Duggar Mom Makeover: Michelle Gets Mullet Chopped

    October 31, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Mom of 19 kids Michelle Duggar finally got a makeover–the first one in around 40 years, according to her friend and stylist Cindy–and chopped off that curly mullet she’s been sporting since the family was first thrust into the spotlight on TLC.

Although husband Jim Bob expressed afterward that he “likes it longer”, the family was supportive about the haircut, which included a straightening. Michelle, however, ultimately didn’t love it and adopted the curly style she’s known for right after.

“I thought, “This is what I look like when I get out of the shower!” Michelle said of the sleek cut, which her daughters said made her look “amazing”.

The Duggars are a deeply religious family and don’t believe in birth control; they became famous after a special on TLC featured the ins and outs of their daily lives, and eventually landed their own show on the network called “19 Kids And Counting”. Michelle prefers to say she is mom to 21 children: “nineteen here, and two in heaven” after two miscarriages. The devoted mother crafted a touching “audio letter” to those children, which she posted on the family’s website.

  • Tracy

    I think she was ungratefull! i look like this when i get outta the shower..Really?? They should cut it short so she just has a brush n go style with all those kids but maybe that would be good birth control cuz her husband likes it long..LOL…anyway- hope she said thank you… better than the mullet!!

  • dean

    Does anybody REALLY watch that show?

  • Colleen

    It looks way better blown out straight- once it grows a few inches it will look even better. I prefer it straight than real curly. She did seem a little bit ungrateful but I guess she was in shock.

  • http://Yahoo Jane

    I really like her new hair style. I think it makes her look more up to date and much younger!

  • Sincere

    She looks pretty darn good for having 19 children…she could even pass for a young single woman with her new makeover!

  • Vicki

    Everyone is right, she is acting ungrateful. Seems like she was uncertain, maybe she should not had the hair style done. Or even better yet, try on wigs with different hair styles, so you can figure out what you want before wasting anyones time

  • dennis

    Yet another public procedure for the baby machine. Pathetic.

  • http://facebook SANDY

    She looked awesome!!!! He’s a control freak…Stop making babies!!!!

  • jeneen gabriel

    They don’t believe in birth control, its self control they need help with. Those kids live in 2 bedrooms and never have had a real childhood the oldest takes care of the rest.

    • Ronni

      Have you ever even watched the show? The live in a very large house with a lot of room. They all take care of each other. Stupid to comment on something you have no idea what you’re saying.

    • Patricia

      God said to be fruitful and multiply. He didn’t give a limit on that either. It’s today’s norms that devalue families of this size. As long as they are happy, healthy and their needs are met, what’s the problem?

      • m carrancho

        Overpopulation in the problem.

        • Daniel

          God wants us to overpopulate the planet & ransack the land for resources. It’s worked SO WELL so far, y’know. 😀

  • jo anne

    I thought that the straight hair made her look younger and thinner. As a person who is also vertically challenged, I will do whatever it takes to look taller and thinner. Wish she had left it straight.

  • Maureen

    Did someone really believe this was a note worthy subject??? I have never watched their show and if you think the woman is humble think again. She wouldn’t be on TV if she were humble. Maybe, however, someone thought this “HAPPY” news would make the harsh reality of terrorism, and Hurricane Sandy seem trivial. I have never written a post before, but I thought it rather important since people died and thousands lost their homes and jobs. So, BFD she got a haircut.

    • http://yahoo lisa

      maureen, you are a witch. if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

      • http://WebProNews sarah

        If you would have read the comment correctly, this woman said she doesn’t watch the show

  • Tina

    This was so edited we can’t really tell how grateful she was.
    I’m surprised at how many negative comments there are about this family just because they chose to have a lot of children. They do support these kids on their own and seem to have always been ok financially. It’s too bad people can’t be a less judgmental. Hopefully the family gets out of the lime light soon so they can go back to having a normal life.

  • Mary

    Great new look for Michelle. It’s hard to change a hairstyle that you’ve worn for so many years. Regarding the two bedrooms for the kids- the children were given the choice about that and they all chose to be together in two big bedrooms.

  • Anna

    I thought she looked amazing. She is really very pretty – and the makeover took 25 years off!!!

  • Linda

    She looked beautiful. Due to her style, I never realized how pretty she it. Any babies past 46 would be a miracle.

  • ruth cusumano

    I think yall are GREAT

  • http://yahoo Barbara

    she should also wear her hair staight. She looks 20 year younger & better

    • Angela

      I agree.

  • ruth cusumano

    I think yall are GREAT I was just reading some of the things other have said and I have to say I would like to be just like yall the love you have for each is just the way GOD wants us to be you show each one of your kids right and GOD like ways they are great kids I will pray for the bad talk in the comments when I look at your show I always feel better thank you for being the way you are always walk with GOD
    thank you

  • Angela

    She looks so much better with straight hair. It makes her look younger even though she already looks pretty good. The make-over was a good thing.

