fans never seem to get that part right. Me – I have nothing against Christ at all. It’s his fan club that seem to give him a bad name that I can’t stand – it’s his fans that make me question my religion.

    • ruth mckenney

      pure? pure? human judgement is pure? many hars ! ruthie

  • Sue

    I’m a mom and I’m NOT offended at all.

  • connie

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this Ad. “One Million Moms” needs to stop putting themselves above God and stop being judgmental. Who put them in charge. I bet if we started digging, we would find a nice stash of skeletons in their closets. They need to worry about more important issues. There is nothing wrong with Ellen DeGeneres.

  • Jim

    This is stupid. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the commercial. These “Moms” need to get a life and not be judgemental of others. Remember: “judge not least ye be judged.”

    • ruth mckenney

      amen, bro! ruthie

  • Eric Fisher

    So who was it that decided that the tagline should be a lie? The inference of “JCP Ad offends Moms” is that the ad is offensive to ALL Moms – not just one group. A reminder to this Christian organization:

    You shall not bear false witness.

  • http://JCPennyandEllenDegeneres Rick

    For responsible people to embrace family values is not wrong, nor is it judgmental. Some people are overreacting to conservative views, then overtly labeling people because of their positions of integrity. I do not support an attitude of hatred toward homosexuals (though I as a man oppose the lifestyle) nor do these of one million moms. The straw man or woman mentality in this case likes to paint a picture of angry, bigoted women. This simply is not the case, though there are always exceptions, these are largely compassionate and nurturing women who genuinely care for all people, including homosexuals, while at the same time opposing their lifestyles.

  • mark


    • http://Yahoo Janice Carter

      I don’t trade with JC Penneys because of having to see all the commercials and Ellen.I stand behind all these Moms even though I am not one.One Million Moms you keep fighting for the right to stand up to people like Ellen Degeneres and what she stand for.

      • Robert

        Well that’s just flat-out extreme, and extremely ridiculous. Live in a delusional bubble if you wish. Ellen’s commercials for either JCP or the Credit Cards she’s in – does absolutely NOTHING to promote her preference of bed-partners. NOTHING whatsoever.

        Think about the number of places you visit/patronize on a weekly basis: stores, restaurants, TV shows you watch, music you hear, web-articles you read, – if you think NONE of them NONE of them have ANY homosexuals or non-christians involved in their success…….well ignorance is bliss they say.

        To bias decisions on where to eat or shop based on these principles is a form of bigotry and intolerance, which is a form of hate – notions that are not supported by Jesus Christ or his bible…..but ARE supported by the KKK, Islam, and the Nazi party.

    • ruth mckenney

      b-shit. ruthie

  • Jerome Noble

    Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg once observed, “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” The criticism of Ellen in this humorous commercial is just a thinly veiled expression of hatred for homosexuals by a religion interest group. This is unAmerican, mean-spirited, and in my opinion, so unChristlike. Ellen’s minority sexual orientation is no less wholesome or less holy than the majority sexual orientation. I’m weary of the cowardness and cruelty being presented as an expression of any religion towards good people.

    • ruth mckenney

      i totally agree. ruthie

  • Sandy

    So called “Christian”? Hate is what is really is !!

  • Elizabeth

    It’s a cute commercial and Ellen is a wonderful person and NO! the christians need to be tolerant..not judgmental, not everyone is a Creepy Christian in this country!!!

  • Jacqueline

    I don’t think there is one thing wrong with this commercial. I think people take things waaay too far. There are so many important issues in the world and we waste time on this crap! These organizations need to get over themselves.

    • ruth mckenney

      I totally AGREE. RUTHIE

  • Jen

    This “mom” group offends me? How can I write letters to them?

    • Jenafer

      I agree wish I knew and I would write as well

  • Vicki

    Who shops at JC Penny’s anyway? They need the controversy of a lesbian, “short people” insults, and such to drive attention to them. Cheap made in china clothes and no salespeople to assist you anywhere. Joke of a wanna be store. Let them try to compete and pay Ellen the big bucks to try, I for one will avoid any store that sends yet more money to a woman who believes gay marriage is ok in a country founded under IN GOD WE TRUST. End story.

  • malbright

    OMM is a hate-mongering christian farce… as are most so-called christian organizations. christianity is based on fear, hate, and ignorance. get a life!!!!

  • Red John

    I’m a Christian and it’s embarrassing that this organization is focusing their efforts on this commercial. There is nothing offensive about it and judging Ellen is hypocritical. No real Christian passes judgement on others. There are so many other issues in this world where they could actually do some good.

  • flixstix

    Everything offends the million uptight Moms

  • Jenafer

    OH Please those moms groups are out to get some attention…Ellen’s commercial is funny and she is the least mean spirited person in the world…. stop attacking others for your own gain…
    I don’t shop at JCP anyway but I just may to let them know that I support Ellen and the commercial

    • JOAN


  • Ginger

    I’m a mom and a christian and I’m not offended in the least. I love Ellen and laugh every time I see this commercial. She is a wonderful human being. I think we all know why they are picking on her. Why don’t they choose a real cause to stand up for like bullying, child abuse, needy children… not something this riduculous!

  • katnipg

    I hate that these “Moms” label themselves as Christian. It is an insult to the entire Christian religion.

  • Kayleigh

    I am a Christian and I love Ellen : )

  • peter zurbich

    It’s the new CEO of JCP thats the problem. I emailed this guy months ago about him trying to do the politically correct nonsense and use Ellen as their spoksperson and that his direction would be the end of JCP. Well,JCP earnings are dropping like a rock and this guy has the balls to standup in a stockholders meeting and say this ship is steering down the right course. Sir,your ship is sinking and your taking down a American iconic company.Someone bring this guy a tub of butter,because he’ll be eating all the products that people refuse to buy. Oh well people do as I have and don’t even walk through a JCP store.

  • BarbaraP

    Oh nuts. Everybody gets offended over everything. Get a friggin’ life.

  • Marsha

    People just need to get a life. A good Christian is suppose to be tolerant and forgiving because that is what Jesus did. I am so sick and tired of “Good Christians” being so judgmental. That is not what it is about. As one of the other people said, there are so many other people advertising on television that are criminals, drug dealers/users, adulterers. Being gay is not a sin. If you truly believe in God, he created gays and lesbians for a reason. Maybe it was to help show all you goody two shoes Christians with nothing better to do than whine, to be a little more tolerant of not only gay and lesbians, but of different religions.

    • Shazaam

      Really Marsha! BEING GAY IS NOT A SIN. LADY YOU NEED TO READ THE BIBLE AND FOLLOW THE TEN COMMANDMENTS! NO ONE WAS BORN GAY OR LESBIANS. THE LORD JESUS CHRIST FATHER GOD CREATED ADAM AND EVE. The only thing you were correct on was being non judgemental. Judge not less be judge…forgive! AND BEING GAY IS A SIN! Please I beg you to read your bible. The LORD LOVES EVERYONE …. NOT YOUR SIN! EVERYONE has a choice! And you will reap the consequences of what you chose to do or not to do. If you chose to steal…that doesn’t mean you were born a theif. Marsha you are scaring me with your so called LOGIC. By the way if any one person tells you they are a CHRISTIAN….they must be born again…going to church doesn’t make you a christian. You must confess with your tongue that JESUS IS LORD and HE DIED FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FOR THE WORLD so that you may LIVE CHRIST LIKE and WALK in the presence of the LORD. So that you may have ETERNAL LIFE and PEACE with the GOD that did Create YOU! Marsha… the LORD JESUS has NO FAVORITES….Quote un QUOTE

      • connie

        Shazaam, I would really love to know what Churches all you supposed Holy Rolling good Christians attend so I know not to go to any of these for Sunday service. Hate, arrogance, and intolerance are traits of the Devil. Christianity spreads love, NOT HATE.

      • Donna

        Oh spare me with that “love the sinner, hate the sin” crap. OK, wait a minute, I see how this could work – “Love the bigot, hate the bigotry”

        Love you Shazaam!

        • connie

          I guess you are another “christian” who doesn’t sin. Get off your high horse!

        • Scott

          good one Donna! lol.

      • Scott

        excuse me while i vomit on your righteousness shazzam. it’s people like you who can’t put their bible down long enough to learn to love thy neighbor that turn a lot of folks off to the whole savior myth.

  • Scott Moyer

    First off, they’re a spin off of the American Family Associations who’s beliefs and ideas are far from being Family Friendly much less Christian-like. Second, the ad features Ellen with elves for Christ sakes. If this is their argument, then they should also be pushing to remove Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer which features elves, Mall Santa’s who typically have elves assisting, or Mini-me who makes a living off his ‘shortness’. This has nothing to do with insensitivity to short people and everything to do with their hatred towards gays. Don’t lie ladies, I’m pretty sure that’s one of those Godly sins you’re always preaching about.

  • http://none H. Marie Lindsey

    there is nothing NORMAL about homosexuality
    not only Ellen, JCP more and more shows that could be enjoyable are featuring someone who is gay as part of the story line pushing this agenda down the throats of those of us who abhor this lifestyle
    it being not only NOT normal but an abomination is as offensive as throwing excrement at my house
    Ellen may be funny and could at her trade but thinking of her in this relationship just raises the hairs on my nape

    • http://yahoo mary griffith

      God created everyone and everything, take your bigotry up with him/her

    • Beth

      That’s just ignorant! What’s not normal is all you so called Christians who are still the very first in line to throw stones! Who are YOU to judge other people and their lifestyles?! The way you and your followers think is what raises the hairs on my nape!! Quit pushing your ignorance about your so-called “perfect” way of life down our throats!! Read your Bible- only God is the final judgment you hypocrites!

    • Scott

      Marie,I feel sorry for you and those people in your lives you are pushing away due to your ignorance and hatred. Rather you want to accept it or not, someone very close to you I assure you is gay and you’ll never know them for who they are because you’re too damn prejudice to look past your bible and at the person. I have a feeling come judgement day you’ll be standing right behind those you see willingly cast your stones at.

  • connie

    What’s with some people. They live a sinful life, they then become “Christians” and think everything they did in their past just gets wiped away and then they begin to judge other people. Sit down and shut up. Jesus does not hate.

    • Claudie

      I’m sorry, but you are wrong; Jesus hates sin! He came and died for sinners, and He knows we will continue to sin, but he hates our sins. When people sin and brag about it he will not forgive that sin, unless we turn from our sin and ask His forgiveness.

      • J

        I think you may want to reread the bible. Jesus doesn’t hate anyone or thing. Point blank period.

      • mnm36

        Claudie, So, that means that A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HELL!!! People sin in small ways every day. And I would be willing to bet that “The 40.000”, “One Million Moms” have sinned at some point in their lives. Get a life !! Understand what’s really going on, the SINS JESUS HATES IS RIGHT HERE ON THIS SITE , BIGOTRY & PEOPLE THINKING THAT THEY REALLY KNOW WHAT JESUS HATES !!!! Have you met him, or are you going by what someone wrote in a book !!!!!!

