Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Talks Homosexuality

    December 18, 2013
    Erika Watts
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Phil Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty is under fire following comments he made regarding homosexuality during an interview with GQ. Among other things, the Robertson family patriarch told GQ that he that he doesn’t understand homosexuality at all and that he considers it a sin. The interview will appear in the January 2014 issue of GQ.

Robertson and his family are well known for their Christian beliefs. The Robertson men and their family speak about their faith at events throughout the U.S., and Phil’s oldest (and beardless) son Alan is a preacher. That said, it probably comes as no surprise that the duck hunter considers homosexuality a sin when asked about “modern immorality.”

“It seems like, to me, a vagina–as a man–would be more desirable than a man’s anus,” Robertson said. “That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

Robertson added to his thoughts on homosexuality by discussing what he thinks it can branch out to. “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” Robertson said. “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers–they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right,” Robertson added, pulling from 1 Corinthians 6:9.

To say that Phil Robertson’s beliefs on homosexuality weren’t received well by some would be putting it lightly. GLAAD spokesperson Wilson Cruz released a statement on the comments and wants A&E to reconsider their affiliation with Robertson and Duck Dynasty.

“Phil and his family claim to be Christian, but Phil’s lies about an entire community fly in the face of what true Christians believe,” Cruz said . “He clearly knows nothing about gay people or the majority of Louisianans–and Americans–who support legal recognition for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples. Phil’s decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families.”

A page has been created on Facebook encouraging people to boycott A&E and Duck Dynasty, and the topic is being widely discussed on Twitter. Do you think A&E should cancel Duck Dynasty over Phil Robertson’s comments or do you support Robertson’s right to state his beliefs? Add your comments below.

Image via A&E TV

  • margaret

    He is only speaking what the Bible states. You can’t call yourself a christian and then interpret the bible as you it suits you. I am behind him 100%.

    • polkadots

      YEAH PHIL !!!! You go brother ! More should be said about Christianity on your show. Show these people who you really are. God will definitly be standing by your side! AMEN to the Robertsons !!!

      • Debbie burns


    • ktw

      omg who cares about the bible lol smh

      • Amy

        Ktw you will care on Judgment day.

    • Debbie burns

      Amen! I am too! It amazes me at how people can speak their mind about things that are crazy and the minute a Christian man speaks his beliefs on what the bible has taught him…. Everyone says… Let’s boycott him, away with duck dynasty?? Are you kidding me that show is a breath of fresh air to me & my family..talk about watching funny interactions that we can relate to and a family unity and top it off with a family dinner at the end starting with giving thanks to God…..YES..people… I said giving thanks to Our God Almighty and it makes for a wonderful evening. I can hear on tv everyone else’s opinions about everything under the sun and that is acceptable. I can honestly say that I have NEVER participated in boycotting all the liberal anti-god shows at all…Why? Because, everyone is entitled to watch what they want. But put God’s scripture in the mix and the world says ” No Way”!
      Are you kidding me. Let Phil Roberston have his opinion and don’t crucify him…. Only God knows, can you imagine if He (God) was like the world…a good percentage would be extinct. But HE(God) is merciful. But HE won’t be made a fool of. Lay off of Phil Roberston, let him have what we all have freedom of speech… And back off. Their show is awesome. Let all of us that can handle everyone’s worldly opinions allow us to enjoy our Duck Dynasty. I guarantee you Phil will not be the last Christian on TV that expresses their opinion. Come on people, if you agree back me up. Merry Christmas to ALL!

    • Mav

      I don’t care if the bible is proven to be a lie from cover to cover, the fag world is a total lie and in reality normal people can never understand it, because you are normal. The fag world is layer or criminals with sexual retards enslaved and hypnotized in the core of their putrid annal leakage cult. Fully drunk and drugged up that’s how the crime starts. AND every normal human knows that if anything is worth it, its worth fighting for, so you can count on it if i see a faggot looking at a child, i’m coming to fix you, i cant help myself, Im a protector spirit. You all better back me up too. fags have ruined this world for me and everyone.

    • Tootie

      Right, Margaret. I appreciate so much Phil’s boldness. Don’t back down, Phil! 1 Timothy 1: 9-1 0says, “. . .the law is not made for the righteous, but for the wicked and rebellious, for the ungodly and for the sinners, for the profane and unholy, for: those who defile themselves with males, . . .and for whatever is contrary to sound doctrine.”

