Ellen and Portia Copy Kim Kardashian's 'Paper' Look for Holiday Card

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Ellen and Portia grew some honking Kim Kardashian butts--a la Paper magazine--and used them to create this year's holiday card. This is, of course, a spoof pulled off at the hands of Ellen DeGeneres--featuring herself with wife Portia de Rossi on the card in her attempt to poke fun at the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. It's a pretty funny one, too.

Friends and family members of Ellen and Portia are likely hoping that's the actual holiday card they receive, and knowing Ellen DeGeneres and her quick wit, there might just be a handful of recipients destined for hearty laughter this holiday season.

"Portia and I started working on our holiday cards...we don't know what we're gonna do yet," Ellen DeGeneres said, before revealing the card showing her and de Rossi's heads edited onto Kardashian's oiled-up body, with red bows covering their bare hind quarters. "It says 'Happy Holidays' and then 'And a Shiny New Year.' A shiny new rear."

Last year Ellen DeGeneres channeled Kim Kardashian's hubby, Kanye West, for their holiday card. They used his 'Bound 2' music video for inspiration, 'complete with a motorcycle and a loving embrace.'

So maybe someone will receive the Ellen and Portia shiny butt holiday cards after all. It's great to see Ellen and Portia together. Problems earlier in the year had some speculating that their marriage might not survive. It's uncertain how much was hype and how much was fact, but it's good to see both of them on this hilarious holiday card.

Do you think Ellen and Portia will really use these cards to send to their family and friends?

Kimberly Ripley
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