Elin Nordegren Name-Drops In Miami

    December 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Elin Nordegren, the former wife of sex-addict and pro-golfer Tiger Woods, is said to have been name-dropping in Miami over the weekend when no one noticed her at the clubs she was partying in.

Woods was hanging out with friends for dinner and was almost turned away from Hyde when no one recognized her. She eventually got in on her name, but didn’t stay long as the club was closing up.

“Someone in the entourage said, ‘This is Elin, Tiger Woods’ wife,’ so only after they dropped the name, they let her in,” a source said.

Nordegren is also making headlines because of the massive mansion she’s having built on Tiger’s dime. After a $100 million divorce settlement, the native Swede bought some prime North Palm Beach property and had it torn down to make way for her own vision, which includes a pool, spa, and koi ponds. She’s also made it very clear that it’s her property by placing a Swedish flag right on top of the structure.

Image: SplashNewsOnline

  • Farrah

    Apparently, nobody gives a rat’s patootie who’s ex-wife she is.

  • http://webpronews Rick

    I think she made a fortune on Tiger’s mistake and she should stop taking what she didn’t earn. Enough already, he is the bread winner here and has paid enough to her. As long as he takes care of the kids he is doing more than his share. Has she no conscience?

    • rico

      sorry bud but there is no place for cheaters in this world. he should have thought of his actions in the beginning.

      • http://webpronews Rick Maluchnik

        And I suppose you are without sin. People need to lighten up already. And stop acting so self-righteous.

      • CJ kaufman

        There’s no place in this world for idiots, but I see you are on this blog complaining about about a man you do not know. Elin got what she wanted,the kids, enough of his money that most people wish they could get and A DIVORCE AND SHE IS BACK TO USING HER MAIDEN NAME, yet how ironic she is not recognized and she still has to use Tiger’s name to be relevent with the high society crowd. She never got the understanding that Tiger was the BIG NAME in the family not her. What she needs to do after all this time is finish that house. It looks like Hurricane Sandy hit it. I’ll bet the people who have to live near that crap is tired of that eye soar in their neighborhood. Elin got the sympathy of the public because her husband was a dog, not a criminal, but after all he did after such a long while now, people will start to turn on her, because they know she is using this issue. Her children at this point is all that matters and all that should come first and they have been seen or heard about yet she has been seen with other men now, so in my book the “Tiger Woods Saga” for her should be over!!

  • http://webpronews Rick Maluchnik

    Tiger has more than paid her off. Has she no conscience? She has gotten enough mileage out of his indiscretions and certainly enough money. He won that money and he earned all of it. Enough is enough Elin. You don’t deserve anymore. leave him (Tiger and his money) alone. 100 million is a ridiculous sum. You should use it for his children and quit with the foolishness. In the future the children will need and deserve all they are entitled to. You are everything a man hates in a woman.

    • http://webpronews.com Alycia

      That stupid and hateful comment would only come from people of your sex. She is entitled to buy whatever she wants with HIS money. She deserved twice what she got!!! And she IS spending it on the kids too…what the hell business is it of yours anyway? She can put whatever flag she wants on her home. It’s HERS. Go take your jealousy somewhere else!

      • gw

        well im a guy, but i agree with you 100 percent. i dont even like woods, never have. she should have had everything and more. yeah and most of the comments look to come from guys. who only want 1 thing from a girl. her money.

        • John Beatles

          You both are idiots. She deserves squat. She married the guy, knowing what his temptations would be and knowing he could go astray. ALL OF THESE women know it. She deserves enough to help her children, that’s it. She’s done NOTHING to deserve a mansion like this. It’s arrogant as hell and represents the worst in people. It’s NOT HER MONEY. She’s entitled to what she needs for she and the children–not this palatial mansion. She’s arrogant, entitled and shallow as hell. You people are idiots.

  • Luke

    Yes. Elin is a nobody. Just like all those housewives on TV. They are famous because their husbands, ex-husbands, or daddys are rich.

  • gw

    i dont feel sorry for tiger at all. not one bit. he cheated and got caught, plain and simple. like i dont care if woods lost all his money to her. there aint no place for cheaters. ever. who cares how she spends it. its her money. and it wasnt given to her for supporting their kids, he still does that. i can tell that some of the comments are pretty ignorant. get em elin. i cant believe that tiger gave her up for some, what was it? bar flies? go figure

  • Cindie

    I agree with Rick….and I am a woman….she’s just another blonde bimbo.