    • Sons of thunder

      Gods word is sharper than any two edge sword, Leviticus 18:22 you shall not lie with a male as with a woman.it is an abomination. The creator of us, heaven and earth does not change, he is the same today tommorow and yesterday ,it’s ABOUT time someone took a stand for Jesus Christ amen, go Phil go, god is with u !!!!!!!!! Your right on brother !!!!!!

  • carl

    Well, Phil has a right to believe what he wants to. This is America, and I respect his right.
    Although I do not exactly agree with it.

    I don’t have to agree…and those he speaks of don’t have to answer to him.

    IF it’s wrong, they’ll answer for it on judgement day, and not to me.

    HIS Bible also tells you to hate sin, but to love the sinner.

    AND we’re ALL sinners, even Phil.
    We ALL fall short of the Glory of God!

    • http://belongfuture.com Richard

      true and thank you .

  • kdsjfasdj

    phil is now my hero and role model. Just for such a brave comment, i’ll watch his show.

  • kathy

    He has every right to state his beliefs. Every religion under the sun is stating their beliefs its only the Christians that are being put down and criticized for them. I totally agree with what he says. Look it up, like it or not sin is sin no matter what type of pretty wrapping paper you put it in. You go Phil, behind you 100%.

    • ktw

      bull, yeah the largest religion in the world, Christianity, is being persecuted. Kathy do the world a favor and shush.

      • greeny

        165,000 Christians murdered every year. To put it in perspective, Syria civil war they had 100,000 die in 2 years. Africa, middle east, southeast Asia persecution is high. You just dont hear it because the media is anti christian. Go google stuff and find out about the massacres going on. The chemical explosion that happened in Syria Obama was about to start a war on – was on a christian village. -To other christians persecution is coming to the states and you need to decide if you want to compromise with the world or if you are going to stand with Jesus. They are already arresting street preachers etc – go look it up on youtube, google etc. Reason the world is so anti christian and not anti-muslim (even though they are against homosexuality) is because this world belongs to the Devil and they are all on the same side. Christianity and Jesus are the truth and the light. And the darkness hates the light. God bless you all in Jesus’ name.

        • Jurp

          LOL! REALLY! You want to talk about death? Okay! “Deaths Caused by Christians:

          1562-1598 – French Wars of Religion – France – 4 million
          1095-1291 – Crusades to the Holy Land – Middle East, Spain, Africa – 1.5 million (This does include all sides of the conflict)
          1184-c. 1860 – Various Christian Inquisitions – Europe – 17,500

          We’ll round this up (for the sake of liberals) and say 6 million deaths caused by Christians. And that IS a bunch! 6 million is way too many!

          Now, here is something that even shocked me! I had assumed that the tolls were fairly even.

          Deaths caused by non-Christians:

          184-205 – Yellow Scarves Rebellion (Taoists) – China – 7 million
          1300s-1521 – Human Sacrifices (Aztecs) – Mexico – 1 million
          1855-1877 – Panthay Rebellion (Muslims) – China – 12 million
          1932-1933 – Holodomor (communist atheists) – Ukraine – 10 million
          1941-1945 – Nazi Genocides (statist atheists) – Germany – 11 million
          1959-1962 – Great Leap Forward famine (communist atheists) – China – 43 million
          1971 – Bangladesh Atrocities (Islamists) – East Pakistan – 3 million
          1975-1979 – Khmer Rouge Repression (communist atheists) – Cambodia – 3 million
          September 11, 2007 – Terrorist attacks (Muslim Jihadists) – USA – 5,000

          The deaths caused by non-Christians – approximately 90 MILLION! And this is actually a conservative number.” http://scottfromsc.blogspot.com/2009/10/christianity-and-religion-have-caused.html

  • http://Bing Edna

    yes I agree with Phil. I also am a Christian. gays and lesbians are
    comitting sins. He has the right to speak his opinion,whether in public or private. It is time for all christians to speak up.

    • ktw

      wow you’re also an idiot? oh you said christian sorry, I get the two confused :)

      • Debbie burns

        What? You sound confused. Everyone has the right to speak their beliefs. Remember … Freedom of speech.

      • Jesse

        Hey, I’m confused. Why do you have a right to say what you want, but no one else has the right too talk?

    • Helen

      Totally agree. It is time for Christians to Stand Up for what is right

  • Katie

    Way to speak the truth!,,,, we have a freedom as the people of God created in His image to speak the truth from His word and its true we love the sinner and hate the sin…. It’s not our job to judge but it is our job to stand on the truth! Thank you for your ministry Duck Dynasty! Keep on for The Lord!

