Egypt Says To Disregard US Warning About Pyramids

By: Zach Walton - June 3, 2013

The US recently sent a warning to its citizens traveling in Egypt about the area surrounding the pyramids. Now Egypt is telling those same citizens that the warning is “baseless.”

Last week, the US embassy in Egypt sent out a message to US citizens in the country telling them to be extra cautious around the pyramids. The embassy pointed to a number of recent events involving “angry groups of individuals surrounding and pounding” on tourist vehicles.

Egypt fired back this week saying that the area around the pyramids is “totally secure.” The country says that tourists are safe in the area, and that the situation has improved greatly since the Egyptian uprising of 2011.

Even if the area is safe, it’s still best to heed the embassy’s suggestion of elevating “your situational awareness.” That goes for anybody traveling anywhere – even your own backyard. It’s always smart to be a little paranoid.

If the warning has scared you off from visiting Egypt, take a bird’s eye stroll of the area with Google Maps:

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[h/t: AP]
Zach Walton

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  • Donna Douglas

    I’ve wanted to visit the Pyramids since the 3rd grade-MANY years ago. Now I wouldn’t go anywhere near a Mideastern Country if I had 5 star, all inclusive hotels, travel, etc. I wanted to go on digs and try to find all of the wonderful things that had been buried for centuries all over the world. Now I don’t even feel safe in my own country thanks to Muslims. I wish I could sue them for the emotional problems I’ve suffered since 9/11. I’ve also been targeted by a Muslim who I have never heard of on my fb page. He put the final nail in the coffin so to speak. I used to have many Iranian friends and a couple of boyfriends in the 70s-now I think of those sweet guys and wonder if some of them are the very same animals who want to kill all of us. No thank you…keep Egypt-I don’t want to see it anymore.

    • Jeanne

      9-11 was not done by Muslims. They were terrorists. They have a view of life as if they are Gods and all should take notice. They get their point across and love it that lives are lost in the process. Muslims do not kill people. Terrorists do. It’s really a shame that people don’t do their homework. Just because someone claims to be Muslim doesn’t make ALL Muslims the same as that one person.

      • http://Yahoo Jack

        Yes, and Gestapo was full of wonderful people who just followed orders! If they do not want to live under our laws, Muslims need to go back to where they came from! We are way too tolerant of them as is. We let them congregate, conspire (?), pray, build places of worship etc. Muslims, on the other hand, destroy churches built thousands of years ago and prohibit anyone to bring christian or jewish artifacts into their countries! Where is there a balance? The “brotherhood” is killing off christians anywhere the Brotherhood is in power. Egypt is the latest example. Years ago my colleague travelled to Saudi Arabia, a “moderate” state. Upon entry they took away his only bible and did not give it back until he left the country. That is some tolerance, Muslim style!

        • nonya

          You mean the aryan BROTHERHOOD??? You don’t YOU people go back from where you came. Specifically the caves of Europe. You are still way to beastly to live peacefully among the civilized.

          • nonya

            Oops! That should have read: WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE GO BACK FROM WHERE YOU CAME….

          • T

            Nonya, just be quiet and stop ranting. You’re making us minorities look bad. Do some research, watch the news or something. Really understand the issues first. When they say Brotherhood, they’re talking about the Muslim Brotherhood that has risen to power in Egypt over the last two years.

      • nonya

        Don’t bother with facts Jeanne. White people are always right and they have NEVER DONE HARM TO ANYONE. You are talking to a brick wall. A people who take their cue and get their world view from a crackhead/oxycotin addict named rush. Don’t even bother with them they are intellectually unable to see the world threw any other lense. Sad pathetic, barbaric, animalistic people. If only they had not been allowed out of the caves of the Caucasus Mountains in eastern Europe, there is NO DOUBT the world, which btw had already blossomed when they came gangbusting down the mountain with their beastly ways, and with total shock and awe, just ran rampant over the peaceful people of the world. Muslims, Africans, Native Americans were trading and getting along until the beasts emerged and with their divide and conquer attitude/ways have since ruined any chance of this earth EVER being a peaceful world. They never come in peace.

