Eddie Murphy: Girlfriend Steals The Spotlight

    November 7, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Eddie Murphy was honored at Spike TV’s “One Night Only” event last week in front of a room full of his colleagues, but his date garnered more attention than he did.

Murphy arrived with a blonde bombshell on his arm–33-year old model and actress Paige Butcher–and must have enjoyed being accompanied by the lady Maxim Magazine named one of their “Hot 100” women in 2004. Butcher has also appeared in several commercials and in films like “Big Momma’s House 2” and “Something’s Gotta Give”.

Murphy’s former flame was another actress, Rosci Diaz, but rumors flew soon after they were spotted together that she was too “clingy” for his taste.


Image: Gossiponthis.com

  • Tracey

    Eddie has had so many women and men that it’s a mess.

    • reginarenee

      I concur

    • Rush

      You are a liar. Eddie is not a Gay. He was picking a woman and didn’t know the it was transvestite. Many people made mistake until they realize the she was a she and quickly dissociate themselves. Bonaduci and so many others. It is a mistake that happens.

      • ez

        this is fn ridiculous IT IS 2012 ppl none of this shit matters any more seriously grow the f up white black gay strait yellow brown green fn purple who give a damn 4real everyone n America has the right of the pursuit of life liberty n happiness NO MATTER wat that implies EVERYONE is entitled to it my god get real! n that’s comin from a white strait married man 2012 ppl!!

  • Daphne M Hooks

    Otk, so u aint making good movies anymore, So u stir up sum news with this white girl on ur arm!! Hmmm? In this day and age, it still baffles me, that a black man doesn’t feel he’s arrived until he has a blond haired, blue eyed woman on his arm. O.J Simpson ain’t teach u a damn thing!!!

    • rosemary

      It’s finally ok with me now to see our color blinded people forgetting about issues and where they came from, by way of slavory, and masters, and boiling, hanging and all because of the lust of another (whites), I will forget, but will or can you? No more all one black family? Mixed up confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!Trophy, our black people!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile Eddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pam

      There’s nothing wrong with white women, and if he thinks he’s “arrived” since he does have a white woman with blonde hair, then who are you to say otherwise????

      • http://youtube fred

        It seemes Pam is the only one of you people with their head together

    • Codebronze

      Start acting right, then.

  • andrea

    there are menti-a-men who are gay and love women…..not that they are a beard just that sometimes they switch it up. they still gay

    • desi

      LoL, see I wasn’t gonna mention Eddie’s past indescretions…lol, but Andrea said it…it is what it izzzz!
      Girly got her own goals and dweems! Eddie’s just a funding source. Ah-Laud!? LOLOL

  • desi

    Please, Eddie needs to pull up…its not his flavor, but chicki WILL be trying to “come-up” if she gets pregnito! lol…what’s that latin legal saying? for…buyer beware?! She’s on the downside of gorgeous and will not be aging well. The boobies look likemini-balloons and shape is undefined as a “bombshell”…curves are not distinct…c’mon yall. The media will hype you up and then tear you down. Rocsi needs to stop and take a deep houchy breath and just “get her life”. Tamar, I’m lovin that term! LOL Is that why she’s in LA…followin’ her dream huh?! o’MY

    • webhead

      It’s hard to move on when the abuse is STILL going on. We are still racially profiled and treated differently just because of the color of our skin. Still being killed, over zealously convicted of crimes and put in prison at an alarming rate. I just hope that the net that has entangled us, doesn’t mistakenly ensnare you as well.

  • Missy

    Excuse me…. and they say white folks are racists, there are some very racists remarks on here and they don’t seem to be coming from white folks. Are we ever going to get past racism and move on?

    • tony

      not until they all go back to their jungle where they belong

  • http://youtube fred

    why are you women so racist?

    • http://Yahoo.com Tony

      Fred, I am glad I am not the only brother that thinks this way. I have no respect for these traitors. These women have nothing on our black and beautiful sisters and never will.