    • ktw

      in the mean time can you keep your trap shut? kthxbye :)

      • Debbie burns

        At Katie, don’t keep your mouth shut! It’s called freedom of speech.

  • robert

    I think it is amazing how the “left” twists basic freedom of speech, critically important to a free society, into hate speech. Old Phil doesn’t have a hateful bone in his body. He hates the sin but he still loves the sinner. That takes a big person. He keeps to himself about these issues unless asked by a reporter trying to stir up a story.
    Phil not only has the right to believe what the Bible actually says, he also has the right to be truthful in speaking his mind with out being censored by the PC left.

    • ktw

      all I will say is learn what freedom of speech means. After that you may have an opinion.

      • Rhonda

        Freedom of speech is freedom of speech and respect for one anothers beliefs. Its not our job to judge those outside the church, but those inside. Phil did say what was in the bible, but its nonsense to people who don’t know Gods Love through his son Jesus Christ. Just expect people to not understand, its normal. Don’t judge them for not understanding and be careful not to come across as holier than thou. Remember what He saved you from. People who don’t believe what the bible says have a right to their opinion, but shouldn’t push that on others and fire them. Wheres the freedom of speech in that and read history and see what others died for…I respect ktw beliefs but ktw should be respectful of beliefs different from hers. Many religions are practiced in America and we need to respect that not bash eachother.

      • Debbie burns

        Ktw! Phil is being persecuted for stating his rights under Freedom of speech! What in the world has he done that has you making out to sound like a total moron?
        You make no sense. )-: put your full name on your comments….I did. Who is ktw?

    • Amy

      Amen Robert!

  • http://StandupforChrist william mcgee

    The Bible has been the authourity on moral issues for over 2000 years, why change it now ?

    • ktw

      not everyone believes in raping and stoning people.

      • hardin

        THANK YOU! I totally agree with this comment, i’m tired of people claiming the Bible has moral authority when all it has done is start wars, ended lives, and gave people false hope to believe in.

      • Rhonda

        ktw, God did not promote rape, but clearly had punishment for that. Stoning is definitely awful. Try and consider that God had this started with only His people that he was in a special relationship with. At that time it was the only people who God was separating for his purposes, and the law was extremely harsh. But people had no relationship with Christ or Grace, He had not come yet. God knew that if he allowed certain wrong things that are serious it would infect and affect the whole group. While I consider it very harsh, it may have been a loving action, to stop them from further sin and damage. In 1 Peter 3 the Bible says that Jesus went and shared himself, the Good News with those who died even during time of Noah, the flood. Theres some things I don’t fully understand but I believe that according to what the Bible says All have had an opportunity to come to know Him and I pray you do too. He loves you very much…He is Love

        • Debbie burns

          Yeah, ktw…. Definitely has to learn a lot of things before she comments such hateful ignorant comments.

    • http://belongfuture.com Richard

      Morality ?? . . forget that … what about principles . .
      nature say it wrong .. you see sheep doing the homosexuality thing ?
      how our cousins .. the monkey .. you see homosexuality in there groups , no they cast them out . . $%^&&**

      • hardin

        There is lots of homosexuality in nature. Read a book, learn something. Of course you will just keep blabbering your stupidity. I try to help educate others but it never works when they’re as dumb as a dorknob!

        • Jesse

          Where do u see homosexuality in nature? I fail to see it

          • http://frontier al

            Fags are like liberals.They don’t fit in anywhere or have a good reason to exist.

  • Robin

    I never could stand Duck Dynasty, but after that comment I just may start watching it. You go Phil!!! Let people know where you stand and that being gay is WRONG in the eyes of GOD! Amen Brother!!

  • Will

    yup. Agree with Phil. I think there’s a distinct misperception. Phil’s comments upon a behavior, not the individual. This distinction should not be misunderstood in the context it’s stated.

    It would be a gross misrepresentation that anyone who speaks against smoking is automatically against any smoker.

    It would be a gross misrepresentation that anyone who speaks against over eating is automatically labeled one who hates fat people.

    It would be a gross misrepresentation that anyone who speaks against drug abuse is misrepresented as one who hates all drug addicts.

    Simply put: hate the sin, love the sinner.

