Ellen DeGeneres Ad Offends One Million Moms

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One Million Moms, a Christian organization created by the American Family Association which focuses on the “exploitation of children” by the media, has taken offense to a new holiday ad from JC Penny that features openly gay talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The ad focuses on Ellen and some of Santa’s elves as she makes one faux pas after another regarding their height, and One Million Moms claims the jokes in the commercial are highly offensive.

“Since April, JC Penney’s has not aired Ellen DeGeneres in one of their commercials until now. A new JCP ad features Ellen and three elves. JCP has made their choice to offend a huge majority of their customers again. Christians must now vote with their wallets,” their statement reads.

But many think that the organization simply wants Ellen and JCP to part ways because of her sexuality and are blaming a 30-second ad for their own issues.

“This is very frustrating. One Million Moms needs to re-read their Bible. The group is upset over someone who is gay being in a family commercial…are they going to start looking into the backgrounds of all people who act in commercials. I mean, are they going to get upset over the person who is having premarital sex, participating in adultery, telling lies. Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of our sins, and he doesn’t hold grudges or keep tally marks. Move on!” wrote one YouTube commenter.

“Offended: A word synonymous with being just a whiny person. If they don’t like what they see they act like children having a tantrum in a store for not getting their way,” wrote another.

The One Million Moms website has a section devoted to “Take Action Now”, where followers can look up the latest causes. Among calls to action regarding Skittles commercials and the show “The New Normal” is a post about “Person Of Interest” which claims the show is following a trend of “normalizing homosexuality”. The post about JC Penny seems to have been taken down.

Ellen DeGeneres Ad Offends One Million Moms
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  • http://apacheadvertising.com/ Matt

    I must have missed the offensive part. I’d better watch it again. It just looks like a normal goofy Ellen commercial to me.

  • http://Yahoo Rebecca Compton

    I think if one Million Moms is this upset over something as stupid as people being different and they can’t execpt that difference (what ever it is)then they shouldn’t be calling themselves “Mom” because a Mom would never do that to a child or anyone else!! You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

    • Snoogins

      You tell it! Are there really that many Mom’s that have their panties in that big of a wad??

  • Rose

    Seems to me Moms of children today have alot more to worry about with their children than Ellen Degeneres doing a JC Penny commerical. There are plenty of scary realities for children and Ellen Degeneres is not one of them. Priorites ladies……..

  • Rob Adams

    I’m a Christian, and I don’t see what the fuss is about. I’m baffled at people’s reactions to Ellen DeGenres making a commercial. Yes, she’s a lesbian, and yes, the Bible speaks out against homosexuality, but does that mean she should live in a cave or a leper colony or something?

  • Ruth

    I find the group, One Million Moms, offensive. So Ellen DeGeneres is not allowed to work because she is a lesbian? I am a Christian but we may not agree with her lifestyle but how can you be so ignorant? She IS a human being! God does not say to turn away from your fellow man because they live a lifestyle you don’t believe in. Do not judge lest ye be judged

  • michele king

    These moms (and there are not a million of them) do not speak for us.
    I haven’t never bought a thing at JCP but I’m going to now and suggest
    everyone else do the same. BTW, I think that commercial is really
    cute, that Ellen D is a very funny and more importantly good human
    being. I am not gay, but respect all people and I wish we would keep
    religion out of all of this and live by the golden rule instead.

  • Santa Claus

    Has anyone done research on the American Family Association? Its an organization out of Tupelo, MS. Look at the group/family that runs it. They all look like imbred hicks that is too lazy to work a real job. So they sit on their fat azz and cause gay issues. These people are really sick in the head…

  • JB

    OMG.So what,if Ellen Degeneres is a lesbian thats in a JC Penney holiday commercial. Kids are not looking at this commercial saying “oh look, it’s Ellen Degeneres and she’s a lesbian. It’s the stupid grown-ups that have the issues.

  • lola

    Really??? You’re coming to the defense of fictional characters??? The fictional little people that work in Santa’s workshop. Really??? You do realize how ridiculous this make you look, right? Any credibility you had as an organization is completely gone. Well done MOMS. Well done. Seriously, how can anyone be this stupid?

  • JspencerRobertM

    To partially quote from one of my favorite movies, “9 to 5,” here’s how I describe OMM/AFA, “Sexist Egotistal..Hypocrital Bigot.” I left out the part about lying, because I am sure they believe what they say. It’s a phrase used repeatedly in the movie to describe the character F. Hart.

  • Nancy

    Did the Million Moms (AKA Stepford Wives) get permisson from their husbands before leaving the house and expressing his opinion?

