Elin Nordegren Rejoins The Land Of The Single

    May 17, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren is now single again after breaking up with boyfriend Jamie Dingman, who have been seeing each other since last summer. There’s much speculation that she may have realized she entered a relationship too soon after her old one ended.

Nordegren had a very public divorce from Woods after news broke that he was carrying on affairs with several mistresses in 2009; he later admitted to a sex addiction, which earned him public ridicule. He has, however, gone on to maintain his golfing career, although many think he’s lost the spark he once had.

Nordegren is currently living in North Palm Beach, Florida and is having a new home built for herself and her two children, presumably with the $12 million she received from Woods in their divorce settlement. High-profile divorcee or not, she will likely be a hot commodity in the dating scene once word gets around that she’s on the market again.

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Elin Nordegren Is Single Again http://t.co/MqthRXT6 So, You’re saying there’s a chance?
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Is that so? *adjusts glasses, puts swagger in my walk* RT @TheBigLead Important: Elin Nordegren is Single Again http://t.co/g4s47GiC
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This news calls for another trip to Sweden: “Elin Nordegren is back on the market after splitting with investor b/f” http://t.co/iJNJBCov
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  • nonya

    I think that people who have their abs on their picture are morons and very insecure.

    • http://yahoo don grab

      who cares

      • Jane

        Apparently you care, because you read it!

    • Jekyll

      My guess is Punnavith Koy has a hard time keeping it “hard”, unless there is another guy around.

    • Jen

      Are you for real? It’s retarded for you to comment on people’s pics. He has nice abs and I’d rather see his abs than boobs plastered all over the internet. The only person that’s insecure and moronic is you.

      • Tonia

        Besides, I would say that picture is of his pects more than his abs. And he looks pretty great.

    • marcia

      and they have good abs….

  • Rich

    I wish her and her children well. I would (eventhough she doesn’t have too) like to see her model again. She’s fit, and has the look to be a VOGUE, yes a Vogue model. But whatever she decides I certainly wish for her the best. And along with that, much love. LOVE! to you & your family too Elin Nordegren! Peace be with you.

  • Yancy

    Hey Amanda, don’t blog before you research. The 12 million you said she got in the settlement is incorrect. That’s the amount she paid for the estate she demolished to build the house that’s currently under construction. If she’d have settled for 12 million, she’d have apparently had the worst attorney’s in the world. Her settlement was in the 9 figures. And anyone going to Twitter to yammer on about their chances of landing this catch should just stay on their couch and keep tweeting.

    • Donna

      I’m with Yancy…12 Million? HA….folk need to get their facts STRAIGHT….
      the 12million is to buy the kids play doh and crayons! Go recheck the facts!

    • joan

      Model again? You have NEVER seen her model. Her friend took pictures of her, and she met Tiger. This is the default careet of blondes who have no jobs.

      • Jane

        Sorry Joan, you are wrong.

  • http://yahoo.com! countryboy

    I think she just wants privacy…coming to America means fame for many foreigners….as far as modeling goes, there are many American born gals who are just as beautiful if not prettier than her who could have a chance at getting famous.js.

  • Christine

    12 million dollar divorce settlement? I know you probably didn’t mean to leave off the ZERO…Her settlement was in the 100 million dollar range!

    • Hana

      That did seem quite low. I think it was 120 million + child support.

  • Jim

    Elin must have serious self-esteem issues to have submitted to Dingman for so long. Dingman was rumored to be part of the rotation for one or more of the other players in this sordid tale. I hope the rumors weren’t true.


  • sly blu

    NO ONE cares about TW any more – he is a loser at everything.

    • Rich

      I agree he lost the best looking woman he will ever have..the others were lowlife skanks. No one likes his lowlife sex starved axx anymore no matter what his rank. He’s is so yesterday!

  • john smiles

    I hope Elin had a great Mother’s Day with her kids and I hope Tiger had a great Mutha’s Day with his ????