    And while we’re discussing the topic: Please also note many Christians have no problem giving business to homosexual business owners. Note how many of the pro-homosexual agenda sets out to outright destroy the character, the business, the voice of many Christian business owners who simply wishes to abide by their faith, as exemplified by the tweets you’ve posted towards the end of this article.

    • ktw

      he’s stereotyping. don’t try to sugarcoat it. this peanut brained hillbilly should be exterminated.

      • Beverly

        You sick bastard. You speak of “exterminating” another individual as if you have no concept of what life means. What are you? Who do you think you are? Where did you crawl out of?

      • sdc

        Ktw, it sounds like you are showing more condemnation than the statement made by Phil Robertson. I just don’t get why people insist on scrutinizing everything a Christian says and taking it out of context. Our beliefs say it is wrong. There is a difference in being a repentant believer and a Sunday Christian. You can’t live in sin and say your have been truly changed

  • http://belongfuture.com Richard

    I support his comments .. I understand what saying ..

    homosexuality is wrong . and I will never support it ..

    I understand the need to be love .. but that life style in not right something wrong in the mind there !! , homosexuals wanting to raise children is just wrong and that life style is wrong too !!

    I support Duck Dynasty

  • Intersting

    Some of the most unforgiving, brutal, and uncompassionate people are fundamentalist Christians. They all believe they are going to enter into heaven. But they don’t see their own hypocrisy. The bible belt states have the largest amounts of incarceration and it makes them billions. Billions. People are literally suffering right down the road from churches — for the almighty dollar. Heck, the South justified slavery with the bible. People praying for souls in the Churches but failing to give mercy to souls right down the road. All words … no deeds.

    Somehow, all those talks about forgiveness and loving your neighbor as yourself that Christ had — really never sunk in with many of his followers. They all seek vengeance even though they themselves have sinned. They most certainly don’t love their neighbors as themselves —- no one would send themselves to the hell of prison for decades — especially for the many bullshit and petty crimes that so often occur in this nation.

    Christ said to forgive —- but Christians don’t and they sentence people to hell. Christ said to not deceive others —- yet there are tons of stings that entrap people. Christ said to not judge —- but what does every Christian do — they judge.

    Leave the gays alone and look at your yourself in the mirror.

    Take the log out of your own eyes.

    You won’t enter heaven until you do.

  • http://thebiblestands bea

    The real Christians keep the Lord’ s words in Luke 17:32 “REMEMBER LOT’S WIFE”. If you don’t ?, go read Genesis 13:13 containing 13 words. Genesis chapters 18 and 19 should be meditated upon. The beloved Apostle Peter warned how things today would be the way they are today with these Sodomites in advance with 2nd Peter chapter 1. Romans chapter 1 in the New Testament, pay considerable deep thought to vss 22-32. Please read in the KJV.

  • Amy

    I believe that just as people who choose to be gay have the right to do this and have the thought of that being okay for them, Mr. Robertson has a right to feel the way he wants to about the situation and his beliefs. Where I was raised (which is West Monroe, LA) we were taught that you followed the good book (Bible) and try to live by it the best way you can.

    I support him all the way on this.

    • Jurp

      Good, he can have his ignorant comments. However, I have a right to say fuck you Phil and ask for him to be fired. You want to talk about freedom? Okay, then I will use mine too. If this is what the majority wants then so be it.

      • Jesse

        Phil can say homosexuality is wrong because, the Creator (God), says it is wrong. He is the ultimate authority. What He says goes. God’s plans and punishments will be cared out regardless of your opinions. Christians are not to hate people, but the sin, just as Christ hates sin. Every Christian has sin in their life and that is why God had to send His son to die a harsh death on a cross. No person is even close to perfect, except for Christ Jesus.

  • Vicki

    This man had the right to say what he feels, as does every one else this is not hate speech, this is his opinion, and we as Christine’s have been put down talked about and cursed, why is it that every one can say what and how they feel about us and we are to keep our mouth shut, but if some one in our faith stands up and say’s what they feel it is hate speech. I think Phil is a brave man with honor and dignity, should people quite watching his show NO, more people should watch his show, You go Phil we are behind you, and if A&E want to shut you down then there are a lot of that can just stop watching their channel. A&E should show that they have a back bone and just because certain people feel, like they are being prosecuted can holler hate speech or discrimination they can dictate who say’s what or even who watches what, they should have to walk a mile in Jesus’s shoes for a while, he has been prosecuted since the day he was born. We need more people in this world like Phil Robertson.

