Durango AKA Xbox 720 Specs Unveiled [Rumor]

    January 21, 2013
    Zach Walton
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The first half of the year before E3 is always full of rumors pertaining to what the major players in the gaming industry are going to show off. It’s a little different this year, however, as we have two new game consoles on the way from Sony and Microsoft. All the attention will be directed at the new hardware, and the rumor mill in regards to these machines’ supposed specs is already churning.

VGLeaks, a site that has proven to be more right than wrong in its reporting, claims to have gotten hold of the spes for Durango – the next Xbox. If true, Microsoft’s next console will be a pretty beastly machine, but it may also be pretty quiet.

Digging into the details, it appears that Microsoft may be going for lower-power consumption with its next gen console. The machine will sport an eight core CPU running at 1.6 GHz. Is it slower than the Xbox 360’s 3.0 GHz tri-core processor? Not at all as this newest processor is able to execute more processes at a speedier rate than its predecessor. It’s similar to the Wii U’s processor in that it features a slower clock speed, but is able to do more with it. If anything, the new processor will make sure that the next Xbox is a quiet, cool machine.

As for the GPU, It’s a custom 800 MHz graphics processor with support for Direct 3D 11.1. It’s not top of the line graphics processing, but consoles don’t need that to push impressive visuals. This chip will do nicely when it comes to pushing even more visually impressive games on the new hardware.

As for memory and storage, the console will feature 8GB of RAM and 32MB of fast embedded SRAM. The console will also sport a SATA out for a HDD. It’s unknown what kind of hard drive will be used, however, as Microsoft may opt to use a solid state drive for its latest console, especially if it begins pushing digital over physical content.

Speaking of physical content, the next Xbox will be outfitted with a Blu-ray drive. It was pretty much a given at this point, but it’s nice to know that Microsoft won’t be insistent on using DVDs or some other proprietary format in its next console.

If you prefer a more visual take on the above information, here’s a system block diagram courtesy of VGLeaks. Of particular interest is the Kinect In port. The Kinect In port may imply that Microsoft may be selling the next generation Kinect device separately instead of building it into the device.

Next Xbox Specs Revealed In Latest Rumor

As always, these are just rumors and should be taken as such. We won’t know anything for sure until Microsoft or a certified third party confirms it as fact. We may not have to wait long though as Microsoft may reveal its latest console before E3, just like Sony.

  • irondiesel58

    I hate to hear the words not as powerfull or like the new Nintendo wii U. Anything Wii U makes me think cheap and not worth even looking into.
    In this next gen console I’d feel short changed with anything less then the new Microsoft’s IllumiRoom. It’s been rumored and talked about and when that falls through it only leaves buyers feeling shorted. If rather pay $600-$600 for a system that blows the doors off My expectations then a cheaper almost better then the last especially since the last was 10 years ago.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      You need not worry – the next Xbox will be far more powerful than the Wii U. The only reason I made the comparison was that people seem to correlate numbers to power when that is not the case. The Wii U is far more powerful than the Wii despite having only a marginally higher clock speed. The same goes for the next Xbox – it will have a lower clock speed than the Xbox 360, but it will process information at a much faster rate making it much better than its predecessor.