Elementary School Shooting: Tragedy In Connecticut

    December 14, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A local news station in Newtown, Connecticut has reported that an elementary school is being evacuated and the area is on lockdown after a shooting.

Sandy Hook Elementary School has released no information yet but parents have been informed of the situation. WTNH-TV reported that at least one child was seen exiting the building with a bloody face, and another appeared to have a hand wound.

A bulletin on the school’s site read: “Afternoon kindergarten is cancelled today, December 14th. There will be no mid-day bus runs.” Parents are being urged not to go to the school until the area has been cleared by police.

We will update this article with information as soon as it becomes available.


The Newtown Patch has reported that police believe there are two shooters and that their black Honda is parked in the school’s parking lot. Officials have confirmed it is no longer an active shooting scene and are still investigating the building.

The Newtown Bee has published this photo of children being evacuated.


Update 2: The Hartford Courant reports that one shooter is dead and it is unclear whether another shooter is at large. Numerous injuries have been reported, including a teacher who was shot in the foot.

Update 3: Police are now using a K-9 unit to sweep the area outside the school and are inspecting every corner of the property. It has been confirmed that one shooter is dead, and rumors are swirling that the principal of the school was the target of the attack, though that has not been confirmed.

Update 4: It has now been reported that 27 people are dead, including 14 children. Initial reports that the shooter was the father of one of the students are coming in but have not been confirmed.

Image: News 8 WTNH.com

  • electedface

    Are you gun nuts going to claim that if the students and teachers had guns this wouldn’t have happened?

    Mass shootings = proof that gun regulation is necessary.


    • lessa

      You are 100% correct. Gun control will NOT help these situations from happening! Only law abiding citizens follow the law. Criminals who possess guns now will ALWAYS possess guns contrary to the law. Liberals are not bright enough to figure this out! The amount of ignorance in this country is out of control!

    • lessa

      Gun regulation does not work! Criminals don’t care what the law is nor do they follow it! Its sad that you are not smart enough to see that.

  • Kitti O

    Gun regulation? Really..? Because criminals really follow gun regulations… Or any law for that matter. People who are crazy enough to go around shooting have no problem getting a gun without a license.. Like a bad area in the city downtown.

    • Ashley

      Dear electedface,

      We do not expect the students to have guns with them at all times. That is very immature. However, if a teacher or two had one (maybe even just the principal), MORE innocent people, including the children, COULD have been spared (by no means do we feel EVERYONE would be saved EVERY time there is a shooting…). How would you feel if your child was in that school and was killed by a gunman, while their teacher holds a CCW and could have shot the killer first, if only they were allowed to have their gun with them? Teacher desks tend to have at least one drawer that locks, which is the perfect place to store it, out of the view of the children and anyone else that enters the room, until it is needed. The beauty of CCW’s is that you don’t know they are there, and are only made visible if absolutely necessary. CCW=carried CONCEALED weapon and people who are granted with this ability have gone through countless hours of training and background checks in order to have them. CCWs are not for idiots. Use your brain. Like I said, how would you feel if your child was killed by a gunman because their licensed CCW teacher could not defend them? Just think about that.


      Oh and like Kitti O said, criminals will not stop what they do if gun regulations are put in place. Actually, quite the opposite will happen. Criminals are rebels for a reason and if their enemies are taken off the streets, what is there to stop them???

    • nik

      Criminals? These ppl are not criminmals that shoot up schools movie theatres malls.. These are insane ppl, even crinminals don’t shoot up peaople for no reason what so ever. They do it cuz the guna r there. Your stupid if u believe this is not in any way shape or form steamed from having no laws on gun regulation

  • Boz

    Lol You watch way to many movies.

  • Generally Concerned

    The 1st thing I think about when I read this Newsletter is a deep and heartfelt hope for the families who have children who attend this school. You must be going through alot and I’m praying your children come home to you safely.

    The 2nd WAS gun regulation and how it could have possibly affected this incident. Kitti O does have a great point that criminals don’t follow rules to get guns. But, making it a little more difficult for people who want guns, for whatever reason, to get them will not completely prevent incidents such as these. Unfortunately, I believe this type of horrific incident will continue to happen even if guns are banned completely.

    Gun regulation should be the least of anyones worries at a time like this…

    • Unexplainable

      Only liberals start blaming gun control on this. Wtf is wrong with you people?

  • Kalina

    You know, I gotta say that it’s pretty sad to see an lol in a comment under this. This is sad and we should have more respect for the families that this has affected.

    • http://WebProNews Logitech

      I can also respond with Kalina,
      I have children of my own and when I read some smart comments,
      I thought hold it this was a tragic thing that took place.
      Just thinking of my own children and, how I miss them made me cry
      and it made me think just how greatful I am to know that they are
      alive and that I can be with them anytime I want.
      Then I cried again, Love should never be disrespected for any

  • Saltine Walrus

    Gun regulations won’t stop gun related crimes.

