Duncanville Student Rant Caught on VIDEO

    May 9, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Nearly everyone who attended High School has at least one story of an upset teacher or student storming from a classroom. Bottle up hundreds of teenagers for hours each weekday and it’s bound to happen. Now that cameras are ubiquitous, however, these intense situations are beginning to pop up on the web for everyone to experience.

A student in the Dallas suburb of Duncanville, Texas this week gained internet fame for lecturing his teacher about her lecturing abilities – or, rather, her lack therof. The student, named Jeff Bliss, was recorded by a classmate as he made his way out of the class room. During his exit he complained that the teacher only handed out “packets” instead of actually teaching.

“I’m telling you what you need to do,” said Bliss. “You want kids to come into your class, you want ’em to get excited for this? You gotta come in here and you gotta make ’em excited. You want a kid to change and start doing better? You gotta touch his freakin’ heart.”

Dallas TV news station WFAA has interviewed Bliss, who stated that he doesn’t regret his rant and stands by his statements.

WFAA was not able to reach the teacher seen in the video, though a Duncanville school district spokesperson told them that the district is “currently addressing the situation.” The spokesperson also implied that the teacher’s classroom conduct could be investigated as well, though the student’s issues “could have been handled in a more appropriate way.”

  • Laura

    I agree with the kid both my parents were teachers and kids loved to take thier classes because they worked with the kids. Its a hard fact that alot of the teachers out there do it for the pay check only.

  • Kevin

    I applaud this student for having the intelligence and awareness to know what is needed to inspire learning. He was articulate, calm and level headed in delivering this thoughts.

    Schools shouldn’t be glorified daycares – they aren’t simply holding cells for kids until they are of age and are one day set free to become a productive part of society. Teachers, parents and everyone else around them play a key role in helping them develop their skills, talents and thoughts. We can’t let them down.

    This young man should be supported in his concerns. If only 1% of the general population expressed such concern, the heights we could achieve would be admirable to say the least. At least he gives a damn.

  • Elaine

    The young man’s views are valid, but his delivery is a problem. The profanity used should not be condoned in the classroom. His problem should have been discussed with the teacher privately. And the child who videoed the exchange should be punished for publishing without permission. The teacher is not allowed to video and publich anything the child does, so he/she should be held to the same standard. Before the teacher is condemned in the public eye, we should wait to see the outcome of the school’s investigation. She kept the situation calm, gave credit and respect to his thoughts, and said nothing negative in response to his rant.
    Sadly the publicizing of this student’s ravings will give rise to copycat situations, most of which will not be making valid points. This will be a way to expose teachers to extreme derision and to gain popularity in the process. TV. Cool! Made the teacher he didn’t like look really bad online and on TV. Very cool! He says he went about it the wrong way. I agree and hope he is sincere in his realization.
    In no way am I suggesting the censorship of anyone ideas, thoughts or complaints, just voicing them improperly. Voicing opinions and ideas is the way to create change.
    And remember, we are only hearing and seeing one side of the situation here. The teacher has had no chance to be heard. Yes’ people have tried to contact her, but I guarantee she has been told to be quiet. And don’t expect Mr. Bliss to be punished. He’s home free. The school would never dare invite the negative publicity.