        • Levi

          Look nonya you want to be harsh towards white people but your own kind sent ya’ll here to America to be slaves. I personally don’t like slavery & think its wrong. So before you go preaching about white folks take a good look at yourselves.

      • charles presley

        ur so wrong here,muslims are known murders;they have always been too;tell yuo what,try reading the koran…. iam a preacher i have lived among muslims for yrs.i studied thier ways and beleifs for many yrs is in thier nature to wont to murder all chistains,jews,and gay people.also anyone else who refuses to convert to thier beleifs.iam not saying this becouse i hate muslims ,iam only stating facts written in thier own koran book that they call thier bible.i surjust that if you don’t beleive me read the koran for yourselfs.its in thier own words.killing is murder and god almighty in heaven says do no murder,do not kill..but beleive what you will,i for one know got to live it to know it..

      • Kats

        Isn’t that just a convenient argument? Its true not all Muslims kill people, but Islam seems to provide opportunities for opportunism. Apart from Islam I do not know any other religion that teaches about Jihads and that sort of thing!!! Pointing a finger to Islam is not entirely wrong, actually it is justified! I havent seen anyone kill in the name of Jesus. No one is promised virgins in Heaven if they kill their neighbor or even their enemy!!

        • Andrea

          Jeanne, have you ever heard of history? Check a bit on the Crusades! It was all about Christians killing Muslims in the name of Jesus. (You guys get virgins in Heaven? Personally, I find that kind of creepy and pimp-ish. That part of the Bible(?) must have been written by a perv)

          • Levi

            That isn’t in the bible, the “christians” you are talking about were not really christians, just barbarians holding that name in a perverse way. Jesus is not about killing people in his name & as i said at the begining the 100 virgins you get for killing people is not in the bible. Thats straight muslim belief.

          • Andrea

            Levi, wow, I didn’t know that and didn’t see your post where you mentioned it. Muslims get 100 virgins for killing… warped.

      • Bob boleslawski

        What you have to say is very true not all Muslims are terrorists. In Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s all germans were not Nazi’s but their not speaking out against or resisting the Nazi’s dath camps helped the feeling around the world that all Germans were evil. We need to stand up and speak up where evil is concerned. That is the only way it will ever be defeated. By not speaking up or resisting it we prolong the actions of those who do evil in the name of religion.

    • Eric

      Are you a hateful Christian?

    • http://Yahoo Jack

      Could not agree with you more. For years I have been encouraging my friends to avoid countries that do not share what used to be our ideals and/or disregard visitors’ safety. I always thought that there were enough wonderful and interesting places to visit here and in the countries where you do not have to worry about Islamists, Communists or Fascists (yes, there is resurgence to my knowledge in some former Soviet Republics). By the same token, I’d rather not go to countries run by tyrants, warlords or anarchists.

      • nonya

        Good! Stay home barbarian. You are no longer the Emperor and you have been exposed as having no clothes. So to speak. The world won’t miss you. Just another paranoid American. Scared to leave home for fear the bogie man will get you. Well have fun basking in the world YOUR kind created. Should have stayed in the caves and left well enough alone. Ya made yer bed now lie (no pun intended) in it.

    • eli

      What are you twelve? everyone knows that just cause the media points out some countries and some people to be terrorists or bad, doesn’t mean that the WHOLE OF MIDDLE EAST AND MIDDLE EASTERN PEOPLE ARE TERRORISTS AND BAD. We hear of American rapers and killers and lots of bad disgusting shit all the time, but we don’t go around saying all Americans all over the world are rapers and killers now do we? there are always the good and bad all over the world. Terrorism is a horrible thing, and so are the people doing it, but not all muslims and middle easterns are terrorist. grow up, think before you speak.