    • http://yahoo cara

      Moms need to get a life

  • http://www.webdesigncapetown.co.za Mark Milligan

    I dont see the problem at all with that.

  • http://WebProNews/Life Yvette

    Its crazy how some people find such little things to bitch about come on you would have thought she said hey i am gay want a cookie. I love Ellen I watch her everyday and I love the fact that she is very open about her life. Her wife is one of the most lovely women i know so the sister wives need to get a life

    • Cookie

      Amen, sister!

      • Kimberly

        Cookie-I COMPLETELY agree with you!! I was thinking the exact same thing as I was reading this complaint!!!

  • Cookie

    One Million Moms is more like 5,000 Mom’s. The receive funding from the American Family Association, and AFA directs where the hatred is targeted. These women are frustrated, selfish, ignorant and make real Mom’s look foolish. Tony Perkins and his hate spreads should be ashamed of themsleves because they are the least Christian people in the media today.

  • K

    Really? This group is definitely a top contender should an island open up that needs inhabitation. Please find another victim, like how about pedofile pediatricians, fathers impregnating their daughters, Victoria’s Secret television shows on network tv….go away.

  • http://Yahoo DWTS

    It seems to me that there are 1 Million Moms out there that are feeling the effects of their sexual repression. Either that or they’ve replaced actual sex with a stick up their keisters…pull it out “Church Ladies” and take up a hobbie or two.

  • Angela

    I find it funny that those who claim the loudest to be Christian also hate the loudest. I am pretty sure Christianity is not suppose to be about hating people, because they do not beliving the same thing as you. Ellen seems like a great person with a very loving and giving heart.

  • Ellen

    Well i am not gay,and dont believe in being gay, however Ellens personal life has nothing to do with that silly coomerical..I thought it was cute..I also think Ellen is funny and witty…Just because i like Ellen does not make me gay or condone her life style…however she is a human and we should let God be the judge,we cannot cast judgement on Her….I really do not think she brags about her gay life..To me she is just a funny witty person and just quit hating….

  • Michelle G.

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in my life. Elves are short. The joke is innocent and meant to be playful. This organization and their members need to find something better to do with their time and resources. Ellen DeGeneres is an awesome woman, and her sexuallity should have nothing to do with anything. JCP should be proud that they put her in this commercial and the members of “One Million Moms” should really find something else to fill their time with. Unreal.

  • tracy

    I’m going to make it a point to buy more at JCP.

  • regina

    I don’t care what you do anymore, someone will get offended. If the gays do something out of the ordinary, someone will get offended. If Christians stand up for their religion, someone will get offended. Hell, my comment will probably offend someone, but I don’t give a rat’s behind because no matter what we say or do in life we will offend someone. People just need to grow up and quit acting like babies and live. Oh no, I probably offended babies now. See my point? Have a nice day.

  • richard

    it appears that one million moms got what they were hoping; publicity. ellen has most likely done more humanitarian work for people that even 1/4 million moms. get a real life. search each of your conscience and move on. oh yeah! merry christmas

  • Samantha

    It’s always crazy to me how strong people of faith can hate on others. The most common cause of wars and hatred today and always has been centered around religion. For people who believe in spreading God’s love with such conviction, they have a hard time doing this themselves. Crazies

  • tim

    stop religion now!

    • Ruth Sutton

      Was a big JCP customer….no longer. Been their customer for many years both instore and catalogue. New CEO has ruined the store. Ivisited the store early this year but I have not shopped at JCP since Ellen started her ad for JCP. Their whole store has changed….no longer the JCP I used to shop in.

  • Tanya

    This is really stupid that’s the only word for it. Bigots that’s all they really are. There are bigger problems out here, here are a few worthwhile causes they can target: slave labor, child prostitution, missing girls being sold on the black market.
    Pick a real problem and do some real good

  • Tami

    As a Christian, I am offended at the stance this organization continues to take when there are matters far more horrific in this world that could use their attendtion. “One Million Moms” is making a mockery out of Christianity and doing the complete opposite of what the Bible teaches. There is nothing offensive in this commercial – they are attempting to fabricate something that doesn’t exist. Forget Ellen’s sexuality, she is a good person who does wonders to help humans (and animals) in need. Choose to put your energy towards helping others, not hurting! If someone feels so strongly about homosexuality, they would have already chosen not to shop at JCP. NOTE TO OMM: THIS IS NOT FOR YOU TO JUDGE! Ellen is in no way forcing her life style upon YOU via these ads! Quit saying you are Christians – you are embarassing those of us that are truly trying to live our lives this way!