      • connie

        I don’t understand, Claudie. Are you saying you are not a sinner? Think again. (Not that this matters but I am also a Christian and a Conservative Republic and I am not offended by this Ad at all or by Ellen DeGeneres’ lifestyle.

  • Reason

    A Million Moms? Well we can rest assured that there are at least a million misguided children on the horizon, perhaps a million husbands praying for an early death, a million women with an overwhelming anger and bitterness equal to body fat ratio (except Anne Coulter)but that’s unfair because she was made of Hannity’s rib not a mans!

    • DCRG

      so you are saying that if you are in the Million Moms organization you have a high body fat ratio? Isn’t that intolerant? Perhaps those people who have a high body fat ratio can’t help it? Perhaps they were born that way? Perhaps they have a trigger in their brain that makes them that way? Perhaps they were teased at school as a child and they must be that way? They would never CHOSE to be that way because it is such a difficult life so they are just fat. But then why would they just be fat because they are in that organization? Are there fat people in the gay organizations? Are we to be tolerant of high body fat if the person is a gay dem? What are the rules for tolerance? Can you be a Christian and be tolerant — no… Christians are not tolerant. You can be Muslim and be tolerant. Orthodox Jews are probably not tolerant but Reformed Jews are…. If you are a gay GOP you are just confused right? Let’s see we actually go farther don’t we… Hannity isn’t a man. If he were a gay Dem he would be a man because he has man parts. What then makes a “real” man. Is a “real” man allowed to be with a woman? Is that tolerant? What if you have a stable marriage between a man and a woman with a couple of kids does that make you intolerant? Let’s see Christ on the cross in urine is tolerant… Obama hung in effigy is intolerant. If we put Obama on the cross in urine is that intolerant? What if we put the Koran in urine and put it in an art gallery would that be intolerant? Just wondering….

      • Reason

        Dear DCRG. Sounds like I hit a nerve with the fat joke or did I hit a nerve because of your affinity with idiots. There must be a Moron to English dictionary out there! Can anybody off the pipe make sense of that comment?

        • Reason

          Oh ya DCRG. Listen fatty, I forgot to mock you for saying “man parts”. :)~ :)~ :)~

  • Larry

    How can anybody but vertically challenged people be upset about this commercial? Did you notice that I was politically correct? God forbid we say the wrong thing in a country that has “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”. I laughed. It was meant to be funny. Lighten up people. It is only a commercial.

  • Carol Moseley

    Lets ALL remember she did NOT write the script, she just read what some other person, most likely a man wrote the scrpit.

  • john

    I’m not particularly an Ellen DeGeneres fan, but I am a Christian. And I’m not seeing anything offensive in that commercial.



  • Edward Casey

    Ellen’s promotion of her lifestyle is offensive to me also. She is free to live how she wants to live, but shut up about it.

    • Robert Pearce

      Around here she’s Ellen Degenerate

    • Deb

      I dont’ remember hearing any reference to Ellen’s lifestyle in this ad.

  • http://WebProNews JerBer

    Not real enthused with the course JCP has been taking, and I really don’t think that it has done anything for uplifting their profit. But I would hate to see them go. I have been shopping at JCP for over 45 years. Might not quit shopping there, but may hold my nose when I do.

  • SIvy

    This is insane. I’m so TIRED of these Women. I’m a Mother and I don’t have a problem AT ALL with Ellen DeGeneres. They need to get a darn life!

  • hard


    • SIvy

      Jesus would NOT judge that’s for sure!

    • Mari

      You’re being foolish. This ad has NOTHING to do with sexuality…homo or hetero. Ellen is a person doing a commercial.

      You know – I am anti-gay lifestyle who is pretty conservative, and even I’m sick to death of the haters. And they don’t even make sense – exactly like this comment.
      I’m just fed up with everyone trying to cause a stink because they have NOTHING going for them in their own lives.

  • mnm36

    I CAN NOT believe this !!!! This is 2012 , not 1912 !! How ignorant can you people be, NO ONE CHOOSES TO BE GAY !!!!!!! THEY ARE BORN THAT WAY !!!! AND HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO LOVE THE PERSON THAT THEY WANT TO !!! I am ashamed of all you SO CALLED “MOTHERS”, one thing a child (even as an adult) should have is a Mothers love. I have 2 beautiful Daughters & 8 grandchildren. If any one of them came to me & said they were gay, I would still love them just as much as I do now !!!!! GOD , created people equally , & as good “CHRISTIANS” ALL of you should know that!!!! I AM TOTALLY ASHAMED OF YOU, ONE MILLION MOM’S !!!!!

    • SIvy

      NOBODY is BORN GAY! If you want to keep your head in the sand, then be it. Stop with that foolish belief of yours!

      • Don

        Slvy, you must truly be stupid. Yes, people are BORN gay. It is judgemental jerks like you who have never walked in a gay persons shoes, but think you are an authority on the subject that keep this matter stirred up. I am a gay may and a Christian.. born and raised in the Southern Baptist church. Accepted Christ as a young person and have read the Bible, attend and have taught Sunday school. I knew from the time of earliest memeories that was different and was drawn to my own sex..but because of what the people in my church and denomination taught and pushed, I tried really hard to pray the gay away and be what was expected of me. I even married and had 3 children and still knew in my heart of hearts I was gay… I am a great father and was a great husband to my ex-wife, but I knew I was living a lie.. I was miserable and not being fair to my wife.. she deserved someone who could love her 100% the way a husband should love a wife. I chose to go to cousseling… yes, Christian counseling.. and finally realized that this is the way God made me whether a group of sanctimonious self-righteous, judgemental hypocritical so called Christians thought so or not. They are not my judge… only God and His Son, Jesus Christ are my judges and my relationship and salvation is between me and God.. not the ultra conservative fundamentalist so-called Christians. So I came out and am now in a loving committed relationship with a wonderful man who is also a Christian.. and we still are members of a southern Baptist church and attend regularly. So don’t you dare make a wrong and stupid statement like “Nobody is born gay.” How pretentious and judgemental…and wrong of you!!!!

      • Michael

        TRUTH…The FLESH is no good,,, period…Only through Jesus can we be born again immortals.

  • Corey

    That commercial was so NOT offensive to ANYONE….LOL they are ELVES! From what I recall…ELVES ARENT REAL!!!!! They just hate Ellen because they are nasty bigots who hide behind their faith to make it seem like they aren’t hate-filled people.

  • s

    give me a f***in break

  • Tiffany

    Height is the issue?? I am 25 and only 4’11 and I take no offense to this add at all! What is wrong with this country?!?

    • connie

      I agree Tiffany. I am 4’11” and I am not offended by this Ad for any reason

  • hard


  • Jess

    while i AM a fan of Ellen, and also a Christian (yes, we do exist), i found nothing offensive about this ad. I think also, though, that the nasty comments and negative remarks to this Million Moms organization is just as bad and offensive as the nasty comment and negative remarks towards Ellen, JCP, or any other homosexual, liberal, or “worldly” organization that somenoe decides they don’t like. If you don’t like the judgement, umm, how about not judging others? And I think that goes for both sides. lets all grow up, people. its not just for the organization or group of people that you decide to dislike this week.

  • Luna

    Little ol’ Ellen DeGeneres….The chick that dances around her studio making millions of people smile everyday…These mommys are nuts….

  • http://yahoo rhonda

    I agree are people just looking for reasons to cause problems. Seriously I take offense to the people calling this commercial offensive, they must have to much time on their hands. Get a life. Go JCP

    • Mari

      I agree! This is just ridiculous!!!

  • Larry

    I used to work at JCP for a few years way back. They do not know who they want to be and the last one they had in charge basically screwed their company for life. He had no clue what he was doing and tried to make JCP like the company he came from. But this is about Ellen. Hey she has the right to be gay and she has the right to talk about it ? If she was a christian she would have the right to talk about that as well as being gay if she chose to. I’m not saying I think being gay is something to promote (I’m not gay) but they do have a right to their own life. Also take a good look at the church people. You know what I mean. There are alter boys out there destroyed for life. Not from Ellen but from their Priest that they looked up to. Enough with the holier than though stuff.


    I have a problem with all of the negative comments made by the moms. I am a mom of 4 and have no problem with that commercial of Ellens- I watch her everyday and her sexuality does not play a part of what she does for people. She is a loving person with a caring heart. That’s what it is all about. If we worried less about what people do in their bedrooms and concentrate more on what is happening in this crazy world, we may be able to bring America back where it should be. Remember when everyone said there was too much violence because of the Popeye cartoon? OMG look at the video games and cartoons now. Let’s concentrate on that. That is causing the violence our children are participating in now. Those mom that have nothing else to do but whine, have nothing else to do. Find something to do ladies and leave Ellen and JCP alone.

  • See

    WWJD? He would say-let she who is without sin cast the first stone.

    Hypocrites and Sunday go to meeting Christians are destroying this country and the very premise on which it was founded…tolerance.

  • Paul

    One Million Bigoted Jerks.

  • Scott Parker

    Oh to live in the United States of the Offended… I agree with Larry, political correctness is a bit out of sync with Freedom of Speech. 40,000 Moms, and the (not so) Moral Minority are entitled to their opinions, but they seem to have forgotten that they are just that, OPINIONS. Their scense of “Christian Duty” is as corney and funny as Ellen’s scense of “Humor”. Lighten up Moms.

  • rhonda adams

    My brother is gay and he has said that he wasn’t born gay it was just a decision that he himself had made, and he does feel that it is a sin just like smoking. I have no problem with his life style, I just don’t want to hear the details, but then again I don’t want to know anyone elses details about their love life or chooses, it is none of my business, and I see nomething wrong with that comersial. I won’t shop at JCP any way but thats just because I can’t afford to.

  • jeannie

    Maybe the “moms” should think about the intolerance to which they are subjecting their children. I consider myself a Christian but my God is a kind and forgiving God which makes me wonder if we have different gods? To my knowledge Ellen has never been mean or vulgar in her comedy. She has a wonderful sense of humor.


    That ad is Hilarious.

    Hey, One Million Mom’s….bite an elf! Good grief! INSANE!

    Love you Ellen and JCP for being open minded and having a sense of humor. MORE LAUGHTER! BRING IT!

  • / Delores Moyer

    I am not a part of the Million Mothers or whatever its name is; however, I am against Ellen De— acting as the spokesperson for JC Penneys and won’t shop there any more; another reason is their “everything is a sales price campaign” and the very EXPENSIVE ads they use now which ads greatly, I am sure, to their total costs. I personally never read the “glossy/very expensive brochure” sent to me in the mail and trash it.