      • tony

        well one thing they have is they are not second generation primates walking upright

      • tyrone

        Racist, there are plenty of black men with black women, and there are white men with white women, there are white men with black women, and there are white women with black men, and there is nothing wrong with that, it’s funny how white people are always the racist’s but black people are just as racist as the kkk, and you are no better than the kkk, with your racist outlook, I’ve had white and black women, and I love big women, the more cushion for the pushin, so black women are the clear choice when it comes to thickness, but as you can see white women are getting just as thick as black women, now Eddie’s girlfriend is not thick therefore I don’t think she is sexy, skinny girls white or black hold no appeal to me, large and in charge is what I like, btw I’m a white man, and bbw are awesome and so are bww.

        • Dainty

          Best comment I have seen on here…..why its always about race is beyond me.

  • nita

    I knew it was only a matter of time before he pulled a Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Lamar Odom, Taye Diggs, Russell Simmons, and the worst one of all O.J. Simpson aka black men who have lost their way!!!!!!

    • roscoe pico

      nita stop hatin! if u look good u look good no matter the color!

  • http://youtube fred

    It seems Pam and a couple others are the only ones with their head straight

  • kerrberr

    she better go get a IUD or something cause we all know how fertile Eddie Murphy’s swimmers are!! Eddie u betta wrap it up u dont want another baby mamma calling for child support

  • Kim

    Does it really matter the color of her skin??? As long as they are happy together. People need to stop being so critical on others skin type!!!

    • webhead

      Go back to the Caucasus Mountains, cave bi%$h!

      • Kim

        YOU’RE AN IDIOT!

  • White boy

    F—ing mudsharks!… So are any other White boys out there sick of seeing this shit, or is it just me?

    • ranken

      just you

    • Proudwifeofsly

      Well I would rather see this then people of the same sex going at it in public and getting married. Now that Obama is in the white house, the Homosexuals are rejoicing. SOoooo, pick your poison. Yesterday’s election proved to me and my husband that Illegals and gays are running this country. Our vote doesn’t count.

      • http://Whiteboy White boy

        @ Proudwifeofsly I would rather see gays than this… I don’t really give a f*ck about what gays do, and unless YOU are gay, why sould you care about what gays do?

        Race mixing destroys races.


        Gay is okay!

        • Bigwalt

          Shut up Stupid

      • bmari

        it is none of your business what gays do. just go live your white life with your hubby. can’t have everything your. way

  • TD

    Doesn’t she know he prefers men with wigs on…

    • Mark

      Wow. Nothing worst than a jealous black girl. I’m black. I like beautiful women. ALL beautiful women. You seem to think the only beautiful educated worthwhile women are black. Get over yourself.

  • Rush

    You are a liar. Eddie is not a Gay. He was picking up a woman and he didn’t know that it was a transvestite. Many people made that mistake until they realize that she was a he and quickly dissociate themselves. Bonaduci and so many others made such mistake. It was a mistake, and that happens.

  • Vegas

    It hurts me as a Black women with beautiful Black college educated daughters, that black men feel white women or any race other than Black are better. And that they choose to these women of other race hanging all over them.
    Black men, please do better for yourselfs!

    • nblue

      How would you feel if your “educated daughters” dated a white man? I guess you would tell them to do better for themselves. This way of thinking only holds us back. Equality means everyone.

  • sherille

    i love eddi murphy but there is something wrong wen a grown man keepp on hopping from 1 woman to another. at his age he shud b settled down. is he tryn toprove sumn?

  • Sue Holt

    I think all you black women who have a problem with black men and white women being together should just get over it and move on. It’s just how it is, so get used to it. If you don’t like seeing it, just turn your head the other way.

    • bmari


  • White boy

    White boy says: Sue Holt is a dumb white b*tch. Black women have my permission to jump her! lol

    • Sue Holt

      White boy must be color blind.

  • kkat

    There’s nothing wrong with black women, or any other non-white women either. Perhaps the problem with Rosci is that she tried to keep him in check. Lord knows he needs it.

  • ranken

    Good for him

  • ranken

    Some of you are just mad because you could’nt get a girl that good looking in your wet dreams

  • James

    Really? Are you kidding me? If a white person, male or female was commenting to Paige and telling her “hey sister, you know you could do so much better! Since when are white men not good enough? You should really stick to your own color” you would see a massive outpour of racially heated comments. I think racism has taken a turn and the shoe is on the other foot. Does it really make a person of color feel better to say such hateful things? Hate doesn’t have a color, but it does have a consequence.

