Elizabeth Hasselbeck Settles In At New Fox Gig

    September 16, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Elizabeth Hasselbeck started her new job over at “Fox And Friends” this morning, and Twitter has been buzzing ever since.

Hasselbeck, who left her controversial turn on “The View” for the Fox gig, said recently that being offered the job was akin to “being called up to play for one of your favorite teams in the major leagues” and was excited to join the people she considers family after making several guest appearances there. However, Twitter wasn’t so sure about her first day.

Hasselbeck left “The View” in a swirl of rumors about whether she was fired or pushed out by her co-stars, and has only fueled the speculation by refusing to talk about what happened. The executive vice president for Fox programming, Bill Shine, says the move came about after he ran into her agent at a party and set up a meeting with her.

“She’s very smart. She’s very outgoing,” said Shine. “She’s a great on-air talent, a great personality and I think that will do very well for her in the morning.”

But according to some Twitter users, she’s “stepped down” by taking on the job. A good deal of the Twitter buzz about her today seems to be negative, but among Fox viewers, Hasselbeck reportedly got good reivews.

  • Name

    You know what Elisabeth is going to say before she says it. She is very much brainwashed. Anyone that believes that strongly about a political affiliation is.

    Americans divide themselves so often by identifying themselves as a republican, democrat, or tea party member. Liberal, moderate, or conservative. Left wing or right wing.

    All Politicians are the same. They go to the same schools, share the same benefits, invest in the same companies, join the same clubs, date/marry from the same circles, and are the richest people in the country. In a very real way, they are like professional wrestlers. On TV, all the wrestlers hate each other, but behind closed doors they are all friends.

  • Hmm

    Of course, she is excited to go to Fox. They all think she does. She will also not have to provide any facts about what she says because Fox certainly doesn’t do that now.

    Rosie O’Donnell owned Elisabeth on the view. Rosie used facts and Elisabeth used traditional rhetoric. I am not even a Rosie fan and I still came out knowing that.

    That is all these types of shows really do. Make inflammatory statements and work the mob mentality of the masses. Facts be damned.

  • Wow

    She is a cute blond with a great set of legs. That is why most people like her. In fact, I cannot tell you how many times I have heard statements like this — “she has no idea what she is talking about, but man, she is good looking”. That is pretty much all you need to know.

    When will America learn, you can be a complete idiot but if you are good looking — it just won’t matter. Wait — check that — America has learned that!! What was I thinking!!!

  • elle

    prove ONE fact that was not true on FOX news to me. you cannot, you are just listening to all the liberal rants, fox news is not prejudice, it is news. the other shows (on all cable networks) are opinion shows when hosed by one person. duh! for instance, shep smith reports THE NEWS, DOES NOT GIVE HIS OPINION. Chris Matthews (MSNBC) gives his opinion, Sean Hannity opinion, etc…etc..etc…

    • @elle

      I don’t have time to list all the things that Fox news gets wrong.

      You are very naive to think that one station is going to provide you with the “truth”. Every news outlet in this country has an agenda. Furthermore, if you compare the news in America to the news from around the globe, you will get many complete contradictions. Also, what the news chooses to NOT talk about is also very telling. The news may not outright lie, but they may just avoid the truth all together. I will help you out though. Here is a good place to start:


      The first story is actually kind of interesting. Two different universities showed that Fox viewers are more ignorant than most on world events. That couldn’t possibly have to do with Fox getting things wrong — nah.

    • Huh

      You are kidding right? Just type in Fox errors in your browser. Hope you have days to read.

  • Kathy Carter

    I don’t care one way or the other I never watch the news that’s my husband’s department but he is wondering what happen to Gretchen.