Earthquake Hits Japan, 3 Aftershocks Follow

    November 9, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5 on the Richter scale hit northern Japan today, rocking Fukushima-ken Oki and causing three strong aftershocks within an hour.

While there have been no reports of major damage or injuries, those affected were concerned about a possible tsunami warning; however, no warning has been issued. Residents are likely reminded of the devastating tsunami that tore through Japan in March of last year and swamped entire towns, leaving more than 28,000 people dead or missing.

The strongest shockwave had a magnitude of about 4.2. We will update this article with any changes.

  • http://yahoo Michael Trimmer

    Bummer, I pray there is no lose of life in this one, and that there is not an effect on the Philippines via tsunami

  • Carole Sumner

    Such worry and Sadness; am worried for the country and her People; they have endured too much as it is; I will pray for them.

  • http://www.yahoo.com jon saxon

    sucks to suck ;p

  • mirguel

    that really does suck. hopefully everyone’s alright

    • http://background-recording.blogspot.com Leslie Siegel

      OMG, another earthquake in Japan???? And all the weather changes and crap, I’ll TELL YOU WHAT IT IS: TOO MANY NUKE TESTS UNDERGROUND BY IRAN NORTH KOREA USA INDIA PAKISTAN, and that is why we are getting it. UNDERGROUND NUKE TESTS cause earthquakes and weather changes.

      • shocked

        Really? Underground nuke test that’s the reason? Wow people these days have no common sense

      • johnson

        OH YEA, THOSE DAMN NUKE TESTS, disinformation at its worst. At the risk of sounding like a kook, people need to wake up, we basically just saw a Re-enactment of “the day after tomorrow” in jersey, earthquake included, and now the under-reporting of it by the national news, who, we can all agree, are usually a bit more zealous and voracious with their stories, earthquakes occuring today and yesterday and the day befoe and last month & so on, and im supposed to believe a 53 day away fiscal cliff and a drone being shot at is the most important news of the day, ok….sure

        • http://background-recording.blogspot.com Leslie Siegel

          NUKE Testing underground by 5 countries has made all the mess of earthquakes, and Hurricane Sandy and other weather issues, hot as heck here in CA all the time,9 months at a stretch, and do you think when Bush was president he went to India to look at the colors???? NO, he gave them Nuke Technology and now they and Pakistan do underground Nuke tests, and other countries like North Korea, Iran, and yes, USA too! Mark my words, God has nothing to do with this, these things are occurring because of man made nuke bombs, radiation from them and a lot of rich fat cats in DC!

      • Thomas Jameson

        Yah – the weather just hasn’t been the same since they stopped testing bombs in the atmosphere. Do you realize how insignificant the energy in an underground test is compared to that released by even a minor earthquake?

        • http://background-recording.blogspot.com Leslie Siegel

          Insignificant back in the 50’s when they let one or two off every 4 years!!!! Now it’s like 1 a day, or maybe 2 blows a day, that’ll fix those commies! I just don’t get it, how you are so misinformed, most say anything just so they can sweep it under the rug. It’s underground nuke tests making this weather batty and all the other things. Look out it’s coming, my friend is a chemist withj AQCMD in L.A., he knows and told me! They are already finding Cessium 6 in the testing bottles of air! We are DOOMED by our own hand!

          • larry

            well Leslie, I don’t have a friend that is a chemist, but I have a friend who slept in a Holliday Inn last night and he thinks this is bogus.

    • http://background-recording.blogspot.com Leslie Siegel

      I’ll TELL YOU WHAT IT IS: TOO MANY NUKE TESTS UNDERGROUND BY IRAN NORTH KOREA USA INDIA PAKISTAN, and that is why we are getting it. UNDERGROUND NUKE TESTS cause earthquakes and weather changes.

      • Kit

        It might be time to consider taking the tinfoil off of your head Leslie. Unless of course you just want to shout “’ll TELL YOU WHAT IT IS: TOO MANY NUKE TESTS UNDERGROUND BY IRAN NORTH KOREA USA INDIA PAKISTAN…” again.

  • Frank Norton

    Many may remember “Plume-gate” cover-up of Japan’s man made disaster read in part: “Fukushima reactor No.4 vulnerable to catastrophie collapse —human civilization at risk”.

    The structurally damaged No.4 pool is some 100 feet above ground, is exposed to the elements and is getting warmer.There are a total of 11,421 spent fuel rods stored at the 30 year-old, six reactor site, which contains some 336 million curies of long lived radioactivity, of which 134 million curies of Cesium-137.

    Additionally, within five years the radiation in the cooling water already dumped into the Pacific Ocean will have arrived on the US West Coast, making it more radioactive than even Japan.

    The Japanese are saying that where ever a nuclear power plant is built, the land will never be suitable for human habatation again.

    • http://background-recording.blogspot.com Leslie Siegel

      Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone knows what they are saying. Thanks Frank!!!! God, listen to us, it’s nuke testing and nuke plant faults and cracks. Money speaks louder than words when no one is sick, but the minute the weather changes and folks get the cancer and the release of the radiation is reported, they say, “OH, God is mad at us. I say he’s mad at us for creating the nuke, not mad because they are using it and he’s making the weather bad, DUH!

  • Sharmon

    My heart felt cry for your city. My prayers go out for you. Read the gospel of John and be obedient. With love your brother.


    • http://background-recording.blogspot.com Leslie Siegel

      How about crying for all of us that are going to get Thyroid Cancer in the next few years, like Brook Burns of Dancing With The Stars did, and she is not alone, we will all get the Cessium 6 Thyroid Cancer because of the nuke tests underground AND finally, the weather is wacky because of it too. That’s the breaks, no stopping this freight train wreck about to happen, not one inkling about God or that he’s making it happen. THIS IS MAN MADE!

      • NoAidFromMe

        BINGO! Couldn’t agree more.

  • NoAidFromMe

    While I do feel badly for those citizens, I’ll never send any money to aid Japan again. After taking $30M in Red Cross Tsunami relief money to help beef up their illegal whaling efforts, I’ll keep my aid $$ in the USA.

    • Jenn


    • truther



    • William

      Do you know for a fact that the Red Cross funds went directly for helping beef up their illegal whaling efforts? If so where is the evidence? Do your reseach before speaking. I do not thiink the Red Cross would such a thing.

  • Frank Norton

    All this chatter about underground nuclear bomb tests, actually, the underwater earthquakes result from the contintent breaking appart along the deep underwater trench. Scientiests tells us that in some million years the separation of the continent will be complete.

    So hang on for it will be a long wild ride.

    • poopydawg

      Speaking of the loud booms folks hear, it could possibly be the plates moving and causing this noise. While a crew was filming the show Surface, it messed up their sound and they had to do the whole scene over. That can be a nightmare.

  • poopydawg

    I wonder if they do these test near Wilmington, NC? We have these loud sonic sounding booms every so often that it rattles the windows for miles around. I know what a plane sonic boom is, but these are different. People here say it is something called the “Seneca Guns” but who really knows what’s going on. My brother-in-law teaches English in Japan and I haven’t heard anything yet, I just hope he is okay along with all the others!