  • http://Yahoo Doris Finch

    She should reconsider and keep the new style. It looks soooo much better. Now better style clothes. You can be modest and look nice.

  • Hipacato Fazz

    It’s a vagina not a clown car.

    • Daniel

      It’s a vagina, not a freight elevator. 😉
      The dictates of some Fundy – Evangelical churches tell the mothers to pop out as many kids as possible to keep America WASP Christian & ” PURE ” – Even if it means the collapse of their reproductive systems.

  • http://yahoo linda


  • Kat

    Michelle looked really pretty with straight hair. Unfortunately, she’s stuck in a religion where her husband rules the roost, so if he didn’t like it, I’m sure that’s the reason why it had to go.

  • Ladylou

    Heaven forbid she might turn a head now & then. I thought she looked sassy with the straight hair. However she went right back to that curly perm with in days of the makeover.

    • MIchelle


      Is that a virtue?

      It wasn’t the last time I checked.

      In fact, people used to tell others not to get “sassy” with them, as it was, to put it lightly, unbecoming.

      But to each her own…

  • Charlotte Dobbins

    I honestly don’t understand how anyone can find fault with the Duggars.They are truly good ,God fearing people.If there were more families like them our country would be a lot better than it is.Kindness,compassion and honesty set them apart from so many.I for one admire and respect them.Unfortunately people want to put down others to make themselves feel better,so sad.

    • Sally

      The main faults I see are their strict gender roles and lack of appreciation for education. They seem like nice folks, but I think it is a shame that they don’t provide their children with a proper education and that the girls are expected to do little but get married and pop out babies.

      • Shana

        Sally, I know it seems unbelievable, but some women enjoy being mothers. As to the “lack of appreciation for education”. . .those kids are all homeschooled. They probably got a better education than most inner city kids.

      • Daniel

        Welcome to Fundy – World…..

    • Tiwana Morrison

      It would be different if Michelle were actually raising the children. From what I’ve seen she hasnt “raised” a child since the first batch were smallbecause she ‘s practically enslaved the oldest girls into indentured servitude for the duration of her fertile years. I saw them take on all of the “raising” of the smaller children while it seems she and Jim Bob are busy off making new babies for her other children to care for. It’s not right. Children are supposed to be children, not miniature maids and nannies.

      • RONIQUE

        I DO AGREE %100 WITH YOU (DIDDO)

      • Daniel

        The Duggars apparently think they live in frontier America or else a 3rd World country. I could see the logic in it if this were 1800’s America or a primarily agricultural country, but this is 21st century America, not an Amish settlement.

  • Linda

    I think the makeover was great for her (even though she chose not to keep the straight look)! Every woman needs to feel pampered every once in a while (I don’t think God minds that).

  • Krusty Krab

    “I like it longer.” I can’t even tell it was cut! It went from curly to straight and that’s about it.

  • ne

    I don’t watch that simpering mess anymore. Don’t care what she does to her hair. They are not modest. Any woman who allows her children to stare at her crotch while she is giving birth is not modest. Modest all the way to the bank. And to subject your children to raising all those other children while you keep pumping them out like roaches and strutting around like a peacock molting. GO AWAY……….

    • Daniel

      Oh, the imagery. Eye – Bleach, PLEASE !

  • Linda

    “finally got a makeover” …wow! That was rather rude! Heaven forbid someone focus on raising their children and not on the latest hair and makeup trends.

  • http://WebProNews sarah

    People need to quit being so judgmental..they have to live with their choices, not you.

  • Gail

    I’ve read a lot of these comments and I must say, there are some mighty critical people out there. First off, we see only 30-60 minutes a week of their life. Of course this is edited down so no one knows what happens when the cameras aren’t running. This family is completely self-sufficient. They owe no one, they all help each other, and are teaching their kids some very wonderful morals and values. I don’t think it’s anyone’s business what goes on. If you don’t like it, just turn it off. But please leave the hateful comments out. Put yourself in their place and would you like people saying these things about you???? Probably not.

  • Maria

    Whatever makes her happy.

  • Daniel

    Whatever floats her boat. If she wants to keep popping out kids until she’s in her 50’s, old – looking & pruney, that’s her prerogative. She & her husband are part of a movement to raise little drones to ” Win Back ‘ Amurrica ‘ for Gaawwwd ” & keep it safe from democracy & humanism, though.

    • Chris

      Yeah sure, I’m not a fan of them either per se – but let’s be honest……I’d rather live in a city full of them than the alternative. It’s sad that you have some kind of problem with religion, but wouldn’t dare talk crap about Muslims or others. Bigot.