    • http://WebProNews Logitech

      Saltine Walrus, has a very good point. Gun regulations are
      implemented to use as a guidline. No more or no less.
      The biggest problem is controling the criminal. After all it’s
      the criminal that pull’s the trigger. That gun can only fire for
      one reason only. The person using the gun is in contol of that
      trigger on that gun. Controling the person behind the gun is not
      very easy because you can not contol human behaviour.
      That is not to say that you can do what ever you please, is acceptible, it’s not acceptible at all. What can you say the man
      commited suicide. It’s tragic for his parents. They have a loss
      as well. And, a ruined Holiday season. His parents are victums
      but, victums in a different way. The mental stress that they are
      going through must be a Holy Terror. His parents are inocent as
      the rest.

  • austin

    Gun laws will not solve anything. You can’t control insanity. If sporks and fish heads were the weapon of choice in the world the complaints would still be about spork and fishhead laws. Insanity is not curable but sensationalism is. Do give so much credence to Gun regulation. This problem is sad but not avoidable we must continue to make punishment fit the crime. Kill with a gun your sentence bis carried out with a gun. Simple. Guaranteed gun crime drops overnight.

  • http://facebook trisha

    Wut the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHILDREN???? INNOCENT FUCKING CHILDREN???? R u serious???

  • Leticia

    If every person was evaluated with psychometric test before being awarded a gun license… maybe things would be different – but I do agree that many guns would still be bought illegally … here in South Africa – we are not allowed to own a gun unless we have a license and we cannot just go buy one unless we have been through a test – although there is illegal gun trade as there probably is everywhere else – here the most common killings are by police, they are under tremendous stress and quite often a policeman ends up shooting with out warning and even domestic homicide is often heard of by the hand of a law enforcement officer. I do pray that America starts to do something about this terrible thing that keeps repeating at the schools… I am so horrified … I really do hope and pray there is a solution to this.

  • Rebecca

    Such tragic news.
    Re: gun control. Of course limiting access to guns would help in limiting gun related crimes such as this. Its only logical. Correct, ‘criminals’ will still obtain guns, but generally they don’t commit crimes such as this. This type of crime, mass shooting, is often committed out of passion, therefore if the gun was harder to obtain or not available maybe tragedies such as this could be avoided. It’s common sense. Compare statistic of gun related crime with other countries in the world with gun control….. gun regulation does work in reducing gun related crime. It’s only logical

  • gunner

    Which 2 cities have both the strictest gun regulations and the highest crime rates? Chicago and Washington, DC.

    • mike

      wow…isn’t that some irony there????
      Hmmmm…what the hell do you have to say now all you liberals, gun haters, and plain paranoid people????
      So if outlawing guns gets crime or homocide off the street then maybe we need to outlaw drugs too !!! (tongue in cheek)
      Wont that help clean up the crime???….yea…right.

  • gunner

    Which 2 cities have the strictest gun laws and the highest crime rates? Chicago & Washington DC. Thank you.

  • latisha

    Omg!!!! Thats so sad!!! People r crazy these days its not safe to go no where. But innocent children…what’s wrong with this world? Omg im about to cry

  • lisa

    I am so angrey !the issue today is NOT gun controll. OVER 20 INNOCENT CHILDREN & ADULTS WERE MURDERED TODAY !! Rumor has it one of the killed was the shooters own mother . I have not confirmed that yet . As for the person who posted about the shooter being an S.O.B……… . please put aside personal opionions & join me in praying for the families of the dead, the survivors, friends, etc & yes that of the shooter also. I live in a verry small community . last week aman killed himself, his wife & visiting step son. Their funerals are today . Today is not the day to scream about gun controll . let us mourn & bury our dead . let us support & uplift our survivors. yes laws need to be inforced, but let’s save the issue of gun controll for another day.

  • Sandraa

    Stuupid Bastard!!! Poor Little Kids Apperantly Youu Have No Heart Not Even For Youre Child!! Haa IHope You Root In HELL!

  • Tom

    We live in a society of violence and death. Life is cheapened and devalued through many permeating factors: abortion on demand; numbing violence found on video games, social media, movies, television…; absorption in a drug culture; self-centeredness; Darwinist/evolutionary world view…There are earthly and eternal consequences for a society that has undermined its Christian, moral and ethical foundations. It’s time to repent of our sins against God and against humanity. Grieve not only for those who have suffered loss on this day, but grieve also for what America has become.

  • http://webproneews.com Monalisa

    or grieve for the world …..this is too difficult for me to comprehend

  • Nika

    I am agreeing with the first comment. We should repent the sins we commit and renew our relationship with God. Remember that this life is the only life we could give to our Maker. Let Him make it pure, He can do it, if we just let Him. My heart goes to the families who are traumatized by this tragic event. May God do your healing.

  • Isabelle

    Unfortunately gun control will not preclude these tragedies. Bad people will always find a weapon. Focus on mental health issues. This was a sick individual–which doesn’t excuse his actions. Pray for the babies and adults who were masacred – and the parents who must live with this for the rest of their lives. Additionally, pray for all survivors. There but for the Grace of God go us all!!

  • Anna

    I think that gun regulation will not eliminate completely those
    kinds of crimes but still help to reduce them.