    • Debbie burns

      Amen! I agree 100%. God Speed Phil Roberston!

  • Paul

    Hey ktw, who died and left you in charge? This man speaks of his opinions and beliefs and you want him “exterminated”. You tell people to “keep their trap shut’ and you will tell them when they can have an opinion, the 2nd ammendment doesn’t apply to only you. I think I hear your mommy calling you to dinner, come upstairs out of her basement, loser.

  • kenneth harp

    The Holy Bible clearly speaks against homosexuality and I can’t see why people can’t understand that. If you are a child of God and you read the bible then you should not be afraid to speak out against homosexuality. People have a choice to live as they want but don’t be mad if I think differently than you.

  • Beverly

    Homosexuality is not only sinful by Christian belief it is un-natural. That being said, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t or won’t exist. God allows many things to happen and exist in order for man to choose to love him and his world unconditionally. Trust in him. It is not for we to choose to condemn others to hell or otherwise for their beliefs wants or needs. Mr. Robertson simply stated in so many words that he does not understand homosexuals. There are homosexuals who I’m sure do not understand bearded, hunting obsessed men either. :)

  • mike parker

    I admire the Duck Dynasty crew for standing up for their beliefs!Our country was founded on the morals and beliefs The Bible teaches! Our government has taken the attitude that anything goes,as long as you vote for them!Thats why its so screwed up now!Its gotten away from those beliefs!Phil Robertson would make a hecka President!Thats a fact Jack!Booyah!

  • Greg

    Everybody thinks its just a show. It’s their lives and one I support and admire. Long as he’s speaking and guided by The Lord and The Bible I don’t have a single problem and will continue to watch and support that family. Because finally finally there’s a program on TV unlike any other where the foundation of the show is centered around Jesus Christ. And that’s what I’d rather see on TV. More so than all this other tarnished miss guided lifestyles of the material world.

  • Phil

    He isn’t lumping homosexuality and beastiality together. He is saying sin begets sin, period. He’s an admitted sinner and knows full well what staying in a constant state of sun and doing nothing about it causes.

  • T.P.

    I fought with this ? for many yrs. read Leviticus 54. it say’s man should be with man, woman should not be with woman, son should not be with mother, father should not be with daughter, etc. theres even more like woman should be with animal. your not born that way. you choose it! your born with blindness, etc. you have no self control! It say’s thy shall not murder do you say your born that way? Better get back to the book before you talk about the man he’s a 100% right! I like woman but I don’t violate their right’s when it’s no it’s no! control yourself. what politically correct next having sex with goat’s!

    • Phil

      Hey maybe they are born that way. And that’s fine. We are ALL born sinners and all have to fight temptation whether it’s of the flesh or otherwise. What we do about our sin is what’s important, not the sin.

  • peabody

    go phil ! stay true ! you are a beautiful person.!! good for you !
    gay is Sin ..
    Amen brother ! preach the gospel !! you rock !!!

  • ck58

    I respect Phil a whole lot for speaking out toward this, and since A&E is against his “hate” comment I think the Robertson’s need to take their show and go to a television channel who will accept Christians and the BIBLE for what it is.

  • Robbie S

    God bless Phil !! I don’t know him but he is my brother and I will back him as I would my own brother! He is as real as they come ..I’m done with. A&E ..You stick to your guns Phil. Were on your side! !!

  • randy

    Thank You Mr.Robertson ,for being a christian ,a born again child of God.For being honest with your answers when asked a question.The man never said he hated gays.I truly believe that you are not born that way that is a lifestyle and a choice you make to be that way.The bible says it’s a sin and as a born again child of God we have a christian right to point sin out.Most christian’s pray for and love the sinner and do not condemn sinners for their sins.Our almighty God only has that right,and to the christian’s who support the lifestyles of gay people,get your bible out and start reading and praying more,because you really need too.HATE THE SIN NOT SINNER -In the beginning it was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

  • Hannah b.

    I stand with Phil 100%. Do we not have free speech anymore? I am a firm believer in Christ, I don’t hate homesexuals but rather don’t agree with their way of life. Love the sinner, hate the sin. God is full of grace, love, and forgiveness. Go Phil and all those willing to state the truth!

  • Melody

    I believe if there are those pushing for a boycott on D&D, its their right to. HOWEVER if their doing it out of shock and hurt feelings over a comment made, he WAS asked his opinion and clearly gave it, I would tell these people to put on their big boy pants . The world is shocking as it is and NO ONE can make you feel something you don’t wish to feel. Live and let live , The public setting is just that, PUBLIC. Don’t like the show, don’t want to hear it? TURN THE CHANNEL.

