Egypt Pyramids Warning: Egypt Condemns “Baseless” US Warning

    June 3, 2013
    Shaylin Clark
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With all the unrest in the Middle East over the last couple of years (well, the last few decades, but the last couple of years in particular) you may be inclined to think twice before visiting some of that regions many marvelous tourist sites. That includes the far-famed pyramids of Giza, one of the most recognizable relics of ancient history in the world. According to the U.S. State Department, your caution would be well warranted.

The embassy in Cairo issued a warning to American tourists earlier this week to exercised increased caution when visiting, due to a severely diminished police and security presence at the site. Specifically, the warning cited groups of people swarming tourists’ vehicles, pounding on windows and, in some cases, attempting to open doors.

The Egyptian government, however, called the warning “baseless” and insisted that the site is completely secure, and that in fact the situation has improved for tourists in recent months.

As in many other Middle Eastern countries (most notably Israel), tourism is a major industry in Egypt. During the uprising that threw off former ruler Hosni Mubarak in 2011, though, tourism in the country declined sharply. Though the Egyptian government insists that the pyramid site is safe, many tourists remain wary of visiting the region.

  • sonja hartley

    My husband and I went to Egypt in 2007. I did my research on the safety issue and felt secure enough to go.
    It was the most amazing trip ever. The people were kind and helpful. We always had an armed guard with us and on longer journies Cairo to Alexandria we had a pickup full of armed men with us. We never had any scary incidents we enjoyed it so much. I am not sure if I would feel that confident at this time. However tourism is something Egypt takes seriously I believe . I would love to go again someday.

    • http://Yahoo Gabby

      Just curious question. How did you manager an armed guard? Where you tourist or are you an Archeaologist? I had friends from work go to the Pyramids in 2004 and with a regular tourist agency. Just curious. I would love to visit Cairo as well as the spots that are so well known in Egypt some day.

    • sr

      Yes it was 2007. We are talking about 2013. I was thers in 2013. I took a picture of pyramid, and suddenly one man came from nowhere and demand money. He told me that I took a picture of his camel. I have to show him all the pictures I took at pyramid area. I did not feel good nor safe.

      • Cathy

        Tell me please, “Did you think about hiring an armed guard?” If not, why not?

        If you didn’t want that extra expense, I sure understand this! I wonder where the security personal was when you were being assaulted!!

  • Susan

    You had an “armed guard” and then “a pickup truck full of armed men?” Any hand held rocket launchers? Were they volunteers or did you pay to salary the troupes? Do you usually hire small armies when you travel or just to the Middle East?

    • Cathy

      Great response Susan!!!! Who wants to travel like that! Suppose someone challenges the armed guards! Then my family/friends and I would be caught in the middle of being fired upon.

  • Jerry Robbs

    i love egypt. ONLY go with an armed guard though, if not cannot guarantee safety

  • Elrey Jones

    Isn’t it amazing that the only thing worth visiting in Egypt is from their past? Look at how far they have gone backwards since the 7th Century.

    • Waleed Mohsen

      Sure you can still learn from Egyptians, not only by visiting the Pyramids and stone temples, but by learning from Egyptians who made a peacefull revolution just 2 years ago.
      We are going forwrad by our people who are teaching the world how to fight for freedom and set an example.

      Try to look forward Elrey, try to learn from the Egyptian people.

  • Elizabeth

    I always travel with a small nuclear device in my purse, so I should be fine. I also don’t wear panties, which can serve as a distraction in times of crises.

    • Giannpaolo

      I like to be your bodyguard for free:))))

    • phillip

      Sounds like you would be interesting to travel with

    • Genocide_King

      Then you must really be fat and ugly since nobody even bothered to rape you there. Your camel-toe was a no-brainer indeed.

  • Veronica

    I have been to Egypt 3 times & loved all of my trips.I went to the Great Pryamids, Luxor, Cruise on the Nile River, & Aswan. Visiting the Temples everywhere was wonderful. Dendera was my favorite Temple, 3 hours outside of Luxor. The Egyptian people are nice & the food is good. We did have an armed guard with us on 1 of my trips. I always felt safe. Egypt is on of the most magnificant places to visit. I plan on going back again & again.

  • Carolann Quinn

    I lived there for two and a half years. My comment is to be aware of your surroundings as anything can go south quickly there. As with many of the other countries in the area, all it takes is one spark…a misspoken word or just being female, can start a riot. The warning is that there is a potential for danger.


    I’ve never been to Egypt, any part of the Holy Land. But is any part of the middle East really safe?

    • Eldon Warfield

      Israel is perfectly fine like any US state. The people are friendly and wonderful. Egypt was not safe during Mubarik’s rule and we were swarmed by locals then. It was dirty and disappointing. I couldn’t wait to leave because of the people and the filth.

