Donna the Deer Lady Learns What Deer Crossing Signs Are For

    October 22, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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DJ’s who take calls on the radio know that there are a lot of misinformed people in the world. Most of the time, the crazy ranting consists of childish political screeds or conspiracy theories, but every once in a while a truly memorable call comes along.

Enter Donna the Deer Lady. The morning show hosts of Fargo, North Dakota’s Y94 radio station were left gobsmacked when a woman called in to complain about deer crossing signs on the highway. The woman seems to think that deer look for deer crossing signs when attempting to cross the road.

“My frustration is that Minessota and North Dakota departments of transportation would allow these deer crossings to be in such high-traffic areas,” said Donna. “I mean, I’ve even seen them on the interstates. Why are we encouraging deer to cross at the interstate? I don’t get it…”

The DJ then explains to her what most of us realized when we were children – that Deer crossing signs are warnings for people, not signals for deer. The woman then decides to double-down on her argument, stating that deer crossing signs are placed to let deer know where to cross roads. She states that the signs should be moved to roads with less traffic.

The way I see it, there are three possibilities here. The first is that Donna is simply a bit slow, and she truly believed what she was saying. The second is that Donna was under the influence of some type of mind-altering substance at the time of the call, and wasn’t thinking about things clearly. The third is that Donna is an expert troll wasting her powers trolling a Fargo radio station.

It turns out that the first possibility is probably the correct one. Y94 conducted a follow-up interview with Donna in which she states she feels “incredibly stupid” now. She now realizes the true purpose of deer crossing signs, and blamed her ignorance on the fact that she had never actually thought about the purpose of the signs.

  • H. Campbell

    Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. Donna the Deer Lady never, ever figured out at all what the “deer crossing” signs are supposed to be for?? Huh??? Am I missing something here? Or is the woman a total buffoon? Help me out here, folks!!

  • RogerWilson

    #1 everyone in my office stated and agreed she deserves a gold star for finally figuring that out…#2 it clearly states in the last paragraph that she understands what she said was errotically retarded and #3 she shouldn’t be allowed to drive because deer can’t read…duh!

    • Mr LOL

      How do you know deer can’t read? Ever talk to one and ask?



  • J.Griffin

    Let me guess, Donna is Blonde right.

    • md

      You guessed right J.Griffin…..Blonde and a Republican.. :)

  • Marvin

    My God – I hope she has been ‘fixed’ and cannot multiply.

  • kara

    I agree, they should move those signs!! lol…hehehe… Didn’t she ever wonder, if deer are so smart, and they can read, or understand a picture on a sign, why they would cross the road when there is a car coming any way? hmmmmm…..

    • Mr LOL

      Obvious, deer are near sighted. They can not see the car coming but can read the signs.

  • Taxpayer1947

    The women must be a Obama supporter.

    • you fail

      If you say she’s a Obama supporter because of her stupidity, than you must be AN Obama supporter as well considering your grammar is crap.

    • ital

      you are one dumb khunt Taxpayer

      • Annoyomus

        Everyone pays taxes, hurr durr.
        What makes you so special that you don’t have too?

        • About those TPS reports…

          No, in fact they don’t. Many Obama voters pay no taxes at all. Taking your earned income tax credit and applying it to sales tax isn’t paying a tax. It’s somebody else paying your tax. Nice try, though.

  • Isabella

    So, if this was for real, then how come her husband or any friends never bothered to correct her? Obviously, this was not the first time she vented about it.

  • S

    My favorite signs are in the upper penisula of Michigan-
    Do not pass when opposing traffic is present!

  • http://www.facebook.com Rita Gift

    we made a mistake sometimes, just let her be:-)

    • Mr LOL

      Sorry Rita, this is the anonymous internet board and rudeness is the norm. Sad.