    • http://webpronews.com Mitch thompson

      stop being an internet racist its cowardly and tacky.

    • Moriandria

      I assume he spent Mother’s Day with his MOTHER.

    • Rick

      Loser? TW made $64,067,059 Total earnings in 2011, He is currently #7 in the World Golf Rankings up from #23 at the end of 2011. His 2012 earnings to date are $1.8m+ thus far this year.

      His is ahead of Phil and a slue of other ‘winners’ on tour. P.S., whats your 2012 earning?

      • Rich

        so what? money doesn’t mean you have class and are not a sex freak cheater moron? not to mention he owes alot his endorsements are null.. :) someone obviously gets he’s a nothing now. #7 remember that its not a lucky number anymore LOL!

        • roses

          I bet most of those who are critical of TW absolutely love and admire Charlie Sheen.

  • Jack Abramoff

    Yeah Punnavith, there’s a chance….but not for you.

  • jack

    ELIN….. if you ever need someone to be a grandpa to your kids, let me know . i have ten of my own who are all grown up

  • lalala

    12 millions dollars is so far off from the actual amount she received that it makes me wonder if everything else in this article is not to be trusted. She was awarded over 100 million dollars. I don’t typically follow celebrity divorce settlements, but I remember hearing the figure and knowing the worth of someone like Tiger Woods and knowing 12 million dollars is no where near the real range that someone married to an athlete of his caliber would ever have gotten. Point is, everyone makes mistakes. A simple Google search would be yielded the correct info to give you an accurate proof-read.

  • Jack

    Yeah shes a real trooper 100 million worth of “woe is me”…just another woman lving off a famous and rich man …so the story goes…
    some things never change.

  • Qader

    $12 million? Clearing Crum doesn’t even know who Elin is or Tiger is. Try $750,000,000 as the settlement.

  • http://lovezack.blogspot.com Zack

    She definitely got more than 12 million from Tiger.

  • http://Yahoo Betty

    She just notified the world that she is only a Gold Digger – the same as everyone suspected. I have no sympathy for her at all. She got her money the same way his female friends got theirs, before he married her. His only mistake was not having a Pre-Nuptial to protect himself from her. I bet he has one if he ever re-marries again, or he is a bigger fool than I think he is! Too many of her kind running the streets! The only reason she is single again now is she found out Jamie didn’t have the funds that Tiger had, so no use to bother wasting her time on him any longer – or perhaps he was smarter and ask her to sign a pre-nup and she didn’t like the idea. She doesn’t need any Good Luck as she has had all of the experience she needs already! There is a Fool born every minute!

    • Rich

      yah! he married her! she didn’t hold a gun to his head…whatever! she is a beautiful blonde and he is a sick skank chasing #7 loser.. and he will never have a better woman in his life.. She has more money than Jamie now! she got it from the lowlife who cheated on her. GO ELIN! HE got his! and she has every right to laugh all the way to the ever god loving BANK!!! I hope all the women in the world that get cheated on sue for every penny they can get! If you don’t love someone divorce them don’t cheat on them! Elin had to live with Tiger giving her HIS skanks disease & germs every time she had sex with him!! she didn’t know what his lame cheating axx was sleeping with and I saw them they were gross! He deserved to PAY BIGTIME! just GROSS!!!

      • http://Yahoo Betty

        Jealousy raises it’s ugly head again, Rick! You will never get in Tiger’s league! He far out-passes you, so keep on drooling all over yourself!

        • Nanette Valencia

          Evidently, you’re the one who’s jealous of Elin! And you have every right to be. Rich, (Not Rick)is spot on. Woods put her health at risk with his whoring and women who criticize her are only showing their true colors – green!

      • roses

        Like I said, many of you who resent and dislike TW would pay to trade places with Charlie Sheen for just one day.

      • Charlie

        Rich, It appears that your pants are “dancin” for a chance with Elin. Are you a racist or just an old frustrated horndog? She ain’t gonna give you the time of day even if you are acting like her lawyer.

