Edinburgh Nude Picasso Disturbs Airport Passengers

By: Amanda Crum - August 8, 2012

An Edinburgh exhibition of some very famous Picasso art left many airport travelers blushing, leading to several complaints to officials which were substantial enough to have the painting covered up.

Promoting a show at the Scottish Museum Of Modern Art, “Nude Woman In A Red Armchair” depicts just that, only in Picasso’s famous Surrealist style. While the woman in question is nude and does indeed display a female’s anatomy, one has to wonder why some people draw the line at lovely works of art rather than perfume ads or, say, magazine covers when it comes to nudity.

“All kinds of images of women in various states of dress and undress can be used in contemporary advertising without comment,” said John Leighton, Director-General of the National Galleries of Scotland. “But somehow a painted nude by one of the world’s most famous artists is found to be disturbing and has to be removed.”

The airport’s decision to cover up the artwork was met with quite a bit of backlash, however, forcing them to reconsider and eventually uncover it.

Patrick Elliot, curator of the Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art, spoke about the exhibition.

“The exhibition shows how British artists took inspiration from the strength of Picasso’s work throughout his life and then took it in all kinds of different directions.”


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  • John D. Fiat

    Oh, whoop-de-doo! So the painting has a slit for a vulva. It’s about time we start featuring art with vaginas. And it’s not as if this painting shows a spread vagina featuring labia minora and majoras. If this had been a male nude, nobody would be saying sh*t. And this isn’t nearly as graphic as art featuring male nudes, especially sculptures like David. The most famous sculptures always have males with full-on penises and testicles but when we see a nude female sculpture, it usually just has a smooth groin (w/ no vagina) and smooth breasts with no nipples. Ever since I was a little kid, I used to wonder where are the nipples and vulva? I mean, making a vulva isn’t nearly as difficult as making penises and testicles. Hell, they can make a vulva with a popsicle stick!

  • Bill

    More proof that Scotsmen are Great Britain’s equivalent of hillbillies.

    • will

      the scots are not protsting————they are promoting all you prudes !


    Yes,this a artist work of art, that deplicts the female form.However, upon close study it is more than what it appears. This work of art is troubling to people because it creats powerful images of women in a person’s life. Women, who had a profound impact in a persons life,a beloved mother, wife, sister,teacher or a caring women. Seeing gaps and other images not showing the female form as whole could be disturbing to some people. This is a thought provoking piece of art, please do not do it harm by seeing it as just another nude.

  • mario

    It’s incredible how people react to art, and complaint, but the nudity on the media is not art , and it is disturbing for children but nobody complaints, we need to educate our selves and be more mature and respectful to the artist, but most of all we need to learn to see beyond the human spirit, not only technology, I am an artist myself, and I express my feelings through my art, and is never my intention to disturb nobody but to let them enjoy how I see the nature, including the human body which is not always beautiful for some people, but still a wonderful human beauty.

  • Danny

    Scotsmen hillbillies?
    The complainers (and we are not told just how many there were than one) were probably my fellow Americans who had gone kilt shopping in Scotland to feed their fantasies to be something more Romantic that just a citizen of our republic.
    Prudes are what I find offensive. Who ever they were I hope the next time they try to cross a street the World Naked Bike Ride pours down the street all around them.

  • will

    correction———protesting !!

  • Gene Lewis

    I don’t know what to tell you.
    The British ordinarily show no compunction when it comes to revealing
    a famous actor who is humping a famous actress chick.
    I give you “Rumpole” etc., which are totally artistic in nature.
    “Up the spout” – comes to mind.
    And their most famous actresses, to boot.
    Of course, here we have the Scots working up a lather.
    So – – as I said; “I don’t know what to tell you”.
    I didn’t – and I still don’t.

  • Ed Fields

    The people who complained, who were undoubtedly Americans, ran-and I mean ran-to the nearest Chick-Fil-A when they got home and stuffed themselves until they couldn’t walk while they angrily beat their Bibles and yelled about the sinfulness of naked paintings.

    • KEVIN

      I would like to say I pretty much respond for the city of Las Vegas on this issue, “We love anything that CAN BE and IS DEEMED BAD FOR YOU! (examples include the ONLY known sex museum , Bars that NEVER CLOSE ,legal hookers in the next county, illegal ones in clark county …if you’re willing to spend a few 100 dollar bills, & 30 minutes waiting for your order to arrive at your hotel room door.) 24 hour a day restaurants that have no problem serving mass amounts of food to anyone with $7.95 in their pockets.It used to be $1.50 but the evil coorperations increased it by 3 – 7 times. And of course…WE ARE THE MOTHER TO GAMBLING THE WORLD.

    • kla

      that comment was uncalled for….

    • Jim

      see my comment above…. & BTW… I am one of those Chik-fil-et consumers…so plz B careful who u r singling out, Mr. Fields

  • http://ymail.com Mir Quasem

    Art is for lovers of art.This piece of work is a brilliant testimony to innocent imagination.It does not hint to any indignation or malice as few months ago a naked portrait of Jacob Juma was displayed at a public place just to dwarf down his position, as mass people say.
    I think some people went too far to designate this picture as obscene.

  • Jim

    It’s art…for crying out loud…it’s not a sordid sex scene…it’s one artists’ idea of the human female anatomy…imagine the uproar it would have caused had it been a male with his phallus hanging

  • http://webpronenews Chuck Heasley

    You’d think that with all the figurative art and advertising let alone on televison one would appreciate art better. This is not porn or smut, it’s art