    I am not against people who have various sex lives, etc., that is their business but I sure as heck do not like people telling me about theirs as I don’t care and think how we think on that subject is our own business and is personal in nature. That is why I am not in favor of many of the gays (or others for that part) who wish to tell us all the time they are this or that and indicate we have to accept them/their life styles, etc. or be anti/against them. That is a bunch of bunk and JC Penneys failure to attract new/keep old customers is their fault and it’s my choice whether or not I will continue buying from them…..

    • Teresa

      your last paragraph makes me very curious… when has Ellen or any other gay person ever really gone into detail as to what they are doing behind closed doors? Your the one who seems to have a hang up! I am married, have children, but it just never crossed my mind as to taking on the life of Jesus Christ and being so JUDGEMENTAL! Being open-minded, not judging, this is our job on earth. Accepting others. Wow, I would hate to be in your shoes when or if you get to the pearly gates. Hate is completely unacceptable, as is lying. And most of your post was just sheer BULL. You know for a fact that gay people don’t go around begging YOU to listen to their sex lives. And ppl need to get off it, who cares who JCP picked as a spokeswoman. Like I said before, Ellen has done more for humanity than YOU would probably ever care to do since you sound very selfish and closed-minded. She’s built homes for people, given so much cash to starving families and did she judge???

  • Teresa Hall

    I love how “One MILLION Moms” only has about 5,000 likes on Facebook, that’s truly funny, and sad all in the same way. Anyways, stop watching tv or leaving your home if everything offends you, my goodness your a sad little person. Ellen has done more for other human beings than the One Million Moms (more like “One Mom Lacking a Million”) has probably ever done for their own family/families. Plus, let’s be realistic, when spewing hate how can you be about anything else? Like Morgan Freeman said, Your not Homophobic, your not scared of anything, your just an A**hole!

    Teresa Hall

    • http://Yahoo Robert ray clark

      Tell them to get a life.

    • cece

      1 Million Moms lacking brains and something to do with their time, wonder how many of the million are empty nesters or divorced with no life!?

  • Michael

    The flesh deceives everyone and anyone who is in love with it…The flesh is no good PERIOD,,, no not ONE lest anyone should or could boast.

    JESUS wants you to LOVE HIM FIRST…Before your family, before yourself, before ANYTHING and EVERYTHING of the fallen realm.

    The ONLY unpardonable sin is to DENY HIS HOLY SPIRIT…Because it is the LOVE of the flesh which keeps us blaspheming His Holy Spirit.

    ALL of the NETWORKS, and ALL OF HOLLYWOOD are the Devil’s Advocate.

    This SPIRIT of JEZEBEL, this spirit of effeminate seduction shall rule in the Last Days. The WORD never changes…Only social environments.

    We have been seduced

    • Holly


  • Ness

    One Million Moms… get a life, job, or if you have one then get a new hobby. If you think taking the name of Christian means shooting down others for who they are or making other people feel bad about themselves, you don’t deserve the title. If they aren’t physically or mentally hurting anyone, leave them alone. Respect each other and hope for respect in return <3

  • johnson karen

    JCP wants to be another Target, K Mart or WalMart. Target has the best TV commercials.

  • Kimberly

    One million Moms need to get a life, and teach their kids not to be prejudice.

  • Linda

    Because it has offended “one million moms” I am now going to shop at JCP and put this ad up on all my social networks so more people can see it.

    • Cheryl

      What are you, a sheep? You can’t think for yourself? Who cares what a bunch of right-wing religious B***ches with too much time on their hans think? Maybe they should clean up their own backyards first.

  • Erin Brown

    There is nothing offensive in that ad. I am a Christian and love Ellen! Some “christians” are just diggers! Let’s dig and dig and throw all this dirt and mud around when in all reality they are the ones looking like crap. Jesus did not come to this world to be a hater. He loved and still loves everyone. LOOK IT UP, ONE MILLION MOMS!! Ellen, you rock!!

  • joy

    We are all sinners, all born with a sinful nature. None of us are perfect. True Christians live for Christ, and try to honor their Savior by obeying His Word. Though Ellen and this commercial might be entertaining, we all can’t get “comfortable” with the idea that homosexuality is okay. It is not okay in God’s eyes so its not okay. If you are living a sin and do not ask for true forgiveness, you will not be saved, Christian or not.
    This World seems like it is on the verge of the end of time (Judgement) Please stop arguing and take this precious time to get ourselves ready and help others to get ready. Ready, meaning establish a true personal relationship with Jesus and read His Word. Jesus is coming and The Un forgiven will go one way and the Forgiven will go the heavenly way. Which direction do you want to go?

    • Holly

      AMEN. Simply put and true.

      • layla

        Wow Holly! Seems like you have it all figured out. Are you uncomfortable with down syndrome kids too? I mean you are picking on people that are born with a genetic abnormality. Their chromosomes are not the same as yours. It must be nice to sit there way up there on your perch being able to look down on the rest of humanity for our differences. Jesus taught us to love one another. Differences and all. Even he took a prostitute on as one of his disciples. The very definition of christian is ‘Christ like’. Maybe you should try taking a page from his book.

        • DeeJay

          Layla, I agree with everything you are saying, except for the prostitute thing. Holly may not realize this, but I am pretty familiar with what the Bible says (which is why I’m so taken aback by how she is presenting it). Many people confuse the woman with sin from Luke 7:36-50 who washes Jesus’ feet with Mary Magdalene. The woman with sin who people also assume was a prostitute, even though her sin was not defined, she could have very well been a bank thief, was told by Jesus that she is forgiven and sent on her way. Mary Magdalene was one of his disciples, but is not the woman sent on her way. Most credible theologians and biblical scholars (including the late John Paul II) agree that Mary M was never a prostitute.

      • DeeJay

        I know I’m getting ready. Got most of my shopping done. Just have to wrap things and hide them before the kids see them. Oh wait, isn’t that what you are talking about? Just curious, how many times have you looked through God’s eyes? I’ve tried and can’t get past all the pain and suffering that happens to innocent people every day all over the world that many of you say is God’s will. Not the nicest of God’s we’re dealing with, huh?

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    get that lesbian off the internet! NOW!

    • Reverend Kenneth Conlee

      Bad comment.

    • DeeJay

      Imagine all the bandwidth that would free up if we removed all the lesbian videos off the internet

  • stephenf

    Speaking as a Christian myself, I cannot imagine what is supposed to be offensive here. Ridiculous.

    I’ve got news for the Million Moms: There is nothing about being gay or lesbian that changes the message or the person or the sacrifice of Jesus Christ one bit. And secondly, you are who you are, when it comes to orientation. Not their business, not anybody else’s.

    And anyway: If it were such a fundamentally offensive sin, how come Christ himself never mentioned it?

    • Reverend Kenneth Conlee

      It is stated in the bible that such sex is not of the Lord…Jesus did not say it per se, but was stated in the New Testament by Paul, Timothy and John.

      The bible does not give anyone to take those passages and judge anyone. We are here to bring glory to God and worship him.
      Not judge one another. The JCP ads are just fine.

      Merry Christmas.

  • jeannie

    .. maybe “these” people should read their bibles more closely especially about love, kindness and forgiveness.

  • Meelay

    You are on the money Teresa…it’s a funny comercial…that’s all…a funny commercial..come on people..it’s Christmas…enjoy it!

  • Booger

    The KKKhristian right strikes again.

  • Ken

    I think the One Million Moms have a right to make public their views. We are all guaranteed freedom of speech and the right to assemble. But we are not to organize to pass judgement on anyone….under any cicumstances. Jesus said to the woman who had been arrested for commiting adultery…”did any of your friends condemn you?” She said no. Then Jesus said..”neither do I, go and sin no more.” John 8:1-12

    Ellen has no wrong. She has made a decision as to how she chooses to live her life and make it public. She is not advocating anyone to follow her. In the One Million Moms…how many are innocent enough to cast the first stone…i.e. who is without sin? I don’t know..but is time to put a lid on it and enjoy the season of the birth of Christ.
    To love one another….with no strings attached.


  • Reverend Kenneth Conlee

    We are all guilty of sin …and the Lord Jesus Christ has promised to forgive those sins if we only believe.
    Believe in Him.
    He is Lord.
    There is no sin commited in the JCP commercial. None.

    • Holly

      Little more than just believing, Rev…you have to accept Him as Lord and Saviour. If you’ve done that, then this would sicken you.

      • DeeJay

        There’s got to be something in the bible about self-righteousness, right?

  • Patsy

    Ilike JCP and Ellen I see nothing wrong with the ad.

  • Connie Godby

    The ad is cute. Nothing offensive whatsoever. I like JCP and I like Ellen. This “Million Moms” group need something better to do; something really important on which to spend their time.

  • Patty

    That is funny commercial! Plain & simple! Ellen is a comic and she is ay gay I support as she does not put it in people’s faces is why she is so successful! Keep the ads coming JCP and I still love shopping there!

  • Philip M. Perez

    That’s a bunch of overly opinionated Moms! There’s nothing wrong with the ad. Get over it and raise your kids. I’ll shop at JCP just to P*** you off

  • Janice Wright

    I think these moms need to STOP spending their time on Ellen being gay and spend more time reading their BIBLE. God loves Ellen as much as he loves you. You say you are a mother. Be careful what you say it can come back home to haunt you. Oh yes i should add i am not gay and i have a husband and three children

  • godless and proud

    Oh please. How about the millions of CHRISTIANS that offend everyone else on a daily basis, huh? Gosh golly gee whiz. Sorry your good book gives you the moral permission to be so exclusionary and hateful towards other human beings. I am offended by christians thinking that they are so gosh darn special and chosen. Guess what? There are thousands of other gods in the history of this planet. You call them mythology. Well…..if all the OTHER gods are “made up,” what make YOU think YOURS is not as well????

  • Holly

    The days before the return of Christ are here, along with the Great Turning Away from God’s Holy Word. Any stand made for Him will ne greatly mocked, just as Moses was mocked when he received God’s Word about the great flood. These comments do not surprise me at all.

    • godless and proud

      We are all BORN atheist. Religion is TAUGHT and is geographical. You truly believe in your god and in Jesus. But I bet you 100% that if you were born and raised in the Middle East, you would be Muslim. Get it? Either way, your Jesus is 2000 years old. Other gods existed prior. Nowadays, it’s called mythology. Your religion will be called that too one day.

    • DeeJay

      Correct me if I’m wrong Holly, but according to Genesis (the book, not the band) didn’t Noah receive God’s word about the great flood? Moses is the guy who used to lead the NRA.

  • Mary

    Those without sin throw the first stone – those goodie two shoes need to worry about themselves getting into gates of Heavens and stop playing God.

  • Tara

    Get over it weirdos.

  • Philip M. Perez

    I’m not gay, but I have nothing against homosexuals. I;m conservative but have no problem with gay marriage. And the ad is funny. It’s the Holidays, don’t you Moms have some shopping to do!