    • merry

      i can’t agree more! she’s nothin but a gold digger! no, i don’t feel sorry for her… she loves every minute of her rich ass!

  • Ruby Hutson

    whatever the settlement $12 million or $120 million, she deserves it and much more.

    It just goes to show you can’t trust anyone in marriage, so why are we holding it so sacred and off limits to Gay people.

    • Rich

      That’s right Ruby!

    • Rich

      thats is totally on point Ruby!

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  • Popsy

    Tell me how I can becomes friends with anyone that will introduce me to a “make” and after a few years and a couple of babies – ‘A MILLIONAIRE’

    • Rich

      if you have ever had babies you would know its not easy, raising them is even harder. Who cares about money being a mom is the hardest job you will ever have! I almost died giving birth. Tiger needs to pay the hell up for cheating on her more than just money hope he is miserable! She spent years of her life and will have to raise his children without him. hes a scumbag for not treating her right! seriously she could have married a decent man who had less and been happier! all this money all that come on! how many people with money are happier? you choose your happiness..Money or not! I am sure raising her children separate from him is hard! No man wants a ready made family probably why Jamie doesn’t want her!
      happens all the time men leave women with other men’s kids why they don’t want the kids!

  • http://yahoo turn3

    WOW the light went on……THINK BABY THINK

  • Nam Marine

    Even with 12 Million, she is still used goods. Once coveted by a negro.

    • silky85282

      Yeah, those Negros have big Peckers and are a hard act to follow. If you know what I mean.

      • Bob

        Yer right, Silky. Tough for us “Regular” fellers to get past the used part…

    • Michal

      Your comment is digusting.

  • silky85282

    If your great looking, but no fun to be with you get dumped or cheated on. Holly Berry and Christi Brinkley. Now Elin Nordgren.

    • joe blow

      don’t forget Jennifer Aniston, though she seems like she would be fun. Then again, she’s an actress, many of them are quite different in real life than they are behind the camera.

  • george elliott

    You’re an idiot Amanda….a third grader knows Elin got more than $120,000,000 not $12,000,000….ever heard of research or math?

  • silky85282

    You know Tiger is hitting it again.

  • stingray

    HuH? What?? “Couldn’t keep the Ball to himself” That makes absolutely no sense at all…If you wanted to use a sexual golf reference…You should have said “He couldn’t keep his putter to himself”…But i’m thinking you know zero about the game of golf…go ahead I grant you permission to re-shoot your report and use a phrase that makes sense…MINE…

  • eddie

    she wants a guy who works with horses???? or just a rich guy.she left that part out

  • Jose Silva

    In 100 years she will be where we all are.

  • v

    That’s way too big of a mansion for her and her children! She was out for his money and got it! regardless of his cheating or not, they wouldn’t have worked out anyway. Golddigger/aspiring model + athlete/cheater are a dime a dozen!

    • Joseph

      WOW!– Really!?.- I usually dont respond to comments but yours was so dumb, so idiotic, and so unbelievably insane I just figured I had to tell you personally what a complete moron you are!
      The only thing she did wrong in this whole mess was marrying a monkey who had everything…Money, fame, awards, a beautiful wife and 2 healthy kids…..but just couldnt keep hid dick in his pants! Not only does he cheat but with MULTIPLE PEOPLE….and WHORES! After the spectacle he made of himself, and after everything he put his family through — she should have gotten anything she could! He is worth 750.000.000 if not more , and she got a sixth of his net worth???? He should count his lucky stars he was not married in california or she would have walked with triple the amount than what she did!
      Yeah….she was really after his money..LOL… Dumbest thing I ever heard!

      Like the old saying goes…”once you go black, you become a single mom”

      • roses

        Moderators, this is comment that needs to be deleted.
        A beautiful blond married a non-white man who cheated on her. Racism raises its ugly head. If he was a famous white actor, athelete or talk show host, no one would care.

