Drunk Governor: Deval Patrick Got Drunk After Boston Bombings

    June 6, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick this week admitted to celebrating the capture of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects by getting drunk.

According to a Boston Herald report, the governor was speaking to a Cambridge-area marketing company this week when he admitted how tremendously relieved he was when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured on April 19. Patrick stated that he had received lots of criticism (even from President Obama) for locking down parts of Boston into what was essentially martial law while the search for Tsarnaev was ongoing.

Patrick stated that after the suspect was caught, he retreated to his rural home in he Berkshires. There, he had dinner alone at a local restaurant, seated far from other customers to read a book on his tablet. The restaurant’s owner, he stated, kept bringing him “things to drink as a celebration.” Patrick admitted that by the end of his meal he was “quite drunk.”

As part of the mini-confessional, Patrick also admitted that his “shelter in place” order for Boston may have been criticized even more if Dzhokhar hadn’t been found. He stated that if the bomber hadn’t been found, people would be, “bitching and moaning about how we kept them indoors all day.”

  • zaff

    an honest politician?

  • carl a babcock

    At least he wasn’t doing crack like Democrat Marion Berry of Washington DC.

  • snipercat77

    I thought he did the right thing at the time and I still think he did the right thing. And bravo to him for getting drunk too! At some point people put “celebrities”, sports and political figures in some catagory that all of them have to be perfect. We all know they are not but act so shocked when the person act/reacts like a human.


    I think he did the right thing when all of that was going on… and WHO CARES IF HE GOT DRUNK?!?