  • jeff

    YOU GO PHIL!!! GOD has your back as long as you stand strong!! Don’t worry they hate God too. Homosexuality isn’t anything new. It is one of the last stages of moral decay before a society crashes and burns. God said in the Bible that no homosexual will enter heaven, we just choose to believe God and the Bible and live according to it. I don’t hate homosexuals, but I do hate what they are doing to our society, and that they are teaching lies.

  • Sheila

    We all have a right to free speech…….however, when a network and your beliefs clash it’s best to be quiet…..they have every right to suspend or fire him…..he signed contracts not to make waves…..he made a wave

  • Brian

    Phil is simply answering a question truthfully. I commend him on being honest. He could’ve very easily dodged the question like many of our politicians.
    Thanks Phil for standing up for who/what you believe in! In no way should A&E punish him for expressing his beliefs.

  • Brian

    I commend Phil for simply answering a question truthfully. He could of very easily ‘dodged’ the question like many of our politicians. Thanks Phil for standing up for who/what you believe in! In no way should A&E punish him for expressing his beliefs.

  • Debbie burns

    I don’t see anything wrong with Phil expressing his Christian beliefs….everyone else does. There’s a so called thing called freedom of speech. Why do people have to get so angry when he is speaking director from true scripture from the bible. Inform yourselves before you throw stones…. If you have a problem with Phil Robertsons reference to scripture that IS in the bible than you have a problem with The Almighty GOD! God still loves ALL His children HE just doesn’t like the sin in our lives. I myself have gay friends and we have respect and love for each other. In the end, God will be the judge not me.

  • Gary

    My God is a God of Love; Phil is full of hate (plus he’s a racist and racism has no place on public TV). All of you Phil supporters are homophobes, bigots and dumb as dirt. You don’t get to call yourselves Christian–cause you aint.

    • randy


    • randy

      gary u r a dumbass phil has never said he hates gays and other races he was asked a ? and based on HIS christian belief and the HOLY BIBLE.he was asked what he thought was sinful? he gave his answer based on what scripture says is sin.guess what ? homosexuality is a sin, yours and mine and his creator says so. he never one time has said he hates anyone or one group or any race.if you are gay and u hav been offended get over it .for christian people who are heterosexual because its normal and our creator wanted it that way.thats why he a gave adam a woman not a man .we as cristians are tired of homosexuality constantly being forced into our lives as though its here accept it and move on.but we dont have to we and when you have GOD on your side you cant loose.but i will be praying for you because we all need prayer i may also suggest you get the BIBLE out read it for 5 minutes it will make you feel better if you allow it too.GOD BLESS PHIL ROBERTSON AND HIS FAMILY IN THIS TIME OF THEIR TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS .BECAUSE OF THEIR FAITH THEY SHALL OVERCOME AMEN !!!!

  • Jim Mathis

    How do know what is in the contract he signed??

  • Mav

    Because of Christians being crazy slaves of filthy lying Hebrew ideas, they actually assisted in the creation of the homo predator community. NOT ONE NORMAL PERSON GETS IT. This entire scam in the west is to create a prey and predator field of victims with zero resources to help them escape. Its all the Zionist one media evil agenda divide lie and conquer. To each cult follower old and new I ask you to step out of your cults and come into the stand brave stand alone world of the 8 or 9 free people on earth. I will pay you to leave and learn the truth about everything. I have enough money for everyone who bravely leave all the liars sub culture. Only people free of cults and cut hair can ever save the world.

    • randy


  • Mav

    One last comment, the rise in sexual retards and sexually deformed people where the part of the brain is damaged is caused my modern doctors drugs, nuclear fallout from tens of thousand of tests and chemicals and anti psychotics in the water. The mothers are poisoned and the children come out as part of the destroy life on earth religious agenda, to fit false prophecy of doom and gloom, not known to simple good folk at church who like to sing and play pretend god exists don’t know the cult they provide safe haven and money for. You made the fag world. Just like the armless thalidomide deformity world of the 60’s the fag world is a chemical castration method to cull the human race. Why no one knows is no one actually cares and these people have created a safe zone for ass rape and other crimes against freedom. BTW we normals are not straight. that straight thing was MADE UP but the media. We normals would hate sex with queers. Women would throw up at the rough and gross harmful acts and only other ass rapers could tolerate them. Do fall for the lie that this is love, they laugh t you for being so gullible. Its meet in the dark no names mutual abuse and rape. That’s what the soft fag-lite TV versions are hiding from you at the core of their lepers colonies. I have no opinions just hard truth higher than you will ever hear so suck on that.

