Elizabeth Vargas: Did Husband Have Affair While She Was in Rehab?

    March 14, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Elizabeth Vargas was secure about her rehab stint and admitted she was an alcoholic when she returned to work with her colleagues at ABC News. Now a rumor says her husband, Marc Cohn, had an affair while she was away getting help for her problems with alcohol.

Marc Cohn vehemently slams the rumors.

“I have no comment regarding vicious rumors about a so-called ‘affair,'” the Grammy-winning songwriter said during a recent interview. “I have encouraged and supported Elizabeth’s recovery as her years of struggle have been hard on everyone. Out of deference to my family’s privacy, I will not comment further.”

Page Six published a report saying Cohn had an affair with their friend and Flywheel instructor Ruth Zukerman.

“Like so many people, I am dealing with addiction. I realized I was becoming increasingly dependent on alcohol,” Elizabeth Vargas said upon her return to ABC in January. “I am in treatment and am so thankful for the love and support of my family, friends and colleagues at ABC News.”

Hopefully Marc Cohn didn’t stoop so low as to have an affair while his wife Elizabeth Vargas was in rehab battling alcoholism. That would definitely be the ultimate insult and could cost the couple their marriage. As with any kind of rumor, there will no doubt be more reports about these allegations, especially if there’s any truth to them. Hopefully that’s not the case as it could also result in serious repercussions regarding her sobriety.

Things do sound rather questionable, however, because Us Weekly reports that multiple media outlets are saying that Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn are presently separated. The couple has two children–Zachary, who is 11, and Samuel, who is 7. An affair and a separation could take their toll on these kids, too, and they have been through enough already.

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  • Nanners

    My father was an alcoholic for about 60 years. Growing up with it and seeing how it slowly increased was hard. And that it took that long to kill him amazed me.

  • Boots Gizmore

    Hi hope all is going well with Eliz she a sexy lady and needs good company

  • Olde Rose

    Alcoholism is a heavy burden for any family; it must be so much the more challenging for those in the public eye. Pray for them, and cast no stones.

  • Saswatc12

    Oh yes, he got his “freak on while she was in rehab”.

  • Jane Doe

    “stoop so low”

    It’s easy to pass judgement if you’ve never actually lived through something like this. It’s almost harder on the spouse. Not saying I condone it, but it’s very difficult to make heads or tails of life when you’re actually in the middle of it.

  • Larry Hauck

    One Day at a Time Elizabeth. we’re all with you.

  • Larry Hauck

    Shame on you for dissing this courageous beautiful lady.

  • Rick

    Can somebody report on the private life of this reporter. It isn’t anybody’s business but their own!