Dr. Luigi Trailer Proves His PhD Is Just As Good As Mario's


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For over two decades now, Mario has been a practicing physician thanks to the popular Dr. Mario series. Over the years, Mario has waved his doctorate over Luigi's head as a sign of his superiority. After years of medical school, Luigi has emerged with his own doctorate to finally show his brother that he's just as good at busting viruses.

Dr. Luigi, the first Dr. Mario game to star the younger of the Mario siblings, is hitting the eShop this week. To coincide with the launch, Nintendo has released a new trailer that shows off some of the gameplay players can expect from the latest game in the franchise.

With Dr. Luigi, Nintendo could have just slapped Luigi into a Dr. Mario clone and called it a day. That would be boring though, and Nintendo instead decided to shake things up a bit by changing how the game is played. Instead of having to match viruses with like-colored two-tone pills, Dr. Luigi features L-shaped pills that forces players to rethink their puzzle strategies.

Check it out:

Dr. Luigi is available on the Wii U eShop today for $14.99.

Image via Nintendo/YouTube