  • Hazel

    This coalition, of self described American mothers… in itself a lie. Since when can a few bickering relgious zealots who think they speak for everyone, and make demands on companies. Companies work for money, making money, chasing after money, and projecting future money in their corporate pockets.
    So complaining about the offensiveness of a JCP ad has nothing to do with JCP or if the ad was truly offensive. Their complaint is the same one that the Taliban is making against young women choosing to learn and not marry old nasty men… and end up being killed or disfigured for having their own mind.
    Good Luck fake ladies… who are probably a group of homophobic middle aged men. Real moms… like me… are far to busy to be offended by a elf commercial at Christmas time. We are working, cleaning, cooking, shopping, wrapping, and surviving the holidays as a family.

  • godless and proud

    Anything anyone finds offensive about this commercial has NOTHING to do with Ellen being gay. Would they still find this commercial offensive if it had been some unknown lady other than Ellen, who no one knew if she was gay or straight? Folks who spend their time advocating for other people to be counted as less than, based on sexual orientation are no better than those who considered people less than, based on the color of their skin.

    • Patty Lotz

      this is a fanatical rand from misguided followers who
      unfortunately can’t think for themselves..

  • Gina

    JCP has taken a stand to promote homosexuality within their marketing,the backbone and the success of JCP over the years has been its traditional customers. I am a former JCP employee and have seen many of my coworkers take a early retirement or simply quit. Ron Johnson, JCP new CEO has taken a extreme stance in his promotion of this lifestyle. I personally hope this store closes its doors forever.

  • R.Hobbs

    I’m a Christian and Jesus Christ is my Savior, my Redeemer. While I don’t condone her choice of lifestyle, I do not sit in judgement over Ellen.
    I find the JCP ad funny and see no reason for all the fuss by these women, it’s just a commercial, not an endorsement!

  • Kyle

    1 million moms has like less than 100,000 members. People are so stupid. I work at JCP.

    • Julie

      Oh for pity’s sake!!! She’s not making fun of the vertically challenged, she’s making fun of elves!!! When 1 Million Elves call up to protest then I’ll listen!!

  • http://yahoo Klouise

    I’m in agreement with One Million Moms; I don’t think she should be around those children and I’m not shopping at JCPenny anymore bc of their stance on homosexuality. You all can call it what you want, judging or whatever, but the Bible clearly states that we will know them by their fruit, and I don’t like that fruit because the Bible doesn’t like it. He said it’s detestable. Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t be deceived. Neither fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, homosexuals, sodomites, thieves, nor covetous, drunkards, revilers, extortioners will inherit the Kingdom of God and such were some of you, but you were washed, sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11.

    • Jen

      The Bible also says to only wear cotton- check your clothes–100% cotton? Doubt it. Judge not lest ye be judged….
      You are beyond ignorant, and a hateful person. That is not what will be getting into Heaven

      • CiscoKid

        The same book of the bible (Leviticus) that calls homosexuality an “abomination” also calls eating shellfish an “abomination”. Why aren’t people protesting outside seafood restaurants across the country? Are there different degrees of abominations I’m not aware of? The Bible also says you should not approach the altar of God with less than perfect vision. I wear contacts, can I still go to church? It also says you should not plant two different crops in the same row. I planted my tomatoes right next to my bell peppers, should I repent for that? Moral of the story: Cherry picking Bible passages to justify bogotry is not very Christian like. You might want to read the New Testament, in which love and tolerance is a major theme.

      • OHPLEASE

        Wow “jen” do you realize you just judged Klouise by calling her an ignorant and a hateful person? She is allowed to have her opinion just as you are. And you are right, it only takes admitting you are a sinner, believing Jesus died for your sins, and confessing Jesus is Lord of your life in order to be saved and “get into Heaven”.

    • Ashley

      You are a disgusting human being. I hope you suffer.

    • N.Opers

      The bible doesn’t say anything about lesbians at all.

  • Ally

    I am a Christian and I don’t see the big deal. Ellen is hilarious and I love watching her show and I am happy for her that she is a spokeswoman for JCP. As Christians we are not suppose to judge people, that is God’s job not ours. -Matthew 7:1; Luke 6:37 are some examples

  • http://www.terrimolina.com Terri Molina

    I’m a mom and the ad does not offend me. What offends me is the stupid Million Moms who think they speak for everyone in the country with their ‘holier-than-thou’ elitist attitudes. Stop being such bitches!!

    • Marie

      Well said Terri, especially the last line :)

      • ange

        Yes Terri, we can’t get enough curses in there.


      Well Terri, I hope that one of your children comes home to you with his or her same sex partner…then let’s see how you feel…and don’t say that you wouldn’t have a problem with it unless you are lesbian as well and if that’s the case, shut up and sit down as that disqualifies from calling those women b****es. And if this makes me a b***ch so be it.

      • Christy

        Ohplease you are a psychopath..

  • Josh


  • Joan

    Leave Ellen alone !. Shes the only gay person on tv that doesnt make me sick! Shes a comedic genius , shes funny , kind and she is honest.

  • Joan

    Leave Ellen alone ! Shes the only gay person on tv that doesnt make me sick! (that i can think of) . Shes a comedic genius, hilarious, kind , smart and honest. Find something else to make a ridiculous fuss over.

  • Jeni

    That commercial is not offensive in the least bit. The “Millions Mom” or whoever it is…is ridiculous for causing such a stir. Who cares.

  • Stan Sullivan

    Weren’t these “million moms” after Ellen and JCP last year? Why don’t they go after Rev. Al for tax evasion. His so called action-network owes$$$ in unpaid payroll taxes.

    Ellen is a gifted performer, let her be.


      She needs to go away; she isn’t a “gifted” performer. She is just a “lesbian” so to insult her and call her an untalented performer would be politically incorrect. It’s like seeing an elephant in the room but not acknowledging it for what it is.

  • pat martin

    One Million Moms need to get over themselves. Obviously JCP doesn’t have a problem with Ellen Degeneres’ sexuality and feel she is good for their advertising. So I say once more One Million Moms GET OVER IT and if you don’t want to see the ads, turn the channel.

    • http://yahoo.com BRENDA


  • Lori

    omg seriously….this is so ridiculous…with all the problems in this world….this is what they find to complain about??? unbelievable

  • Scott

    There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with this advert. It’s tongue in cheek and it’s meant purely as holiday fun. I think Ellen is a funny, talented and beautiful woman with a huge/giving heart. I say this as a heterosexual male with handful of gay friends. The people that really get on my wick are these uber elitist religious heteros who feel that being gay is some sort of mark of the devil or some rubbish like that. It just proves, all the more, that there are those in this world who cannot fathom that there are women out there who are sexually attracted to other women and likewise with men. This has been going on for a LONG TIME Million Moms, so accept it already!!!!!!!!

    • ange

      If there was nothing wrong with this ad, you would not have millions of women angry about it. Christian and non Christian. JCPenny’s could have easily avoided this, but they chose not to. Which I’m sure is going to hurt their business.

      • Christy

        Ellen is a person first, not a lesbian, and she is seemingly a good person, maybe that is why they choose her. Because she has the #1 daytime talk show in America. Not because of her sexual orientation.

    • Rae

      Oh so right…What person wakes up and decides whether they are going to be homosexual or heterosexual…When did you “straights” made the choice….I am a heterosexual who has been married for over fifty years…we have a gay son who has been with his partner for over 25 years…Not many “straights” can say that…Million dollar moms need to maybe get on another band wagon..This is getting old…Live and let live..What are they threatened by?

  • Michelle

    I am not gay and it doesn’t bother me. It isn’t pushing being gay(unless it is in the happy way), it is not against any morals or anything. People just have issues and nobody can please everybody!

  • Kari

    I can’t find anything wrong with the commerical. One Million Moms need to get a better hobby than going after Ellen Degeneres and JC Penny if they didn’t listen to OMM before what makes them think they are going to listen to the hate mongers now.

  • Brandy Duncan

    KLOUISE, it is because of people like you that I am so very glad I do not believe in the bible or your Jesus Christ!!! I love everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation. My bestie was a man and is now a woman and I couldn’t be happier. I love Ellen and would shop at JCP regardless.


      Brandy, I you’re right; Jesus preached to “love the sinner” but hate the sin. BUT, he never said homosexuality wasn’t a sin. I encourage you to accept Jesus into your heart so you don’t die and go to hell.

      • jennz

        He never said it WAS a sin, either.

      • Ro Gambino

        OHPLEASE – Jesus never says homosexuality is a sin. And please don’t use the Old Testament – the is the Holy Book of the Jewish People not christians. People that are so narrow minded that they begrudge two people loving one another are sad individuals. Makes me so glad I am Pagan! My religion is 3 times as old as yours and it doesn’t inflict a strict dogma on spirituality. Practice that Love everybody and make the season mean what it should!

      • Raven

        Hell is a myth create by people that fosters belief in one groups superiority over another, those who believe are unable foster a feeling of kindness and humanity to others while they are alive, so they threaten all those they don’t like or agree with with this mythological place where you will be tortured for not agreeing with them.

  • pat

    GET THE F@#$ OVER IT!!!!!!! People need to stop worrying about it if you don’t like it then turn it off, change the channel, do something else because other people may like it, or find it funny.

  • Abbie

    Guess what one million moms? I just opened up a JCP credit account. Get real, you are not going to hurt this company, if anything you bring it more publicity and those who are not on your band wagon or find you very lame will swing by JCP or make posts just like this one to point out how you’re time is wasted!!

  • Marc

    Maybe if I was an elf, I would be offended. Really, I’m just offended that ANYONE would be offended by this spot. How ridiculous.

  • ange

    I think JCPenny’s has a rather dumb promotional/ad department. I’m not a Christian but I find it just another slap in the face of Christian’s and many other people that are not Christians that are offended by the, “gay” and atheist groups in this country.

  • Pamela Finck


  • http://webpronews G. Masters

    I am OFFENDED by the use of MOM in this judgmental prejudice small group of whiners!
    JCP PUT THE AD BACK UP!!! stop caving in to every little nose out of joint bully!
    I am a MOM and a GRANDMOM…I am pro PEOPLE….it is not for ME to JUDGE how other people live their lives. NOR IS IT YOURS. Growup America!

    • ange

      But you are doing just that, judging other people because they don’t see eye to eye with you.

      • kristen

        WELL SAID GMasters! I second that wholeheartedly, Ange stop playing the its okay “cause she did it too” game – grow up!

    • D

      I agree with you, well said.

    • Phyllis

      Thank you…hope JCP realizes there are more people – Christians, Mothers and Grandmothers – who do not judge performers for their personal lifestyles…a Higher Power will do that. Really enjoyed Ellen’s first JCP ad which, of course, did not run long because of JCP caving in to One Million Moms.

    • N.Opers

      One Million Moms is actually almost entirely composed of old white males. It is a front group for hard-right conservatives and is classified as a hate group.