  • John Doe

    The US IS run by warlords–its on the short list alongside, ironically enough, Afghanistan as nations constantly at war for a hundred years

    • nonya

      WELL AS MUCH AS YOU WANT TO BLAME PRESIDENT OBAMA, HE WASN’T HERE 100 HUNDRED YEARS AGO!! Where were all you assholes when the bushes and reagans, nixons etc. were running this country into the ground in order to pad their own pockets and those of their kin? WHERE WERE YOU THEN???!!! Now you roaches want to come into the light, out of the woodwork. President Obama is the ONLY president since Clinton who cares about the poor and the little guy. The rich get fatter from their wealth while the little guy is malnourished and damn near starvation.

      • steve

        That’s Obamanomics. Time to own up for his own poor economic plans and stop having patsy dumb s**Ts like you trying to dend him. How does it feel to have insults thrown at you instead of meaningful discussions. Oh yeah, you are following the Obama/Dems flow chart. Blame everybody else for everything bad. Accept no responibilty. And have the IRS and Justice departments do your dirty work of intimidation. He and you are a joke!

        • casper B

          Steve, I guess you need to be reminded where we stand. The deficit is down 30%, the stock market/corporate profits are at record highs, new home sales are rising, the unemployment rate is dropping, the consumer confidence is rising. What more do you want of the President other than he turns into a white person that you’d support? Please tell me, I can’t wait to read it as well!

      • Nater Hater

        Nonya I suppose you think you deserve something cause we put your people where they belonged in 1860’s. Obama loves and works for obama only. I was there with Nixon, Bush and the Reagans. How much was gas then? and how much now under O-Wanna B ? John Doe I am Proud to be a war lord that is what makes us better then the third world countries we are strong!

        • casper B

          Nater, aside from inflation, weren’t Iraqi oil fields supposed to pay for our war after 9/11? What happened to that plan? Under Nixon, Reagan and Bush, when you were quoted a price, it didn’t include taxes and fees for things that don’t exist. In the interest of lowering income taxes for the rich, the poor are getting taxed to death. Did you take a look at your cell phone bill lately? How about cable? Let’s call’em like we see’em.

      • Spore

        Nonya … you may now leave the clinic. Your brainwashing is complete. Perhaps you haven’t noticed that there are crooked politicians in both parties, and partisans usually only remember the bad about the party they don’t support and the good about their party. Tunnel vision is our country’s all consuming pastime. By the way, I’ve been around since the Truman administration, and I clearly remember all of the presidents that you mentioned.

    • S Kosier

      With a name like “john doe” I am sure you will be taken seriously

  • faith

    Nonya, why don’t you pick up your tent, pack up your camel and leave the USA and go back to where YOUR KIND originated and that was in the trees.You don’t like white folks? Well, too bad,too sad, we are here to stay. Get over it. Sounds to me like SOMEONE is jealous of the white skin. Yes, Obama is in Office and it is less than 4 years now that we will be clear and free of him. LESS THAN 4 YEARS and then we will be home free. This man has done nothing for this Country except raise the debt level. I do not see any huge number of jobs,as he promised,that health care law is a joke,and if you don’t think so just wait until your insurance skyrockets,every other word he preaches is a lie-he is just a shady operator,a bad deal for this country. Too bad people like you support him only because he is in your skin color group. People like you just don’t have a brain.I doubt if YOUR KIND will see another black American voted in as president in the next 50 years. Now, Colin Powell would have been an excellent man! He has integrity.

    • ubekidn

      From one little poor person, I thank you for your words.

    • sallygirl

      Colin Powell came out in support of Obama just for the record. Which I found at odds with the fact he served under the Bush admin. Wonder why?

    • http://opt Starr

      People like you prevent progress in PEOPLE as a whole because you are clearly stuck on the colour of skin. Which is terribly sad for someone who seems to be a bit of age and “integrity”.

      God Bless America.

      oh and as for Presidency, well no one has began their term with a clean slate free of the mess of those who reigned before…

      not even George Washington.


