Dunkin’ Donuts Rant Causes Racial Stir

By: Sean Patterson - June 13, 2013

[Warning:] NSFW language contained in this post

Earlier this week, a woman named Taylor Chapman (pictured) recorded her trip to a Dunkin’ Donuts store. She was on a quest to procure free sweets, as she claims she was not given a receipt by the restaurant the day before. The video was uploaded to YouTube, and would have simply joined the myriad of disgruntled customer videos found online but for one thing – the woman hurled racial slurs at Dunkin’ Donuts workers.

The video has now gone viral, just as Chapman said she hoped it would in the video. However, Chapman hadn’t counted on being the subject of the internet’s scorn and disdain.

“This shit’s about to go live, bitch,” said Chapman to one of the workers. “Right on Facebook, ’cause I already posted what your dumb ass did last night. So I hope you’re happy, with your little fucking sand-nigger self, ’cause I’m about to nuke your whole planet from Mars. You think ya’ll are tough, big bad arabs bombing the trade center? I’ll show you tough.”

According to Chapman’s Twitter account, she lives in Ocala, Florida, though in the video she states that she is originally from Indiana.

Instead of getting an employee fired as the woman had hoped, the workers seen in the video are now being honored by Dunkin’ Donuts. The company posted to its Twitter account this week that it is “proud” of how its employees handled the situation, and plans to recognize them in some way. As seen in the video, the employees quietly dealt with Chapman’s ranting, politely offering her free food and not reacting to her racist rant.

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  • Obi-1

    Florida. ‘Nuff said!

  • Name

    This woman is a nut. People that live online and live on social media sites are often crazy. The online world is not a real world.

    All this over donuts? This woman is as bad as those online vigilante groups. Totally crazy people.

  • Mr. Diplomacy

    Taylor Chapman and the Dunkin’ Donuts rant. It is a case of foot in mouth disease by a person who has ruined any chance of being hired for a job if she doesn’t yet have one. On the other hand, if she was employed before her rant, her employer will soon end that association. She has ruined her life over the lack of being given a receipt.

  • Caroline

    Could this woman be more rude???? And who gives a crap if she gets a receipt or not?? It doesn’t warrant an immature response like this one. I hope she never gets another job again or if she ever does, let’s hope she ends up at a counter at a coffee shop! What an idiot … don’t you realize that you’re the only one that looks like a moron??

  • Derick

    This woman is a SKANK!