Drug Bust: 100 Arrested in Connecticut Crackdown

    April 3, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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There are many places in the U.S. associated with the illegal drug trade, but the state of Connecticut isn’t usually mentioned as one of those places. However, U.S. officials demonstrated this week the the U.S. war on drugs extends to the Northeast as well.

Reuters is reporting that around 100 people were arrested today in connection with heroin and cocaine trafficking. Authorities claim those arrested were part of two “gangs” that imported the drugs to Southeastern Connecticut from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

The arrests took place in four different New England states (Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts), as well as in Puerto Rico. Those arrested will be tried in the U.S. District Court in New Haven.

The arrests came after a 15-month investigation led by federal prosecutors and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. According to the Reuters report, the investigation included “more than a dozen law-enforcement agencies.” In addition to the arrests, police claim that they seized money, weapons, and drugs during the bust.

  • dag

    Ron Paul spoke with CNN railing against the U.S. war on drugs.
    “This war on drugs has been a detriment to personal liberty and it’s been a real abuse of liberty,” Paul said. “Our prisons are full with people who have used drugs who should be treated as patients — and they’re non-violent. Someday we’re gonna awake and find out that the prohibition we are following right now with drugs is no more successful, maybe a lot less successful, than the prohibition of alcohol was in the ’20s.”

  • dag

    Do a search for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition LEAP
    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is an international organization of criminal justice professionals who bear personal witness to the wasteful futility and harms of our current drug policies. An excerpt: “Our experience on the front lines of the “war on drugs” has led us to call for a repeal of prohibition and its replacement with a tight system of legalized regulation, which will effectively cripple the violent cartels and street dealers who control the current illegal market.”

  • dag

    Cops And Clergy Condemn The War On Drugs
    Posted by at 7:16 AM on January 3, 2013 Ending Ranking police officers and Religious leaders speak out against the Drug War. Former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper calls it “The worst social policy since slavery.” Rabbi Michael Feinberg of the NY Labor-Religion Coalition says, “The War on Drugs has been as devastating to our communities as the drugs themselves.”

  • http://yahoo jim

    All those man hours and tax payers dollars for 100measley arrests? Dont get me wrong, I know drugs are bad but I dont think all that mess is gonna slow down the traffickers muchless it’s demand.The people bringing it in , is just the reason they want to have all these agents around snooping in everyones business, not just the underground economists dirty laundry, EVERYBODY’s! So dont think for one second they did’nt find out anything,anyone else did in the process of this year and a quarter long investigation.

    • Jay..

      4-3-13 Never a dull moment on the net, when I was going to log into my Twitter. Instead, I go to Yahoo & see this News Update with many who know nothing more than to copy & paste the article. Usually, I comment on Yahoo news & entertainment..& people like my Replies. I like the Photo Busts.
      Normally, it raises an eyebrow when it’s a ‘Grow house’ for Pot. But now, thanks to Pres. Obama they only require you to get a script for medical use. HEROIN on the other hand & Coke..I have no mercy for these people. They are Greedy ‘MFRs’..who for the most part are foreigners. They also had a stockpile of Weapons. They face minimum 5-10 yrs. for the charges. (if they plead Guilty they do less time) That’s on the Federal side. Prosecutors only want the ‘Big Fish’ & are not concerned with the little guy. Hence, Enter Stage left..the ‘snitches’ & singing Canaries. Then there are those to be charged on the State side & who would ultimately do far less Prison Time then if in a Federal Prison, as they do 1/3 of their total time & can be release on Parole, if eligible. Federal inmates get 54 days off per year of the Sentence. They might live a little better in Federal Facilities.
      ** In 2008-2010 I former friend went m.i.a many yrs prior, with his 30 yr. old son, & the former Navy Vietnam Vet decide not to deal pot in small amounts & went on a larger ‘grow House’ in NY. He later got raided & I woke to the news where he was living; a stones throw away from the Police & from me. He had a mote..a body of water used for the rented home with no neighbors nearby. Landlord is older wealthy real estate man who never suspected anything. They made front pg. news with a display table of all the pot plants & zip lock bags. They even seized the generator & later returned to the defendants by demand. A bust by under cover officers who woke them up, they seized 400 plants & 75 zip lock bags & Hemp oil (a ‘No No’ )…& generators & all that’s required to do this. The Nit Wit even had broader plans to do business with other countries..like Mexico..& made a DVD home recording of his plans. “/ Even if you want to be the star of the show..it doesn’t pay to make Home Recordings of what you plan to do. >>Fast forward to trial..JOHN GRISHAM would have loved this. They represented themselves at trial & had an appointed Attorney who was told by the Judge to sit & take Notes. They argued that it was an illegal search & seizure based on ‘Religious Freedom’ to Smoke Pot which makes them closer to GOD.
      They also had a Do Not trespass sign on the lawn. They argued the police/agents violated the sign posted & He would have opened the door if they showed a Warrant; which Police Never did. They showed it to them at the Jail. Dated & Signed AFTER they were Arrested! Violation of the right to Due Process & their rights. They Ultimately walked on all the Charges with the Judge excepting the Freedom of Religion argument. The 2 went their way with only answering to Probation Officers. (and possibly Electronic Monitoring.) The father who is mid 60’s..was a Fugitive for over 19 yrs. for pot charges stemming back to the 1970’s. They couldn’t prosecute him for it as the time had passed. HE also worked the stage at WOODSTOCK ’69 after he returned from Vietnam. HE & his son put on many festivals in NY. NO…you can’t make this up! It’s too good to be true!! 😀 >>> He got married Dec. 2010 & was living at a High Rise Apt, on St. Marks Place, NYC.

  • Jay..

    4-3-13 Hi Sean!! I subscribed to your Newsletter! 😀 I’m NOT Normally on these sites..but if it’s a good story, than I might comment.
    I’m usually at Twitter & sometimes at Facebook. I hate all of it & only there as my friends use it. Too time consuming for me! If you like HACKERS that seems the place to be. (I like my Youtube Vids when I have time & my Spotify jamming as I’m online reading the ‘HORDES’ with endless Tweets :/
    >>Your story is Good & keep US posted as to any updates on what amounts to ‘Small Town Politics & Law Enforcement’. I’m watching @abcworldnewsnow
    You should send the story to @JohnMullerTV @Twitter (Anchorman) or to abcnews.com directly, which should go to the ‘sister stations’. >> PEACE

  • AR PRO

    FYI, New York is NOT a New England State…never was, never will be! Now I thought there were laws against this? If they made laws that banned the trafficking of Heroin and Cocaine than how could this happen (insert dripping sarcasm)??? According to political morons like Bloomturd and Malloy if you make things illegal, then it just cant happen…its against the law!!! I know, there must have been a loophole… Idiots! This is just like their nazi laws pertaining to firearms, criminals dont care about the law, only LAW ABIDING citizens do…You would think they would figure that out….morons…

  • martha

    when exactly did this happen??