  • dd

    Oh stop whining Rush!! Eddie & Johnnie Gill have been “kicking it for years” why else do you think Johnnie has been living in Eddie’s guest house!!

  • Neek

    Well it’s each to their own. My brother (speaking to Murphy) if that’s what you want…have to it. I myself having had a black mother and a black father naturally can understand the interest in white women. I’ve had a few good looking one’s myself over the years. However as for me, I’ll take my black Sister over the white one every time. As a-matter-of-fact I married a beautiful black Sister, and we’ve been together over 30 years. When I first saw her without anything on, she looked like a Goddess, and still do. It’s just something wonderful about the beauty of black women, that white women just don’t have. Why do you think white men love black Sisters so much?

    • bmari


  • Kevin

    You black women are just mad because you are looked upon as the lowest creatures on earth. Nobody wants you not even the black man. The ones that do only use you as a way to make children impregnating as many of you as they can. I had a few of you growing up in Brooklyn, thank god I didn’t get one of you pregnant or catch a disease.

    • http://www.yahoo.com pbw – Proud Black Woman

      You sound so bitter. What’s wrong? PBW turned you down?fi

    • bmari

      Good thing this America.Everyone is entitled to free speech. yeah, even A..H….like you and Ralph

    • Courtney

      I’m a black woman who has had a white boyfriend for three years now.
      Huh. Imagine that. You must’ve been rejected by a black woman in the past and have been harboring this bitterness for some time now. Let it go.

      Your vituperation is laughable.

    • CL

      You are a disgrace. Black women suffered for over 400 years at the hands of filthy white men. You are stupid!!!

  • Eryka

    Many people made mistake until they realize the she was a she and quickly dissociate themselves. It is a mistake that happens.

  • ky redneck

    its all pink in the middle

  • Bigwalt


  • http://zoomtown.com Ralph

    How would you like to group up in a family headed by a cantankerous black women? Then, you are supposed to only have black girl friends? Get real!! Black women are shrews who nag, sag, and yell all the time. They never had a chance to grow up without being exploited by someone: the fathers of their children; their father; the government; their mothers; and then their siblings. How many a black women below the age of 6 had to raise her mother’s progeny? Too many I’m sure. Can’t really get upset about who is porking who anymore. We are all getting porked by Obama anyway!

    • http://yahoo Aaire

      Ralph, Its too bad you have had such negative experiences with black women. What you describe is not typical of black women. You sound like a person who suffered child abuse and perhaps selected abusive women for your wife or girl friends. Date or marry any race but don’t unjustly apply such negative labels black women. I Have a wonderful black husband. I love and adore my black man. We have the same temperment. We support each other and we don’t yell. We take pride in our 50 year relationship. We have raised our children and are blessed to be able to spend our golden years together enjoying each other and having fun.

      • tiffany

        Aire is probably a gay pscho who wants Eddie for himself…

    • CL

      Damn idiot!!!

  • tjindy

    I am saddened as I read these posts. Why do you feel that he sought out a “white” woman, and not just made a connection with this woman? It is hard for me to understand why after all these year’s people are so filled with racial hate. I don’t feel one way or another when I see an interracial couple. I hope that in a world with so much turmoil and devastation that 2 people meet, liked each other’s personality and decide to love. If I limited my experiences to just my race, I would have missed out on so much. It is my solemn prayer that the ignorance on here has decided not to breed, and that their archaic racist beliefs will end with them – I reference both the white, black and other racists.
    -thoughts from an American Black Woman

    • Pauline

      I love this and agree whole-heartedly!


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  • shawnb4

    OMG He deserves so much better. She looks so bored. Evidently she must be good in bed. I’m watching the Spike special and she hasn’t got a clue. Either she’s on drugs or she doesn’t know who she is with and how lucky she is. Gold digger?

  • demetrius

    If two people care about each i have 365 days mind my own business i proud to see two people happiness