  • danadevlin

    Phil should be able to voice his opinion just as much as anyone else can. How is it that Free speech only applies to anyone not Christian.Really?? That is discrimination. This is not equality.

  • http://www.amadibrians.com.ng izzu

    America has decided to mislead the world n surpressing the few right thinking men in america. Phil, don’t be afraid for the lord your God will surely see u through for one with God is majority. I want to let you know that millions of people around the world stands by you. I BEG WHO EVER THAT HAVE PHILS EMAIL ADDRESS, TO SEND IT TO ME. I want to be communicating n encouraging right thinking men like him. LETS SAY NO TO HOMOSEXUALISM, LESBIANISM, ABORTION AND RIGHT TO MADNESS GOING ON IN AMERICA

  • mike parker

    I support phil and his beliefs in the Bible,and our lord and savior JESUS CHRIST!I think his whole family should walk out on A&E!All you believers out there,never be ashamed of the Gospel!Its way past time for us all to stand up for whats rite!Thats a fact Jack!

  • William from Africa

    Boycott? For what? For Speaking the truth?. Where is freedom of speech here?

  • Carol

    Regardless of your political beliefs or lifestyle, America is founded on freedom of speech and the right to our religious preferences. Phil Robertson is being true to himself and his faith, Duck Dynasty has record breaking popularity as a reality TV show because we love the family values and being able to enjoy watching with our kids and grandkids who giggle with delight watching their antics. A&E is caving in to the pressures of one specific group rather than the opinions of their record breaking number of viewers of DD. Shame on them, they are the hypocrites, not Phil!!

  • Alex

    A&E doesn’t deserve Phil , Phil I stand behind you, And even if i didn’t I stand for Freedom of speech , A&E you disgust me.

  • Supporter of Phil

    Phil is stating WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS. It is the truth. no matter how much people try to cover up the truth, it is still the truth. People don’t like to hear the truth, but it is. Homosexuality is not
    God’s plan for mankind, and God is very frank about this topic.

    • Supporter of Phil

      Keep up the good work Phil!!!! I wish I had your boldness for Christ.

  • John Hanson

    Phil Robertson expressed his opinions and are very similar to what Christians the world over believe. He did say that it is God who will judge the behaviors and actions of people. In the articles I read he did not express hatred toward anyone, in fact he said we should love our neighbors. Pope Francis stated. “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” He is lauded by the gay community even though he has clearly defined gays as being different. I think GLADD has over reacted to his comments. It has been established that homosexuals are present in a number of species and it is not an individual choice in those instances. In my opinion he has just stated that there are a number of people who are not and do not behave the same as most of the world population. He has stated he is tolerant of the differences, but based on the bible does not believe they will enter heaven. There are millions of people of different religious beliefs and those who don’t believe in God. Why he would be suspended for expressing an opinion is beyond comprehension. If he was demeaning or expressed hatred and encouraged others to mount a campaign against the gay community, I could understand some sort of response.

  • j peck

    why should he not be able to express his view. the gay community is allowed to express theirs without reprisal of censure.

  • Randy Bennett

    The bible says “you shall know the truth and truth shall set you free” Why is it that folks think because a man calls out sin that means he hates them? As christians we are to hate the sin, but love the sinner that goes for all sins…..yes homosexuality is a sin you don’t have to agree or believe it, but again why when the christian beliefs are expressed is it considered hatred? The bible said it Phil only repeated it. I’m just glad that finally somone “famous” has stood up for what is right and I doubt Phil could care less whether he is reinstated or not.

  • joe bear

    You can really see how freedom of speech has become lost. A&E shows how weak they are. God bless Phil, A&E dosen’t show how the rights of talk should matter more then what is said. Mr Phil, you should tell them (A&E) to kiss you where the sun don’t shine. It will be there lost.

  • james

    Freedom of speech does not only apply to one segment of the population. Would A7E fire someone who expressed their opinion that the gay lifestyle was good and pure? The answer is NO!!!

    If people are offeded by Pkils remarks they do not have to watch Duck Dynasty. I for one will contiune to enjoy the wholsome program.

