eBay Buys World Of Good

Auction site has "integrated, sustainable shopping experience" in mind

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World of Good is likely to get a lot bigger in the near future.  The brand, which helps artists in developing countries connect with buyers, has been acquired by eBay, and expansion seems to be the first thing on both sides’ "to do" list.

Believe it or not, this isn’t at all the random move it might appear to be.  World of Good has been around for five years and boasts ties to 85 countries, so it’s not some haphazard hippie project.  Also, eBay and World of Good have actually been working together for two years, developing WorldofGood.com by eBay.

So Robert Chatwani, Director of eBay Global Citizenship, stated in response to the latest move, "We look forward to this next step in our commitment to building an integrated, sustainable shopping experience within the eBay marketplace and are dedicated to applying our reach, resources and business model to create a positive impact for people, the planet and communities throughout the world."

World of Good cofounder and CEO Priya Haji agreed, "We are excited about the opportunity to scale the World of Good mission to an unprecedented degree through eBay."

Unfortunately, the terms of this transaction haven’t been disclosed, so World of Good’s price and integration-related target dates remain unknown.

eBay Buys World Of Good
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  • Guest

    Well… there goes the neighborhood… anything ebay touches turns to poo.

    I feel so bad for World of Good, as they will soon see exactly how ebay works. Disguising “goodwill efforts” as “we’re taking you over and ruining your idea and there’s nothing you can do about it, so screw you”.

    Just say **NO to meg whitman** for California, unless you want the unemployment rate to quadruple!

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    Ebay doesn’t mess this up.

  • Guest

    I wasn’t familar with World of Goods so I took a look at their eBay listings and was very impressed with the layout and in the fact they actually are helping out in this world. Of course, there is a “but”. Since eBay is more or less sponsoring or promoting this, I thought there has to be a hook or a scam in some way. I wonder how many others feel this way and are hesitate about making a blind purchase from World of Goods. So very sad for eBay’s image since eBay actively portrays sellers as being ALL bad. I am talking about the sellers that are eBay’s customers and paying for eBay to taint them. A side note: eBay is trying to only promote the Top Rated Sellers but eBay makes all their many BAD Diamond Large sellers as Top Rated Sellers and many have questioned the FIXING of their DSR scores which go into the rating of Top Rated Sellers. So World of Goods is probably a good seller but no one can actually prove this based on eBay’s behind the scenes shenanigans.

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      The eBay “brand” is so bad now that they are known — generally speaking and as a whole — for being a scam site, where you “take your chances” when making a purchase there. A fraudulent purchase is a coin toss away.

      I know there are a few good sellers left there, but eBay’s bad name is quickly driving them away as well. People no longer wish to be associated with eBay and what they are now known for.

      Too bad, it used to be so fun and buyers and sellers alike had a great time, until management discontinued and refused to combat the fraudulent sellers/scammers beginning in about 2003 and drove the site into the ditch.

      EBay is so yesteryear, there are too many reputable online shopping venues to frequent now.

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    Why all this negative feedback ? eBay sounds like a goodplatform to take About worldofgood to the next level. Maybe About worldofgood is just using eBay for more exposure then dump them.
    We still sell on eBay as well as other platforms with no problems, and Meg Whittman hasn’t been with the company for over two years where have you been?

    • Guest

      Actually, it will be two years next month since meg whitman stepped down as ceo, however she remained a major board member until just last year, when she HAD to resign from the board in order to try and purchase the California Governorship.
      (thank god there is no “buy-it-now” button or it’d be all over)

      Conflict of interest? Gee, ya’ think?

      Who do you think started the wrecking ball from hell of a mess at ebay? Who do you think ruined it? The bad fairies?

      I was with ebay since the beginning… years before the arrival of meg whitman… back when ebay was a beautiful thing. Then I watched that moron dismember it limb by limb.

      She replaced herself with her idiot in waiting, JD, who was groomed by her to carry on her agenda of destruction.

      Putting 10s of 1000s of people out of business per year. Small businesses. That BS platform she is running on in CA.

      Where have you been, sugar?

      Maybe google ‘meg whitman ebay corporate jet’ if you really wish to educate yourself on just one tiny example of the ebay corruptness making headlines today.

      Now that I have you caught up on current events, have a nice day :)

      Just say **NO to meg whitman** for California

      • NO to Meg Whitman!


        Great insights!

        Whitman is incompetent, undeserving of her wealth & fame, completely corrupt, and a soulless megalomaniac who cannot be trusted with public OR private leadership.

        Vote against her in 2010.

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