Draw Something 2 Now Available On iOS, Coming To Android Soon

    April 25, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Zynga’s most high-profile acquisition of last year was OMGPOP and its game Draw Something. The game proved incredibly popular, but soon began to bleed users by the millions. Now Zynga is trying to win over those who left with a sequel.

Zynga announced during its earnings results that Draw Something 2 is now available on iOS devices. Unlike other sequels that would be content with adding new words, OMGPOP has added a number of new features that encourages more sharing. Players can also finally save their own creations as well as the creations of others for later viewing:

For the first time, players can save their drawings in their own galleries and check out the work of other burgeoning artists and celebrities too. The game has a full spectrum of new tools and colors, allowing players to tap into the full limits of their creativity. There are new textures and patterns, like zebra, plaid and camouflage; and new tools, like an 8bit Pixel Pen, Sparkle Pen, stamps, highlighter, crayon and more. There are also more than 100 new vibrant colors. The new Free Draw option gives players creative freedom to draw freestyle and share their art with the world.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a sequel without some new words. Zynga says that Draw Something 2 features thousands of new words, including words “that touch on the latest pop culture trends and current events.”

Draw Something 2 is now available for iOS devices in the App Store. Zynga says it will be on Google Play shortly.

  • Leo

    I think DS2 is the best of draw something and much better than DS1. They also released the draw something 2 cheat http://bestofdrawsomething.com/cheat just few hours after its launching.

  • Stephanie1994

    Can’t wait till it comes out for android! I really wanna play! :(

    • MarkAnd Terry

      YES me too… love Draw Something, have Samsung SII and want to know how long before we can download the new game!!!! There is a FAKE virus version out there right now I almost got caught up in, but uninstalled when I realized it was not by OMGPOP :(

  • Teresa edge

    I love draw something NTT FREIND has draw something 2,& I want it so bad I have a Android when is it going took be available because I have till keep installing and reinstalling this app

  • Sandip Borad

    Please Tell me how multiple tableview created in android ?