Elizabeth Berkley Is So Excited! For Her Baby Boy

By: Amanda Crum - July 31, 2012

Elizabeth Berkley, perhaps best known for her role as Jessie Spano on the beloved teen TV series “Saved By The Bell” (unless you’re a “Showgirls” fan), has just become a mama.

Berkley, 40, has been married to husband Greg Lauren since 2003, but this is their first child together. Berkley announced the birth via Twitter and thanked friends and fans for being supportive.

“In life there are moments you cherish forever, and this is one of them,” she said.

The actress may have stepped out of the spotlight a bit since “Showgirls” debuted to harsh reviews, but she has been busy working on other interests; her book, “Ask Elizabeth”, was released last year and is meant to be a self-help tome for teen girls. It began as an expansion of her website, where Berkley received many questions from young girls regarding advice.

“I think this was, honestly, the perfect time to write this book, because as we all know, in the media, for years now, people have been talking about the issues with our teen girls, but no one has really been talking about how to help our girls,” she told MTV last year. “I think now more than ever, there’s a great need. The ability to know that they’re not alone, and other girls are going through it too and how they can help each other.”

Looks like now she can put her helpful skills to use as a mother. Just stay away from those caffeine pills when the baby’s up all night, lady!

Amanda Crum

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  • http://www.knowyourtvthemes.com Jay Knows

    Congratulations Ms. Berkeley. Loved Showgirls. It’s not a movie for critics.

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    She’s a hot mama!

  • o’ danny boy

    id love to see her baby-maker.yum

    • Mike

      you didn’t see Showgirls? Shaved babymaker in that movie!

  • bngjti

    Wonder if her boob are still droopy…