    • americatti

      I totally surprised someone who goes by the name Faith would let something like this come out your mouth. Your talking about hatred, but you sound like a racists yourself. Obama hasn’t been the best President, however, you forget he came into office with a deficit. It is amazing to me, how you guys, just tell one part of a story. Dealing with a group of people Americans put in office, who didn’t want to work with him to accomplish anything, because of the same racist thinking you have, I bet your a conservative, that’s okay. It took Bush several years to mess up this economy, not to mention, robbing us blind before he left office, what happened to the money that was lost in the stock market, I guess Obama got that too. Instead of looking to Obama for all the things that have gone wrong. You need to place blame on all the politicians who have shown more loyalty to the party then to the American people.

      • john

        yeah things would have been so much better with McCain and Palin..LOL. How but Newt we would be on the moon by now! the republican party is a joke nothing more.

    • Dan Keegan


  • Mary

    Egypt Government do something on the security part at pyramids, i was there the past two weeks and vendors around the pyramids forced my friend to by a thing which he didn’t want. Take the issue seriously otherwise you will loose tourists.

    • Katie L

      I hear, its always been like that. I know I know my guide said they are pushier now a days because since tourism is down they all push for a sale.. its how all of them make a living. The key is really to not make eye contact. once you made eye contact they start following you.. my dad kept doing that when we were there in Egypt but I never had a problem.

  • Rod Pennington

    The solution is simply delaying commodities trade with the US. Enforcing less favored nation trade status has the greatest impact of any action the US can take with any country, except China. Remember sugar prices and availability in the US in the 70s &early 80s. It doubled and tripled overnight until we found other sources (the same thing is about to happen to coffee).

  • Brother

    I am still going to see the pyramids. But I will be aware. But I am still going. I cannot live in fear like these other people.

    • casper B

      This is not about living in fear; it is being prudent.

    • Katie L

      I was there in January 2013. With the “tour group” I went with, I use quotes because the group ended up being only me and my dad because so many people are afraid to go there so we ended up with a private tour which was just fantastic… when we went to the pyramids with our guide, we acutally had a private security guard this day. I don’t think we necessarily needed him, we never felt in any danger, but it was nice to have him to there to get away all the kids and people trying to sell us stuff everywhere we walked.

    • Evelyn


      • casper B

        How many people need to die at the hands of haters and radicals before you will stop thinking about us living in fear? Haven’t we lost enough people already? Lies? I don’t think so. Ignorance is bliss, you’re the living proof.

  • chenzerino

    “Dear Americans, we hate you but we love your money”.

    – The Egyptians

    • americatti

      It is a shame that you are so consumed with hatred, but will take our money,I don’t let any negative act that is committed by a Muslim, reflect all Muslims, we all have sinned that is a fact. But the only way to real, peace, and acceptance is love. I am sorry you live in a country where you haven’t been allowed to be truly free but I ask that you think about how your behavior taints the environment, community, and the world. I’m tired of the killing on both sides, why fight a physical fight, when the fight is one that has to be dealt with intellectually, no one wins in a war. No one.

    • You are stupid

      “Dear Mexicans we hate you but we love your food and your cheap labor”.

      The Americans

      • casper B

        your moniker says it all.


      Dear Muslim

      We hate you, and love nothing about you. Not your stinky BO, not your oppression of women, nothing. We’re sorry that you’re angry all of your life. Maybe it’s the heat over there or the fact that you cant enjoy looking at beautiful women or having sex with them. You’ve been angry since Biblical times. I think your religion makes you angry..find a happy religion!!

  • casper B

    Nonya, your rant doesn’t change the fact that we have supported the world for years and years. Wherever there was a need to save lives, we’d be there. We didn’t ask the color of skin, which faith, nothing of the sort. I wish you would pack up and go wherever it is you will feel more comfortable. And don’t forget to take some of your friends with you.