        • Nanette Valencia

          Your comment about ‘no one would care’ is just as racist. The truth hurts

        • 10liltoes

          I agree with you. Elin Nordegren did nothing wrong, except be a trusting wife with two children while he cheated on her with WHORES. She is the injured party.
          She is entitled to spousal maintenence and child support for their two children. And in the state of California, the wife is entitled to half of everything.
          I agree, the person is a MORON!

  • http://yahoo jeffery creekmore

    this is one the worlds most beautiful women on earth may she find true love

  • joe blow

    yeah, feeling very sorry for Elin for not getting exactly what she wants. Man, if she only had my slightly above average life, then maybe she would be happy

  • David Goodale

    Check again on the settlement She walked away with a hell of a lot more then 12 million. That’s about 2 months pay for Woods..
    its closer to 200 million

  • Erney

    I guess I’m a hopeless romantic. They were such a cute couple and beautiful children, I had hoped they would get back together.

  • Roberto Moreno

    She could always go back to being a nanny in Sweden where she came from.

  • Mr.Right

    She is a money hungry gold digger. Former prostitute err I mean nanny who will not look at a man unless he is wealthy and could further her rich life of tanning and pretending to model. Tiger – you are better off without this fake gold digger tramp.

  • mag

    elin sure has a beautiful figure after having 2 kids..and money buys most anything in life. Look how tiger got erin..flash some money, u get the girl. No matter how ugly a person is, if they have money, they can have anything or anyone they want.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ Elisa80C

    Thanks man.. They were such a cute couple and beautiful children, I had hoped they would get back together.

  • Barb

    I agree with you. Elin Nordegren did noting wrong except be a trusting wife and mother to their 2 kids. While he cheats on her with WHORES! She is the injured party, and is entitled to spousal maintenence and child support. In the state of California she would be entiteled to half of everything. She should have gotten more for all the humilitation he caused her. You are right the person is a MORON!

  • http://yahoo joe lucito

    id say call me but i would never be able to do u any good after tiger by the way blondie u really messed this guy up he cant get the ball in the hole

  • http://Yahoo Keith Smith

    Tiger and Elin are going to realize the mistake they both made and will get back together.

  • http://Yahoo Keith Smith

    Tiger and Elin are going to realize the mistake that they both made and get back together.

  • http://yahoo lovan

    I believed Elin she had been waiting for the moment to break up the marriage. TW had prenup at 10mill. 100 mills for her to raise his children, is fair. Without children 10mills is more than enough. TW love her that is why he had sex with more than 9 sluts. sex is physical for some men, no emotional involve, have fun for life pay for the fun if you wantit. Children will com to you when they grownup, if you are good farther.

  • http://webpronews.com dave

    Used and damaged goods.

  • Josey

    Now that she has had her rebound relationship?I hope she finds a nice,intelligent,wealthy(given she is too),low profile man.
    One who has no interest in being an international playboy.
    I believe she’d be better off looking in her native country and keep any relationship she has completely out of the public eye.

  • t


  • http://Yahoo James

    If it wasn’t for Tiger Woods she would still be bumming in sweden. She is a gold digger waiting in the wings of Tiger Woods and it is probably a set up to destroy their marriage.Now maybe she be leaning to the far left.who cares about this world of inequality,why is it that she gets that sum of money and the guy gets practically nothing. Its a very sick world I sure hoped that the universe will come crashing down to eliminate this sickening human raceand return them to dust.



  • http://Yahoo Betty

    Jealousy is rearing its ugly head again! Most of you get your “History in the Making” from the grocery store tabloids. You are putting your mouth in motion before you put your brain in gear! Never have I found Tiger’s income reach that exaggerated amount you are declaring! He made excellent income, granted, but never any of those figures in any year!Add his annual income to his on-going back account and he will be worth more, but the gold digger didn’t get it all! Read the actual facts for a change, before it has been repeated across the country. I wish him well!