  • Carol

    I’m embarrassed for my gender

  • Ryan

    And raccoons and turtles need to find their own crossing signs. I hate seeing turtles in the deer crossing zone when it’s so explicitly marked “deer only”. Otherwise they would have put a picture of a deer, a turtle, and a raccoon! Let’s Lobby!!!

  • Jackie

    Oh come on! This exact stupid comment was reported years ago, and no one could really be that dense…could they? Deer that read signs? Could be, since that would make the animals brighter than these people.

  • Kelly

    Those ones with the ducks are tricky too.

    • sherrie scarlett

      Sweetheart are you the woman that called the radio station?

  • Pam

    This woman has to be a Republican. Got all the earmarks.

    • sherrie scarlett

      Pam you are an idiot

      • john

        Sherrie, please don’t name call here, Pam is upset because she just found out the true reason for those signs and doesn’t want to admit it.

    • Sarah

      Pam you are so right.

    • About those TPS reports…

      Let’s see: stupid (check), thinks deer pay attention to signs (check), repeatedly drives into deer (check), thinks the government can control deer (check).

      Nope, we’ve checked her earmarks, and the evidence says she has an Obama bumpersticker on her Prius. You’re an idiot, Pam. Go home and make your husband a sandwich.

  • G Lee M

    There is no need for “disguised” vulgarity like ital has posted. Just a friendly group here, right? All in fun, right? She’s a Republican, she’s a Democrat is of no matter. Prob the most troubling is that she thinks the government can & should fix the “problem” LoL.

  • http://tribalstylemarketing.com/blog tribalstylemarketing

    Wowsers! That’s gotta be the most exciting call into a North Dakota radio station ever!

  • auntie coon

    I’ve come to expect a lack of spelling skills (and editing) in Yahoo articles, but it seems ignorance knows no bounds! I could spell the names of all the states long before leaving grade school, so why can’t
    these adult (?) journalists spell Minnesota correctly? Also, I’ve seen
    this before, so I guess it’s something that’s used when they can’t think
    of anything new to write about?

  • NYS Parkie

    The only problem is. Like the Deer Lady they reproduce!!!

  • http://YAHOO Liz

    The comedians are going to have a field day with this lady! She “sounds” totally serious. It’s sad if she really believes that.

  • Carol

    Hahahahaha…that was the best laugh I have had in a long time. Thank you Deer Lady!!!

  • Ron

    She handled things very well. Most people get very upset when they have others make fun of them, but she was great.

  • john

    No, just a democrat.

    • Patty

      You must be referring to the Blonde Comment?

    • Susan McGillis

      Hey John- this woman is from a small town from ND- she is a perfect example of a TYPICAL STUPID IGNORANT REPUBLICAN. no chance she’s a democrat.

      • Tom

        Why are dems always so obnoxious! Speak your mind with out all the attacks

        • Mr LOL

          Funny one Tom. After two “attacks” from the right on the libs and dems, you return fire on the lefty who follows the righty’s lead making it sound like her “attack” came out of nowhere. Learn to read Tom.

      • About those TPS reports…

        Only a TYPICAL STUPID AND IGNORANT democRAT would think the government can or should control where a wild animal crosses a long stretch of highway. But thanks for playing.

      • Jack

        Please explain more to me about how a small town Republican from ND wouldn’t know about deer. You clearly have never even met someone from an area like that. Do us all a favor and shoot yourself.

  • Fnu Lnu

    She is obviously a bleeding-heart liberal. She thinks the government is, and should be, in total control of everything…………

    • Mr LOL

      and you are obviously controlled by your favorite media. Your words are the same that I hear every time I try listening to the like of Rush and Fox.

      • About those TPS reports…

        Definitely an Obama voter. This is one of yours. Own it.

        • klaudia

          Any person that is dumb enough to follow the whole dems are this reps are that , left right paradigm is NOT FAR AT ALL from the IQ level from this poor moron….. they are dumb and ignorant and def fall for the whole weak mind category.

  • rick

    she really thinks deers can read-oh dear!