    • Tanya


  • Tiffany

    GET OVER IT!! gezz, people have nothing better to do than pick apart commercials?? get a LIFE people…

    • Jeanette

      SOOOO…let me think about this…Elves are little imaginary people who make gifts for Santa.We are not allowed to remark about their size,or the imaginary people will be insulted. I think these imaginary “Christians “should all go to the “north pole” and do some REAL work helping the poor and homeless….time well spent instead of wasted..REAL Christian work.

  • http://web dave

    hope they make a commercial were all the homosexuals get aids and scream in pain as they die telling how they offended God and are not rotting in Hell!!

    • http://web dave

      i meant they are rotting in Hell of course

  • larry

    once again a religious group is trying to push their values on America. This world has a standard of universal ethics. This commercial did not offend any of those. What it did do, was offend divine laws set by a religious group. A groups beliefs have no place in commercial ads. How sad to live your life by a 3000 year old book written by 30 or so men in the desert over a period of 1500 years, and try and make these stories as a set of morals that society has to abide by.

  • Joy

    Seriously?! I am a Christian and I clearly do not see anything wrong with the commercial. In fact, I think it is quite hilarious. Come on people…lighten up!!

  • Crystal

    Well, in all honesty..
    no matter what religion you are..
    who likes bullying?

    Perhaps this ad had nothing to do with sexuality, nor was it meant to make real harm. But, I can see how picking on anyones physicsl looks be it in good humor or not..) could encourage or condone poking fun of people, for the wrong reasons.. thus, shouldn’t be aired.

    Remember, many places arent displaying nativity scenes for Christmas this year, because some people found it offensive.
    I personally, think bullying/teasing, is way worse than a nativity scene..

    • Jess

      Yeah… we wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of fictional fairy tale characters. That wouldn’t be very nice of us at all.

      By the way, do you have a forwarding address for Big Foot? I’d like to apologize for calling him fat and hairy.

      • holly

        So agree with you Jess!! What’s next, Moms? Changing our classic reference to Santa from a ‘Jolly Old Elf,’ to ‘Senior Citizen of Average Stature with a Cheerful Disposition?’ Somehow it’s just not the same….

      • Selma


    • tamaeo


  • DEE

    Get offended at Child neglect, child abuse, pedophiles,child hunger, gangs, murders,kidnappers, drunk drivers, hatred, racism.. I can go on and on…Jesus Help Us!!!

    MATTHEW 7:1-5:
    “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull the mote out of thine eye; and behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast the mote out of thy brother’s eye.t, kidnappers, drunk drivers, hatred, racism I can go on and on…

  • Rebekkah

    I am a mother. I am 4’10. I am married to a man. I didn’t see one thing wrong with this commercial. Was she making out with her wife? Were there all females in this commercial whom she was feeling up??? I am proud to be “fun sized” and “concentrated”. You go girl!!!

  • Carolann Quinn

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone! What One MIllion Moms is doing is pushing their beliefs down my throat. Ellen DeGeneres is not bothering me a bit nor is there anything wrong with her ad. There is also nothing wrong with “Person of Interest”. Guess what I am more upset about One Million Moms? YOU and your need to tell me how to think! Can we edit you? Maybe you should be off Facebook as a hate group!

  • manboy

    1st. Iam not for gays or gay marriage. we all sin and all are sinners…. i am for Christ, but this million mom thing went to far here….. theres nothing wrong with this ad!!!!! the lives of others should be no business of anyone….GOD is the one and only judge.

    • MJ

      A-freaking-men!!!! This is exactly how I feel! Why do people feel the need to judge!Life is too short to worry about what everyone else is doing!

    • holly

      This was a cute commercial about something we all do at times, unintentionally sticking our foot in our mouth and the lame attempts we make to brush over it! So what is the big deal?…they are elves!!! There are so many larger more pressing issues in this world. What a waste of time and energy.

  • Jesus

    There are not enough christians who will boycott JCP so we are going to see more of Ellen in the commercials. Check the statistics christianity is on the decline.

    • josh

      Who cares if she is gay?? Christians need to get their act together and stop judging people by what they are instead of who they are. All of you are hypocrites. You are gonna find out one day that there is no god, he is a fictional character like Zeus, Apollo, and all those other imaginary things that people have idolized over thousands of years just to give themselves hope that they are special. So what she likes women, does that affect you or me?? Can I not shop at target or eat chicken because of homosexuals? Bunch of hypocrites, live your life how you wanna, and let everyone else live theirs without pushing your fairy tales on them!!!

