Duck Dynasty Christmas Special A Success

    December 13, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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It seems like everyone loves the Duck Dynasty family. Everywhere you look there are camouflage blankets and clothing and numerous other types of merchandise with quotes or photos from the show. To get everyone in the spirit, A&E aired the Duck Dynasty Christmas Special on Wednesday might, which brought in 8.9 million total viewers.

The special was the last show of the season, and was expected to be a hit. Duck Dynasty has had an amazing year and his a record high back in August with 11.8 million viewers. This year’s Christmas special viewer rating improved by 37 percent from last year’s special.

The Robertson family, who are the stars of the Duck Dynasty series captured the heart of fans from the first episode. While some may find it hard to find a group of bearded men in camouflage clothing charming, most people are hooked within a few minutes of tuning in to the show.

Many fans were nervous about a fifth season after the network announced that they were in the midst of a lengthy contract negotiation, with neither side being able to come to an agreement.

Luckily, the negotiations have ended and there will indeed be a fifth season of Duck Dynasty that will air on Jan. 15, 2014. Fans may notice a few changes to the show, including some new cast members. One of these cast members will be Rebecca, the daughter of Willie and Korie Robertson. Rebecca has been away at school, but is now home and ready to be part of the show. Viewers can expect to see a few more new faces this season as well.

What did you think of the Duck Dynasty Christmas Special and are you excited about the new season?

Image from YouTube.

  • Lois Brown

    I watch it because it’s not vulgar and because they are not ashamed of
    the name of Jesus.

  • Ron

    I love watching Duck Dynasty and enjoyed watching the Christmas special earlier this week. I look forward to seeing Rebecca and the other new members on the show, too.

    However, I was surprised to read your statement that Rebecca is a “stepdaughter” to Willie and Korie because I didn’t think either of them had a child apart from their marriage so I did some research. Rebecca is not a biological child of either one so, technically, she is not a stepdaughter. She was actually born in Taiwan and is their foster daughter so I thought I might offer this correction.

    • KristyAnn

      Yes, Willie and Korie have adopted three children. One boy named Wilieand two girls. One name of the one girl is Rebecca and the other one’s name I do not know but she is younger. Si ruined the x-mas show for me. They really need to remember to give him his meds before they record/tape the show. I did not like the xmas show at all. Truly expected more from them and so did many others I spoke to. Friends I know mentioned the same as I about Si. JohnLuke is dope and Willie is lucky he is making money for he will have to support that kid for life. Si could make or break the show. Goodwin is a dope and 2nd runner up t Si, Goodwin has gained more weight and if he didn’t have a head you would know who he was. Jase’s wife is a snob and needs to get the stick out of her (*&*. Jep and Jessica’s kids are beautiful. Like to see a little more hunting and fishing in the scene with family interaction and the women more involved.

  • SI

    Two words Fraken Cent. Lol your one funny man love that SI.

  • Lynn

    This family does not have to cuss or take lewd pictures to be a hit!
    It is great to laugh with this family and enjoy their love for each other.

  • http://safari doloresjenning

    i love ALLof duck guys si is so good in his 1 liners MS kaye you did a good in raising all them youhgins sorry i am new at the computer. i loved your Christmas special ,,so funny i just love country folks just not some of the food !!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS ALL OF YALL!!!!!!!

  • Roger L

    Great to c a sbow without all the killing and cusing. I along with my grandkids and 2 great grandkids love the show. Phil and everyone else keep up the good work.