Eagle Attacking Deer Caught On Camera

By: Jennifer Curra - September 24, 2013

Nature strikes again. In Russia, a camera was placed in the wild to take snaps of untainted nature. Though the camera was originally intended to capture pictures of tigers, another unusual predator was captured instead. The camera took a series of images depicting a golden eagle attacking a young sika deer.

Linda Kerley of the Zoological Society of London and Jonathan Slaght of the Wildlife Conservation Society had hoped to see a rare glimpse into the daily habits of Siberian tigers when the camera caught the adult golden eagle attacking the young deer. In December of 2011, the camera took the series of images, which included three pictures during the span of just 2 seconds. Full size adult golden eagles can weigh up to 14 pounds; however, the baby deer was estimated to be somewhere in the range of 90 to 100 pounds. Though smaller in bodily frame, the eagles have powerful talons and beaks, which make them formidable predators.

The following video includes stills from the golden eagle’s attack.

Two weeks after the attack, Linda Kerley went to check on the equipment and monitor the camera. She noticed that the carcass of the deer, that was partially skeletal, had dropped in the exact same place of the attack. The placement and remains of the deer led researchers to assume that other carnivores had traveled in the vicinity. The following image shows the remains of the deer’s leg.

The researchers have stated that golden eagles do not typically attack deer, and there is no reason to suspect that the overall deer population will suffer from such attacks. However, there is no doubt that eagles are predators. Various types of eagles have been known to not only attack deer, but other land-dwelling creatures as well with some of these mammals being predators themselves. Other animal victims have included wolves, foxes, bears, and mountain goats to name a few. The following video shows pictures of some of the other types of attacks in nature that people have captured eagles attacking.

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  • David Hightower

    I’m not a big fan of preditors attacking babies. But I guess everything has a human side, including animals.

    • steve buscemi

      or the fact they have a wild animal side, genius.

    • Paully

      Humans are animals..

  • http://ucartom@yahoo.com tom mac

    Signs and Wonders…!
    Heed Them,….

    • http://yahoo bla bla bla

      been going on long before cameras recording ! HEED Ignorance !

  • http://ucartom@yahoo.com tom mac

    Signs and Wonders…!

  • Nabil Al-Murabit

    If you think these things are bad ass, you should see a Harpy Eagle go about its business. It’ll freak you out

  • bry an

    maybe the dumbest comment on the internet today. I think the eagle did this because it has a wild fckn animal side, genius.

  • NickWSV

    o eagles attack deer all the time. do you know how many golden eagles, and bald eagles are killed by wind farms every year.

    • Pablo Cervantes

      No…and neither do you. Last I read they had found 90+ carcasses but were unable to determine exact cause of death. Additionally, no one had a carcass count from before the wind farms so there is no way to attribute a count directly to wind farms. I wonder how many eagles are/were killed by coal fired generating facilities.

  • The Truth, not CNN

    Now if we can just get this eagle to attack and shred up Obamacare then we could put this eagle towards good use.

  • Naviero

    I was once attacked by a duck? The lil’ critter tore my fip-flops to shreds.

  • http://yahoo terry ward

    Nice eagle…NOT!!!!!!!

  • Landon

    PETA ain’t gonna like this one

  • jon acosto

    PETA’s Response: Someone needs to do something about these Eagles attacking Deers. They should try to go Vegan and eat Soy Deer!

    My Response: Look @ the expression of the Deer’s face. “Damn It, Can’t Catch a Break!”

  • buddybear

    I lived with these large birds for 63 years.Catskill MT.NYS.Never have i ever heard of one taking a deer down.Mostly rabbits,snakes ect.I do not hunt or take the life on what God put here exceipt what he feels i need.USN,Hon 1966,NYS ANG Hon 1983.But thats life,The Birds ate all.Had babies to feed.I love these birds,Watched a nest from start to finish,Babbies.On a high web cam.I know live in Fla.

    • Pablo Cervantes

      Sure, eagles are beautiful. But…they’re raptors and often kill to eat. Still, I like deer as well.

  • Pablo Cervantes

    It’s patently obvious that it was the presence of this camera that caused the death of this young deer. Ban all wildlife cameras immediately!

    • bill burris

      Shut the F___ Up!!!!!

  • temujin

    Hooray for the eagle. Should be invited to emigrate to the Northeastern US.

  • Koob

    Ben Franklin wanted the turkey and not the eagle to be our national symbol–because the turkey is a peaceful bird, who minds his own business. It was an interesting, good idea, I think.