  • Robbin

    These so-called “moms” offend me. Take care of your kids and stop trying to mind everyone else’s business.

    • Elizabeth L.

      Amen to that!

  • Charlie

    I am offended by the One Million Moms. I am a Christian who does not feel it is necessary to judge.


      having a differring opinion isn’t judging, its called freedom of Speech, try it sometime.

  • http://Yahoo Marilyn R.

    I support One Million Moms one hundred percent. These women have gotten offensive programing taken off the air and I have been one of those moms. I think this one is stretching it a tad. Let’s stick to the bigger offenses, the ones that would affect young children and teens and familys; the material that is ungodly and unproductive. M

  • DJ

    If this group of moms is going to take this approach, then, they should strip their lives of anything that was produced by a gay person. Hmm…are you thinking what I’m thinking?

  • Elizabeth L.

    I love Ellen! People always have to be b*tching about something.. it’s getting old.

    • http://yahoo Susan

      I am a mom and I am a christian. I LIKE Ellen. Leave it alone. Its only an ad. You don’t like it? You don’t have to watch it.


      YEAH, just like all this ” In your Face 24/7 gay Crap is getting Pathetic n Old


    JCP will have to file for Bankruptcy by next year because of the Idiots running their Marketing an Ad department. Putting a Deviant Skank like Elen Degenerate as their spokesperson,is a all time dumb move. Nobody wants to buy their crap with a known dyke pushing it.

  • Mickey

    You intolerant, hypocritical “christians” give all Christians a bad name. Just because you are offended by people who are different than you, doesn’t mean it is wrong. Get off your high horses and show some compassion, compassion that your supposed Jesus offered to all who followed him. Why do you think the world should revolve around you and your beliefs? Stay away from JCP, please, then I don’t have to see you while I am shopping there!

  • Steve W. Otta

    Wow, what a load of horse hockey. These million moms are simply bigots. I’m not a big Ellen DeGeneres fan but I don’t hate her. I didn’t hear her say “Hey kids! I’m a lesbian, buy this stuff because I go with girls”. A tempest in a teapot. I can’t believe how the christian right continues to marginalize itself and make itself seem even more anachronistic.

  • robin

    Ok, I am a Christian woman who does not think there is anything wrong with this ad. I am not a huge fan of Ellen or her lifestyle. However, all in all, this is not a bad ad at all. There is nothing to get your feathers all up in a bunch over. All she is promoting is the button…..
    Million Moms, GET OVER IT…..

  • Albert

    Like Ellen or not I don’t understand why JCP being a struggling company would hire someone so controversial. Maybe this is one of the reasons why they are struggling with decisions like this being made.

  • Olde Rose

    To all who argue that those who take umbrage,at yuks about the vertically-challenged community,are too thin-skinned and need to “loosen up”–is this not a case of a fairy saying that elves come up short? Offended? Why? Sorry, gotta go watch the Redskins play the Vikings. Loosen up, people!

  • peggy

    What is wrong with the video? OMG are those women senitive.
    Stop trying to run others lives.

  • Dallas

    This is ridiculous. Besides not really being very humorous (and I do Like ELLEN) it is the Elves who take offense at ELlen’s use of adjectives “No SMALL feat” or “it’s a BIG deal” when no offense was intended. She never says “This is task for ‘little’ folks like you”. MOVE ON is all I can think. Quit trying to find a problem when none exists. I thought the offense may come with the “Folks who take up 2 places at the mall” since it seemed to imply there are FAT people shopping. That obviously doesn’t apply to the elves who are all skinny.

    This is honestly one of the most idiotic arguments I’ve heard raised in some time. If their problem is with the spokesperson’s sexuality, then just state the fact. Are they worried about alienating folks? If so, they seem to be doing that by raising these crazy issues…

    • http://Yahoo Marilyn R.

      Right. M

  • http://Yahoo Marilyn R.

    To those who critize One Million Moms for their stands against offensive programing… at least someone cares enough about children to stand up against the immoral programs that effect children’s thinking and young teens decesions. It isn’t just entertainment. Movies, music, television change young people and more often then not, for the worse not the better. Spend a afternoon watching the so called ” innocent” Disney teen sitcoms… children act like adults and adults act like children. And, the scripts are pushing the envelope with teens getting sexual. Its not innocent. Just sit back and watch young three year olds gyrating to music. Our children’s innocense is being raped and the only group that seems to care is One Million Moms. Before you critize them, ask yourself… what are you doing to protect children from anything or anyone… especially Hollywood and the music industry? M

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