  • Loretta Maire

    What offends me is narrowmindedness, bigotry, and total fanatacism that EVERYONE is supposed to conform to a single way of thinking. Ellen’s gay? So what? I am a happy person too!!!!

  • GraceAZ

    I am not offended. I am a Christian woman and a republican. Seriously? Thy need to choose thier battles. But then I am not offened by the GEIKO Cavemen either. I was waiting to here the inappropriate part.. anyone ?? little feat, Big Deal. All I see is that height challenged actors were employed during the making of this commercial.

    • http://YAHOO deanna henley


  • http://yahoo.com chill will

    Way to go true moms. At least someone wants to raise the children Godly Not worldly

    • Gail Moore

      Bigotry and hatred are not Godly, Will. Fail.

  • Josh Barrett

    “Way to go true moms. At least someone wants to raise the children Godly Not worldly”

    Godly = “fake BS that sounds good”

    worldly = “reality”

    Just in case their was confusion.

  • james

    haha..seems like these moms need to get laid. Really when was the last time you had sex with your husbands? ….go get laid and chill!!

  • Kain McCabe

    Don’t worry people. JCP is tanking it anyway because they are a far inferior place to competitors like Kohl’s. In a couple years no one will remember what JCPenneys is. Oh they suck because their prices and selection suck, not because they have dumb dyke Ellen on their commercials.

  • Gail Moore

    I’m a mom, and these One Million Moms are just plain crazy. There isn’t one shred of offensiveness in this ad. I AM, however, deeply offended by the gross and vile bigotry this group possesses, and appalled at their homophobia and general lack of education. Christ said not ONE word about homosexuality being unacceptable, and quoting Leviticus is plain ignorant – not to mention the fact that he was a Jew. One assumes Christians are thus called because they are followers of Christ, is that right? Well, then, FOLLOW his teaching by all means, and stop the hate. If any of these women’s children are gay, I pity those children with all my heart. And Christ, by the way, was a practicing Jew right up until the moment he died.


      Beautifully stated, Gail. This group is a joke. Unfortunately they seem to be hiding behind their so-called “values” to generate such PUTRID behavior, that NO ONE with ANY sense of morality would take them seriously………they certainly are NOT demonstrating so-called “Christian” behavior–or any OTHER behavior of a compassion. No, SIR-ee.

    • AquillaR

      Christ was a practicing Jew and thus adherred to the laws set in Leviticus. Homosexuality is also discussed in the New Testament by Paul. The Bible is God’s word which doesn’t change just because our social views do. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Consistently consistent. Jesus preached love for all ‘despite’ the things we do. He didn’t approve them and tell us it’s okay to do them. He said to the adulterous woman in John 8:11, “go and sin no more”. Basically, I love you, but stop doing what you’re doing, if you don’t, I won’t love you less, but I don’t approve of your actions.
      I don’t think the commercial is offensive myself and I don’t think that someone who is homosexual should be cut out of an ad because of their ‘gayness’ anymore than a person who is having premarital sex should. No one is perfect and everyone does wrong, but it doesn’t make it alright.

  • chuck

    One million moms and my wife included ought to quit shopping at JCP.

    • Gail Moore

      Right you are.

  • Carolyn

    These type of “Christians” give all Christians a bad name. Do they not know that our God is a God of love and He loves us all no matter what, and I can assure you He isn’t offended at this Commercial. And anyone who spreads this kind of hate and intolerance will stand before God, just like the rest of us and it will not be so good for them.

  • Gays Are Mentally Ill

    Ellen is just another gay pedophile sponsored Hollywood. She seduces little girls by pretending she has Christmas presents for them.

    • CiscoKid

      @”gays are mentally ill” Homosexuality and pedophilia are not related. Do a little research. How does appearing in a christmas commercial = seducing little girls?? You appear to be dillusional. Usually, people with your fervent hatred of homosexuality are suffering from self loathing, unable to accept their own sexual identity. Come out of the closet, my friend. I’m sure it will be liberating for you.

  • Honest Alice

    Being ‘gay’ and having family values are an oxymoron. Gays cannot reproduce, therefore should not be considered a ‘family.’ Tired of the gay agenda. Marriage is between a man and woman, you gays can have ‘civil unions.’ End of story.

    • Trooper


    • Leslie Fernandes

      Some of us had children before we “came out”. Alice, you are a narrow minded thinker , marriage is between two people who love each other unconditionally, sex or race or anything in between have nothing to do with it.

    • frank

      Hey dishonest who put you in charge of what people can or can not have.Worry about whats going on in your own racist life

    • Trish

      YAYAYA! Go get a “real” marriage oh ya then get a divorce cuz that is what more than 50% of married people do, ya I am so sure that your “GOD” approves!

    • Howard

      HA We are not factories so no we don’t reproduce, I would not conceive a child who would grow up in a world with people like you.

    • Family Man

      Hate to burst your bubble- I am gay and do have a family. Fortunately, we are all loving and support true Christian values (obviously you have never STUDIED The Word which supports the true inclusion of ALL-unconditional love IS UNCONDITIONAL). I pray that no one in your family is “different” and I pray for you. The lack of compassion in your faith both frightens and sickens me.

  • Trooper

    The headline led me to believe that the ad offended actual moms, not some offbeat political group attempting to push its beliefs on people in the name of “moms.”

  • Purple Heart Vet

    All you so called Christians told about God and Jesus as though you know something about the subject. Quit your whining and try giving a darn about other people for a change rather than constantly comparing yourselves to those you consider ungodly just so you can feel decent about your wretched selves.

    • Jasen Matthews

      Really omg that was so offensive any company that has the nerve to let a gay women make jokes about Christmas. Is obviously not behind the Catholic community. JK this group obviously has nothing better to complain about this month try using the energy to point out the good instead of looking for what is offensive to only u tight asses

  • Linda

    Hmm…One Million Moms…why so much hate? It is just a commercial. Ellen is a human being just like all of you. I found nothing offensive in that commercial. It was funny. I cannot understand why the Bible is always brought up. Can’t we all just have faith and believe in and love one another? The Bible is over 1500 years old. It is not the law. Why don’t you just hook up with the Westboro Baptist Church. Those Bible thumping haters would love to have you. You are unjust in your actions against JCP and Ellen. How ridiculous, really! You are acting like children-Grow up!

  • L Freeman

    Interesting to note; One Million Moms has only 40,000 registered members.

  • Avis Cerveny

    Not one of these million moms has the love and generosity in their hearts that Ellen Degenerous has. Shame on them for being so judgemental.

    • nettie

      the commercial is not offensive at all unless you are an elf. omm are targeting Ellen because she is gay. what good christians they are. Jesus would be so proud of them. NOT! I love JCP and will continue to shop there. they have great products, great quality. Ellen is the best thing that has happened to them in a long time. what will happen to the omm’s if they find out one of their children are gay. will they hate their children too?

  • Michael

    People! If we had to boycott every commercial because we did not agree with their values, THERE WOULD BE NO MORE COMMERCIALS!
    Nobody is perfect! Of all people to be upset about, Ellen is one of the most generous celebrities out there! OMM needs to just STFU…

  • grouchy lunchlady

    There is so much suffering in the world, but we can sleep well knowing that a bunch of intolerant idiots are protesting a damn shopping commercial. Heaven forbid they go out and actually do something good for others, when they can sit on their butts and protest against a woman who does for those less fortunate than her, without caring if they are gay, straight, black, white, purple, christian or heathen.

    Jesus must surely be proud!

  • Leslie Fernandes

    I am a Mom, Grandmother to 5 and a lesbian and I take offense to One Million Mom’s. You people have blinders on if you think we (gays) are harmful in any way, shape or form. We are the same loving parents as you, with one slight exception, we teach our children unconditional love of all, gay, straight, disabled, different colored skin, you name it. Worry about what’s going on under your own roof and keep your nose out of our business. You rock Ellen!

  • Amanda

    Shut up, one million moms! it’s people like you, complaining about EVERYTHING, that causes no one to pay attention when there is ACTUALLY something to complain about.

  • Kathy

    These so called christian moms need to get a life. I like Ellen and will continue to watch her show, and I think JCP is a decent store and I will continue to shop there whenever I feel like it. Their narrow minded stupidity changes nothing. People are free to love whoever they choose, and sexual orientation doesn’t change who a person really is. Ellen is a very funny and generous person and a lot of people like her, so who cares what a bunch of uptight bitches think.

  • Michelle

    Some people are just overly religious.The bible says to be righteous not religious. I’m a Christian and Ellen make me laugh,laughter is medicine and a universal langue that not everyone can speak,so sad!Some people are just too SOUR! AD didn’t offend me all.

  • Jenny

    I bet Ellen hasn’t lost a wink of sleep over all this nonsense and she shouldn’t. I happen to think she’s great and could care less what anybody from either side thinks. I just love people regardless of their race, color, religion or sexual preference. We’re all brothers and sisters, made of the same stuff, we all bleed red. The world would be a better place if we’d all just get along. :)

  • Carrie

    As a Christian and a mom I do not see anything wrong with that commercial.

    What is the big deal? I would maybe be offended if I was an elf!?!?!
    Too many people get offended too easily! I am offended everyday but I just get over it because in this country we have a little thing called freedom!

  • sean

    I was watching the ad and trying to figure out what what wrong with it or what was offensive and then I started to read the article and found out it was just because she was gay? Really?

  • Kenretta

    What would you people say to ALL MIGHTY GOD if you were standing in his presence? Would you have the nerve to say being (GAY) is OK? Now I’M ready to go to THE HELL YOU tell us so much about in YOUR WORD THE BIBLE!

    • Trish

      I would tell your UN-MIGHTY GOD to STFU!

  • Turtle

    I don’t believe for a minute that there are 1 million idiotic, bigoted moms in the US who are, instead of focusing on loving their children, are are using their precious time picking on Ellen.

    I will be shopping at JC Penney this year…along with my 7 and 9 year old angels.

  • Angie

    I’m a Christian stay-at-hom Mom & I think Elen is a kind person with a big heart. Just because I don’t agree with her lifestyle, I’m not going to boycott the store. I found nothing offensive whatsoever with this commercial. If anyone should be offended, maybe the elves should!

  • Dianne Butler

    First of all, I don’t believe thare are one million of you! Secondly, doesn’t the Bible say, judge not lest ye be judged? Leave Ellen and other gays alone. God can do HIS job without your assistance. YOUR OPINION IS NEITHER DESIRED OR REQUIRED! Get a life and leave others to live theirs! IJS

  • Merlin

    This “one million moms” group needs to get a life. That ad is harmless. They are finding fault with this ad due to Ellen’s sexual orientation, which has nothing to do with this ad. If they are going to go that far, how about all off the people who do voices in children’s animated movies of which even Ellen was “Dory” in the Disney animated “Finding Nemo”? Of course they seem to be so hypocritical that I’m sure something like that is out of sight, out of mind. Get a life! Hypocrites like this group are what is wrong with this world. Judge not less ye be judged. Go do something constructive for the world.

