Dropbox Launches Instant Web Updates

    August 17, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Dropbox announced today that users can now make changes to files on their computers or their phones, and the Dropbox site instantly updates to reflect said changes.

“You no longer have to hit refresh as you wait for your friend to share those super-important files or worry about getting out of sync,” Dropbox’s Danny Weinberg said in a blog post. “The latest files just automatically appear on your page. After all, every second counts!”

Weinberg suggests opening two browser windows and trying to rename, add, or remove files, to see the change happen immediately in the other window.

Dropbox also recently launched some security updates, such as Google-like two-factor authentication, new mechanisms to help identify suspicious activity, and a new page that lets users examine active logins. Dropbox says it may also require you to change your password in some cases. More on the security updates here.

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