eBay Sucks Slightly Less Than Others at Diversity

    August 1, 2014
    Josh Wolford
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eBay just followed suit and released their gender and ethnic diversity figures, and it looks like the company have hurdled a pretty low bar. Or limboed a very high bar. Something easy.

According to eBay, their company is made up of 58 percent male employees. This beats Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, who have all released their diversity figures over the past couple of months (in that order).

On the high end, both Twitter and Google are 70 percent male, and on the low end Pinterest is 60 percent.

“As a leader in commerce and digital payments, we take diversity seriously. Since eBay was founded in 1995, we have believed in the power of technology to democratize commerce and create more opportunities for all. We believe in the same power of inclusion and opportunity inside our company. Enabling talented people to thrive matters. Diversity matters. It makes us stronger, and makes us better,” says eBay.

“We believe sustained commitment can make a demonstrable difference. And we are far from satisfied. We will continue to strive for progress, and a stronger, better, more diverse eBay.”

When it comes to ethnic diversity, eBay is 61 percent white – putting them somewhere in the middle of the other tech companies for that specific stat. But, with 5 percent and 7 percent respectively, eBay employs more Hispanic and Black workers than any of the other companies previously mentioned.

“We are committed to publishing this data annually. We hope such transparency by eBay and other companies in our industry will help foster constructive debate, partnership and progress,” says eBay.

As important as the company as a whole’s diversity figures are, the most telling sign that the tech world has a diversity problem comes in the leadership position diversity. Like all of the aforementioned companies, eBay skews heavily toward the white dudes. eBay’s leadership is 72 percent male and 72 percent white.

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  • Just Axin

    Who cares. It may take a little initiative and ambition but write about something interesting, Josh.

  • Pizzaman7

    This is a poorly written article. I have been in IT for over 25 years. Women do not like computers. I am not sure why but they don’t. Facebook has a hacker’s challenge and a ton of guys show up. For women they had to soften it and call it something else to get even a small showing of women to come. They don’t have the same enthusiam for hacking into a system that a guy would have.

    In my department of 35 there are only a few women. There are some Indian people. Indian people go into IT. There are a couple black people. It all depends on people’s skill set. What is a company to do…..hire somebody strictly based on skin color or sex ? You can’t just grab people off the street to run your critical systems unless they know what they are doing ! My department is probably in that range with white dudes. We are the ones who go into this field and have prepared to do so. Don’t fault is for it !

    I myself have a Windows domain, Exchange, SQL, Cisco gear, 10 machines, AT MY HOUSE ! I live and breathe computers and its my hobby. Anybody can make it in life if they work hard at it but no one is going to give it to you. If you want to go into IT then study hard and have the skills necessary. It’s just that simple ! Well may not be simple for a newbie. You might have to do some side work for cheap to gain some experience. It could take some time but employers need to be comfortable in your skill set that you can handle the job.

    There is no secret conspiracy that “diversity is missing”. What is missing is this author’s lack of research skills.

  • AreU4real?

    What hole do you live in? Call customer support and get the Philippines call center and get 98% female, 100% ethnic diversity which adds up to 100% loss of jobs in the USA. Period.