  • crestac

    just to play devils advocate read the old testiment of the christian bible. you might be surprised at what you find. no one is without blame we have all sinned…and…fyi…America was founded on religious freedom don’t forget this as you ppl rant on and on about a lot of things you know nothing about. hope you all learn some tolerance soon your life will be better for it

    • Bob boleslawski

      I am really tired of lectures on tolerance and freedom of religion from the least tolerant religious group in the world. Ever tried to attend a christian meeting in Iran or Saudi Arabia? How many Masque’s are there in Rome or Jeruselem or New York City? Until Islam learns to be tolerant it will always be a do as we say not as we do religion.

  • Barbara

    We went to Egypt in 2008. When we arrived at the entrance to the great pyramids, we were warned by our guide that if we told the tourist police our real nationality, we would be forced to be accompanied by a policeman, everywhere inside the compound. The reason: just because we were Americans. This was three years prior to the uprising there, but we were still considered to be targets. We told them we were Canadian, and all was fine. Best trip of our lives, and very glad we made the journey, but wouldn’t go back now for fear of our safety. Sad, really. In 2008, we found all the local people to be warm and welcoming, and never felt unsafe there.

    • Judith

      My daughter and I went on National Geographic Tour in 2010, so thankful we went when we did,
      we had armed guards with us at all times. Hope to return someday but would only go with National Geographic.

  • Free in America

    Islam is not a religion, it’s a cult for illiterates. It should not be covered by the freedom of religion in the US.

    • Matt

      What religion is not a cult for illiterates?

    • milan milan

      simply stupid!

    • Bobby V

      Are you reaaly that stupid?

    • Ameen

      It is the same as Christianity of Jewdaism with some small differences. It is not a cult. Just like Chrisitianity or Jewdaism there are people who use religion to hide behind to do wrong, but if you took time to understand Islam, you would not say such things.

  • Juergen

    The Bride and I lived just west of Alexandria for almost 2 years, 98 -2000. At that time, when you got away from Giza and the tourist routes, you saw the real Egypt. Trash all over the place, thieves, shoes behind glass storefronts, meat hanging outside on a dusty street. Kids swimming in canals that had dead cows floating in them. It’s a place I don’t miss.

    • milan milan

      dude it’s a third world ,what do u expect?not every country is America okay!!!

      • john

        you want to go some place that is not safe try Detroit.

    • angie

      I Agree about the trash, and I saw dead hippo floating down the river. That is how the ppl live thou. Trash out of their apt windows in the poor parts, the parts where their are just mud bricks n sticks holding up 30 floors of apartments. The meat is hanging so you can see the face and see the eyes and tongue to know it is healthy, in the back alley, but that is wear you get the best veggies, literally off the cart carried by a donkey and a little boy, said but this is their life. I loved it there. The canals where great right thinking that is wear some people drink from, bottle water only for me, last day I made the mistake of thinking ok I can drink it if I make coffee with it, wrong!

  • Mike

    Took my wife, and 2 kids on a cruise last summer (August 2012), which gave us the opportunity to spend two days in Cairo. We took a private tour, and we couldn’t have found the Egyptian people to be more warm & welcoming. We felt totally safe & secure. We walked the streets of Giza, saw all the sights, and aside from some annoying street vendors, we had no problems. We were even taken to Tahir Square. Don’t let a few idiots spoil it for a whole culture. There’s good, and bad everywhere… Just be careful, plan before you go, and you will be surprised…..

    • homozs

      im worried about how to get obazama the hell out of the white house and hopefully deported out of america the lying little shit that he is! Obama is no dam good and i know he will be impeached soon just a matter of time before this looser finally gets bounced from the white house and and and with no retirement benefits either look forward to seeing you on welfare jackass obama just all of us you put here on ssd ssi food stamps ect your gunna be joining us loooser soon enough talk to then in welfare waiting room with the kids scribbling on the walls and you sitting in these crappy chairs waiting for a social worker ha ha ha ha talk to you then obama!!