  • Karla

    This “One Million Moms” company or whatever they want to call themselves are fools. They cause problems & need to go away. I saw nothing wrong with this commerical.

  • Tana

    GOOD! One Million moms are tight ass biggots

  • Noni

    They are offended? Who cares!! Certainly not the millions and millions of moms who aren’t bigots and don’t teach their children hatred at the lowest level. Ellen is probably the kindest most giving personality on TV. Ask any of the hundreds of people she’s helped. Geez, isn’t that like Jesus who helped those in need?
    Spew your hatred “moms” or maybe you should change that to bombs since you don’t teach love and caring which is the usual perception of a mother but hate and bigotry. Rot in ……………
    Oh, I’m a real mom and I’m also not gay.

    • Steve

      So I would suppose you would have no problem with a drug dealer who sells drugs to children as long as this person goes down and works as a server at the local Good Will kitchen. Lets see maybe a member of the MOB who just got out of prison but gives $2000.00 a month to your charity as long as you don’t know where the money comes from would be a good role model for your daughter or son? Your comment really shows how low you have set your standard for your children, sorry but I feel sorry for them.

  • Marcia

    The buttons JCP uses for this campaign are Made in China. Perhaps THAT should be an issue instead of Ellen in the commercial.

  • http://yahoo.com Jan

    Give me a flippin break, there was NOTHING WRONG with that! Those people need to get a life! They are just bigots!

  • Cindy

    I think these people to get a grip the ad is cute and she is not telling the elf’s to be gay. It’s a cute innocent ad. Grow up people.

    • Steve

      Lets talk about this. Cute is a personal perspective, but your choice of life style if it brings harm to others is suppose to be supported by individuals such as yourself right. If an accused murderer was released from jail and was hired by Academy Sports to advertise their weapons to your son, nephew or husband you would not see any issue with that? Lets be clear he is selling weapons and not murder, if I understand you right this would be OK. I am disappointed in grown men and women who have no insight in the harm of open acceptance of those who bring harm to others.

  • Marcia

    Those buttons that JCP is using in this promotion are MADE IN CHINA. Perhaps THAT should be offensive.

  • ajew

    WOW……grow up people!

  • Sharen Richardson

    For all of the lonely and miserable “Million Moms” who claim to be “Christians” should read the following scriptures from the bible before they continue to judge others and behave “Ungodly”!

    James 2:9
    But if you show partiality, you are committing sin and are convicted by the law as transgressors.

    James 4:11-12
    Do not speak evil against one another, brothers.[a] The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?

    John 4:20-21
    If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot[a] love God whom he has not seen. And this commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother.

    Ephesians 4:29-32
    Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

    John 4:20-21
    If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot[a] love God whom he has not seen. And this commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother.

    John 15:12
    “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

    Philippians 2:3
    Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind let each of you regard one another as more important than himself;

    Philippians 4:11
    Not that I speak from want; for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.

    Matthew 7:12
    “Therefore, however you want people to treat you, so treat them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

    S. Richardson

    • Steve

      I think it funny when a christian hater likes to use GODs word against the people who accept his word. We have ministers who study GODs word and spend most of their life teaching it but these christian haters can find a scripture to meet their public need to justify the hatred they use. Gods word is for his followers but if these people who would like to have the christians silenced they need to understand his word so they don’t misquote the only living God.

  • NEMO

    Get a life pepole, politcal correct is out of control.

  • Beverly Rayola

    Why is it that some people just have to say anything negative just to be noticed. People don’t understand that if you are gay you were born that way, and lets not forget it took a man and a woman to make a child not two men or two women, people that are gay are fine parents. It is not how you are raised but when you are born that is the deciding factor in being gay. These OMM should find a loving family to be near to help them get over the hatred in their hearts. There is nothing wrong with the ad for JCP, it was funny, how could that have offended the anyone.

  • Kent

    Truly spokey, Beverly. Gay people are BORN that way. No one in his/her right mind would chose to be gay/lesbian. There is a vast difference in gay orientation and being gay preferentially. And for those holier than thou people who look down their noses at gays, while their hearts are filled with hatred, bitterness, and often downright malice, God forgive them, too.

  • Patti

    With all the great charitable work Ellen does to help others I find these Million Moms totally out of line!! The commercial is cute! There is nothing offensive about it!!
    Why should JCP listen to these women as the other comments clearly state how upset everyone is with their ridiculos oppinion.

  • nettie

    how about one million comments that are supportive of J C Penney Company and Ellen.
    Merry Christmas my friends.

  • S^2

    the movie title Dumb and Dummer comes to mind. EDeG is always such an uplifting person. Shame on 1E6 Moms.

  • white woman

    One Million Moms = One Million Morons

    And it’s more like 2,500 than one million. A few people with too much time on their hands.

  • AV1533

    So… the argument is that the “faux pas” about the elves height is offensive. They do know that elves aren’t real, right? Wow!

    • Candace

      This was the best laugh I have had all week!!! Thank you!

  • ted smith

    Funny, with 10% of the popualtion being gay, there in their family and in the closet. Wonder if they will dosown them when they comeout. heathens they are and willnot see heaven with their attitudes

  • http://yahoo.com Shar

    Can’t the mom’s do anything better with there time, like go out and help feed the hunngry or help a child who has cancer so many things they can do that is good, why are they doing this? Very sad.
    Do not judge others or you to will be judged at the time.
    I like the ad i think its cute
    and i will be shopping at JCP.

  • Marty

    I wonder why this article chose to describe Ellen as gay, when she was hired for this commercial because she is a comedian and adored by bzillions of people around the world.

  • Fritzy

    One Million Dumb Cunts

  • Shelley

    One Million Moms = they need to get a life.

    • http://www.webpronews.com lashawn

      I agree with u so wht I love Ellen because she believe n giving back and the one million moms do not have a heaven r hell to put no one n God did not make them God and if they have kids i deeply subjects tht they focus on teachiing their kids and not focus on Ellen. So Sad!!!!!!!!!

  • Yo

    Hm..more like..One Million Morons.. xD

  • Even Steven

    I went to the Million Mom site, registered and clicked to the email link.

    There seems to be a flaw there.

    They write the email for you and expect you to send their thoughts but it is easy to delete their words and add your own ideas and praise the sponsor if you wish.

    • Kit811

      amazing find- good work!

  • Brendan

    One Million Moms? I don’t think so. A handful of angry people who have nothing better to do with their time but to criticize others. These people are so far to the right, I don’t know why they don’t suggest that we simply give the USA back to Great Britain.

  • Louann

    Pick your battles people! C’mon now! Geez!!

  • Rick

    One Million Moron Moms is STILL around?
    Does anyone with a brain still listen to them?

    • Regina

      They’re responsible for cancelling the tv show GCB. They claim that it show Christians in a bad light.

  • Mike

    When a company chooses a spokes person to represent them, they run the risk of that persons views or action to draw negatively against them. It’s no different than the City of Chicago striking back against Chick Fillet. Or those who were angry with American Express for sponsoring Tiger Woods.

    That is the risk they run. JCP has lots of issues and is going through a tough transition. Ellen would not have been my pick for a spokes person, but it matters not. The million moms have every right to speak out against her on grounds of morality. In the Christian faith, homosexuality is a sin, like many things. We all live in sin, but most of us come to grips with the idea that we’re supposed to do our best to avoid it.

    Homosexuals look at it differently. They fight to have their sins looked at as if they’re as normal as anyone. It’s no different than those women from MADD who have pushed for tougher drunk driving laws, or those who push to have past child molestors targeted. It’s also Christian values to allow people to reform.

    No one seems to have a problem with the other things. I for one am not really a believer in the Gay wired thing. I think yes some people are predisposed toward it, but like many urges we human have, sometimes we should show some discipline and resist.

    Society doesn’t resist any more, we just have a free for all.

    • Diana Spencer

      Gay people are born that way. They don’t “choose” to be gay therefore have to put up with people like you. And gay people don’t have urges that they should resist. They are born gay and you need to educate yourself on the matter before making yourself look like a full blown idiot.
      I myself would much prefer to be surrounded by a million gay people than have the likes of you anywhere near me. You are a horrible person for judging others.
      Watch out for that Karma bus!

      • paul

        so if all gays are born that way how do you explain “gay” men who marry women, father children and then leave their wives for other men? It seems that they had no problem being aroused for heterosexual sex when they fathered their children, but some how now they can’t be satisfied by a woman – seems that the “born this way” explanation goes out the window there. It seems to be more of a case of insatiable desire to experience something different – similar to why some people (men and women) can’t find sexual satisfaction with one person for an extended period. You can call it what you want, but it all comes down to inability or unwillingness to deny oneself an animal instinct. In other words, justifying a perversion is easier than avoiding the sin. God never instructs us to excuse sin – only to forgive it, but forgiveness requires recognition of the sin, and confession – neither of which those practicing the gay lifestyle are willing to do.

        You can rant about “judgmental Christians” if you like, but as a Christian we are called to help lead people out of the darkness of sin – condoning a sin does not do that. I am not judging, because I admit that I am a sinner, unworthy of the gift of forgiveness in Jesus – the difference is that I admit my sin, I call it a sin, I confess my sin, and I ask for forgiveness – I don’t justify my sins and make excuses demanding that God change HIS view of my sin.

        • Alex

          Im sorry, but ur brainwashed. I have a younger brother and cousin only a few months apart in age. Ever since they were little, my brother always chose to play with boy toys. However, my cousin always seemed to navigate towards more girly things, even when told those things were not for boys. Now that he is older, he has finally come out as gay. he admitted that he tried so hard to fight the feelings, but he just couldnt. He’s gay. Christians always say God has a plan for everyone, who is to say it was not Gods plan to make these people gay? Alot of them fight to be straight, and it doesnt work. Its obvious, no one can change who they are on the inside. And just to show you that God may be very proud of my cousin, he was admitted to a very well known dance school (full ride scholarship) dancing with choreographers who work with JLo, Britney, Lady Gaga! And guess what? even though he got in with his skill and hard work, he openly thanks God everyday for this opportunity. By the way, do not ever compare someone fighting against gay people to someone fighting against child molestors.

          I wonder what will happen when one of them do have a gay child. They’ll probably take them to those places where they give u therapy to be straight.

          Family friends of 30 years, husband, wife, and three daughters. oldest daughter is 23. Husband came out two years ago. he was so ashamed of himself because of people like all of you, so he married a woman and had children in order to please everyone else and save the drama. he didnt want to be gay, he went to church more often than anyone i knew to pray for himself. he was always so good to our family, along with his. he couldnt hide anymore, he’s gay and he couldnt live a lie any longer. he still attends church, thanks God anyway he can, just like my cousin, and he does so much good for others. God made him this way and obviuosly stuck my his side through his struggles for all those years.

