Elderly Woman Finds Dog in OK Tornado Rubble During Interview with CBS

    May 21, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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The situation is still fluid outside the Oklahoma City area, after a massive tornado ripped through the town of Moore leaving a path of destruction that rivals any storm in recent memory. As of Tuesday morning, reports indicate that dozens of people are dead, including some children. Crews are just beginning the daunting task of searching through the rubble.

It’s hard to find many uplifting stories in a tragedy like this – at least this early on. Later we’ll hear reports of heroism and self-sacrifice. Today comes this story of a woman and her dog.

While conducting an interview with CBS, an elderly woman found her lost dog buried under the rubble.

“I never lost consciousness,” says Barbara Garcia, “and I hollered for my little dog…and he didn’t answer, and he didn’t come. So I know he’s in here somewhere.”

About a minute later, the reporter notices the dog just a few feet from where they are conducting the interview. Truly incredible.

  • Ashley

    1) I was crying at my desk when she found the dog. So precious
    2) I absolutely love the people of Oklahoma City and their attiudes. Every single inerview I’ve seen, the people are very calm and very matter-of-fact and it gets to the people giving the interview. They start squirming and getting desperate for a question that will evoke emotion. The OKC folks don’t give into it…”I know exactly what happened here. Exactly.”
    3) I love this lady and how she gave God thanks and glory in saving both her AND her dog! He always exceeds!

    • Amy

      How can you look at this elderly woman as she stands in the rubble of her community and thank God, the presumed creator/onlooker of such destruction?

      • Dana

        God didn’t do that! Bad things happen on this planet, it’s not the way God intended it to be. Sin is the reason this world is in the shape it’s in. God will make everything right again for his people. When you are saved you have a heavenly hope and understand we are only here a short time. Where do you want to go after that is your choice.

        • Dana

          And she has a right to be thankful, she survived didn’t she!

      • Lorraine

        You need to be CAREFUL of what you say, Amy! GOD IS IN CONTROL and you need to give him THANKS & PRAISE that he even gave you not only the oppurtunity to say what you just said but the BREATH in which you said it in, too!!! Do you ever stop to THINK that maybe, just maybe, this happened because GOD WANTS TO GET OUR ATTENTION?!!! GOD LOVES US – All of Us – and wants to Save Us. He wants us to Lean On Him, ALWAYS!!! No one knows WHY things like this happen! Unfortunately, they just do!!! BUT, this poor woman was giving GOD THANKS & PRAISE not only because she “knows how” to COUNT HER BLESSINGS but because she was/is “Very Thankful” that she and her little Dog are Still Alive! Might I suggest that when you go to bed tonight in the NICE WARM BED that I am sure you STILL HAVE in your NICE WARM HOME, that you FIRST “Get Down On Your Knees and THANK OUR EVERLASTING LORD” who gave it to you!!! and then some!!!

      • Jill

        God is in the details not in the destruction. There is no human reason why that woman and her dog walked away. That is God. God is not the tornado, God is not the bomber, God is not death and destruction. God is survival against all odds, God is people running towards the bombing to help others survive, God is Love and Life. I don’t blame you for your attitude and I’m not angry. You haven’t met God yet, so you haven’t experienced faith. I’ve been emotionally and physically destroyed. I’ve been broken and I met God where I was, now I live on faith. Not imagination, not my own ability, not delusion – but faith because I’ve been there. He hasn’t let me down yet.

    • Vicki Dianne Nails

      I am thankful she found her little puppy. This lady gave God the praise and glory! Amen!

  • givesuccess

    The news people were more interested in filming than to help this poor lady get her dog un-trapped…they should have dropped the cam to help such a shameful (non) act.

    • Brian Huff

      the reporter did lift the washer to let the dog out , watch at 1:50 of the video

  • Laur

    Was the dog checked out? Is he okay?

    • Sue Rosenorn

      We would like an update concerning theinjuries this lady and her dog sustained and know how they are coping.

  • snotrocket

    Fat girl says… “I need a rope or something”

  • Mary

    Holy Snikies that was so awesome, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when the little dog started coming up from the rubble! I am so happy for this woman and little dog.

  • catherine

    unbelieveable and he just walks out cant stop crying for joy

  • catherine