  • http://Yahoo DMCrew

    Of COURSE they are baseless…the mayor and city committee of Amity said to keep the beaches open on the big weekend as well..don’t worry about the shark! Tourism money talks louder than the safety of strangers every time

  • Guy Cenname

    I was in ALEXANDRIA in the early 1990’s. I had a GREAT TIME there. I was invited to a COMMUNITY WEDDING which was VERY INTERESTING. I even fell in love with the CAMELS that were standing at the circle in the middle of the road. I actually KISSED A CAMEL RIGHT ON THE NOSE!!! My friends thought that I was crazy. But I didn’t care. THOSES WERE THE DAYS!!! Too bad that today there are many problems there in a very cultural and historic country as EGYPT. When it becomes better in the future, I hope, then I would love to go back and experience Egypt once again. May God bless Egypt and all that live and travel on her land.

    • Paul Thoms

      Which God would that be? The one we believe in or theirs.

  • Phil

    I was in Egypt in 2010. Went in the Great Pyramid. It was wonderful. We spent 9 days total in and around Egypt. 4 day cruise down the Nile. Would love to do it again some day. It is Beautiful. We felt safe all the time. Remember there are places in the US that you would not want to be in without a tour guide.

    • Paul Thoms

      There are places in the U.S. where even a tour guide would not survive. What in the name of Great Caesar’s Ghost has that to do with Christians (or people believed to be Christians) in a country ruled by a slightly crazy, right wing Muslum, somewhat reactionary fanatic Theocracy. Feel safe? Not if you are in your right mind.

  • Lou

    Oh yea , Egypt “says it’s perfectly safe ” Riiiiiight , I’m packing my bags right now . Egypt can’t protect it’s own police , you’ll be reeeeeal safe there. And Western Women ? Beware during the end of a fasting holiday , police have been known to turn their heads when you get sexually assaulted . Who can blaim ’em right ? Ya know all that fasting ….men have to unwind .

  • Maddie

    Egypt wasn’t safe in the 1990s. Muslim extremists targeted foreign tourists back then, including an attack on British tourists that left three generations of women dead (a woman, her grown daughter, and her granddaughter, who was a child). If you can’t travel anywhere without an armed guard then a country most definitely isn’t safe.

  • Terra Firmer

    I bought a tour of the pyramids from a local guy, and Egypt me ! Tut, Tut, you say ? Well, RAMESES UP YOUR ASWAN !

  • Johnny

    Safe? Egypt has never been “safe” for tourists. I was in Alexandria and Giza in the late 1970’s. Even then you had to watch your back. I was smacked in the back with a large wood plank after exiting a tourist bus when I declined to purchase postcards from one of the many Arabs at the tourist sites trying to sell things to the tourists. Another incident in Alexandria – One of the children of a U.S. Embassy employee escorted us to one of the few restaurants that were considered “safe” to eat at. We rode a carriage back to the hotel. When the driver told us the cost (after arriving at hotel), the boy interrupted and told us he was charging 10x what it should cost, and the boy (about 10 or 11 years old) argued the price with him in Arabic. As we got out of the carriage, the driver attacked the kid! We had to pull him off the kid, hand him $20 USD (which was twice what he originally tried to charge us) and send him on his way. I’m sure it’s even less “safe” now then it was then. Any American has to be particularly careful in ANY Muslim country. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

  • http://www.righttravelegypt.com/ Egypt Travel

    We were recently on Egypt travel and felt safe during the whole trip. I guess the times have changed now in Egypt.

  • Preston

    I was in Egypt in April 2011 right after Mubarak stepped down with my sister and a friend. We almost didn’t go because of the unrest. Luckily it had calmed down before we left. The upside was that we had most of the ancient sites completely to ourselves. The downside was that it was the most corrupt country I’ve ever seen. Everyone has their hand out for money. The security at Giza with the large automatic weapons, would invite you to an area clearly marked “Do Not Enter” and then they would want a bribe afterward. Our guides for Giza got us alone in an alley and demanded extra tips. My sister didn’t feel safe, and I demanded that they take us back to the office. Every tour guide or driver will try to take you to shops along your route so they get a cut in what you purchase. Walking to the temples and ancient sites you are always mobbed with vendors trying to sell. You have to brush them off like mosquitoes. Anyway, it was a harsh trip because of the above situations, but the benefits of seeing temples completely alone was awesome. We never really felt like our lives were in danger, we just felt that everyone was trying to make a buck off us. It was my worry that I might not get to go back to Egypt if things got worse there, and it seems like it has gotten worse. I don’t think every Middle Eastern country is like Egypt. On that trip we also went to Jordan, and we felt completely safe and secure there. So I say go to Egypt, but keep in mind that it will be a little harsh.