Dr. Phil’s Car Stolen From Repair Shop

    August 28, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Who knew Dr. Phil was a car collector? The celebrity pop psychologist this week had his classic ’57 Chevy stolen from a car shop where it was being repaired. TMZ is reporting that the car was in the Burbank repair shop having transmission work done.

TMZ states that the car, a two-door convertible ’57 Chevy, is worth $100,000. Though similar to the car in the image to the right, Dr. Phil’s car is black with white and silver trim and a red leather interior. The car thieves smashed through a roll-up door to get inside the shop. Dr. Phil called police, and they are handling the theft, as much as the Burbank police can, I suppose.

In a remarkable collision of Today’s top stories, Terrell Owens, who was just released into free agency by the Seattle Seahawks, made an embarrassing appearance on Dr. Phil’s show. Owens was confronted by the mothers of some of his children with allegations that he skipped out on child support payments and was generally absent from the lives of his progeny.

Dr. Phil, whose full name is Phillip Calvin McGraw, has not commented publicly on the theft. The latest blog post on the Dr. Phil blog is by his wife Robin, who praises the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority for its charity work.

(Photo courtesy Kobac via Wikimedia Commons)

  • jd

    who gives a rats ass…this is news?? wtf.

    • tony


  • DG

    “…similar to the car in the image to the right…” That car is a sedan, 4-dr, hardtop. Too busy to Google a closer photo?

    • bw

      google 4dr hardtop DG it a 4dr sedan

  • Bill J.

    If it happened to Jay Leno,it would have been corrected right there ! Dr. P ought to learn basic mechanics,why have your prized car leave ?

  • who cares

    What the hell was his full name needed for?! And the fact that his wife has a blog?! Stupid idiot…stick to the story…or maybe in this case, the ‘Lack Of’…you’re worse than Yahoo!!

  • Diane

    he should have the mechanic come to him to keep his cars safe

  • rettah

    oh poor Dr.Phil.he shoould have had maids to fix and keep his cars. yeah and i think he 4got to give his car some sleeping pills.

  • Mitch

    Did Dr. Phil check with Chip.

  • http://WebProNews David

    It’s bad enough that Dr.Phil had a prized possession stolen.
    But, the idiot that reported this story suggested that the Police Department,(Burbank),was inept or incapable of handling the crime and
    finding the thieves. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Burbank PD is ranked amongst the BEST in the United States.

    Dr.Phil, rest assurred…the Burbank Police Department is the best you’ll find. If anyone can solve this, they will.
    (Jay Leno has MILLIONS of dollars worth of collectable cars, and they are all in BURBANK!

    Next time asshole………..do your home-work before you knock our city and our outstanding Police Force in a poorly written article.

    David M. Howell
    Burbank, CA. 91505

  • http://yahoonews gene

    that car,s long gone by now

  • Buchi

    Things are hapneing

  • N.C.


  • http://Alvara Adrienne

    What a Beauty. It even has the dice up front. I remember cruising in these automobiles and getting to drive them. I hope that seone returns his car. I am sure it is one of his prize possesions.
    I really hate it when someone steals something from me ! Give it back you Creep. !

  • richard

    57 CHEVY 210 4 DOOR SEDAN is not worth 100,000. I think he wants the insurance money.

  • Chet Heath

    When DR. Phil gets his car back it will be changed. Of course it will have to want to change.

  • http://www.walgreens.com Paul Newman

    This is news. How?

  • http://www.walgreens.com Bill Withers

    Get Oprah involved. Lets get to the bottom of this heinous crime. :)

  • Meee

    HA HA HA HA! Narcissistic prick got some KARMA back for all the people he manipulates, humiliates, and screws up PRETENDING to be a doctor on tv! This news made my day!

  • Sharon!

    Sorry to hear that. There’s nothing worse than a thief.