Drawing Dicks with the Nike+ App Is the Only Way to Make Running Fun

    August 8, 2014
    Josh Wolford
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The Nike+ running app tracks pace, distance, time, calories burned, and allows you to upload all that data online for everyone to see. It’s also the perfect tool for making running, an inherently boring and awful practice, moderately enjoyable.

Because come on, who doesn’t love drawing dicks on things? This is that, but on a much larger, and more impressive, scale.

That’s the artwork of Claire Wyckoff, who has her own Tumblr blog called Running Drawing. She’s found herself an recent internet star based on her phallic routes.

She’s no one-trick pony, either. Dicks aren’t her only forte…

Honestly. Get this woman a medal or something.

Image via Claire Wyckoff, Instagram

  • Joopoo

    Pretty sad, when this kind of article is in the main news section. Between the penis and the flip off, we should all be so proud that this is the end product of 12+ years of education and exercise. pffft….. =)