      • casper B

        homozs, I wonder what you’re hoping for. The deficit is down 30%, the stock market/corporate profits are at record highs, new home sales are rising, the unemployment rate is falling, and consumer confidence is on the rise. Could it be that your expectations are a bit too high? Please explain, I can’t wait to read it. Oh, and don’t forget to add that you’re nothing but an ignorant racist.

      • MT

        Maybe it would help if you knew how to write English. LOSER (not to be confused with looser).

      • casper B

        homozs, your ignorance shines brightly. Do you really think that a Constitutional law professor, a former editor of law review at Harvard, will have any difficulty finding a well-paying position? You, on the other hand,…jealous much?

      • john

        Bush should be in prison

    • Quentin

      I was just in Egypt in February. I spent time in Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza (Where the pyramids are). We did see some protests and some street scuffles. However, at no time did I not feel safe and secure. I too even visited Tahir square. Had no problems whatsoever.


    Dear Middle eastern Muslims

    We hate you, but we love your….hmmm can’t think of anything you have that we love. My bad, we just hate you all together..

    • World Man

      Ignorance at it’s best. You are the epitome of stupidity. Are you a racist? Prejudiced blood running in your veins? Come clean my toilets Ricardo….

  • Jim Smith

    Only a fool would disregard a warning such as this. Egypt – fix your country or watch the tourists go elsewhere with their money…

  • Muslimgirl

    I recently visited the Pyramids with my fiance. We encountered the drivers, camel and mule handlers bang on the car. It was not scary, but a amusing because they don’t want drivers from the outside taking business from the locals. It was harmless. It was not anything to worry about. I found the Pyramids to be overly secured with armed guards.

    I am Egyptian-American, born and raised in the US. This was my second trip to Egypt and first as an adult. I believe the timid nature of my fellow American citizen is absurd to say the least. In America, we find most people are imprisoned in constant fear of the “would might happen”.

    • casper B

      You call it absurd, we call it prudent. Don’t you think there lots of places to visit where this kind of a discussion doesn’t take place? How about touring our country that is one of the most gorgeous on earth? And a lot less expensive to boot.

    • peter

      If you were born and raised in America…you’re an american..not a american and something else

      • Beverly

        Actually, Peter – I used to say the same thing to people. But the before part is only to indicate race or citizenship (if you have a dual citizenship). It used to sort of bother me too if people called themselves “Irish-American” or “African-American” because you live in AMERICA – why not just call yourself an AMERICAN? But if you think about it – the LAST part is the most important part. It goes way back to tribes and clans. That’s why they leave it last. If you get married, your wife wouldn’t go around calling herself ‘Peter Smith’ – she would be a proud Smith. But she would still be Jane Smith. Now I believe its the latter part that is most important. But adding the other stuff is just a way for people to differentiate themselves, which all in all is just as silly as American or Japanese or whatever. We are all HUMANS. We all bleed, love, eat, and poop and we all think our way is the best way! Ha 😉

    • angie

      I have also been to Egypt to Giza it was a great time, I went in August 2011 and Jan 2012 and did all the tourist stuff with just me and a guide and a driver. I agree that the Giza pyramids are armed with guard and are very secure. I had no problems when I was there, be humble and aware of your surroundings.

  • Cae

    I find it very sad that people respond to each other with such hatred. There is just so much out there for us to learn about each other and it seems like all we can do is tear each other down. It’s just very discouraging to read some of the remarks here.

    • casper B

      The situation is such that there is no room for learning about each other. This is a slogan that everyone, who wishes are badly, uses. They use our laws and Constitution to beat us into the 9th century. Think about it.

  • Dominic Nardone

    If they want to hurt us lets not give them anymore money and lets not go there and spend our money.and if they keep wanting to hurt us let hurt them frist in a big way.
    I think that whole part of the world should be gone with a few bombs.It would save us money and save our people.

    • guest

      That logic is the reason most of the world hates the US. Being a bully to the world will just cause another senseless and baseless war that we arent prepared to fight.

  • bob

    where do you people have the time to answer these blogs you should fine something more productive.

    • Amy

      You mean “find” something more productive.