Dottie Sandusky Pens Shocking Letter To Judge

    October 12, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Dottie Sandusky, wife of convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky, wrote a letter to Judge John Cleland after her husband was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse earlier this year; now, her words have been released to the public, and they are shocking to many who view the couple as victim-blamers.

In the letter, Dottie defends her husband and herself, saying that if she had witnessed any wrongdoing on his part, she would have stepped up and said something. While that’s not entirely surprising, what has everyone reeling is the accusations she levels against their adopted son, Matt–who is one of Sandusky’s accusers–and against the young men who came forward with their stories, saying Sandusky never did anything but go out of his way to help them. In defending her husband, she comes off sounding bitter at these boys who seem to be ungrateful for everything the couple did for them, and that could be a problem for her once the letter makes its rounds on the web.

Dear Judge Cleland:
I am Dottie Sandusky, Jerry Sandusky’s wife of 46 years in September. It is with a heavy heart I write this to you. I have known Jerry for 47 years and he has always been truthful with me, even if it hurt. He is a very up front man and a man of very high morals.

Jerry always put others before himself and always wanted to make each person feel special no matter who they were. Like all of us he has his faults, one is he cares so much for people always wanting them to reach their potential. Therefore he pushes them hard. One 42 year old man who was in the Second Mile stopped by the other day and told me how thankful he is to Jerry for pushing him to be the best he could be. He said, “What I learned from Jerry has made me a better husband and father.” This is a young man who had many strikes against him.

Jerry was a wonderful father to our six children. We thank God each day for bringing them into our life. He treated each one as if they were our biological children. Our house was a fun house with lots of games, picnics, laughs and caring. There were always lots of people around whether it was friends of our kids, Second Mile kids or neighbors.
I never saw him doing anything inappropriate to any child, if I had, as a Mother and Grandmother I would have taken action. Jerry is not the monster everyone is making him out to be.

Many times he would give up much of his free time, which was not many hours when he was a coach, to make a sporting event of one of the kids he was trying to help. Sometimes we would drive two hours to spend time with these kids.

One of the accusers called Jerry and said he could not do his school work because his computer broke and Jerry found a used computer that someone was not using and gave it to him. Fact is most of the things he gave to the accusers were used or given to him by people who wanted to help these young men.

I use to believe in our protective system, but now have no faith in the police or legal system. To think that they can lie and get by with the lies. The press has been unbelievable. People who have not met us are writing untruths.
As far as our son Matt goes, people need to know what kind of person he is. We have forgiven him many times for all he has done to our family thinking that he was changing his life, but he would always go back to his stealing and lies. He has been diagnose with Bipolar, but he refuses to take his medicine. He has had many run-ins with the law and stolen money and items from our family. We still love him and want the best for him, but because of his actions we cannot express this to him.

I pray each day that God will give me the strength to do what is right and that I will be able to hold our family together.
Thank you for listening.
Dorothy D. Sandusky

Sandusky wrote his own letter, which had a similar tone: “Nobody mentioned the impact of abandonment, neglect, abuse, insecurity and conflicting messages that the biological parents might have had in this.”

“Sentencing is a time to ask for mercy, not to attack others,” said Laurie Levenson, a former federal prosecutor. “In my experience, judges really hate letters that try to shift the blame to others or which belittle the victims or the court.”

  • http://yahoo jack

    She is as guilty as her depraved minded husband..

    • Arleen Kempke

      OH BOY!!!! You sure have this one right. GOOD JOB!!!!

  • Doug

    Anthony, Simpson, Sandusky. Just seems to fit right in. They are all innocent!

  • Dirty Dan

    Oh,nice, only one comment about this piece of shit, people on here never cease to amaze me, this is a very real subject to comment on butI guess ya’ll would rather comment on NBA flopper’s or Michael Vick, but not this piece of shit Sandusky!!

  • Aaron

    “Up front,” “moral,” “God”

    Be wary–VERY wary–of people who use these words.

    • celeste

      Be wary ofanyone that defends a known child molester….she can burn with him if she really believes her husband is still innocent….he was convicted because of his victims….she makes me sick!

  • Lynne

    Disgusting. Dottie Sandusky, you are no better than your husband.

  • Alisa

    Mrs. Sandusky is in denial and for good reason, I suppose. If my spouse molested several boys and covered up his behavior for years, I would probably find it hard to believe myself. I could see if only one child came forward, but 3, 4, 5, 6 etc.! Even if the boys fabricated somethings I’m still inclined to believe that Sandusky did do inappropriate things with these boys.

  • gertiebirdie

    WOW.. thru her son under a bus! Very nice Mommy Dearest! If the kid wasn’t screwed up enough! Hmmm… maybe he was a bad kid because..I don’t know… YOUR husband molested him and could do so AS MUCH as he wanted because he lived under the same roof? Naaa…. that couldn’t be it. …must be because God made him that way. Ya.. thats it.

    • Felisa

      WELL said! Anyone whose been sexually abused would be bipolar-makes perfect sense to me!

  • ann

    she is such a creep, how could she still believe him? As Jack stated she is as guilty as her husband. I am glad he will be in prison until he dies and I hope NO ONE buys his book!! Lets forget about him and think of how we can help victims.

  • Pablo

    I was the victim of abuse when I was 5 years old. I never told anyone until I was on the verge of marriage and told my wife about it. Mr. Sandusky and his wife are monsters as they are both in denial as to what occurred. There is clear research that points out that preditors like him provide services to other children in order to ensure that he can continue stalking potential victims. I have no doubt that he helped the young man with the computer as Mrs. Sandusky mentioned. That was probably because Mr. Sandusky knew he could not victimize this boy, but as long as he kept up this persona of a father figure, he could keep targeting other boys who were ripe to be victims to his horrible desires.