          Btw, how do any of you know what Gods views really are? anyone could have written the bible hundreds of years ago to their likings. God made all kinds of people. And those bad people that we happen to have in this world will one day pay for it. But those bad people are the ones that murder, molest, commit harm and violence… gay people are not those people. There are alot of f*cked up straight ppl that praise God and live by him. Look at people in cults… Look at the guys who kidnap little girls in the name of God. Educate urself with reality.

    • Kit811

      Mike, there is a huge difference between MADD/people against child molestation and this group being against gay people: being gay doesn’t hurt anyone, and is a private issue between the involved parties only. Drunk driving and child molestation have victims that are hurt by someone else. You just CAN’T compare them.

  • James Spencer

    I am fundamental Christian, conservative, Republican, straight, and pretty traditional. That being said, why don’t these few thousand “moms” just boycott JCP and shut up about it. The last time they tried this, nothing happened. If these ads did something that was against my faith, I would say something. They are just advertising a store. Get over it and get over yourselves.

  • Anna

    I’m a Christian and I don’t really care about someones sexuality. It’s just an ad get over it, grow up, and learn to have compassion for others like Jesus and God would want us to.

  • Bukhara

    Gonna go shopping this weekend at JCP! Thank you Ellen for being a bright cheerful, generous person! I don’t care what your sexual orientation is. That’s none of my business. Everybody’s orientation but mine and my lover’s is none of my business.
    Wonderful people deserve respect and admiration. Love your show Ellen!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Bukhara

    Going shopping at JCP this weekend. I don’t really care about everybody else’s sexual orientation. Really is none of my business, straight or otherwise.
    Love Ellen! She’s funny and generous. I love her show too!
    Now, to do some shopping…

    • evie

      Right…at this point…. we need to SUPPORT JCP. Let me go see what I buy there this weekend!

  • CarolAnn

    I thought yahoo had made a mistake and posted news from last year. They’re still around? I’m a Christian because I believe in Christ. Christ said “mind your own damn business people.” (Listen, if other people can put a spin on what he said, so can I!

    • http://YAHOO p.ouderman@iyahoo.com


      • Regina

        Who care if he said it or not. It is true and straight to the point.

      • Janet

        haha omg
        that’s a good one too funny

    • Candace


  • Renae

    My husband and i are a Christian and we both watch Ellen, her
    show is so humorous, we both like her! If we would just show
    gay people the love of Jesus Christ, they just might really
    like Christian people, and see that there really is good and kind
    caring Christians in this world! Ellen is a very kind, compassionate
    person, who we believe really cares about people, look what she does
    for lots of people, even more than some Churches do, that should
    be giving like she does, i know giving will not get you to Heaven,
    that you must be born again to enter Heaven! But giving just makes
    you feel so happy inside, and it truly is more Blessed to give than
    to receive!

    • Candace

      I confer 100%!!

      • evie

        I agree!! I Love Ellen. Anyone who has watched her show, knows what a big hearted person she is. This is rediculous. There are so many more important things to be concerned about in the world today, than someone’s sexuality.

  • Carla

    what a crock of shit…..

  • Michelle

    I love Ellen. She is a great person. It should NOT matter whether u r gay or not to do ad comercials!!!!!!!!! No one asks to b that way. It took alot of COURAGE for her to b open about her lifestyle!!!!!!!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!! I bet if it WAS someone not gay they would not say anythin about the ads.

  • Candace

    I can not believe anyone had an issue with JCP commercial featuring Ellen. I thought it was so cute and funny. If anyone was offended by the commercial I am inclined to suggest therapy. Elves have been depicted as short little people forever…now that ELLEN is in a commercial joking around with short guys it is an issue and offensive. JCP I love your store and will continue to shop at your store because I love your products and prices. Ellen, I will continue to adore you and I wish your were MY business. Keep it moving!

  • ginnysparkle

    There is nothing wrong with this ad. I am a Christian too but there is no need to go to the extreme because of her choice. Jesus loves everybody. I think the Ad is cute and I like the idea of getting a button to win prizes.

  • Angela

    Whats wrong with this ad? Theres nothing wrong with it!!

  • Melina Roth

    OMG 1Million moms… do you really think out of all you perfect people NOT one of YOUR kids is going to be gay.. get off your high horse and find something worthy to do.. like feeding children around the world.. That is where you need to put your efforts… geeze people like you make me sick

  • Regina

    I am sick and tired of the 10 million skanks butting their noses in other people’s business and trying to run everybody’s life based on their way of thinking.

    There are more important issues than this commercial. Can I name a few?

    Drug/alcohol Addiction
    Health issues (Cancer, Aids, Diabetes, etc.)

    Get a life.

    Thank G’d I am a atheist.

  • sb


    • Janet

      I second that SB its so much the truth, all these stuck in the moms get a life or a job ,you have to much time on your hands .

    • sbs

      Good for One Million Moms. People don’t understand that we are allowed to judge people’s actions and Ellen’s pro-Gay agenda is the reason the goobers on here will be destroyed by the breakdown of society. JCP will never get another dollar from me after their gay dad couple with children catalog on father’s day. Quit pushing your gay agenda on us JCP. Children need a dad and a mom no matter what these ignorant buffoons say on this thread. GOD WILL DESTROY YOU LIKE HE DID SODOM AND GOMORRAH. HOW’S THAT FOR JUDGING?

      • Tijjy

        Didn’t Jesus teach love, forgiveness, and turning the other cheek, sbs? You’re a pretty terrible example of a Christian if you forgot the teachings of the philosopher that your religious movement was named for. Ironic that you tout the “gay agenda” as destructive when you’re the one spreading hatred and crying for death and carnage.

      • Ja

        Where in the Bible does it say we are allowed to judge? I missed that part. I understand you are entitled to feel opposition against same sex,and you certainly have the right to not shop at JCP anymore, but to say we (Christians) are allowed to judge others, well I’m not so sure that’s an accurate statement. To say that that one should be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah, Well, that’s harsh. Then we should all be destroyed as such since we ALL have sinned. Christ was a compassionate being, of love and mercy. He spread His word to all mankind, not just a select few. We are not without sin, we will ALL be judged and held accountable. Rather than spew out venomous words of hate to others, we as Christians should try to be more like Christ and accept all. Truthfully, Only God is our 1 and only true judge.

        • lauren

          Very well said.

          • Susie

            I agree

        • roger schar

          The bible says you cant ba a F.A.G. so you judged yourself

      • ALS

        Regardless of how you land on who people love, this commercial brings no level of that in. Elf pushed more of an envelope in discussion of little people than this commercial. This is the most ridiculous waste of time I’ve seen in a long time and a boycott is absolutely RIDICULOUS! People who spread hate should keep their opinions to themselves. I would never ask or expect you to change your view, but there is no need to spread hate.

      • hmmm

        Where do you get off acting as if you have the same power and authority as the Almighty Lord? No one has the right to judge another. We are to embrace eachother. If you do not like something, as simple as a television or paper advertisement, then you should not look at it. You are dwelling on something that is offensive to you and this is causing you to act in a way that the Bible as instructed us not to. Please read your Bible and understand that the Lord loves us all equally and will judge all of our actions himself. Finally, please remember we are to love our neighbors as ourselves and those of us without sin may cast the first stone. If you are so self righteous that you feel you have absolutely no sin and are able to cast the first stone, then look at the commandment you are breaking. The 10 Commandments – Christ’s Summation in the New Testament
        About 1,400 years later, the 10 Commandments were summed up in the New Testament at Matthew 22, when Jesus was confronted by the religious “experts” of the day:

        “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments” (Matthew 22:36-40).

      • Deb

        SBS,Do you have a halo around your head? No skeletons in your closet? Wow must be nice to judge! No wonder our world is the way it is with people like you…You are an idiot,I hope you have no children God forbid how they would turn out!!!

      • glo

        JCP don’t need your dollars….

        • roger schar

          Yes they do…they are bankrupt!!

    • Rudywolf

      Well said.

  • Donna Bilder

    Are you serious? If you don’t have enough to worry about, get a job. This commercial warrants no outrage. Ber der.

  • http://yahoo sandy

    I dont watch ellen because she is gay but because she is a great person maybe you need to watch her show and jcp commercial and you will love her to go ellen

    • roger schar

      I dont watch Gays either

  • boomer

    Someone needs to start a support group for the husbands of these “moms”.

    • Tijjy

      Husbands, AND the children.

  • cynthia

    shame shame shame on one million moms.and thats alot of moms!why why why its the holidays! And if they want to act like that they went to the wrong school.HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAYS ELLEN .

  • Rudywolf

    Ellen is the best example of the kind of person those one million moms pray for their children to grow up to be. Warm, caring, community oriented, sucessful, generous with both her time and her money. Honest,dedicated, and morally committed to her family, friends and Country. Ladies you are an example of the worst the wonderful Country has to offer. Shame on you.

  • Ja

    I’m a Christian Mom and I don’t see anything wrong with this commercial. It’s cute and quirky…nothing offensive. These women really need to get a hobby and stop nit picking.



  • Tijjy

    One Million Moms is full of repressed lesbians and/or bisexuals who are jealous that Ellen gets to go home and bang Portia de Rossi every single night.

    I also love how all the people saying “being gay is a choice” are STRAIGHT. (Or so they claim.) Pardon me, guys, I think gay people would know better than straight people whether or not their own sexuality was a choice.

    • Jenny

      I find nothing wrong with it. Im a mother of two. An 8 yr old and 1 yr old and I have I’m still trying to figure out which part is offensive. One Million Moms needs to find something else to complain about.

    • Peter Sears

      Thank you I could not have put it better myself.

  • http://58215AntelopeLn Shaun

    So what if Ellen is a lesbian the commercial is funny because of her and the fact she is a gracious person. I see absoutley nothing wrong with the commercial!!

  • Zach

    What is wrong with people…. The commercial was meant to be funny… not mean…. and who cares if she is gay… she is NOT hurting anyone. They need to take their dildos out of their asses and get over whatever they have a problem with.

    Because having a funny, kind, beautiful person who is gay be the spokesperson of a store is clearly top on the list of world problems..

    Get your priorities straight ( and they have nothing to do with someone who isn’t)

  • open-minded

    That’s One Million lumps of coal this CHRISTmas.

  • Kalia

    Bunch of losers. Ellen is everything they arent. Famous, lovely, compassionate and caring. Million moms are a fraud. I’m willing to bet the backbone of this phony group are a bunch of closeted gay old white men.

    • roger schar

      Shes still a F.A.G. Money cant get her out of that

  • Peter Sears

    One Million Moms
    Get over yourselves, you hypocrites. Your christians for God’s sake. You are suppose to teach and learn tolerance for diversity. and not be so damn judgemental. There are so many verses to quote that you as christians are not living up to. For example Judge Ye Not, Lest ye be judged, Love one another as I ahve loved you. If you have done it to the Least of these you have done it to me. These are just to name a few. so now you need tio sit back STFU and Let the lady earn a living.

