Eddie Murphy To Resurrect “Beverly Hills Cop” On TV?

    August 31, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Eddie Murphy is currently working on a small-screen adaptation of “Beverly Hills Cop”, but says it won’t be all about Axel Foley anymore.

“What I’m trying to do now is produce a TV show starring Axel Foley’s son, and Axel is the chief of police now in Detroit,” he said. “I’d do the pilot, show up here and there. None of the movie scripts were right; it was trying to force the premise. If you have to force something, you shouldn’t be doing it. It was always a rehash of the old thing. It was always wrong.”

The show, which is being called a “buddy cop” affair, will be an hour long, and it may fare better on a network that can get away with a bit of raciness. Murphy is working with “The Shield” creator Shawn Ryan on coming up with a script, and although rehashed movies are a dime a dozen, this is one that could actually work well if it’s done right. As long as they keep the theme song, I think we’re good.

My vote for Foley’s son? Donald Glover. Who’s your pick?

  • aggy

    Jay Pharoah from SNL.

    • joefrank

      yep!!!! just said that…he looks like a young eddie anyway and he has perfect eddie timing

    • Buddy Sezs

      Jay Pharoah would definetly be the best choice. Also Lance Gross from House of Payne. These two guys do look as if they came from the Eddie Murphey tribe.

  • Ralph

    I like this idea. Eddie Murphy is going to work with the writer from the tv show “The Shield” i like that show too… i think it can work because Beverley hills cop was in 1984, so its 2012-2013 now so i can see a young eddie murphy son being the new guy…. but which actor will be perfect for eddie to really sell this thing.

  • asdfsdfsdf

    Stupid idea.

  • neet


  • amy

    Personally I loved All the Bev Hills Cop movies, and think a series on tv could work, provided they keep the comedy side of it included in the tv version, and as for Axels Son, I totally picture Donald Faison in that part, ( he was in the movies Clueless, hes in Scrubs, and currently in the new show The Exes on tvland) donalds charactors has the same quirkiness that eddie murphy has as Axel. IM FOR IT!

    • will.smith@gmail.com

      Negative. First one was greaaattttt as Tony would say. Second one, was barely okayyyy. Third one stunk like the odor that sticks to manure.

  • Honest Alice

    He is long past his prime, his talent is gone, his comedic genius has been clouded by greed, misogyny and contempt. He fathers kids by numerous women but doesn’t care for any of them. He used to be humble but money and ego were his downfall. He is not relevant anymore, nor is he funny. I always thought his brother Charlie Murphy had much more talent.

    • mega

      Actually he has 5 children with his ex-wife nicole who he was married to for 12 years. and three other children from different women from his relatioships which one of them he had after his divorce from nicole.

    • motun

      you are one of those people who spread factually inaccurate statements. every single thing you said is factually wrong so zip it.

    • http://WWW.CINEMALEXZIKON.COM william lee

      Regardless, for those not alive when he first broke on the scene, the entire so called “Black film renaissance” can be attributed to his star power in the 80′. That alone accords this man the ultimate respect for his cinematic achievements. Its easy to point fingers and assign blame from a keyboard. So he had kids. He didn’t murder anyone, or die from an overdose. he was a young egocentric star, not unlike Charlie Sheen, Corey Haim, or any one of a number of people who got to Hollywood and get caught up. Your observations about his personal life are no worse than any other Hollywood star who got rich at an early age. I sense a hater in our midst.Eddie is still the man, just in need of script writers who have some talent and are not yes men.

  • Troy

    This could work if they get Kevin Hart to be Axel Foley’s son.

  • th21superstar

    I agree with Donald Glover. Marcus T.Paulk, or even Brandon T. Jackson

    • joefrank

      donald glover is too suburban to play hard nosed Axel Foley’s son…

    • will.smith@gmail.com

      But Danny Glover is way too old. Besides, he played Sergeant Murtoff already.

  • http://Yahoo Delores

    Brandon T. Jackson would be the best pick I think for the role of Eddie’s son in the new pilot. They are both funny. “Like father Like Son” Glad to see my man Eddie back in business again.

    • joefrank

      jay pharoah all day he pulls off a good Eddie Murphy and he looks like a you Eddie in Axel days

  • amy

    Ok, after reading the other possibilities for axels son, i Must agree Brandon T Jackson would be good also, and IF you go take a look at his photo, consider Chris Rock hes still young enough to be his son, u gotta figure Axel as Chief of police, age would be in mid to late 50’s.. so he could easily have a son in his say 30’s Chris Rock fits that, andd he has police experience from Lethal Weapon 4. I think Eddie and Chris would work well together. its a though.. ohhhh and btw.. all those hater comments are irrelevant that was 2 decades ago, soo just get over the eddie bashing and say something constructive please not destructive.. tyvm

    • yep yep

      you are retarded

      • scootieluv

        a 47 year old playing a 51 year olds son.. you dumbass

        • Annina Camacho

          A little harsh…no ??

  • Angelo Cuevas

    Eddie, take this to HBO because there you will be able to use adult language which is the stuff that made you famous. It will be a hit!

  • Linda D.

    I swear, I have not enjoyed anything Eddie Murphy has done since Beverly Hills Cop. This was his element and I am really looking forward to seeing him revise his role of “Alexal Foley”. I bet this will be a hit!

  • will.smith@gmail.com

    Jaden Smith as the son.

  • zan

    Nooooo you ruin everything… First was Jumo street and now that????

  • Poppie

    I thank you should use Brandon T. Jackson as the son and put sticky fingaz in as a bad guy try A&E everyone can watch it!

  • Annina Camacho

    I Love Eddie Murphy and he should of done this a long time ago !!!

  • Mo

    Keep it funny. Jay Pharoah or Donald Faison as Axel’s son,(either would
    be funny as hell), and have a few guest spots with original movie cast
    members too. Put it on A&E,(they are just edgy enough for a show like
    this!), and you’ll have a big hit! I would watch it.

    • zone

      Absolutely Donald Glover. They missed big time when they didn’t give him the Spider Man part. This would be a great fit.

  • http://www.drfloyddarden@freewebs.com DR.FLOYD DARDEN

    Eddie Murphey is number one. He can re-do anything and do it well. Remembering what may work best for today’s youth[ etc..] and the age 20 to 36 age group…..yeap! GO Eddie Go!

    • sarah