Dying Light Really Is Mirror's Edge With Zombies


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When Dying Light was first announced, it was billed as Mirror's Edge with zombies. The comparison seemed a little simplistic and perhaps a disservice, but we couldn't know for sure until we actually got to see some gameplay.

The wait for gameplay is over as IGN obtained 12 minutes of nothing but gameplay from Dying Light. I was hesitant to compare the title to Mirror's Edge, but the first gameplay video proves it to be an apt comparison. There are some differences, however, with Dying Light looking a little slower than EA's free runner.

Of course, Dying Light is also a zombie game. It's made by the team at Techland that made Dead Island so you can expect to see plenty of weapon customization. The other interesting mechanic sees the zombies transforming into more powerful monsters at night where the player will have to either stealthily make their way through the environment or run to the nearest safe house.

Dying Light will be out in early 2014 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.