    • Traveler

      God’s word says to the woman at the well,” Go forth and sin no more”. The issue is the life style is a sin, as is stealing, lying, covering thy neighbors wife. When you sin you are to see it feel it and STOP It. Thats not what the homosexuals do, they push their life style on others.
      As a Christian, I love the sinner but hate the sin. I do not pass judgement on others, I just avoid life styles and actions of other that DO NOT ADD TO MY EFORTS TO WALK WITH GOD.

      • Dee

        Just a question – do you watch any hollywood movies or listen to music? The majority of actors/singers are having pre-marital sex and or living in “sin”. Do you avoid these “styles and actions” as well?

  • Jamir

    I wonder if this commercial was made with an “openly straight” woman, if One Million Moms would still find it “offensive”. Somehow I doubt it. It’s too bad that these kinds of Christians give a bad name for so many others.

    • roger schar

      If there were only 1 mil F.A.G.’s that would be great!

  • Stephanie

    I’m a Christian and this commercial does not offend me in any way. I love Ellen! She’s hilarious! Some ppl go to far & what’s sad they put the Christian label on this group. Christians are obviously not all the same or don’t all think alike. Be upset w/ AFA or the One Million Moms organization….not Christians.

  • Jim

    One million whiney moms are offensive.

    • Ajoiner

      Leave it to Christians to focus on such trivial BS. For a bunch of people who aren’t supposed to pass judgement, they sure seem to want to be judge and jury.

  • Paul Behr

    I vote with my wallet. JCP wants to hire this lesbian, it’s their right. It’s my right never to darken their doors again. I will exercise my right.

    • karla

      what are you talking about? ellen is not a “hateful, spiteful, vindictive, cruel person” thats your way of saying you dont like her because she’s a lesbian, but are too afraid to admit it.

      • http://webpronews Lonny Ray

        I don’t like her because she thinks she is better than anyone else, and because she is a queer. Also, who told her she is funny?

  • Patricia Camerieri

    I don’t watch Ellen–not because she is gay, but because she is a hateful, spiteful, vindictive, cruel person. It is nauseating to see her get some poor, wretched individual on her show then belittle them by having them do some demeaning, ridiculous thing while everybody is laughing at them, then drag it out long past when it should have been over just to get a prize of some kind. I loved her sit com years ago but when she started the in your face “I’m a lesbian” thing, I was done with her. I don’t have to know her lifestyle choice and I couldn’t care less. From the looks of JCP’s stock it looks like they chose poorly. It has dropped like a rock since they decided Ellen was representative of their target market. It’s too bad, Penney’s used to be a great store.

  • WhiskeyTangoFox

    Just think of the changes One Million Moms could make if they focused their energy on real issues like homelessness, teen suicide, human trafficking….just to name a few.

    • roger schar

      OK, Whiskey Dick in your ASS.

      • roger schar

        Oh! You mean the Gay population.

  • bill

    She has a funny show,I believe she is a caring person who gives back, the people on her show have no problem being laughed at, they would do what they do, humility is good and accepting peopel that are good is what we need more of, we are all a little different, but everyone is not a good person,

    • roger schar

      You must be a F.A.G.!!!

  • roger schar

    I didnt know F.A.G. was a bad word!!!!!!!!

  • roger schar

    I can name one too! F.A.G.’s

  • Dee

    Here’s something for you to think about: Why isn’t this group going after Brad Pitt and his Chanel commercials or any of his movies? If you’re going after someone for the way they “sin”, you have to go after them all. Brad cheated on this wife (SIN), had sex before marraige (SIN) AND continues to live with Angelina (SIN). I’m just saying!

  • Jose

    So they don’t like carpet munchers. Too bad. I’m not a big fan myself of that lifestyle, but JCP can have whomever they want in their ads. Personally I found nothing offensive in the above ad. These moms need to get the stick out of their butts – too many other bad things happening in the country and world to be bent out of shape over a lesbian in a commercial.

  • Christian Mom

    I love Ellen and all the support she lends to charity, animal welfare, children’s causes , education, Red Cross and many others. Her sexuality is of zero concern. It holds no-importance in comparison to the good deeds she has performed and inspired.

    I spend my $ with companies who are generous to employees from manufacturing and up, who support humane causes and refrain from unethical business practices.

    “Be kind to one another.”

    • Dee

      I love Ellen and think what she does for her community and other people throughout OUR country is amazing. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if everyone at her level did the same?

    • Justin

      ellen degenerate gives to all these charities ? Are you nuts ?
      The last thing a crumbling American society needs is an Anti Christ spokesperson.

  • bertie hunisnger

    Moms have way too much time to watch tv is seems to me. Who is watching the kids while she is watching Ellen?

  • http://Yahoo Karen

    I love Ellen and my grandchildren loves watching her too. She is a great comedian and she does alot for charity. Keep doing what you are doing Ellen. PS: I also love JC Penney’s and will continue shopping there.

  • Lex

    what is up with people these days. If you don’t want to see ellen, then turn off the tv or look the other way! And for those who believe that ellen is a judgemental and cruel person for playing fun and enjoyable games on her show, you tell me that you wouldn’t do crazy stuff to win a car or something else that normal people cannot afford! The people picked have the opportunity to refuse to play a game if they are shy, but everyone chooses to participate because it is FUN and they have the chance to win something amazing! One last thing…One Million Moms: you are one of the many organizations and groups of people who make the world stop from progressing and becoming more acceptable of people who do not fit into the “norm” that society has set up. Maybe you should be using your time more wisely, like protesting the profanity in music or the actions of those artists, not a commercial with a great person like ELLEN!!!

  • Brandi

    Instead of all you moms watching commercials and being offended by the little things in life, how about we look at bigger issues. for example gangnon or whatever his name is performed in South Korea in 2004 and was wishing death on OUR AMERICAN SOLIDERS but still gets to perform for our president..how messed up it that..I’ll rather watch a commercial with Ellen making little insults on elves than see a man with no respect towards americans perform for our president. Let’s get our priorities straight mothers and focus on bigger problems.

    • laura

      as i said

  • laura

    dont people have better things to do than hurt a persons feelings because of their sexuality/everyone on this planet was put here by God/he did not discriminate why should you/really grow up/Ellen has done good for so many people and i wonder how many of these moms were on her show for the 12 days of xmas to get free gifts/grow up there are so much more things that can is more important like homeless/cancer patients/death of a loved one/ GROW UP

  • Brett

    I’m Christian and feel that there is not a thing wrong with that commercial. The actions of the this group continue to make normal Christians look bad. Get a life One Million Moms.

  • amy rudd

    I’m a mom and I’m not offended at all. I’ve seen the ad and have no idea what people are so “offended” or upset about! It’s funny, cute, and very much in the holiday spirit. It really seems like anything you say or do these day is going to be twisted into something offensive. Everybody needs to get a life and just laugh at a funny commercial.

  • dmm1210

    These people are prejudiced, period. I thought being prejudiced was a sin. I don’t think God would like their reaction. Ellen Degeneres is not a murderer or a child molester, so get a grip! When I saw this commercial, I thought it was cute. By the way, I am a heterosexual.

  • Gerald Smith

    Like home depot,jcp is now dead to me

  • Steven Tick

    One Million Moms doesn’t give a crap about the jokes in this ad. They protested when Ellen became spokes person because she is gay and that’s what this is about. All in the name of Cristianity. They are distorting the Bible just as the taliban distorts the Koran.

    • Shaun

      I think that if they want to go after her, make it about her sexuality and be upfront about it. Being upset about the height jokes? I mean come on. As a Christian, I’m very much against homosexuality. Many many verses, NT and OT speak against it. But don’t pretened that it has anything to do with politically incorrect jokes, and if it really is about those jokes, get a life!

  • Mom of 2

    I am a mother of two, and I do not find this commercial offensive. I thought it was kind of cute. It is said in all of the Christmas stories how the elves are short, just as Santa is a big guy. Clearly, this organization is just looking for anything they can mad about and get attention for. They have their sights set on poor Ellen. I just don’t understand them. How is Ellen really harming anyone? I do not have a same sex relationship, but it doesn’t bother me that anyone does. What happens behind closed doors is just that, unless you would like to share with us (One Million Moms)what happens behind yours. I guarantee you are no saints, so leave the prejudice alone. YOU are responsible for bringing that to the children. YOU are responsible for taking a cute little joke about an elf too far. YOU need to re-evaluate the morals YOU are bestowing upon our children! My children are 3 and 1 year old. They get a kick out of Ellen. Not because they know she is a lesbian, but because she radiates what a cheerful disposition she has. THAT is what is broadcast in our eyes when we see her – JOY! I will not be told that as a Christian I should follow your example. I am a Christian and I offer peace and love to my neighbors! … Go take a hike already One Million Moms! … Or should I say Scrooge?

  • http://yahoo joseph big

    Guess this means I have to go to JCP and buy something else just to offset these redneck moms.

    • Smart Scientist

      Joseph Bigg takes it up the ass.

      • REAL Science

        That’s one wonderfully scientific, factual statement coming from a “Smart Scientist.” Why don’t you go say that to his wife, his kids, and any ex-girlfriends, too? Gotta love how defending equal rights for all Americans makes you less than a person.

    • Gabrielhues

      Right behind you Joseph

  • Dan

    On the plus side, the 1,000 people who think ellen is funny are happy.

  • Kerry

    Just viewed the video…are you kidding me…Ellen you Rock! And I consider myself a Christian Mum but not with these ladies :* Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night :)

  • Richard Peddicord

    -No one is perfect and a true Christian is a work in progress! If a person is going to change only God can accomplish that task.
    -The Bible states you will know Gods people by their love, Kindness, Understanding, patients and so on.
    -Love the people and they will listen and may want to come to God.
    -Jesus died for all the people on the cross.

  • Joshua Kricker

    “One Million Moms” is probably more likely about 10 “Moms” hauled up in some dumb ass evangelical church somewhere who’s offended that JCP is using a lesbian in their ads. Got news for you “Mom” lesbians exist, they’re out there. They’ve got nothing to be ashamed of and are part of the mainstream of America now and there’s nothing that you or your tight assed, right wing, bigoted coffee clatch can do about it.

    • Maura


  • http://facebook lee

    Gerald Smith get a life. It is not your job to judge. God made Ellen the way she is, and I think he did a fine job, so I guess you are saying God messed up. OOO! I see fire in in your future, hope you like heat :\

  • Denise

    Good analogy, great comment

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  • Sherri

    I’m so sick and tired of all these ads that bash Ellen, Who cares? I mean really? Every time I tyro to log into my email account up jumps an ad about how Ellen lied to her fans. People! Get over it. There are a lot more important things in life that demands our attention and it aint Ellen!