  • mike

    Hey A&E! Take a lesson from Chik-Fil-A!They coundt choke enuff chikins to feed all them hungry people!They didnt let the Gays run there business!Hats off too Phil!Booyah!

  • Jon

    I support Phil’s courage to express his opinion. It’s ok to debate the morality of homoaexuality. He has made no secret of his Christian faith and the Bible clearly says that homosexuality is a sin. So why is A&E suddenly surprised he feels as he does. Its not an uncommon opinion. Not “PC” maybe but not uncommon. Practicing homosexual behavior may or may not be wrong but A&Es actions are definitely wrong. Stay strong Phil! Im hoping to see you and your family on a better network soon. I will no longer be watching A&E.

  • Sons of thunder

    Leviticus 18:22 you shall not lie with a male as with a woman it’s an abomination . Gods holy word amen , praise Jesus Christ amen

  • Diane

    Phil has the right to his religious view and freedom of speech just as LGBT does. Don’t watch/don’t listen/ don’t read- like the rest of us who might find offensive material in media. This type of national persecution to a public figure just fuels the fire of hate and does nothing to endear LBGT to the nation. It’s not as if it is a revelation as to how Phil would have to answer that kind of question if asked. He is after all a Christian minister.

  • Patti

    Jesus predicted that just before His return as Judge, there will be a strange, dangerous fad – a spontaneous global steamroller notable for its speed, violence, and impudent in-your-face openness. In Luke 17 He called this worldwide craze the repeat of the “days of Lot” (see Genesis 19). By fulfilling this worldwide mania that’s secretly coordinated by unseen spirit beings, gays are really hurrying up Christ’s return and making the Bible even more believable!
    They’ve actually invented strange architecture: closets opening not on to bedrooms but on to Main Streets where kids can see naked men having sex in “Madam” Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco Brothel District. We wonder how soon S.F.’s underground saint – San Andreas – will get a 10-point jolt out of what goes on over his head (see the dire prediction about cities in Revelation 16:19, and Google “Obama Supports Public Depravity”).
    What’s really scary is the “reprobate mind” phrase in Romans 1:28. A person can sear his conscience so much that God finally turns him over to S, the universal evil leader whose unseen agents can give a “possessed” person super-human strength that many cops with tasers have trouble subduing!
    Remember, gays don’t have to stay bound to their slavery. Their emancipation is found in a 5-letter name starting with J – no, not James or Julia. As soon as they can find out the all-powerful J name, gays will really start living! (Google “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up,” “USA – from Puritans to Impure-itans,” and “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”)
    Was Jesus silent about gays? Google ” ‘Jesus Never Mentioned Homosexuality.’ When gays have birthdays….”

  • Mike Archer

    OK for all those offended by Phil Robertson, and his quoting the bible and his believes, I know you would never want to be called a hypocrite, so I can assume you will not be taking part in any Christmas celebrations, as this is a holiday that was designed to celebrate the birth of Christ, otherwise known as the Son of God, the same God who gave us the guidelines in the bible by which we should live, and the very same God who directs Phil’s believes and morals, and the man responsible for the biggest part of the New Testament, found in the bible. So if you receive gifts in the name of Christmas, or enjoy a Christmas meal, or enjoy Christmas vacation or pay, please remember you are actually demonstrating the very hypocrisy you claim to be so offended by. So for the sake of being true to your outrage and anger I’m sure you will refrain from involving yourselves in this kind of event, in protest to your deep rooted believe that the bible and all it stands for, no longer has any relevance in today’s society. For the rest of you have a very Merry Christmas

  • AC Slater

    I agree with Phil. Sticking your peen in another man’s bumhole is a disgusting act. Totally unnatural and perverse!! But if you’re not on board with the gay “agenda” that makes you a hateful bigot who should be silenced for disagreeing! This world is all kinds of screwed up right now. This left-wing “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” mentality is too much. Screw the P.C. society we live in, where you can’t say anything without offending people. USA is freaking doomed.

  • Dale Ebeling

    I agree with Phil Robertson what he said about gays is right that is what the Bible says I don’t know how anyone can make it any clearer

  • http://yahoo stacey

    I think when someone speaks the truth about what God says in the Bible the world turns a deaf ear and or are really offended. But the truth is that sin and sinners will not inherit the kingdom of God. Just because the “World” says that it sin is good and okay, doesn’t make it right. Be watchful because the world is already going astray and the devil is always seeking whom he can devour.