Doink the Clown Dead – Cause Unknown

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From 1992 to 1996, Matt Osborne put on the white makeup, the green wig, and one of the most recognizable sets of wrestling tights you’ll ever lay eyes on. He plied his trade in the World Wrestling Federation (predecessor to the WWE) as Doink the Clown. He started out just working the crowd ringside, not actually jumping in the ring until 1993. When he did hop the top rope, he came on as a villain – but a clown of a villain – pouring water on opponents, setting up trip wires. Once he hit Jerry Lawler in the face with a pie. The Doink the Clown character was so popular that other people in addition to Osborne were enlisted to play him in multiple locations on circuit. Sometimes they even teamed up to attack opponents in tandem.

But Matt Osborne was a troubled soul. He was fired from the WWE for repeated drug abuse offenses. He eventually left the Doink character to another, then another. Big name wrestlers have even dressed up as Doink the Clown themselves, such as when Chris Jericho dressed up as Doink in 2001 and attacked William Regal.

Matt Osborne himself actually had wrestling experience that predated Doink’s 1992 appearance. He had been on the independent wrestling circuit since 1978. He then wrestled for World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW), then World Championship Wrestling (WCW), before joining the WWF in 1992. He wrestled a few matches under his own name before his famous debut in the ring as Doink.

Osborne eventually ended up back in the independent circuit again, wrestling in National Guard Armories and high school gyms. He had ups and downs, mini-reunions, bits of success. In 2010 he won the Wrecking Ball Wrestling Championship.

On Friday, June 28, Osborne was found dead by his girlfriend in their home in Texas. Police initially called his death accidental, but have launched a homicide investigation.

This is Doink the Clown’s ring debut in 1993.

Doink the Clown Dead – Cause Unknown
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    I’m having a high school flashback. I remember Doink the Clown from the old WWE Video games. I don’t remember him being that big in terms of being a wrestling superstar, but he was definitely one of the most original. It must be a very difficult life, being a pro wrestler. And once you’re out of the lime light, you fight to get back in it.

  • jack meoff

    I bet he doinked himself to death

  • Marc

    I don’t like clowns.They are scary.This sad that he passed away.R.I.P. Matt know has Doink the Clown

  • gary

    idc who u r but doink was great. regardless of his wrestling abilities. its bs on how people are always putting doink down. its very disrespectful treat others the way u wud want to be treated. he gave his life and career to the wwf/wwe on many occasions. I hope he rests in peace and maybe haunts the ones who put him down.

  • A** Clown

    At Doink’s funeral, he will be transported to the graveyard in a 1972 Beetle, along with about 25 other clown mourners…

  • Jodi Beauchene

    I remember seeing him when he wrestled at the Sportatorium in Dallas, TX every Friday night. Even though he had drug abuse problems, he is still someone’s son, father, nephew, etc. If this were your brother, father, etc, you might be saying things differently.

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