Dumb and Dumber To Begins Filming in Atlanta

By: Lacy Langley - September 26, 2013

Jeff Daniels has been suggesting for a while that Harry Dunn and Lloyd Christmas could, finally, after two decades, be returning. Behold, the movie gods are finally granting us a bushel of new hilarious antics! Our favorite heros of humor are on their way back! Harry and Lloyd just started filming Dumb and Dumber To!

Today, Jeff Daniels provided the proof on Twitter.

He went backstage to chat up the media after he picked up a surprise Emmy Sunday night, according to USA Today. The statue is for his role as news anchor Will McAvoy in HBO’s drama The Newsroom. What did he plan to do next?

“We’re going to party until dawn and then I’m going to hop on a plane to Atlanta and start shooting Dumb and Dumber To,” he said.

In order to please fans of the original, directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly are going to have to take things a bit farther than they did the first time around.
When Hollywood Life asked about the sequel and if there was something truly horrific to be expected, Daniels said,

“The scariest thing? There are some things that’s we’re going to do in Dumb and Dumber 2 that make the toilet scene [in the original] seem lame. Pales in comparison and I can’t divulge what, but just that they’ve topped it,” he explained. I can’t even imagine…

“They best thing about it? I get to work with a comedic genius,” Jeff said about costar Jim Carrey.

The original “Dumb & Dumber” premiered in 1994, and “Dumb and Dumber To” will most likely come out in 2014 which will make a great twenty year anniversary gift for us fans!

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  • TheOutlawJoseyWales

    They waited way too long to do the sequel. Instead of coffee breaks on the set they will be taking Geritol breaks.
    Dumb and Dumber was more of a mid-twenties catchy potty-mouth dudes acting like they were still in their teens. They can’t possibly pull it off again at their age. That is why I say they waited way too long to make the sequel.
    Only die-hard [sorry Bruce Willis] “older” fans will help this film break even. But they will wish they had not gone to see it. I predict that Jim Carrey is NOT going to want this probable flop on his record. The question is… Who or what is going to keep this movie from becoming a flop?