  • Jess

    Before you met him you were wiping the noses of little snot-nosed children and had he not picked you from obscurity you would be doing just that now. Merely being married to someone for a few years does not entitle you to hundreds of millions of dollars. Your children deserve it…you don’t. Get it straight.

    • Your Judge

      U R An Ignor Anus. What is the children without her. She is the mother of those children and will labor to raise them. Are you a Taliban? The Ignor Anus is Cat Pussy Woods who whored around with the many dogs.

  • TS

    Well if the source is correct, isn’t the name dropping here another way of saying she has alotta money to spend in here? Much like Julia Roberts said in Pretty Women to the snobs in the clothing store in Beverly Hills? And what was that character Vivian? A prostitute? See the similarities here?

    I don’t agree with the cheating – but the obscene amount of money she received makes me ill. But then, the obscene amount of money athletes get for endorsements is even sicker. So, it’s all sick really.

  • mika

    get over it she was waiting on him to do anything wrong it was all about the money and who cares hes good at what he do.. btw people cheat all the time nothing major this has nothing to do with race nobody made this big of a deal when sandra bullock was getn cheated on by a white man in fact the world forgot all about it

    • mika

      how about fergie being cheated on…? who cares now???? NOBODY leave thie situation alone

  • dart77

    Poor baby – sounds like an identity crisis to me…dropping Tiger’s name, then flying the Swiss flag, as in ‘someone please notice me’. Hey lady, take that f****** Swedish flag down – this is the USA!

  • Wray

    If she got $100 million thats because Tiger is so cheap on gratuities. She would have gotten half of that and built a house with only 10,500 square feet if he tipped everybody out accordingly. People of Maui just want to go hide under a rock when they see him coming!8% REALLY!10% TOPS!!

  • Jim Evans

    Can’t imagine many people interested in these mindless empty press pieces. Bottom Line: she is an amazingly beautiful woman; emotionally and mentally, who knows what she’s like. My guess is well balanced. Whoever the lucky guy is who ends up with her for the long haul (provided that’s what she wants) – will be quite fortunate. Hopefully she will be too. Let’s remember – she’s the good one here; it’s her ex who wasn’t. What’s a conundrum is – how could he have been unhappy ? Who knows. That’s on him.

  • keyster

    The fact that the articale states Tiger Woods as a sex addict and then in the next sentance Elin worth a 100 Million dollors makes me sick. Women in America use sex to make money while Men who pay for ity get labled derogurtory names. Women should not be paid for sex period and men should not be penilized for creating life, her monitary award if proof that marriage is another word for legalized prostitution. If God did not put the desire for women into man, we would be eating them as barbeque.

  • Destiny

    The statement by her friend is incorrect. He should have said this is Tiger Woods ex-wife.

  • Doug

    To be fair to Elin, she did not drop Tiger’s name, a friend did. She was always extremely modest and reclusive w/Tiger. She never used him for any other career other than being his wife. She always wore a cap and glasses in public. Kinda came across as a person willing to fit into Tiger’s unique lifestyle, unlike the fame wh*res and golddiggers other dumb guys get taken by. Tiger was introduced to Elin, she didn’t pick him up at a bar. Kinda respect her. Except that flag.

  • Sherry

    Ms Crum, you are a crumb! Sex addict and golfer Tiger Woods???!!!!
    Would you like to be addressed as air-head and writer Amanda Crum, or worse???!! Writers like you make me want to puke!!!!!

  • Terry Ricafort

    Ellen, was lucky person to be Tiger Woods, wife after all she’s was rescue from nanny.
    No body i perfect she should give Tiger Woods, another chance and that’s TRUE LOVE but after all TRUE CAME SHE’S AFTER MONEY. She build mansion closed to ex-husband what she trying to show up. Now she got money, her face all over magazine posting w/bikini and try using his ex-husband name to known. Sorry Ellen, no one w’ll recognize you. You should THANK YOU your ex-husband gave you a good life. He make mistake same other men ( we’re all HUMAN ) YOU THINK YOU’RE GOD.