    • adrienne

      I’m sorry for what you have been through as a child; I had similar experiences as a child with adult violation and it is something that leaves lasting insecurity within. Even as a mother I’m always skeptic of who my kids are around. Anyway, you have very good points but actually Mrs. Sandusky does state that the young kid who received the computer from Jerry was one of his accusers so I really think that Jerry did alot of swaying and covering up his actions; kind of like hush presents. It’s so sad and disgusting. I hope both rot in hell (Sandusky’s).

  • Alexxis

    Mrs, Sandusky letter is i believe from her heart, she is saying what she believe to be true, she was just a cover up for her husband…to take the spotlight off his indecient behaviour…of course she wont see him doing nothing..he is a cleaver man..one who minipulate lots of people..intelligent people, and put fear in children who is passionate of reaching their goal..she will have enough time to sit and think back to the times when he pull the wool over her eyes.

  • JoAnn

    As far as Dottie is concerned………. “Me thinks thou doth protest too much!”

  • Pauline

    Ok, let’s try and be neutral here and not rely on the media for information. Could there by ANY possibility this is all not true? Let’s here it!

    • JoAnn

      One of his accusers went on record to say that Jerry Sandusky would go down a room where he was sleeping- at Jerry’s (and Dottie’s home) -in the middle of the night and abuse him for a few hours. How could Dottie not suspect that something wasn’t right? Really!! you want to be “neutral” obviously you have no compassion for victims of child abuse.

  • ostutzo

    Of course he would drive several hours to “visit” one of the kids… he believed he was going to visit a “lover” … he is a very sick man. Everything about him, his behavior, speech and the denial is texbook pedophilia

  • Dee

    I can’t imagine how many red flags she had for all those years and she still ignored his deviate behavior!! Mrs. Sandusky is either plain stupid or is in serious denial. Were the other coaches and janitors also lying??!! Either way is just as guilty for looking the other way alll those years. She should be locked up also.

  • ekr

    I once said to a friend of mine who suspected her husband was cheating, “If you are going to start digging through his business to try and catch him, be very sure you are ready to deal with what you discover”. She did and her instincts were correct, he was having an affair. They were divorced. A lot of wives, for what ever reason, choose not to follow their instincts and look the other way. But the instincts and suspicions are still there. Just as they are with Dottie, no matter what she owns up to. If she were to fess up to having knowledge of or suspecting anything, she would then have to face the monster in the mirror. She will continue in denial of this I am sure.

  • James Cobb

    How often do you hear of women backing their husbands under such circumstances? It’s very hard for me to believe she knew nothing. She just blocked it out to preserve her financially fit lifestyle and reputation. How could she say otherwise? She should have just kept her mouth shut throughout the whole ordeal. She knew something was wrong and she did not step up and so she deserves nothing, not any respect and not his retirement. She believes that if someone does great things, they are allowed some “indescresions”. How absurd!!!

  • rich

    I think its ALL aboout Money why did they wait for 15 yrs anyone can acuse you of anything

  • skeete44

    I don’t know what to believe except the death of Ray Gricar who disappeared in the initial investigation. Ray was the first states attorney to investigate these allegarions in 2001. I do not believe the police weren’t contacted about these allegations. Dan ‘the Weasel’ Wexzel has reported that the police were never contacted. How could Ray be investigating these crimes if the police weren’t called. There has to be a report from police before the prosecutor gets involved. The people knows that and so does the press and media. Some of what Dottie is saying is true. The Freeh report is a smear campaign because he couldn’t find out what happened to an officer of the court-Ray Gricar, as head of the FBI. This is vital because someone is missing in this investigation and Ray was presumed dead back in 2006. Something is not right with the whole picture if you ask me. Freeh, now since you investigated and made a report on penn State, make one on what happen to Ray Gricar and you might get the job done like you were suppose to do back in 2006, loser!

  • Susie

    Dottie Sandusky is in major denial and has been for many, many years. I don’t think she could consciously entertain the thought that her husband could be a child molester even though his actions were way beyond normal for someone who was trying to “help” at risk boys through his charity. Her life is now very different than what she had planned on thanks to the depraved actions of her husband, I’m sure that eventually she’ll begin to feel anger toward him. She’s in shock, she’s grieving the loss of many things including a partner who will be incarcerated for the rest of his life. I don’t pity Jerry Sandusky in the least, I feel for his family including his adopted son who he also victimized. There’s still a stigma attached to molestation and rape and that’s why the victims are often blamed or personally attacked. Mr. Sandusky got exactly what he deserved.

  • Cat mom

    This is just a sad story about Mr. Abuser and Mrs. Enabler, formerly know and Jerry and Dottie Sandusky.

  • charlee

    Dear Dottie: With all due respect dont you realize what you have described as your husband with his kind heart and work for children is exactly what a pedophile is like??. Think about that for a second, how would a pedophile act if he wanted to lure children? If he was a grumpy loner he wouldnt have much chance at attracting a victim. It is this kind attentive personailty you so eloquently describe as the perfect predator who preys on children. This is not rocket science and I would say the old addage where there is smoke there is fire.

    Please take a look and place yourself in a 3rd party perspective, play the devil’s advocate for just a few minutes and look at what this disorder is all about and how it fits within your surroundings.

    I think it is a mental illness and should be treated as such.

    Hope you find peace.