Drew Barrymore Talks Baby Weight And Playboy

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Drew Barrymore is currently pregnant with baby number 2, and she recently talked about how much different this pregnancy is than her first one. She also says that now that she's a mom, her views have changed significantly on just about everything.

"Oh God. I mean, I just eat everything I want, which isn't healthy. I'm bigger this time than my first time," she told Ellen DeGeneres. "My doctor the other day was like, 'Yeah, so I think maybe pull back a little bit.' I was like, 'Really?'"

Barrymore says she gained about 40 pounds during her first pregnancy and is expecting to do the same this time around, although DeGeneres said she should just let go and eat whatever she wants.

"You deserve anything you want," DeGeneres agreed. "You are making a human being. That is hard work...I mean, eat whatever you want."

While Barrymore doesn't seem like the type to worry too much about what Hollywood might say about her baby-weight gain, she has started to look at things differently now that she's about to have two little girls, including posing for Playboy...which the actress herself did when she was just 19.

"I would not let her [pose for Playboy]," Barrymore said of daughter Olive in a recent interview. "My life choices are not supposed to be the gateway to somebody else's. That's my journey...I celebrate that I had any sense of freedoms at a certain point, because I don't feel like that now. The best kind of parent you can be is to lead by example, and whatever I've experienced in my life is a part of my story and I'm proud of that. But it's someone who wakes up early, works all day, believes in charitable work."

The actress and her husband, Will Kopelman, needn't worry about 15-month old Olive; according to Barrymore, she's a very bright girl.

"She's really smart," Barrymore said. "And she can do every animal noise -- we're up to 26 animals! I'm telling you, it's amazing. Camel is her favorite, and crocodile and snake. She does it all! I'm telling you, she's bright!"

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